How It Started Pt. 05 – Two Women


Miss Grace dropped us off at a bus stop. I thought I saw her give Tay some money. Perhaps we were whores after all? I was still confused.

“Okay Pix, let’s go get some clothes for later. You got your card with you?”

In a way I felt happier with that. I was very happy to buy clothes for Tay. My allowance was more than generous, and it wasn’t as though I spent much of it.

I was a bit taken aback at the store we went into. It wasn’t at all what I had in mind when someone mentioned a clothes shop.

Tay was clearly well-known here.

“Hiya Kylie! Got anything here for us at the usual discount? Can’t have my friend Pix here going out in that old lady’s get up!”

Kylie was a generously endowed girl who really ought to have worn looser clothes – but didn’t. Whatever massive size those tits were, the bra holding them looked like it was losing the battle; two huge pink blancmanges looked as though they were about to pour out as she walked; she seemed oblivious.

“Sure, why doncha pick out what ya want an’ I’ll take ’em to the usual place.”

Kylie smirked at me, ominously.

“She needs something a bit more modern than that!”

Well, to be sure the dress was not exactly à la mode, but at least it covered me decently.

Tay went along the clothes rails like a demon shopper, seeming to know exactly what she wanted.

“Main problem here Pix is they expect you to take the stuff home to try it on – and if it don’t fit, well, most cant be bothered to come back – but Kylie and me got a deal, so we can try ’em on.”

I admired her ingenuity, but rather wondered why she didn’t shop at stores which did allow you to try stuff on first? But when I saw what they charged, it sort of made sense.

“As you have no idea of what we’ll need Pix, hope you are okay with me doing the shopping?”

It was not so much a question as a statement, so I went along with it.

Tay bounced up to Kylie after half an hour.

“Okay, when’s your break?”

“Can take it now if you like? I got half an hour.”

“Should be enough,” Tay giggled.

Kylie made sure the door was shut. Then she looked at Tay:

“Is she going to?”

“Pix, try the gear on?”

I blushed deep red, wondering what the “price” for the discount would be. I had a feeling I was about to find out.

I took the dress off, then the knickers.

“She doesn’t have much in the tit department, Tay, what’dya see in her?”

“She has a wonderful tongue, want to try her out?”

“Love to,” she responded, lifting her skirt up and flashing her blue knickers. “Over here, NOW!”

Instinctively I crawled over. I could see a dark patch on her knickers, and a bush of hair sticking out. Her thighs were meaty, and so, it turned out, was her pussy. She pulled her knickers to one side and told me to eat her out.

My head, like my whole upbringing revolted. What? This fat, unattractive and frankly (from where I was kneeling) smelly girl expected ME to eat her out? I should refuse and leave. But then… why else was I here? What had last night been about?

In more time, far more time, than my head took to process this, my pussy had made its mind up. Peeling back her swollen pink lips, I licked upward. The fact her flimsy knickers smelt of more than her juices was an added humiliation for me, and a source of sublime unconcern to her.

As I flicked her clit she gripped my head and pushed me into her wetness.

“See, Kylie? Good, i’nt she?”

The moans signified assent, I thought, as I used my tongue to arouse her. As my fingers were there, I slipped two of them into her very juicy wetness. She moaned even more loudly and pulled me in as though she wanted it harder. Leery as I was of things in my vagina, it was clear that Kylie wanted it faster and harder, so I gave it to her.

Her chubby thighs pressed so hard that they muffled her words from my ears. As she rubbed and pressed me into her, I felt almost faint. But there was no choice, so I sucked and licked until with a great shuddering scream, she came; and oh how she came!

Tay had squirted into my face, but Kylie was even wetter. I knelt, beylikdüzü escort trapped, until her orgasm finally subsided.

“Fuckin’ hell Tay, you weren’t jokin’, this one’s worth a discount, can I use her again?”

“Often as ya want, Kylie, as long as I get the discount.”

Releasing me, Kylie told me I was a good girl, and offered me some wet wipes for my face. I hated the smell, but used them all the same, though as Tay took glee in telling me, my hair “smelt of cunt.”

Tay handed me what she called our “swag”.

I pulled on a tight boob-tube top, which not only did nothing to disguise my lack of tits, it emphasised it, but hey, I was hardly in charge, so accepted it. She handed me, with a smirk, a red g-string. As I pulled it up, I wondered what the point was? It was like dental floss in my arse and covered almost nothing except my pussy lips. I did ask her the point, which was a mistake.

“Means lads can fuck you more easily, just pull it aside and get their cocks in!”

That was not reassuring about the evening.

I pulled up the tight black skirt, which was more like a belt. Maybe the one good thing about the g-string was that my knickers would not be visible unless I really did bend over?

The white heels completed the set. I looked in the mirror. I looked like a slut.

