How I Became Submissive


I was a very young man back then. I still lived with my parents. I was about to finish high school and the only 2 things I cared about were sex and sports in the order. I didn’t have a gf, I was quite lucky with girls though.

I played football, boxing, sailing and on top of that I went daily to the gym, my body was extremely fit and at 6ft tall I was quite popular with girls. Also, since my parents were the ones paying I could afford to wear branded clothes and driving a BMW.

On Saturday nights I would hit a bar with my friends and then we would head to a club.

This is where everything started. One of those nights I arrived there and was still waiting for my friends to come when a group of men approached me. I apparently had been with the ex gf of one of them and they would make me pay… I was not afraid of having a fight with one or two people, but I had 8 of them in front of me and I knew already I had no chance. My friends were not there yet either…

As I was ready for the worse a big group of African guys came out of the bar and pushed away those others. I saw them every time; they were from Senegal and regulars at the bar. I thanked them and offered drinks as we started talking. I especially talked with Moussa, a big guy who seemed to be the “leader”.

He was at least 6ft7 and I had to raise my head to talk to him.

I started talking to him quite often, as he was at the bar every time I passed by. He was a very cool guy and we got along well in spite of the age difference (he was 30, I was 18). That’s why when he told me his wife was joining him from Senegal and they would be having problems to find a place to be intimate I offered my room. Moussa and his wife would be sharing a house with other Senegalese people and they wouldn’t be able to get a room all by themselves. On the contrary my room was actually an en-suited dependence in the garden of my parents’ house and I had a separate entrance.

On a Sunday I then went to pick them up as they were waiting for me. The view was quite impressive. He was so tall and muscled and his skin was pitch black, his wife was also extremely tall, at least 5ft11, with an incredibly hot body, pitch black skin and long curly hair.

As I introduced myself I explained her I was a friend of her husband and I would be taking them to my place. She replied she was Fatima and smiled. Next to them I felt quite short, just an inch or so taller than her and 7 or so shorter than him… Also, even though I was suntanned I still looked quite pale compared to their black skin.

We arrived home and I let them out just in front of the door. I used my separate entrance so my parents didn’t notice anything. I showed them my room and they asked me for some towels. There was only one in the bathroom but they asked for more…

I told them I couldn’t bring any for the moment as my parents were home. Moussa asked me if I had anything to avoid ruining the mattress then, so I told him to use some of my shirts and I would wash them. They asked me to leave them for 4 hours and I left. I headed to the gym and spent about 3 hours in there.

After 4 hours I went back in and knocked on the door. They opened after a few minutes and I guessed they just put their clothes on. Moussa apologized and told me they couldn’t save the mattress and they also broke a bedside lamp.

I entered my room and it smelled so strong. A mix of sweat and sex juices was permeating the room, the bedside karabük escort lamp was smashed against the floor and a towel and 6 of my t-shirts were on the bed. As I approached the bed I noticed that all of the shirts and the towel were soaked and coated with a slimy mixture of witheish fluids and there was a huge wet spot on the bed. At first I thought I was pissed off for the condition they left my room in. But the truth is I was extremely turned on and I had some troubles hiding my erection.

Everything smelled sex in my room and I was overwhelmed. I took Moussa and Fatima home and told them I would take care of cleaning up the room. Also I told them to let me know if they needed my room again.

As I went back home I entered my room and the smell was still there.

I threw the remaining of the lamp and picked up my clothes. Their sex fluids had now dried leaving my shirts crusty and with visible white/yellow stains. I couldn’t resist and got naked, I wrapped my 7 incher around one of the shirts and brought one to my face as I jerked off and added my load to the first. I then set the washing machine with all the shirts, towel and sheets hoping to clean them up. The mattress also had a yellow spot on it which I had to find a way to clean-up.

After washing them twice with bleach I had managed to clean the towel and sheets. I couldn’t save the shirts though. There seemed to be a bleached area where the stains were. Strangely instead of pissing me off it was a turn on to have my shirts permanently ruined by their sex and I had to masturbate again.

A few days later I met Moussa again at the bar. He asked me how it was going and apologized again for the damages to my room. I said it was nothing and we talked a bit. He made sure I was ok with it and asked if they could use my room again sometimes. I said sure. He repeated he was sorry and he would try to avoid next time. I told him it was no problem and to be honest it was a bit of a turn on to have them fuck in my room. He laughed and said good to know.

Their visits became more frequent. I always “forgot” to bring towels so they were always forced to use my shirts as sex rags. With time they became more arrogant and less apologetic. I would find stains almost everywhere. One day as I got back in my room I smelled urine and Moussa told me Fatima had an “accident” and my pillow, part of my bed, part of the carpet and a few shirts got in the way… I also noticed my printer was crushed, literally, to which they replied it was an accident. They could see I was aroused by their behaviour and had stopped the apologies for a more arrogant one.

I truly was aroused and to my surprise I looked forward to the next time they would use my room.

One night, Moussa called me on the phone and told me they needed my room. I told him it was too late at night and I had nowhere to go while they used it. He just said I could maybe stay and enjoy the show. My heart jumped so quickly…

So far I had only imagined them having sex, but watching it live… It was going to be fantastic. I immediately accepted. Got dressed and jumped on my car. They were waiting for me already. He was wearing a tracksuit and running shoes, she was wearing shorts and a top and flip flops. It was quite clear they were not expecting to go out. They got on my car and told me to take them home… Fatima added I was going to see how a real man fucks a real woman and that if I was a good boy I would karaman escort do more than watching.

