I Love My Boyfriend


This was inspired by my recent feels lolllll

It was comfortable to sit on the floor between his legs. She held the popcorn on his thigh and leaned against his thighs as they watched their favorite movie together for the millionth time.

On the screen, the fire department appeared and the police stormed the burning house. A newspaper clipping of the pedophile’s child porn collection was shown, and the disgraced speaker was handcuffed and led to a patrol car.

“Fuck yeah!” Dante cheered, making her chuckle. That was his favorite part of the whole movie. Ironic considering he wasn’t your average good Samaritan, but he wasn’t a child molester either.

“I love how that always turns you on,” she said through another mouthful of salty cooked corn kernels.

“Because – baby, look at him! He literally lectured the kids in school, and yet he’s a fucking piece of shit the whole time – that’s why this movie is so fucking good, the irony of it is incredible.”

She patted his leg, stood up, and picked up the empty mugs their childhood pictures on them from the table.

“You want a refill, too?” She smiled as his attention slowly moved from her legs to her cheeky boy shorts and green baby tee that made her breasts look bigger than they really were. “Dante!”

He grinned, nodded, and looked back at the screen.

“Alright,” she disappeared into the kitchen and opened two more cans of Coke and retrieved her half-eaten cup of Ben and Jerry’s from the fridge.

She grabbed a spoon and held it under hot water. The pictures of them on the fridge caught her eye, and she thought about those special memories for a moment before turning off the sink and heading back into the den.

She sat back down after handing him his cup and curled closer between his legs.

“Thanks, baby.” She felt him place a kiss on the top of her head.

At that moment, their cat ran over like a flash of gray.

“Zeke!” She quickly jumped up after him and managed to grab him before he disappeared down the hall. “Gotchaaaa,”

The cat meowed in her embrace, but surrendered and let her pet and kiss him.

“How old is he again?”

This time she sat down next to him on the couch and leaned against his shoulder.

“Old,” she giggled, kissing his ears. “Remember you found him behind the kaçak iddaa house, under the porch?”

He nodded and began to show Zeke some affection as well.

“He was so small! Now he’s a big, chubby boy with big blue eyes and a big appetite.”

As if offended by her words, Zeke broke free from her embrace and ran out of the den.

She pouted, and Dante laughed at her and pulled her into his arms.

“Watch the movie,” he chuckled, kissing her nose, “your favorite part is coming up. I still don’t know why you like it so much.”

Just as he said that, the scene continued. The young lovers were in the movie theater and they started making out. Then she fell asleep and he stared straight ahead with the same deeply troubled look he’d been putting on throughout the movie. The rabbit appeared next to him. Half of his face was disfigured.

Dante grimaced when he saw her staring longingly at the TV. He never understood why she was enamored with it.

“It’s dark and twisted and I love it.” she whispered, feeling his gaze. “Let me enjoy it!” Her pout returned.

He grabbed the back of her neck and pressed a firm kiss to her lips.

“You’re so weird. I fucking love you.” His kiss deepened and she knew where it was going.

She moaned against him and set the popcorn on his knee on the floor and dropped her warm spoon.

“Mm-the movie-” she tried to say, looking at the screen again, but he wouldn’t let her.

He said nothing as he grabbed her whole body and situated her so that she was planted firmly between his legs.

He held her head in his hand and spread her thighs with the other, rubbing his fingers up and down her damp underwear. She moaned into his mouth and grinded against his fingers.

When he pulled back, he looked down at her, watching as he pushed the cotton fabric aside to reveal her glistening pink pussy. He let his fingers slide over her labia and played with them, spreading around her leaking secretions before guiding them to his mouth and licking them clean.

Her stomach tightened in anticipation and she kissed him as he guided his fingers down to her cunt again, vigorously massaging her pussy folds and clit.

“That feels so good,” She panted softly, dropping her head against his.

She closed her eyes, widened her thighs and bent her legs higher kaçak bahis against her chest.

