Subject: I Bet You Won’t Here’s a story taken from my Tumblr, at a4f101.tumblr/storytime. You can find this one, and the pic that inspired it, here: http://a4f101.tumblr/post/126278728504/ You can also find a whole lot more of my stories here on Nifty – look for ‘a4f101′ in the Prolific Authors listing. This story is purely a work of adult erotic fantasy, copyright me 2016. I own it and all legal rights to it. If you’re under the age of majority in your jurisdiction, please come back when you’re of legal age. Nifty is an incredible free service that depends on your donations to survive. It changed my life, and maybe it’s changed yours too. Please help them to keep providing this awesome resource for all of fty/donate.html I love hearing from you guys. hoo. Enjoy. ***** I don’t know how exactly Aidan hooked up with these girls, but that was the kind of thing he was good at, and besides, it was Spring Break at Daytona Beach, and well… shit gets hazy, sometimes. They were blond, cute enough, I guess, and the more outgoing one looked a little bit like Jennifer Lawrence, if Jennifer Lawrence had stayed in Kentucky and bleached her hair and worked at a CVS or something. The other one was maybe prettier, but her face was stuck in her phone and she didn’t make much of an impression. But they seemed to know Aidan already – he’d been down here since early yesterday – and they had some kind of rapport going on, so I soaked in the sun and the sound of the waves and the crowds and the weed and liquor coursing through my bloodstream, and just kind of let Spring Break happen to me. There was a shit ton of hot eye candy out there, all kinds of dudes who’d obviously spent all winter break and half this semester doing their Men’s Fitness beach body workout routines or whatever, and maybe I was going to miss this whole scene a little after all, and maybe I needed to be paying more attention to my core routine and less to cheeseburgers and beer, and maybe there might be some good hookup potential here if I could find a quiet minute to dig out my phone and check Scruff, and fuck I was feeling pretty damn blazed… Which is how I missed the dare. “What now?” I grunted, feeling Aidan’s elbow dig into my side. “You game for a challenge, bro?” he said, grinning expectantly at me. JLaw had a mischievous look on her face, and even Phone Girl was finally looking up and interested in what was going on here in the real world. “What challenge is that, dude?” I said, my voice all thick and stupid-sounding. “Let’s go back to your room and find out,” JLaw said in what she probably thought was a sexy and intriguing way, and I immediately knew this was gonna be fucking stupid. But Aidan had this look on his face, kind of expectant, and even though he could have done much better if he went out and looked around some more, I could tell he was hoping to get into one or the other of these girls’ pants. And I was just high enough to play along. I didn’t want anything to do with either of these chicks, but my little bro was a good kid, and I felt kind of obligated to help him out. So I went along with it. We wound up at Aidan’s room, and thankfully all his buds were gone, pursuing their own sweaty, drunk hookup opportunities probably. The girls had been whispering and giggling to themselves the whole way over, and when they insisted on swinging by the store to pick up a six-pack of some cheap and nasty-looking bottled Smirnoff Ice-type things, I groaned inwardly. When Aidan ushered them in, and hung the Do Not Disturb sign on the door and chain-locked it behind us, I felt my stomach sink a little. Yeah, it was good to hang with my little brother, especially with us at school a thousand-plus miles apart, but this was my last Spring Break, and I’d rather be out on the beach or something, scoping out all that hot college-dude talent, instead of being stuck in the middle of this drunken heterosexual mating dance I’d found myself in. But then, Aidan didn’t know anything about any of that, and when he pressed the freshly-reloaded one-hitter into my hand, I lit it up and sank my ass into one of the chairs out on the balcony and let him work his game. Whatever the girls were drinking looked like a bottled headache, but thankfully there was still beer in Aidan’s cooler, so I popped one and tilted my head back in the sun and breeze, and let the atmosphere just wash over me, paying almost no attention to the conversation on the balcony. I’d forgotten all about the challenge, until I felt Aidan nudge me in the ribs again. It turns out they’d gotten into playing Truth or Dare – “Shit, that didn’t take long,” I thought to myself hazily – and Aidan had dared the girls to kiss each other. I guess I’d been zoned out even longer than I thought, if the game was that far along. But they grinned and giggled and pretended to be all coy about it, and then they leaned in and gave each other a kind of softcore, yet moist kiss. Aidan was rapt. I had to stifle a yawn. “Awwww… no tongues?” he gaziantep travesti said, boyishly