How My Fascination With Sex Started pt.3


I turned 16, and got my license on the first try. That year to me was the beginning of my life. I started to mature and become more confident. My friend Danielle invited me to a school dance. She lived in another small town about 45 minutes away by gravel road. Since the road that I would be driving on was known to be bad, my dad came along for the ride. I didn’t own a cell phone yet, and there was no cell phone service in the area either. Hardly anyone lived along that road either, so if I broke down, I’d be in trouble.

My friend was happy that I came to the school dance, as it was to be her last before she moved to the city and started school there. My dad and I went to my friend’s house. Our fathers were friends so my dad decided to just stay at my friend’s house and talk to her parents while we went to the dance. Of course, we drove from my friend’s house to the dance so we would look cool in my VW Rabbit Convertible.

We went to the dance and I met some of Danielle’s friends. The one who interested me the most was her friend Travis. I instantly liked him because I thought he was gorgeous. The thing I didn’t like was that he smoked (never cared for the habit, but somehow still liked guys that did it despite the fact).

Anyways, we all went to the school dance and hung out. This was a pretty crazy small town. I heard later that at that school dance a few girls went in the boy’s bathroom with some guys to not only go get high/drunk, but to make out and a few girls were giving head I heard too. I was still a little naïve then about sex, despite reading a lot of porn. I was kind of shocked at what I heard, but was also jealous of the girls as they had the confidence to actually go and not chicken out. The chaperones must not have noticed nor cared if they did see.

They had an awesome DJ (and their music wasn’t censored, like the music at all my school’s dances). My high school banned Eminem, yet that was that was the first thing I heard blasting from those speakers. A bunch of us girls started dancing to some of the songs. The unfortunate part was there was maybe two of us girls who actually looked good, and the rest either had some weight issues or didn’t quite know how to dress “cool”. Two of the girls were really shy and barely even wanted to dance. (Oh before I go on further, the guys hardly ever danced at school dances).

I had been in dance for years and knew how to move my body. Being shy though, I didn’t do the type of dancing I wanted to (involving a lot of gyrating my hips and shaking my ass and tits) as I didn’t have the courage.

Anyways Travis asked me to dance so I did. izmit escort bayan As we were dancing he put his hands on my ass and asked me if I wanted to go for a “walk” with him. I wasn’t sure if that was a good idea so I said no. He was disappointed but I let him keep his hands on my ass which made him happy.

My friend Danielle decided that we would look cute as a couple so she gave us each others phone numbers as she knew that I wouldn’t ask Travis for his, nor would I likely give him mine. She told me that I was probably better off not going with Travis for the “walk” he proposed, as he had a bad reputation. I didn’t quite figure that one out (she was giving me his number but didn’t want me to go for a walk? :S Later I found out she liked him)

The dance ended and we were invited to a party. I had to leave for home so I couldn’t go, even if I had wanted to.

I had this thought still in my mind a few weeks later when school ended.

My Aunt called me and my brother up and asked if we wanted to go with her and our cousins on a week long road trip through the mountains and all over Alberta. We agreed.

That was definitely a big trip. It was the 1st trip I went on without my parents for that length of time (Now I’m lucky if I see them once or twice a month). We were gone a week. I looked all over for guys, but didn’t see any, except for my aunt’s friend’s son. He looked nerdy though, and I was into the blond hair blue eyed guys then.

I went home full of some amazing memories thought of the scenery and the fun we had, but was disappointed because I did not meet any guys.

A few days after the five of us came back from our trip, my brother and I got some news. We were going camping. I was happy, as the campground we were going to was close to the city. Many people would come down to the lake for the day or else come out on the weekends, so I knew that I could find some guys to scope out.

The first few days of the trip, not much happened. I met a guy who said he was 16, but he lied about that. I found out later in the week (from his dorky little friends) that he was only 13 at the time. He could have fooled me. Anyways, it was his friends who shunned me, not him.

About the middle of the week I ran into a few people my age. The one guy, who was 15, really took a shine to me. He invited me to ride down on my bike and meet him at night at the one playground. I agreed. He brought his friends. Anyways when I got there this guy wanted me to go and sit on his lap. I got a bad feeling about the whole situation and so I lied and said I had to go back to my campsite as my mom wanted me izmit eve gelen escort back right away.

