I Love My Dad, Part 2


I woke up before Randy the next morning. The window in his bedroom was slightly open, and it was a beautiful summer day. There was a breeze blowing through the room as well. It was the perfect way to wake up after what happened last night. By chance Randy had today off. I had a feeling he wouldn’t be getting up for a little while. He loves to sleep in as late as he possibly can on his days off, but today he might sleep even longer. Randy fucked my brains out last night. Excuse my language, but it’s the honest truth. Last night was incredible! My Step Dad and I confessed our feelings for each other, and we had really hot sex afterward. I came so many times I think I might have even blacked out at one point. Randy tore me in half and I’ve never felt better. When we finally fell asleep my pussy ached for more, and my heart ached for that night to never end. I was so in love with a man who loved me just as much. Nothing could be sweeter. I did not want to disturb Randy while he slept, but I was bored. Really bored. It had been an hour since I’d woken up and I hate being up before other people. I didn’t know what to do with myself. Randy was laying on his back and although he had covers on I could see the outline of his cock. That got me thinking…I should give my Step Dad a morning blowjob! I’m such a smart girl. I wanted his hard dick inside of my pussy again to be honest, but my vagina wasn’t quite ready for another round with Randy’s magical penis. So I decided to use my mouth. I had only sucked dick once or twice for my ex and he was tiny compared to Randy. I wanted to impress Randy (and also wake him up), so I got my game face on and got myself ready to suck some juicy cock. Randy and I fell asleep naked so there was no need for me to take off any articles of clothing. To start, I slowly pulled the covers off of Randy’s toned, sexy body. His chest was expanding and his abs were perfection. God he was so hot! Randy’s cock was resting comfortably on his leg. Even when it was soft it still looked big. I was getting turned on just thinking about having it in my mouth. I felt myself zoning out because I couldn’t stop fantasizing about Randy’s dick. I needed to get going before he woke up!I bent down so that my almanbahis face was directly in front of his dick, lifted my cute bootie high in the air and started licking Randy’s cock up and down a few times. My tongue moved swiftly around the entirety of Randy’s cock. I wanted to get it really sloppy because I heard guys love getting sloppy head. I could still taste my pussy on it hehe. The aroma was intoxicating. I wanted to savor every moment I was having with Randy’s cock. I wanted to learn how to service Randy in every way possible. I’m beyond addicted to this man and would do anything he asks of me. Randy was making sounds but he was still sleeping soundly. I was now focusing on the head. I had heard from my friends who had given blowjobs before that that’s where a guy is especially sensitive. They were not wrong. Randy’s cock twitched like crazy! His pre cum was starting to leak out as well. It scared me a bit but I kept going. It was a taste I wasn’t really used to but I liked it after a while. I wasn’t surprised. Everything about Randy was perfect so why wouldn’t his pre cum be any different?”No way. Is this really happening?”When did he wake up? I have to be honest I was zoning out (again) while sucking so I must’ve been making a lot of noise. I didn’t even respond to Randy at first. I just kept sucking. Eventually, I took Randy’s cock out of my mouth and answered my daddies question. “Morning daddy. Yes, this is happening. I was bored waiting for you to wake up so I decided to play with your cock for a bit. Can I continue? I’m really enjoying myself.””Go right ahead. Sorry to disturb you. Make daddy cum with your mouth.”Randy closed his eyes and I got back to work. Now it was his moans echoing throughout the house instead of mine. Randy was clearly enjoying my blowjob and that made me very happy. I wasn’t really sure if I was doing it correctly while he was still sleeping. I knew now that I was. Randy grabbed the back of my head and pushed me further down on his cock. It was so hot. I loved how he was making me do what he wanted! I found out quickly that I didn’t really have much of a gag reflex. I had half of his cock down my throat and I felt very proud of that fact. I wanted all of it inside almanbahis yeni giriş my mouth, but that would come with time. “Use your hands sweetie. Please.”