Husband Finally Fucks Some Ass


Bob has always liked a little backdoor action. Only, a lot of women don’t like it like that. Unfortunately, my co-worker, his wife turned out to be one of those that didn’t. In every other way Cathy is a great piece of ass; but when it comes to ‘ass,’ well they tried it always at his suggestion a couple of times, and it just didn’t turn her on.

For a long time Bob just ignored his urgings for butt booty, and Cathy kept him quite content with other exotic sex. Yet Cathy knew Bob still had the desire, and one day she decided to surprise him and do something about it.

“I’m inviting a girlfriend of mine from the office over to dinner tonight, don’t forget,” Cathy told Bob one Friday morning as he was leaving for work. She gave him a wicked kiss and sent him out the door. “And don’t be late, please, honey.”

“That kiss will remind me not to be,” Bob grinned. He nearly had a hard-on all the way to work.

When Bob got home a little late that evening, he could hear two feminine voices in the kitchen. Cathy and I seemed to be having a good time already as we prepared dinner.

“Hi, I’m home,” Bob called as he walked into the kitchen. There was Cathy in a particularly sexy outfit, a low-cut bare midriff blouse and boot-cut tight jeans accentuating the lower half curves of her pear shaped figure. Bob looked at the cleavage of her small tits and knew why he married her so quickly. She was really a knock out tonight: 32-24-38 luscious body, dark brown hair and even darker brown eyes. Cathy had a sexy, suggestive expression as she introduced me.

“Honey, this is Sue, she works with me; she is one of our interior designers.”

I’m an attractive opposite of Cathy. I have an expressive face, with a sensuous mouth. My full, round thirty-six, C cup tits is in contrast to Cathy’s pointy, little, conical B-cup size tits. While I have an hour glass figure with heart-shaped ass; she was built slender throughout her shoulders and torso but has slightly heavier hips and thighs with a nice ass that is almost same size as her thighs.

I gave him a warm, dry handshake, and seemed real cautious at first. I was wearing a pair of tight pants that didn’t hide my ass at all, but a more modest jacket and blouse.

“Bob, would you like a beer, darling?” Cathy said as she opened the refrigerator and handed him a cold one before he could answer. Bob was beginning to get cautious, too, because Cathy only called him darling when she was scheming something.

I acted kind of nervous as we sat at the kitchen table and talked until the meal was prepared; but by the time we had moved out to the dining room and began dinner, I was relaxed and animated. I told some really funny stories about working with Cathy at the interior design group.

After dinner Cathy moved us all into the living room and then asked Bob to come out to the kitchen with her to help with coffee and dessert.

“Can I ask you something?” she said quietly, after sneaking in a quick kiss. “Do you like Sue?”

“Yeah, sure,” Bob said hesitantly. “She seems okay.”

“No,” Cathy said seriously, “I mean do you like her? Would you, um…fuck her?”

Bob just kind of stared in shock at his wife.

“Cause I happen to know that she likes… anal.”

“What?” Bob cried.

“Shh!” Cathy hissed. “Not so loud! I’m just saying that if you like her, I think I can get her to fuck you tonight.”

“You… you’d go for that?” Bob said cautiously. Cathy had never been like this before.

“Sure,” she said brightly. “Only, I get to watch. I get to be there okay?

That’s the rules… agreed? All three of us do it together? That’d be a real turn-on!”

Bob was already getting a hard-on just from the way Cathy seemed so aroused by the suggestion! They’ve never done anything like this before, but they hadn’t been married for very long. Bob was still learning a lot about Cathy’s sexual preferences.

“You little schemer!” Bob cried in an amused whisper. “You got this whole thing planned out, haven’t you? But how…?”

“Just leave it to me,” she promised, and made him carry out the coffee service.

Cathy sat down between Bob and me on the couch, and after ten minutes of rather uncomfortable small talk, Cathy had the lights turned low and was gently making out with Bob, rubbing his crotch and everything right in front of me. When Bob looked across, Cathy also had her other arm around my shoulder, and her hand casually brushed down over my round tits.

As Bob watched, Cathy turned to me and lifted her face to mine. We began a sexy French kiss that shocked the hell out of Bob. Her hand by now was kneading and caressing my tit with an erotic urgency.

“Whew!” Cathy exclaimed, pulling away from me. She stared suggestively into my eyes and smiled. “That was better than I thought it would be! Sue’s a little bi.” Cathy said, turning to give Bob a quick wink. “Well,” she said with finality. “I guess we all know what we’re here for. Let’s get naked and get in bed!”

