How Did We Even Get Here? Chapter 14


The motel where Scott and Frankie had their initial rendezvous was the choice made for sleeping arrangements that night. Per the recommendation of Bill’s friend, they slept out while he performed clean-up duties.“Amanda’s coming home tomorrow. You sure you’ll get everything cleaned up?” Bill asked him.“You mean later today, right? And yes, I’ve got you covered.” Over and over, that conversation replayed in his mind and only dissipated when he and Frankie lay their heads to rest. With the exception of a smaller fridge and a built-in closet favouring one side, their room was a carbon copy of where the recorded sex session occurred. In the early morning, they awoke in a spooning position – Frankie panty-less, wearing a shirt barely covering her bum; Bill in a plain white tee and checkered boxer shorts. She ground her bottom against his nestled morning wood which led to them kissing. Bill’s hand slipped to her breasts, pinching and twisting her nipples between thumb and forefinger. The intensity of the kissing and grinding increased but Frankie almanbahis dead-stopped and scooted away to sit on the bed’s edge, backing him.“You okay?” Bill asked, propping on one elbow.                    “Bill… I think we should stop.”“Stop what? What do you mean?” Bill sat up against the wall.“Everything. We’ve gone too far.” Frankie turned to him, laying her left leg flat on the bed at a right angle. “I dragged you into all of this. Drugs, now murder?”“Hey, no-no, I’m an adult. You didn’t force me to do anything, alright.”“I did kinda force your hand, though. Threatening to tell mom and… Oh God, I’m so confused.”“At the end of the day, I decided to go along with what you said. I could’ve told you to ‘fuck off’ with your demands, but I didn’t. That isn’t your fault, Frankie. Don’t put my involvement on yourself. That ain’t fair.”“Not just that, but me sucking your dick after you beat up that guy. Then us having sex in the shower. I mean, you’re my mother’s husband. God, I feel like such a fucking tramp.”“Look, come on, you were trying almanbahis yeni giriş to make me feel better after I lost it on that kid. And as for last night, that… well, that just happened.”“That’s not good enough.” Frankie stood and tied her hair into a low bun. “And don’t make excuses for me.”“I’m not.”“You are.”Bill looked around the room before resettling on her, and they stayed silent for a few seconds.“Do you know, that was the first time we even mentioned me blowing you since it happened?” she said. “That isn’t something normal people do. I sucked my stepdad’s dick, and we don’t even mention it again? Like it didn’t happen? Well, it did.”“Frankie…”“Mom would be so crushed if she were to find out. And, oh my God, she’s coming home today.” Frankie covered her mouth.“Don’t worry.” Bill extended a palm. “My guy called when you were asleep. Everything’s been taken care of.”“Great.”“Listen, kid, I get what you’re saying. Maybe, you’re right. This has gone too far.”“I’m sorry. So, so sorry.” Frankie disappeared into the almanbahis giriş bathroom.“Yeah. Me too,” Bill murmured.“We have to pick up Plan B on the way for mom,” she shouted through the door.“Why? I didn’t –”“Not for you, for Scott.”“Ah yeah, forgot all about that.” *** The airport ride’s soundtrack was one station playing old-school rock, then the other playing modern pop and hip-hop. Little conversation took place after leaving the motel to pick up the Plan B. Not much improvement until they arrived at the airport to collect Amanda. Pleasantries, hugs and the ‘I miss you’ statements were exchanged, and she fell asleep right after they left the premises. When they arrived home, Amanda rushed in and spun in the living room as if she was partaking in a dancing routine.“Oooh, it feels so good to be home.” Amanda ceased her spin to plop into Bill’s favourite couch.“Well, I’m glad that you had a blast, dear,” Bill said as he rolled in her two suitcases.“You really deserved that vacation, mom, but I’m glad to have you back.” Frankie bent over to hug her sitting mother and kissed her jaw.“Awww, thanks, sweetie,” Amanda said. “And I couldn’t tell because I slept most of the way here, but not being awoken from my wonderful slumber must mean you two are still getting along.”

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