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It was no surprise to see detective Higgins sprawled out on the floor. “What they hell do you think you’re doing Officer? I’ll have your fucking badge for this!” “Oh I don’t think so dirtbag. You’re fucking lucky there are people about or I would do to you what you really deserve.” “Easy officer Pembrose. I think with this video and all the eyewitness testimony and this syringe,Detective Higgins will well be getting some of his own medicine,especially once word spreads about his….extraciricular activities. I understand that child molesters don’t do very well in the general populace.” “You to are out of your minds.” “I don’t think they are detective.” I looked up and Chief Hanson was standing there. “Good work erdemli escort Officer Pembrose,Mr Sawyer.” “Sorry Dennis,but I had to let the chief in on our plans.” “I’ll get over it. Nice to know that we had back up though.” “Get him and the evidence out of here. Mr Sawyer,Mr Pershing I want to thank both of you for helping us catch him. The rumors have been flying for months now,but we never had anything we could nail him with. We’ll need statements from you both about this morning and Mr Pershing we’ll need one from you about what was said to you by detective Higgins before this morning. Do you think he had anything to do with your present condition?” “I honestly can’t say sir. It seemed pretty spontaneous to me.” “Well once word spreads that detective Higgins is in custody, I doubt there will be a shortage of witnesses against him. Get some rest and a real detective will be by later on to get your statements.” “Chief, do you happen to have someone I can send a vidoe file to?” “Video file? You got him on camera?” “Yes sir live and in color as they used to say.” The chief would take a card out of his wallet. “Send it to me at that email. I’ll get it into the right hands. You ever thought of trying out for the academy Mr Sawyer?” “That’s what I’ve been trying to convince him of Chief. I never told you the name of the concerned citizens who helped with the Northside burglaries. Mr Sawyer was the ring leader.” The chief turned and looked at me. “And I’m betting that he had a hand in breaking up that high school drug ring last year. tarsus escort We knew you had to have had some help from the inside officer Pembrose.” “Guilty as charged chief and I still don’t want any recognition for that or for this.” “We’ll keep it as quiet as we can,but there is no way I’ll be able to keep Mr Pershing out of this.” “Oh hell chief I don’t mind as long as I don’t have to do public interviews or anything.” “We’ll try to keep this as internal as possible Mr Pershing,but these things always seem to have a way of getting out. Regardless,we had better get out of here and let you get some rest.” Chief Hanson and all the rest of the troops were soon gone. “I’m going home and get some sleep. I’ll be back in a few hours Pete.” “I ain’t going anywhere.” “I’ll stay with him just in case Dennis. I’m doubting it,but Higgins might actually have some friends.” “Stranger things I suppose.” I headed out and was soon enough tucked into bed, to wake up at about 10. I showered and changed and got a bit of brunch from Mrs Ohanlon and went back to the hospital. There was an officer at Pete’s room once again. “Sorry sir there is an offical interview going on in there.” “I hope Mr Benson is in there in that case.” The door opened and Mr Benson stood there. “Thought that was your voice Mr Sawyer. It’s alright officer. Peter was just telling this detective his version of what happened last night. You’ll have to give him yours as well.” Our statements took the better part of an hour before the detective was satisfied. “So where do we stand Mr Benson?” akdeniz escort “Well if and when it comes to trial you’ll both have to testify. Mr Pershing does have grounds to sue the city as he was under their protection when this ‘accident’ occured and the city is on the hook for all medical costs.” “Great so all we have to do is get him released from here and then process him out at the station?” “Correct.” “But that won’t be today I’m afriad.” I turned to see the doctor had just entered the room. “Why not?” “Just precautionary. I’d like to see those ribs healed a bit before I release him.” “So how long doc?” “I want to keep him until Friday at least.” “You heard the man Pete,just remember to stay away from the green jello. Mr Benson,is there anyway we can get Pete cleared out of the station without him being there?” “Under the circumstances,I think a simple power of attorney can get it done. I imagine the police force would be rather anxious to comply.” He drew up a document,Pete signed,I and the Doctor witnessed and then Mr Benson would leave. “Now all we need to do is to get over to your old place and clean your stuff out. Your mom and I can take care of that.” “Watch out for the building manager. He’s a shark.” “Oh?” “He’ll try and tell you that we owe him several months back rent just to try and shake it out of you.” “Any idea how much you do owe?” “No more than 3 weeks I think. Mom can tell you.” “Am I going to need a truck or a van?” “Only thing that’s ours was our clothes and a few things mom has saved over the years. A van should be more than enough,hell a good sized car could probably do it.” “Ok the day is pretty well shot anyway,so I’ll collect your mom and we’ll get over there and do that and get it out of the way.” “Den,it can wait.” “Pete, why wait and add more to your ledger?” “Ouch Den.” “So I don’t always play fair,sue me.”

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