Tay also packed a similar outfit for herself, and a short black dress for me to wear later. It clung to me like a second skin, and as I had nothing by way of hips it fell straight to just below my bum cheeks. No one could say the designer had wasted much material. The thing was just this side of not indecent, like most of what Tay wore. Her line was “if you got it, flaunt it, baby!” That worked for her – me less so.

Tay did my make up before we left the shop. Again, I looked in the mirror. The tangerine coloured, pink-haired girl in the short skirt and tight top, tottering on white high heels had, I knew, to be me, but even I could hardly see myself. My “old self” I reminded myself.

As it happened, I was not the only person not to recognise me, although it was something of a relief that was the case.

We were walking to the bus stop when, to my utter horror, I saw my two close friends, Hatty and Polly. Seeing Tay, they tried to cross the road to avoid her, but Tay was having none of it.

“Hey what’s wrong you stuck up cows?”

“We don’t want trouble,” said Polly, her voice becoming even posher as it got higher.

“Who said anythin’ about trouble? Just wanted to say hello and introduce you to my friend Sindy. Say hi, Sin, these are posh girls from the big school full of lezzers!”

Being tangerine coloured, my blush was probably not as obvious as it would have been the day before, but as I felt Polly, and Hatty, look with disdain at me, I was blushing to the roots of my dyed hair. I hoped they would not recognise me.

‘Don’tya think she looks a bit like that little one you guys hang out with? Where is she by the way?”

“Oh God no!” Hatty exclaimed. “This little slag looks nothing like our darling Pixie. No offence, Sin, is it?”

If I spoke as normal I might give it away, so I adopted Tay’s Essex accent.

“Don’t fuckin’ care, me an’ Tay are tight!”

“Rude little bitch!” Polly exclaimed, as they finally escaped.

Tay giggled.

“Hey, you did a good accent babe, you’ll be one of us yet!”

We finally got back to Tay’s place without further mishap.

A long shower, and some food later, I began to feel a little better, a state of mind soon shattered by the loud music Tay put on.

The late afternoon was entirely occupied by primping and prepping ourselves for the night ahead.

Tay made me show her my mound so she could check for stubble. There was none.

“Lucky bitch!” She said, patting me (and making me wet), I hate waxing, you must hardly need it, she laughed. She was, however, quite right. I helped her shave, noticing that she was still red from last night. Well she did say she’d kept Miss Grace busy.

I went to dress, while she did the same.

In my red g-string, black bodycon dress, high heels, hair scraped back into a pony-tail avcılar escort high up my head, I had to admit I looked every inch one of Tay’s “pussy posse”. We met the others at the pub. Tay introduced me as her cousin, “Pix” and the others all said how cute I looked.

I was uncomfortable with the way the boys from the Estate were looking at us all. I could hear snatches of what they were saying.

“Give that blonde one, wouldn’t you? Fuck, that dress leaves sod all to imagine. That skirt any higher an’ ya’d see what she had for breakfast! Still, give her seven out of ten!”

“That Tay’s a hot bitch, a deffo nine.”

“Who’s the titch, bloody ‘ell, got no tits, maybe she sucks dick, give her 2 for trying!”

Oh great, I thought, well on the other hand, maybe it was as well the lads did not rate me.

We got into the club easy enough – Tay knew the bouncers.

I’d given her money for drinks, and she ordered some ghastly mixers which tasted far too sweet, but which she liked. I was careful not to drink much. This was weird fun, but I was no way going with a boy.

This was not easy. As we danced round out handbags, the boys picked us off one by one, Tay and the blonde (whose name I never did get), were first, and then the others. After ten minutes I feared I’d be dancing by myself, dangerously exposed in more than one way. As the others were paired off, or about to, I looked around me for a safe refuge. Tay seemed to have forgotten me, and I guessed that was not going to change. Looking round, I saw two girls entering and they seemed to be arguing. I went over, ever wanting to be helpful.

They were both dressed in the “uniform”, tight dresses, loads of make up, but one of them looked different.

“Hey,” said the taller of the two, “didn’t I see you with Tay earlier?”

“Yes,” I nodded above the noise.

“You her new bitch?”

Hard to hear above the noise, and harder to be heard, so I nodded again.

“Him I’m Lynn, this is Charlie, my little sister, don’t suppose you could be a doll and look after her? All the best lads will be taken soon.”

I agreed – anything to help – and to get away from the boys.

Charlie was only just taller than me, I’d have put her at five one or two, and close up, it was clear that she was not like all the others. I smiled warmly and squeezed her hand.

“Wanna sit down with me?” I asked.

“No one wants to sit with me, it’s okay, I’m used to it.”

My heart melted at the look on her face. Sure, I did not want to be anywhere closer to those awful boys than I was (and certainly not as close as Tay, who seemed to be having her arse massaged by her partner), but now I had another motive, a worthier one – to help Charlie.