It was a good thing she was as small as she was, or the position would have been quite uncomfortable.

“Good,” he whispered in her ear, the cold metal of her lizard-shaped earring briefly meeting his lips. “I want you to feel good, Junie. Always.”

He played relentlessly with her pussy. He kept bringing her to the edge by increasing his pace then slowing down. He opened her inner labia and bit his lip, admiring her beauty.

She blushed and tried to move his hand, but he left it there.

“Dante!” She whimpered.

He quieted her with a kiss and pushed two fingers inside while his thumb pressed on her clit. The pressure was mind numbing, promptly dismantling her resolve.

“Yommph Anfng,” was her muffled reply.

He kissed her lips and asked her what she’d said as he slid his fingers wildly in and out of her pussy.

“You’re annoying!” She squealed as he came. Her cum dripped down and soaked his fingers.

They both looked down as he pulled out his shiny fingers and bring them to her lips. His cock twitched as she sucked his fingers clean with a happy sigh.

“I love you too,” she intertwined their hands as she slid off the couch, still in between his legs. He made himself comfortable but said nothing.

With their hands intertwined, she searched the opening of his boxers with her teeth and locked her mouth on his hardening cock head, gently but firmly pulling it through the hole of the boxers.

He laughed at the genuine satisfaction on her face that she’d done it without hands. It only made him harder.

Triumphantly, she kissed the tip of his throbbing cock before stuffing it into her mouth until it was lodged in the back of her throat. He winced in surprise and moaned as her tongue pressed against his length while she sucked her way back up to the tip and stayed there.

She held his hand tightly and sucked determinedly on his cock. Fascinated, he watched as saliva dripped from her mouth, despite the suctioned grip she had on the tip of his cock, and she sucked like it was her last meal.

She hummed to herself and bobbed her head up and down, enjoying the occasional gag she released with each deepthroat.

“Fuck!” He let go of her hands, grabbed her head and illegal bahis stood up, with his cock still in her mouth. His abrupt movement surprised her, but she moved with him until her head was bent back at a tolerable angle and he began thrusting into her throat.

It was incredible. Her legs turned to jelly as she furiously rubbed her dripping pussy while he consistently thrusted into her face.

“I’m going to cum, Junie, fuck, fuck, fuck!” His hands were tangled in her long black hair as he fucked her face roughly, nearing his end while the sound of his slippery cock pumping down her well-lubricated throat drowned out the car crash scene on the TV screen.

Just as he was about to cum, the jingling of keys at the front door startled them.

In a panic, he grabbed her under the arms and threw her onto the couch, sitting with her in between his legs across the couch and throwing the covers over them in one smooth motion. He didn’t have time to check if the position they were in was convincing enough when the door opened. It all happened so quickly that neither of them noticed that his cock was still in her throat.

“We’re home!”

She tried to pull away from his cock, but the movement of her head was visible under the covers, so he held her tight. She groaned impatiently around his cock. He couldn’t hold it any longer and came.

His parents came rushing into the kitchen with the leftovers. He winced when he heard her muffled gasp, but he didn’t let go, leaving her no choice but to swallow.

“Hi honey, where’s your sister?”

‘Drinking my cum under the covers’ didn’t seem like the appropriate response, so he said, “Upstairs.” He leaned back casually, as if he’d been immersed in the movie the whole time. “She fell asleep during the movie, so she went to bed early.” he added.

The feel of her warm, wet tongue licked at his tip with one last gulp, and he tugged at the grip he had on her hair as if to tell her to stop. He could feel her giggling. She really was his little sister.

His father walked behind the couch and laughed, “You two have been watching this movie since you were eight and nine. Ten years ago. Old habits die hard, huh?”

She was sucking on his now; not moving her head, just sucking on the tip of his cock as if she were enjoying a lollipop, but in actuality she was enjoying the thrill of almost being caught and now cornering him.

Her pussy tingled as she knew he was gonna get her for this the second their parents fell asleep and she couldn’t wait.

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