I become my wife’s girlfriend. Part II.

Double Penetration

This day at work was unusually tedious and seemed like it was never going to end. At the beginning I occasionally dropped my boss’s cup and the coffee poured on floor, but luckily the cup survived. After this some guy stepped on my toe and caused me much pain, I bent to touch it and suddenly had a feeling like my butthole was cut by the string of thong. Later my boss was very angry all the day, I was nervous too, but only I knew the reason for this. When I finally got home after a long day, another surprise waited for me. My wife was sitting on our bed with a bathrobe on kaçak iddaa her.”Come here,” she said affectionately. “I waited for you for a long time.””Honey, this day was very long and you can’t imagine how tired I am, maybe tomorrow?” I did as much of a miserable face as I could.”What? Tomorrow? I don’t think so. I have a special plan and it can’t be ruined. Please, take your clothes off.”I was so pleased to get rid of the clothes, and just when I touched the bra she stopped me.”No, no, no. You stay with bra and thong. Now take this, you know how to use it, don’t you?” kaçak bahis she passed me two semi-transparent silicon pieces.I took them, and then put each one into the cups of the bra. They were cold and soft-touching. Now I had very good-looking breasts and the material caused them to look like the real ones. I tried to get used to it by walking and jumping in the room. It was strange, I felt like this was mine all the time.”Now come to me please, my baby, I’ll stroke you.” She looked so cute and caring.As I came closer to her she patted on my head and then put something heavy illegal bahis on it. I recoiled.”What’s this?””Relax, it’s just a wig, it will not bite. Come here, I’ll correct your new hair.”I bowed my head again and after a few seconds felt some new feeling of hair on the shoulders. All my life my haircut was very short and this was something new and unusual. I looked in the mirror and was stunned. The blonde-haired woman looked back at me from the mirror. I looked on myself from behind and suddenly saw the red line on my ass left by the thong.”You are looking so good, Tory; I’m so pleased that I finally have a girl in my bedroom.””I’m not Tory! I’m Tony and remember, I’m still a man.””Yes, you were Tony a long time ago. Now you’re Tory and start to get used to the facts.

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