She smiled back when I led her to a table. I got us a couple of non-alcoholic drinks and we held hands.

I got her story out of her. Lynn was her step-sister, and had been charged with looking after her by Charlie’s mum, who was out on the tiles herself. As Lynne did not want to lose her night out, she’d dolled Charlie up and brought her with her. I asked Charlie where she went to school and was not surprise to hear it was the “Special Needs” school on the outskirts of town. She was so sweet and so vulnerable. I began to come to my senses.

Sure, Tay and her “pussy posse” had more freedom than girls like me did, but it was a limited and peculiar version of it. It was more like license – no one cared enough to rein them in or teach them. And here I was, doing what precisely? Well, as it happened, protecting Charlie.

We chatted happily for about an hour before she began to show signs of needing to sleep. Looking round for Tay and the others, I could see they were heading for the door – prey and predators matched, though in truth I was not sure who was whom?

I tried to signal to her, but as she was having her tonsils excavated by tongue and an internal vaginal examination while standing, it’s understandable that she failed to respond.

Grabbing Charlie, I made my way to follow them. It was fine until we got out onto the street where scenes which would not have looked out of place in Sodom and Gomorrah esenyurt escort were to be found. Charlie was shivering.

“I don’t like this Pix!”

I wasn’t fearfully keen on it myself, though I doubted there would be any taxis here. Then it happened. Three “lads” approached us. From the look on their faces it was not surprising when they said:

“You two girls lookin’ for some men? Come back to ours and we’ll show ya both a good time.”

Charlie looked terrified. I felt it, but decided it would be unwise.

“We’d love to, but our boyfriends are meeting us here – and a word to the wise, the last one chatted me up spent a week in hospital!”

They looked alarmed, and fortuitously, two great big hulking men were advancing in our direction; the boys scarpered. The two men passed us by with a “hi girls!” and a cheery smile. I have never, before or since, been so glad to see men!

Taking Charlie’s hand we stepped over the bodies – I saw Tay doing something anatomically complex to her boy, or was it another? Lynn was similarly occupied.

As I pondered, worried lest the lads might return, we bumped into a man and woman wearing yellow armbands with hi-vis vests.

“You two okay?” The woman asked.

“Yes,” I replied, “I am just trying to get Charlie here to safety.”

“What are you two even doing out here?” the man asked, “you surely aren’t old enough to be drinking?”

“First,” I responded in my best public schoolgirl accent, “we are old enough, and second, we have not been drinking, and third and most importantly, Charlie here has special needs.”

They both looked astonished.

“You don’t sound like one of them,” said the woman.

“What, you mean a Chav? Despite the way I am dressed? Clothes do not the woman make” I quipped, “though this bloody frock might unmake me. Can you get Charlie to safety? I can look after myself. I’m Pixie, by the way.”

“I’m Flora, this is Dan,” the woman said, “we’re ‘Street Angels’ and come out at chucking-out time to help those who can’t help themselves. Dan, “she said, turning to the man, “could you give these flip flops to those girls over there?”

She explained that one of their tasks was to offer women unable to totter safely on these impossible heels safer footwear. I bagged a pair for myself and for Charlie, who was, by now, clinging to me as a lifebelt among the wreckage.

“Too long an explanation for why I am here,” I said, suddenly feeling the need to explain to Flora, but not really wanting to, as I wasn’t sure I could explain to myself. “But if you’ve a place for Flora, I’ll go with her.”

She directed me to a tent, and I went and sat with Flora. As she seemed quite happy, I busied myself helping Flora and Dan, who welcomed another pair of hands. Sober, the whole thing sobered me up in a different way. Some of the girls were crying, and at least one said she’d been forced to “do stuff”, but as Dan said to me when I spoke about getting the police involved, “no point, she couldn’t remember who he was, and if she could, she was too pissed to be a good witness.” My blood boiled, but of course he was right. Why did they put themselves in this position? Then I stopped moralising and convicted myself of arrant hypocrisy. Why was I even here?

That was something I would ask myself in less accusatory tones for the rest of the school year when I helped every Friday and Saturday night, but my answer was clearer – I was there to help. It was easy to condemn and pass by on the other side, but as the Street Pastor who ran the Mission said, “faith without works was useless.” I rediscovered my faith in that dark place, and my helping was one of its fruits. It was not its only one – hence my being dressed up by my partner that evening which brought it all back.

Charlie? We got her home, and we made sure she had a safe place when Lynn and her mum were out on Saturday nights. Tay? I went back for my stuff, but on both sides the spark had gone. Miss Grace smiled at me, knowingly, on the Monday, and the Head was not best pleased by my hair colouring, but it soon washed out. Which is more than can be said for the fetish itself. But that is not only another story, it’s many series.

My partner found out about it when she came across the clothes in an old suitcase when we moved, and having dressed me in them, asked if I’d like her to.

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