Cathy stood up and pulled me to my feet. I acted hesitant and nervous; however almanbahis şikayet I was very aroused as she tugged Bob’s hand until he and I were standing together. Cathy practically forced me into his arms, but then Bob felt my body press up against his and his tongue snaked into my warm, wet mouth. I groaned a little and ground my mound against the bulge at his crotch.

In about a minute the three of us were tossing clothes over the railing as we climbed the stairs to the master bedroom. All three of us kept pausing and kissing and groping until we were naked and panting and standing by the big king-sized bed.

Bob pulled back and looked us two naked women. Cathy was wanton, running her hands up to cup her cone shaped, soft tits. She let the fat turgid pink nipples pop up between her fingers as they hardened to erection. I tossed my short honey red hair back out of my eyes and eyed Bob’s cock as it sprung up from his crotch in a slight curve.

“Mmmm…I love it!’ I said in anticipation. As soon as I got my clothes off, I lost all of my inhibitions. My full, round tits stood up firm and sexy. My nipples are sticking out half inch from my quarter size dark pink aureole contrasting Cathy’s, who almost has no aureole around her hot red long nipples. I rubbed my hand through my hairless pubic slit as Bob watched.

Cathy lay down in the middle of the king sized bed and propped up the pillows as Bob and I lay down on either side of her. Soon he was French kissing his wife as I slid down a little and mouthed Cathy’s sweet tits. Cathy and I turned to face one other and began sexily kissing and tonguing our open mouths as we mashed our tits together. It was one of the sexiest things Bob had ever seen! He rubbed and caressed both of us, fondling Cathy’s black cunt hair, and sliding his hand between my thighs, which I opened up for him excitedly.

“Mmmm!” Cathy moaned, in that way Bob recognized as her genuine arousal. She turned and kissed him some more, fondling his cock, then guiding my hand onto it too so that both of us were teasing his thick eight inches.

Bob kissed Cathy’s neck and began chewing her nipples, he felt a warm, moist mouth close over his cock; and he nearly died at the feel of my tongue as I sucked him into my throat. I had sprawled over Cathy’s torso, leaning across as I slid my mouth down over his cock. My hand disappeared in between Cathy’s thighs. Bob groaned and laid back on the pillow as I sucked him and masturbated Cathy’s quickly-wet cunt.

“Oh yeah…oh yeah, Sue honey!” Cathy cried, lying back next to Bob and spreading her legs under me. Then she sat up and reached down into amy crotch from behind and began doing the same thing to my cunt that was being done to her.

Soon both of us women were writhing and panting on the bed as my head bobbed up and down in his crotch. Bob wanted to shoot into my mouth very badly, but held off. He just kissed any lips or tits he could and let everything heat up!

Pretty soon his wife and I were going at it pretty fiercely, and we sat up in bed, kneeling together, pressing our tits together and kissing like we were used to it! Bob wondered how Cathy and I were so familiar with each other’s bodies, but decided not to ask—Instead Bob slid around behind me and began licking and kissing those buns of mine. My naked ass cheeks were all he had imagined! Bob bit and chewed his way across my ass, admiring the almost heart-shaped outline of my ass. I was moaning and pressing my butt back against his lips as he kissed me there. Bob licked and kissed up my spine until he was kneeling behind me. Then, Bob slid his hands around and cupped my nice firm tits while he kissed the back of my neck. Cathy; meanwhile was bent down, kissing my tits. When Bob slid his fingers over my nice tit-tips, he could feel his wife’s tongue lick between his fingers, teasing each of my erect nipples. Between them, I was writhing sensuously and arching my back.

Bob pressed his cock against me, so that it kind of slid loosely up against the small of my back right above the crack of my heart-shaped ass. Bob could feel a wet trail of pre-cum paint my skin along my spine. I gasped and immediately pressed my butt back against him, trapping his cock between us. “Oh god!” I groaned. “I want that in me!”

I twisted my head sideways so that I could kiss the side of his cheek as Bob held me from behind. I sled my lips up to his ear as he leaned forward to kiss my throat. “Butt-fuck me, Bill,” I whispered insistently. “Gawd, hurry and stick it in my ass!”

I was writhing and pressing my ass back against him, nearly rude in the way I pushed Cathy aside and slid around to the foot of the bed so that I could grip the brass railing at the end of the bed. I stretched out, sticking my firm ass up in the air, inviting Bob. Cathy looked at him with an amused expression, winked, and slid to one side of the bed. Bob knelt behind me and put his cock in the valley at the top of my ass, letting it throb and pulse there hotly, just over my undulating asshole.

“Oh yeah!” Groaning as my tits flop almanbahis canlı casino over the horizontal top rail of the brass bed; leaning against that end of the bed frame as I reached back with both hands and spread my ass cheeks wide. “I wanna be ass fucked! Now!” I rotated my naked ass invitingly in front of Bob in a sexy, obscene motion.