As soon as we got home she threw her flip flops away and removed her clothes. She was fit but had a nice D cup; the best part was her bottom though. It was coloured as dark chocolate, perfectly shaped, firm and toned. I would die to eat that. Her pussy was trimmed but still got some hair. I had never seen such a beautiful and sexy woman. She smirked noticing how I was watching her. She raised her size 12 foot and placed it in front of my face. It was thin and long with nicely shaped toes painted red. She pushed her foot on my chest and got me on my back on the floor. Then she stepped over with both feet. She was heavy but I could bear her weight. She looked down and told me “So I won’t break your printer again” and laughed. She called Moussa and started kissing him savagely while removing his clothes.

She was like possessed, she stepped on my face as she finished removing Moussa’s clothes. She ordered me to lick her feet which I did even if they were a bit sweaty. I was in trance, completely and literally at her feet. When she stepped back on my chest I noticed Moussa’s body towering me. He was extremely muscled but what was really impressive was his dick. It was flaccid but about 8 inches long and thick, very thick. His black balls were egg-sized and hanged low below.

Fatima lowered herself on my face and started playing with her clit while she used her other hand to masturbate Moussa. Soon she started dripping juices on my face while I saw his cock growing to what I estimate be 12 inches in length and 10 in girth. It was a monster, with a big mushroom head that started dripping pre-cum as soon as it was hard. The smell of Fatima’s pussy was strong and intoxicating, musky, and she soon commanded me to lick her. Meanwhile she took Moussa’s BBC in her mouth and started pleasuring him.

I was good with my mouth, I always loved going down on a girl. But in this case she was the one fucking my face. I was not the one giving head. She was rubbing herself on my face and mouth as fast and furiously as she wanted. She was hurting my nose and I was drenched in her thick juices already. Meanwhile she was sucking him fast, dripping saliva and pre-cum on my face as she tried to fit that beast in her mouth.

After a while she started shaking and screaming. She kept fingering herself furiously as she rubbed on my mouth and then I saw her pussy literally shooting cum. She was squirting, but it wasn’t liquid as in porn movies, it was a thick slimy transparent liquid that she was shooting in large quantities and coated my face, hair and part of my shirt. I tasted a bit of it and it was salty and sweet at the same time. She panted and rested herself a little. Then got up, looked me in the eyes and spat a loogie right in my mouth.

Moussa lowered as well as she took his enormous shaft and started rubbing it on my face. Loads of pre-cum were dripping from its gigantic head as she started rubbing it all over my face. I never had any contact with a guy before, nor did I have any fantasy about it. But I had no will in that moment, I was completely at their mercy. She guided his dick towards my mouth and tried to get it in. He pushed with his hips and entered my mouth starting to thrust soon after. It was too big though and I almost threw up so he stopped. He smelled musky and strong, they were both sweating now and their sweat was dripping kars escort on me too.

She repositioned herself on my face as I was ordered to lick her. We were in a 69 position now, but I was fully clothed. As she started to drip her juices again I saw Moussa’s cock slowly nearing her as he took his place over my face too. Soon after I felt his gigantic balls rubbing on my face as his shaft tore her pussy apart. It was the first time I saw what happens to a pussy when it’s penetrated and given the size of his cock it was impressive for me to assist.

I kept on licking them as they ordered. Soon after he took the pace and started pounding her really hard. I was amazed by how that gigantic cock could disappear inside her pussy. It was unnatural. Their sweat and juices kept dripping all over me and in my mouth and I was licking that strong smell and taste.

It was animal for the rough way they fucked as well as for the heavy smell in the air. It was much stronger than what I normally found in my room but well the source was right over my nose so that was normal. Soon after she started to arch her body and came again shooting her slimy cum in my mouth and all over me. It was so much I felt it drenching my clothes, but was sticky and left a strange sensation on my skin.

They kept going at it for what I think were two hours. My nose and tongue hurt for the constant rubbing and I was tired of keeping my mouth open and she came about 5 times completely drenching me in her sticky fluids.

Now I knew what happened to my shirts and mattress… It was then that I saw them going faster, by Moussa’s sounds and by the way he speeded up I figured out he was about to cum. And he was, I soon observed as his huge balls tightened on my forehead and I saw them contracting with each spurt, I counted 15. She came together with him splashing me with her cum once again. But the real surprise was when Moussa got out.

Her gaping pussy looked like a cave, the inside was pink and it was a huge contrast with the black outside. Soon I saw the biggest amount of male cum I had ever seen dripping. She immediately said “eat it” and with that she sat right on my face with her pussy pressed against my mouth. I could only start licking and got a mouthful of cum. It was too much I had to rush swallowing as it was too much to keep in my mouth. It’s smell was strong and the taste was too.

I didn’t like it but still I was aroused by what I saw… She kept me licking her well used pussy until it was clean, it took me about 10 minutes. Then she looked back at me and got up.

I thought it was over but she actually squatted back and started peeing. An incredibly powerful stream of piss hit me on the face then she moved her hips directing it everywhere. Most of it in my mouth but I was not able to cope with it as it was too much so she started peeing on my face and on my clothes as well drenching me completely. She must have kept it for long as it was a lot but it was yellow and very strong.

After about one minute she stopped and got up. She then grabbed Moussa’s dick and pointed it against my face. Moussa understood and with a moan started peeing as well. It’s freakishly big cock meant his urethra was also quite large so the stream was very powerful too. Never imagined a man could pee with such a powerful stream. Fatima had fun using Moussa’s cock to “draw” all over me with his piss and again tried to make me drink it but it was too much for me to gulp down. She then again hosed me down for a minute or so.

They looked down at me and told me I would stay there until the morning as they headed for my bed to get a good night sleep. Needless to say I smelled like a public toilet the morning after…

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