disappointed. “We’ll see,” JLaw giggled, and then it was apparently our turn, and Aidan took Dare, and they threw it right back at us. Shit. I swallowed nervously as Aidan looked at me kind of neutrally. My little brother was a cute fucker, no question, and he’d bulked up real nice since I’d seen him last. Any other circumstances, and he might be my type. Or one of my types. But I guess he was real eager to move the game along with these girls, and we’d always been pretty tight, so I shouldn’t have been so surprised when he leaned into me and placed a nice, soft peck on my lips. Fuck. His lips were soft, full, a little beer-tasting, and there was just a trace of moistness to the kiss, even though our lips didn’t part or anything. It was kind of staggeringly intimate, in a way, except for the fact we were on a fourth-floor hotel balcony with a couple of sorostitute types giggling and watching us avidly. My heart was racing. I sat rigid, almost terrified, in my chair as my hot little brother kissed my lips. It felt like it went on forever, even though it was really just a few seconds. A few eternal, tormenting seconds. Thankfully, I had my tanktop puddled in my lap, because suddenly, my cock was thickening inside my shorts. Stupid pot, always made me extra horny. Aidan gave me a grin, ruffled my hair, and sat back, cool as a cucumber, looking at the girls. “Awwww… no tongues?” JLaw said poutily, in a perfect imitation of Aidan. “We’ll see,” Aidan shrugged, and my heart kept racing. Shit. I was in too deep already, and apparently, it had only just begun. After that, I paid a little more attention to what was going on – I didn’t want to be caught off-guard like that again. We went around a few more times, more Truths than Dares, and it turned out these two girls were just a little bit wild. And then Aidan took a Truth. “So how well do you boys know each other?” JLaw asked, with a look on her face that told me she had something pretty fucking daring in mind. Aidan slung his arm round my neck easily, giving me a tangy whiff of his sweat, and my cock twanged a little inside my boxer briefs. “Pretty fuckin’ well,” he grinned a little drunkenly. “Keith’s my big bro.” The girls exchanged a look, wide-eyed and a little excited, and I felt my stomach do a slow flip of trepidation. Aidan followed up with a Dare, and this time the girls – giggling, a little uncomfortable initially, but game – leaned in and really kissed each other. I saw Aidan grope his crotch, saw he was getting hard, saw him staring avidly and licking his lips a little. God damn it. “Fuck yeah,” he said huskily, as the girls finally separated, giggling and blushing. Then JLaw looked at us, that gleam in her eye, and I knew we were in the shit for real now. Naturally, Aidan took a Dare, even though I was mentally screaming at him not to, wishing I was telepathic, because there was only one direction this could go, and I did not want to go there, even though my hardening cock very much did. “Kiss your brother,” JLaw said, both of them staring avidly at us, determined. Aidan looked at me. His eyes were shiny, determined – I knew that look. Kid always loved a challenge. And then his arm slipped round my neck, and even though I really didn’t want to – or at least, really knew I should resist – he flexed his bicep and pulled me in, and our lips were parting, and we were kissing again, only this time, his tongue flicked my lips, and then it slipped on inside my mouth, just as easily as can be. And mine rose to meet him. Fuck, he could kiss – I was no slouch myself in that department, but my kid bro really had talent, and I found myself getting lost in it, even letting out a little moan I couldn’t stifle in time, as his tongue lazily explored my mouth, drawing my tongue out more and into his, his fingers trailing up and down the side of my neck real lightly, maddeningly, as we swapped tongues and cool spit. When he finally broke away, wiping his lips with a boyish chuckle, my cock was pounding in time with my pulse. All I could do was gape, and wish I’d never come to Florida. And wish he’d never pulled back from that kiss. A couple more rounds passed by. JLaw took a Truth, and we found out she had a little experience eating pussy. Her friend looked a little shocked. Since Aidan had taken that second kiss Dare, in fact, she’d looked a little withdrawn and uncomfortable. So, a lot like me, then. Then, Aidan took another Dare. Motherfucker. “You boys ever heard of funnelling?” she asked playfully. I felt my stomach drop. I must have had a horrified look on my face, because she looked at me and smirked. “Looks like your big bro has, cutie,” she giggled, uncapping one of those unnaturally blue girl drinks of hers. I guess Aidan had too, because he stared at her, frowning, getting where she was heading with this. “One little thing… just for a minute… gaziantep masaj salonları and then maybe we can move our games inside,” she said, and her voice was full of intent, deep with unspoken promise. I looked at her