Afterwards, I wasn’t too pleased with myself, as I knew I could have had my first kiss. Not to worry though, by the end of the camping trip, I would have had my first kiss and done a bit more then intended.

The weekend came, and some new guys came to the lake. I met a bunch of different guys, most were younger though. Then I spotted one guy who I thought was so hot, and who looked about my age.

Turns out he was shy too. I saw him biking around and noticed him checking me out. I said hi to him but he didn’t say anything back. I tried again. He just got scared and took off on his bike. Well his younger brother and his younger brother’s friend witnessed this and thought it was funny. They started to tease him, as they didn’t think he had made a good choice. They thought he should have talked to me. I overheard this and decided not to give up just yet. (Ah, the thrill of the chase. Always wanting what you can’t have)

Well, I kept saying hi to this guy when I saw him, and finally talked to him for a couple minutes. We decided to meet later, and he said he would promise to ditch his brother and his brother’s annoying friend. I was happy and nervous at the same time.

I went back to my parent’s campsite and had supper. Then I told them I was going for a bike ride with this one boy. They asked a few questions like parents do. I saw him riding out front of our campsite and asked to be excused. My parents noted that they hadn’t seen that much of me since all I did was ride around on my bike or cruise in the car. But they let me go.

Well me and this guy, whose name I found out was Sheldon, went and rode our bikes around. We unfortunately ran into his brother and his little brother’s friend. Sheldon came up with a bribe to get them to leave us alone.

Now let me describe myself at this time: I had shoulder length hair that was kind of wavy. I loved it; it was a nice shade of brown that matched well with my brown eyes. I was fairly skinny and in great shape, with tits that were bordering on becoming a B cup. I wore a very low cut tank top (dark grey with white butterflies) and my favorite jeans at the time (Tie died Buffalo jeans).

Sheldon was a little bit taller then me. He was the same age as me, 16. He came from Alberta. He had the looks that I thought were hot then (my tastes have changed now): short blonde hair, blue eyes. Sexy, chiseled body. MMMM i thought.

Anyways we went and were riding our bikes around when we found this izmit otele gelen escort one little barely noticeable trail in the trees. We parked our bikes (kind of hiding them so that nobody would see them) and decided to explore the trail. While doing so we talked about ourselves.

We found this one tree that had been knocked down and sort of formed a bench. We sat down on it side by side and continued talking. I mentioned that I was really shy.

The topic of kissing came up. I admitted that I had never kissed a guy, but wanted to try. He asked me if I wanted to kiss. I was so shy that at first I only said whatever. I wanted to, but was extremely scared. Well, we kept telling each other a bit more about ourselves. He asked me again if I wanted to kiss. I was like ok. Then he was like do you want to French kiss, and I was like ok sure whatever (my exact words).

Well he told me to sit on his lap. I complied with his directions, as I wasn’t quite sure yet how to kiss properly (you can watch others, but until you experience it, you just don’t know what its like).

Then he leaned over and kissed me. Wow was all I could think of. Then he backed off for a minute so he could gauge my reaction. I remember the distinctive taste of him in my mouth, and I wanted more.

We then kissed again, and didn’t stop. He began rubbing his hands up and down my body. Then he got a little more daring and placed his hands on my tits and started feeling them through my shirt. Since I didn’t object (as I was enjoying the experience), he kept going. Then he took a quick break, stared at me for a minute, then got back to kissing me and fondling my tits. Next thing I know he has his hands inside my bra and was tugging down my top and bra a little. I didn’t want him to stop at this point. Unexpectedly, he broke off the kiss and started kissing his way down my neck. I didn’t know what to expect when he got to my tits.

He started licking my tits and then sucked on them. He was fondling them and kissing them for quite some time. I noticed it was getting late though, so I made him stop, but not before sneaking in a few more kisses. We went and got our bikes and then went to the parking lot. We found his brother and his little brother’s friend waiting there for us. He had to go back to his campsite, but we exchanged numbers in the parking lot. I was leaving the next day and found out he was staying there for awhile. Damn, I wanted to stay longer just so I could get more action.

I went back to my campsite and was in a daze. I actually told my parents what went on a little bit (just that I had got my first kiss, not about the groping part). They were alright with it and were excited for me.

The memory of my first kiss was an important one to me, as I finally became confident enough to approach a guy on my own.

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