I can see Her stocking-tops!


I can see Her stocking-tops!Unfortunately that’s not something I’ve been able to say very often. Back in the 70s, when I first started work and girls were wearing miniskirts and minidresses, they wore tights – still a lovely sight, all the legginess and flashes of knix if I was very lucky, a few times able to be in the right place and the right time to cum in my pants watching. All my Spick & span mags had pics of girls showing stocking-tops, often raising their skirts to do so. It wasn’t something I ever thought I’d get to see in real life, as girls didn’t go around doing what the girls in those mags did. It wasn’t until I worshipped Miss Melanie that I could more or less rely on Her letting me see Her stocking-tops – Her ‘stocking-top shows’ were what made me spunk my pants in front of Her at every Worship Session. Before that they were a rare sight, and after I had to stop worshipping Her, a rare sight anywhere, including magazines, until the Internet came along. There were Spick & Span sites, and girls who posed often wearing stockings. My collection of raised skirt, stocking-tops and knicker-show pics began to grow at a faster rate than ever. Better still, I found it was possible to correspond with models by email, and had quite a few ‘worshipping at a distance’ experiences. In the decade before the Internet, there had been a sort of ‘everything goes’ change to fashions. All I know about fashions of course was gleaned by the 100s and 100s of hours I would spend on street corners in my mac in all weathers, watching the girls going clubbing. That didn’t mean suddenly I was seeing stocking-tops everywhere I looked – far from it. But there were a few occasions. 2 girls were walking along opposite one of my favourite spots and I was treating myself to a mac-wank watching them. Suddenly one of them raised Her skirt to show Her friend Her stocking-tops, causing me to bend double and squirt several shots of cum into my bahis siteleri wank-trousers. On another occasion, Halloween, I was standing in one of my spots when a coach rolled up and a lot of people in costumes got out, including girls in short leather skirts, so short some of them their stocking-tops showed. Fortunately it was all quite noisy so I was able to groan out loud in perv ecstasy as I soaked the front of my wank-trousers with spunk. One of my fondest moments is standing on a usual corner and seeing three girls walking along, heading for a side road, and one of them sort of holding the hem of Her skirt. Not wanting to risk missing out on a ‘lucky view’, I shuffled along in my mac, buttocks clenched together and penis upright in my wanking posture, desperately trying to move along as quickly as I could. Fortunately they stopped just inside the side street and then, to my shock and immense joy, Miss Miniskirt actually pulled Her hem up and started to do up Her suspender – something I’d only ever seen in my magazines. I must have looked a right sight, my gawping eyes and hanging gob, and the girls laughed while my head started to nod and I was pumping shot after shot of spunk through the front of my wank-trousers, hidden under my mac. It was when worship-in-person started to happen again in the 2010s that I was able to see stocking-tops again. All the goddesses I worshipped in person – 3 main ones and two who accompanied a main Goddess – only let me see them fully dressed, which they knew was all I needed. They wore nice revealing outfits, short skirts and tight, skimpy tops, so I certainly was seeing all I needed, and was soon experiencing waves of perv ecstasy and warm wetness spreading into my underpants and soaking into my wank-trousers, though my mac was always done up. Some of the poses these lovely girls did did reveal stocking tops and cleavage, giving me the intense ogling ecstasy that pervert wankers canlı bahis siteleri like me crave. The joke was that, on the occasions where their posing showed knickers, I’d always by then done it in my pants already, either seeing their lovely legginess in short skirts and/or cleavage, or even may stocking-tops by then. So my balls were empty by the time they got to showing their knickers. One of the times that sticks in my mind was very recent, at a Worship Session with Miss Leigh and Miss Velvetina. Both girls wore low-cut tops, and they were sat looking at all the pervy stuff on my laptop, making comments and every now and then addressing questions to me, like “are you a wanker Graham?!” so I was very worked up very quickly. It was when their conversation got to what they were wearing, bosom sizes and then Miss Velvetina pulled Her short dress back to show Her stocking-tops and my head jerked forward and I quickly turned a moan into a cough, and continued to ‘cough’ as I filled my underpants with cum in front of the girls. I don’t know if they realised my ‘coughing fit’ was only to cover up the fact that they were making me spunk my pants, but Miss Leigh always seems to know when She’s made me pants-spunk. Miss Danica surprised me – absolutely stunned me in fact – when She went to change and walked back in in Her lingerie – so not only showing Her stocking-tops but wearing a bustier I think it’s called – just about the barest I’ve ever seen a girl close-up. After seeing Her do a few poses my underpants were soon full of cum.One of the joys of worshipping Miss Melanie – who knew that seeing Her show Her stocking-tops would soon have me nodding and moaning in blatant perv ecstasy – was that She would hand me the three packs of Her photos at the start of the Worship Session. While She took my case and opened it to see what pervy things I’d been up to, and to take out one of the huge fat ‘magazines’ I’d made up canlı bahis of Her photos, crammed full of toilet paper, I would already be looking at Her new photos, Her posing with skirt raised or sitting so that I would be able to see not just Her stocking tops but Her knickers. She knew even as She posed for the photos that this wanker would soon be ejaculating all over them in his pathetic perv ecstasy and then delighting in bringing the soiled mags to show Her, often with the toilet paper still damp with cum. I’d be tingling with pervy delight in the knowledge that very soon I’d see Her posing in the same outfit, not to the extent She did in the photos but more than enough to make me convulse in front of Her and give out strangled cries of perv ecstasy as She made me do it in my pants in front of Her – and She always saw the wet patch afterwards. As for other lucky views, I remember a few from the 60s, before tights became popular. I saw girls on telly doing up their suspenders, and lucky views when girls crossed their legs in the skirts that were getting shorter – so short in fact that the switch to tights became necessary. I don’t go anywhere now or do anything that would give the opportunity for lucky views – apart from Worship Sessions which of course are currently on hold. Going clubbing – for a pervert mac-wanker like me – is too risky now with cctv everywhere and everyone carrying phone cameras.Fortunately every day I can find pics of girls in short skirts, showing stocking-tops and knickers (oneclickchicks is probably the best site) and of course I have hours of film from Worship Sessions to re-live and re-live – specially those clips where a Goddess is showing Her stocking-tops and nearby is a pervert wanker in his dirty mac, obviously going into ecstasy and wetting his pants, his pathetic noises often captured and sometimes even his spreading wet patch visible, or he waddles up to the camera afterwards with his soaking wet trousers so he’s got footage to enjoy later in pervy wank-orgies. So often one of my cries as a lovely girl has got me on the verge of perv ecstasy and leaking into my underpants, is “I can see Her stocking-tops!”

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