There was a big vanity mirror over the dressing table opposite the foot of the bed. I imagine Cathy and Bob love to watch themselves fuck, sometimes. Now Bob could look into the mirror and see the expression on my face as he sawed his cock back and forth over the hollow of my back. I had a sensuous, almost desperate expression of lust as I stared back into his eyes through the mirror. I smiled and pressed my ass back against his thighs. Bob could also look to one side and see Cathy in the mirror, too; she was leaning back, propped up on pillows against the brass headboard. Cathy had her legs spread open wantonly, flashing her dark, glittering wet cunt as she slid two fingers slowly in and out of her. She flashed Bob a quick, wicked little smile and urged him on as he knelt behind my naked form.

Bob looked down and felt his cock get totally rigid as he stared at my ass. I pulled my ass cheeks wide apart, exposing the small, gray-pink puckered little orifice of my anus nestled there in the crack of my ass. Bob nearly came looking at the nasty beauty of my writhing rectum.

“Hurry, honey,” I cooed. “I want your cock in my ass real soon!”

Bob smiled back at me in the mirror and slid his cock head down until it rested gently against the tight-shut opening of my ass. Bob pushed firmly, but slowly, trying to poke his cock into my rectum. The soft, spongy-elastic ring of my anal opening widened a little, but Bob could tell that without a little lubrication, he couldn’t fit his cock into my tight ass.

I even reached behind, grasping his cock firmly and guiding it up to the concave, spider-like opening of my ass. It was no use.

“Ummm!” I groaned in pleasurable frustration, “Guess I gotta get you wet!” Smiling, I pulled his cock down a little and slipped it into the hot-wet entrance to my vagina. Bob groaned in pleasure as he felt my cunt lips slip around his cock when it sank down into the slick wet depths of my cunt.

“Oooo…Cathy!” I groaned. “His cock feels so nice in my cunt!

Don’t mind if I let him use my cunt just for a minute, do you?” I panted, smirking wickedly back in the mirror at Cathy. “Just to get his cock wet?”

“You bitch!” Cathy teased. “You promised you wouldn’t fuck him with your pussy! That was the deal!”

Bob was really getting off now, though, stroking back and forth into my hot, sweet cunt. I was tight and wet, and he could feel my educated cunt muscles spasm and close sensuously around the length of his shaft. Bob could tell Cathy was getting off on watching him fuck me doggie-style, her eyes followed our every motion as she lay next to us on the bed, masturbating.

“Oh! Oh … god! It feels so good!” I panted, slamming my cunt back against him as he slid his cock into me faster and faster. I reached up and gripped the brass railing with both hands, holding steady as he banged my cunt from behind. “Oooh! Don’t…don’t you dare cum in my cunt yet!”

Bob laughed and pulled back out of the writhing blond, making both of us sigh at the loss of stimulation as his dripping wet cock slid loosely out of my slit. Bob’s cock was all slimy, coated with my sex-honey. Once again my hand reached back and I grasped his rigid cock, smearing my cunt juice all over the head of it with my fingers as I guided it back up to the entrance to my ass.

“NOW…” I groaned, fitting the head of his cock to my puckered, pulsing anus. “Oh…now! Fuck my ass! Fuck it good!”

Bob shoved his cock forward, feeling the widening ring of my rectum open and accept the acorn-shaped knob of his cock head. Slowly my asshole stretched and accommodated his invading cock as it slid slowly into the hot interior of my ass. Bob could feel the tight ring of my rubberlike asshole slip over his cock and then tighten slightly as his slick cunt-juice coated cock sank into my ass. He reached down, caressing and rubbing his hands over my heart-shaped ass before gripping my hips and holding me steady as he shoved his throbbing cock deep into my ass. “Uh…!” I groaned.

“Relax,” Bob whispered, “Let your asshole relax; take me a little at a time!” He felt my ass resist, tighten, then stretch invitingly as I let go of my sphincter muscles and allowed his thick cock to slide further into my ass.

I dipped my head down between my outstretched arms, groaning in nasty pleasure as his cock filled my rectum.

“Oh GOD,” wiggling my ass in a tight little oval as his cock sank into my greasy-hot ass-tube. “Oh CATHY…Oh god…yes! Oh his cock! It’s so nice…!”

“Yeah!” Bob agreed. He grunted and pressed his half-buried cock further into my guts. The smooth, hot interior of my asshole was wonderful, treating his cock to just the right sensation he had missed. almanbahis casino “Aw yeah, your ass is so tight!”