friend, and she blushed and looked away. The game was down to my little bro and JLaw here. And he intended to win. “I dunno, bro,” I murmured uneasily when he looked at me. His breath was hot on my ear, his arm tight round my neck, as he leaned into me. “Dude, we can talk about it later,” he murmured, his voice all husky and boring directly into my lizard brain. “I’m cool. And shit… you can pretend I’m one of those beefed-up frat bros you’ve been scoping all day, if you want to, dude.” I stared at him, flush-faced, my biggest secret out in the open between us all of a sudden. His big blue eyes matched the intent shine of his smile, and I wondered just how he could be cool with what JLaw was proposing, and how the fuck he knew about me, and why hadn’t I just stayed back in Athens for Spring Break. “Just this one little thing,” JLaw said, standing up with that uncapped bottle and stepping over to Aidan. She leaned in and laid a big, wet kiss on him, pulling back just as he started to reach for her. “Uh-uh, cutie. Not yet. Not unless you take the dare.” Then she reached down and boldly tweaked the big tent in his board shorts, and Aidan grunted lustily and I could tell there would be no stopping him. I don’t know how or why I found myself crouched over him, my back to him, my shorts and underwear slipped down under the curves of my ass, wishing I was anywhere but here. There was nothing in this for me – “That’s not true,” my lizard brain insisted, “your cute kid brother is willing to chug a drink from between your ass cheeks, and you know you’ll be kicking yourself the rest of your life if you don’t have this experience.” And dammit, I knew that was the truth. Besides, Aidan had poured a shot of tequila down my throat and we’d both hit the one-hitter again, and I was now buzzed and mellow and horny and all kinds of things, but mostly I was out of it enough to let him maneuver me into place and shut my noisy brain down and just fucking go with it. “Please don’t let my buds be down there and see me up here doing this,” I thought, even though nobody could really see us up here for the palm trees on the boardwalk, and then I could smell JLaw’s cloying perfume and hear her excited breaths and feel Aidan’s hands on the muscles of my ass, tentative at first, then much more assured, as he took hold of my glutes. I was glad my underwear and shorts still covered my cock in front, because his hot breath on my crack and the small of my back had me roaring hard. “Least I got a nice ass, I guess,” I told myself, and then JLaw giggled and I felt the cold, bubbly flow of that drink hit between my shoulder blades, and begin to pour down my spine. I tensed up, and then even more when I heard Aidan grunt and push his face into my ass, and my cock started leaking, and I had to grab the balcony railing to keep myself from toppling over, as the booze flowed down the small of my back, into my crack, where Aidan’s hot breath was huffing. And then his tongue touched my skin and he began to drink – or more accurately, to slurp – and I swear to Christ, I nearly came in my shorts. “Oh my god, he’s really doing it!” I heard the other girl gasp as she watched Aidan slurp thirstily, as I bit my lip and tried to project my mind out of my body and a million miles from here. Maybe all the way over to the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, maybe send it to Africa to atone for the deeply, deeply deviant shit it was thinking, about me and my little bro. It didn’t work. I felt like the entire world had fallen away, except for me and Aidan, my little brother thirstily lapping the sweet, sticky whatever-it-was up as it flowed down into my cleft, my crack, his tongue lashing the inside of my cheeks, running over my hole, making me shiver and twitch and bite my lip to stop myself moaning. I felt his fingers digging deeper into the muscles of my glutes, his lips and tongue working even as the flow slowed to a trickle, and was it me or was his tongue zeroing in more and more on the tight, twitching, tingling pucker of my hole? I gripped the balcony railing harder, found myself pushing my ass back into his face – “Shit, he eats ass like Brody’s big brother did that time,” I found myself thinking, and then the memory of being 17 and having a hot college dude lap at my then-cherry hole half-filled my brain, and I was leaking steadily into my shorts. Pushing my ass back brought a surprising response from Aidan, a hungry growl that felt like it echoed all the way up inside of me, and for sure now, his tongue was lapping at me – not drinking anymore, actively licking my sticky hole. And then, disappointingly, down my taint, trying to catch the last stray drips of the stuff as it soaked into the curls of gaziantep escort bayan hair there and began to glaze the underside of my balls. “Uh,” I vaguely heard JLaw mutter, and then I opened my eyes and saw her and Phone Girl, staring at us, no longer all pink-cheeked with excitement. Just the opposite, in fact. They looked kind of grossed out. I