“Okay, daddy.”I laid one hand on Randy’s chest and worked the other up and down his shaft. My hand job game needed work but I was getting the job done. Randy’s cock was twitching even more and I could tell he was about to burst. I wanted to savor his cock a little longer but I really wanted to taste his cum. I had a feeling it was going to taste VERY good. “Fuck baby! I’m going to cum in your mouth. Are you ready to taste daddy’s cum?””Yes daddy I am. Let it all out in my dirty mouth.”Randy grabbed the back of my neck in kept it in place as he shot a huge load of cum directly into the back of my throat. My eyes rolled to the back of my head as I tried my best to swallow it all, but I couldn’t. Most of it dripped out the side of my mouth. The amount I did swallow was delicious. Randy’s thick, hot load stuck to the back of my throat like it belonged there. I even came a little when he released his load into my mouth. “That’s one hell of a way to wake up! Thank you, Amber.””Don’t mention it. I’m sorry I couldn’t swallow all of it.””That’s no biggie. You’ll be swallowing every drop of my semen in no time at all.””You’re right about that daddy.”After swallowing the rest of the cum that had spilled out of my mouth I put Randy’s gigantic balls in my mouth. He didn’t have to tell me that’s what he wanted. I knew my man and what made him happy. I was able to get more cum out of his cock by playing with his balls which pleased both of us. I slapped his cock all over my tongue like a good girl, showing my appreciation for his seed. “Come here, princess.”My heart skipped a beat when Randy called me princess. He was seriously such a charmer. “Yes, daddy?””Kiss me.””But I just swallowed your cum. Are you sure?” “Yeah. That loser ex-boyfriend of yours probably didn’t do that, did he? Real men don’t care about stuff like that.” Before I could even react to that Randy planted a huge kiss on my lips. I kissed him back and we embraced as lovers. Today was the start of our new lives, our new normal, and I couldn’t have been happier. Randy and I cuddled for almanbahis giriş a bit before either of us spoke again. It was I who initiated the next conversation. “So what do you want to do today? It’s your day off right?””Sure is. I’m not sure though. How about we go for a run? Haven’t done that in a while.””No, we haven’t. Sounds good to me daddy!””Great!”Randy was caressing my ass now. I loved having his big hands anywhere on my body. “You like?””Love. Your ass is the best baby.”I leaned in close to Randy. “Spank me.””What was that?””Spank me, daddy.””Oh, my little girl wants a spanking?””More like needs it. You’ve flipped my switch. I don’t know how but you did. Now I want you to punish me for waking you up early on your day off.”I started kissing Randy’s neck. I ran my hands all over his chest. I knew he wouldn’t want to fuck after he just blew a warm load into my mouth, but that didn’t mean we couldn’t have some fun. I’d always wanted to be spanked and Randy was falling in love with my ass, so why not?”Your wish is my command, princess.”Randy smacked my ass hard. I shrieked. “Wow, daddy! That kinda hurt.””You’re a big girl. You’ll get used to it. Want another?””Yes please!”Randy spanked me again and even though it hurt, I loved it. Randy continued spanking me until my ass was bright red. His hand hurt but he seemed very happy pleased with how my punishment turned out.”That’s enough punishment for now. Let’s get something to eat, then go for that run.””Be right there. I’m a little sore.” I winked at Randy as he headed downstairs. After breakfast, we sat around on the couch and made out. We could not keep our hands off of one another. Randy’s kisses were sweet and so full of passion. I wanted to kiss him forever. I could feel Randy getting hard through his pajama pants, and that raved my engines up once again. I instinctively began to massage Randy’s dick. I really wanted him to fuck me, but he didn’t. Maybe he was waiting until after our run. Randy and I always kept the same running route. We started at our house, then would run around the neighborhood, run to the development next to ours then run back to the house. We would go for about half an hour, or longer depending on how we felt. I chose my sexiest running outfit today. A white sports bra that pushed up my tits and made them look a hell of a lot bigger than they actually wear. My shorts were bright pink, and very short. They didn’t really fit so my butt was definitely noticeable.

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