His cock slid down further and further into me, slowly making both of us so aroused and intense as we fucked nastily. Cathy was slack-jawed in lust as she watched, fitting two and then three fingers up into her cunt and jiggling them hard as she spread her cunt lips with her other hand. Her left leg was outstretched, sliding between Bob’s so that he could feel his wife’s naked flesh against the back of his leg as he fucked my hot ass.

Finally, his cock was all the way inside my slick feeling, smooth anal cavity. Bob was nearly ready to cream from the sweet, tight sensation of my butthole as it clasped tightly around his shaft. He loved the way my soft buttocks pressed hard against the tops of his thighs. We both loved the way his pubic hair scuffed against our flesh.

“Ung!” I whimpered. Bob could feel me tremble, shake and wiggle my ass around until his cock was nestled just right deep in my asshole. Then I clenched my rectum—HARD—all around his cock, and Bob nearly fainted at the wicked, nasty pleasure his cock felt as my anal muscles squeezed him. I knew it was just like he wanted!

“Mmmm, baby, your ass is wonderful!” Bob groaned, reached over the railing to cup and fondle my tits as he pressed his cock deep into my asshole.

“It…is…with your…cock…in it!” Panting as I began ass-fucking him harder and harder.

“Uh…uh… uh…uh!” Cathy groaned on the bed next to us, and we knew she had made herself cum as she watched us fuck. Bob could see in the mirror that his wife’s ass lifted up a little off of the bed as her fingers sank deep into her cunt. Her eyes were slits in arousal.

I pressed my hard pointed nipples into my palms, at the same time bearing down on his cock buried in my broad ass. His balls slapped against my firm ass, bouncing down almost against the pouting lips of my cunt. Bob squeezed my nipples hard between his thumbs and fingers, making me groan as he fed his cock into my butt.

“Fuck it!” Crying wantonly, “Fuck my sweet ass!”

He sure knew how to ass-fuck! It isn’t quite like cunt-fucking, since he doesn’t go in and out quite so fast and furiously. Both of us savored a slow back and forth motion, where his cock only moved a couple of inches in and out of my sensitive rectum. The clasping, overstretched ring of my anus slid slightly in and out around his cock as Bob ass-fucked me. All the while, I squeezed and clenched my ass, sending exquisite ripples of pleasure through us both as my ass muscles applied steady, even waves of squeezing power all along his cock shaft.

“Oh yeah, aw god yeah, you know how to make my cock feel so good” Bob rasped to me. He was watching my every movement in the mirror. Soon I threw my head back and grimaced as his cock slammed hard deep into my ass. Then my lips formed a sensuous ‘O’ as I began to enjoy the wide stretched feeling of impalement his cock gave me as I pressed back against his crotch.

Cathy moved around on the bed, sliding her head and shoulders between his legs as she lay on her back under Bob and I. “I gotta have me some of this!” His wife sighed. “You guys are having too much fun!”

Cathy slid up under me, so that his wife’s head and shoulders rested against the brass bed frame. In the mirror Bob could see her long dark hair trail down between the vertical brass rails as she pressed her face up into my crotch from below. He could feel Cathy’s hands slide between his thighs and my ass, as his wife gripped my firm ass cheeks and pulled the hairless cunt toward her face.

Bob felt me press forward ever so slightly; pressing my cunt to Cathy’s upturned mouth. Gently he stabbed his cock deep into my ass and held it there as my asshole walls rippled and clenched against the length of his cock.

“Umph…umph…um!” Bob heard Cathy’s muffled groan below us. In the mirror he saw me smile in pleasure as I shut my eyes tight to the first thrill of his wife’s tongue on my cunt lips. I gasped and my face took on a look of shocked surprise and then pleasure as Cathy’s lips and tongue found my clit.

“Oh…oh…honey…yes!” I cried out. Bob guessed it was to

Cathy, but he knew it could have been to him, too, as his cock filled my asshole. “Oh!”

I writhed and swayed, my lower body sandwiched between his crotch and Cathy’s loving face pressed up against my cunt. I arched my back, and twisted my head back to one side again so that Bob and I were trading open-mouthed French kisses while he slid his cock in and out of my ass.

Below us I could hear Cathy gasping and sighing and slurping loudly between my thighs. Bob’s wife’s torso pressed between our spread-open legs. We all clung together, doing a nasty, three-way fuck with my body as the sex-object in the center. Bob watched in the mirror, when he wasn’t kissing my lips or my throat. Cathy’s head bobbed and bounced between the bed frame and my cunt. I writhed and swayed, sighing as his hands squeezed and caressed my needy tits, causing my whole body to flush in arousal. He pressed up against me from behind, thrilled by the feel of his cock in my clenching asshole, and his thighs pressed against my heart-shape ass cheeks, where Cathy’s hands kneaded and squeezed as she pulled my cunt close. I squealed in ecstasy.

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