was dimly aware that the stuff she’d poured down my spine had run out a good bit ago, and yet Aidan was still face-deep in my ex-athlete’s ass, licking and snorting and slurping. “Fuck,” I heard Aidan grunt as he came up for air, eyes glazed, his cheeks glazed too. “Just, uh… finishing the job, I guess,” he said with an awkward smile and a deep blush. We couldn’t look at each other. But then we did, and we kept doing it, and the almost shy, boyish grin he shot me was cute as fuck. My cock hadn’t gone down. I couldn’t move. He’d very nearly made me cum in my pants. I wished he’d kept going. I guess the girls didn’t, though. I think they were having second thoughts about what they’d started, what they’d led us to, and how freely we’d gone with it. Phone Girl shot JLaw a meaningful glance, cut eyes at her phone, and JLaw set the drained bottle down on the little table and reached for her bag. “Um, you know, actually,” she started, and I could see Aidan’s face fall a little as he saw what was coming. “We just got a text from our friend, and she’s having… some trouble, so we need to go and, um… help her out.” Phone Girl was already standing, bag over her shoulder, sunglasses on, one foot through the sliding door and inside Aidan’s room. We both stared at them, him confused, me still buzzing, finally tugging my shorts back up over my sticky, sweaty ass. “Sorry we gotta run guys this was super fun we’ll see you soon,” JLaw blurted as they made a beeline for the door, and then they were gone. Aidan stared after them in disbelief. Then he looked at me. I looked at him. I was still tenting hard. And so was he. “They just… those bitches,” he blurted, still blushing. “Fuck them,” I said, because what else could you say. “No way,” he said with an almost disgusted look. “Forget them,” he said, and then he gave me a sly grin. You know how it is with your brother – sometimes you don’t need to say anything at all. All those years growing up together, you get on your own wavelength. So we were wordless, but not silent, as we crashed together just inside the sliding doors, next to his bed, lips and hands and tongues furious and searching, in a way they hadn’t been, couldn’t have been, with those blueballing girls here. Aidan was an even better kisser when he was unbound, deep in the throes of lust, and I gave back as good as I got. We worked each other out of our shorts, down to our hard-tented underwear, before he broke off our heated, spit-dripping clinch to run to the door and make sure the security chain was still on. And then he came at me, grinning excitedly, practically vaulting the bed, hard young cocktent leading the way as I grabbed him up in my arms and toppled us back onto his rumpled sheets. “You ate my ass like a fucking champ, dude,” I muttered between lunging, aggressive kisses. “Fuck, bro,” he huffed, his hands gripping and squeezing the muscles of my ass as I flexed them up for him. “Just like eating pussy… only… better.” I could see from his face that he had just spontaneously come to that realization, so I seized the moment and wriggled out of my boxer briefs, and the way his hands gabbed at my bare, muscled ass, I knew we were in for a good fucking time, at last. “You still taste like that shit they were drinking,” he panted when he came up out of my ass for air 20 or so minutes later, my cock dripping a steady flow into the sheets, his dripping almost as much over my calf. “So clean me up, fucker,” I growled, and we laughed, and when he kissed me, he tasted like ass and cheap alcohol. So we took it into the shower, where my little bro fell to his knees and really got into cleaning me up, until I grunted and yelled and started to rain my cum all over the tile wall of the shower. “Jesus… fucking… christ,” I moaned, as he slithered up my wet body, pressing his hard young muscles against me, his expert lips and tongue seeking mine out. “You’re not done, are you, bro?” he said almost anxiously, and the angry throb of his cock against my thigh told me he was just getting rolling. Shit. Brothers or not, he clearly didn’t know me at all. “Truth or dare, little bro?” I huffed between probing kisses, running my hands over his firm, wet body, honed like mine from years of soccer and wrestling. “Truth,” he said with an evil little grin. Little fucker. “You ever fucked ass before, kid?” I said, and the big, disbelieving grin that spread over his face as he shook his head told me where this afternoon was headed. “Then maybe it’s time for another dare, bro,” I said, and he smiled even wider and kissed me even harder. Turns out, we were both pretty daring, even more than those two girls could ever have imagined. Certainly way more than Aidan could have imagined, later on, when he finally spread those muscled thighs of his, arched his back, and nodded nervously over his shoulder at me as I stroked over the perfect globes of his ass. “I dare you to fuck me, big bro,” he murmured, and I rose to the challenge, eagerly.

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