I Love My Job

Female Ejaculation

I work as a medical assistant at a surgeon’s office in a small town in the Midwest and I have worked there for a little over a year. I could not love it more. The people I work with, the patients I deal with, and my work environment are all amazing. Oh, and my boss, Dr. Galton, is pretty great too. I first noticed how attractive Dr. Galton was when I assisted him with a patient during my first week of work. He was examining a patient and all I could focus on were his hands. He had just gotten back from Mexico on a vacation with his family and his hands, along with the rest of his body, were so tan. Tan, beautiful, manly hands. The hands of a surgeon.  From that day on I wondered to myself what it would be like to have his hands all over my body. It wasn’t too long after that I no longer had to wonder. I remember it was a Friday and it was a pretty slow day. We had finished up with seeing patients and Dr. Galton and I were the last ones in the office. I was shutting almanbahis şikayet down my computer and gathering my things when Dr. Galton called me into his office. “Amy, I need to ask you about this patient we saw earlier today. I know you were in the room with me and I can’t remember how long he said he was having his abdominal pain for?” Dr. Galton was sitting in his office chair with his legs relaxed and open, giving me a straight view of his bulge. He was wearing light gray scrubs. Just the right color for me to see the outline of his cock. It looked to be about eight inches long. And thick. I wasn’t sure how long I could divert my attention away from his huge, bulging cock. It was practically right in front of my face “I think he said it started last Wednesday. I’ll have to check my notes,” I responded, continuing to try my best not to stare at his cock. I must not have been trying hard enough.”I can obviously tell you’re trying your hardest almanbahis canlı casino not to look at my cock, Amy,” Dr. Galton smirked. He knew he was attractive. “Sarah mentioned something today before I left about how these scrubs are pretty much see-through.” Sarah was Dr. Galton’s wife. I had no idea how to respond to this. I could feel myself turning bright red. I wanted to cry!”I told her I would change when I got here,” Dr. Galton continued, “but I obviously didn’t.” He stood up. I peeked at his bulge. His cock had gotten semi-hard. My eyes widened.Holy fuck, it looks huge!  I thought to myself.Dr. Galton had walked over toward the chair I was sitting in and stood in front of me so that his cock was inches from my face. He sat on the edge of the desk. I could feel my panties getting wet just by looking at his cock. Jesus Christ, I wanted him so bad.I was still speechless and Dr. Galton could tell. He smirked again.”I didn’t change because I knew almanbahis casino how much you would like seeing my cock through these pants. Don’t think I haven’t noticed you eye-fucking me every time we’re in the same room together.”I started to speak. “But Dr. Galton, I-”  Dr. Galton had placed one of his beautiful fingers on my lips.”Shhh. I’ve enjoyed it, I think it’s cute. If it weren’t so obvious to our patients, I would eye fuck you right back.”He stuck his index finger in my mouth. I must have instinctively started sucking it. Holy shit what was happening?”Oh my god, Amy, I want to see what else you can do with that mouth.” He pulled his finger out and stood me up so we were both standing. “But Dr. Galton, what about Sarah? What about my job?” I asked although I didn’t really care too much about either in that moment.  “No one will find out. Sarah is out of town, don’t worry,” he replied. He started untying his scrub pants. He slowly lowered them, revealing his tight boxer briefs. His cock was hard. And big. I grabbed the elastic at the top of his boxers and started pulling them down. His cock popped out over the top of his boxers and it was perfection. It was eight inches and thick and ready for me. 

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