Hotwife at Oasis Sex Club Toronto


The night started with Gloria and her friends getting a hotel suite downtown Toronto on a very hot Saturday night in the summer. They started with some dinner at a local restaurant called Reds, before they went back up and started to have a few more drinks. Gloria is very much bi-sexual, and so are a number of her fiends, there were 3 other girls. After getting all dolled up the girls started to play some tunes and dance. Gloria proceeded to do a strip tease and gave her friend Jazz a lap dance. Of course that earned her some spending cash.

While doing all these Gloria was texting her former business partner, as he was out with some guys downtown that night too, and they were trying to meet up. Her business partner, Ryan, was easily 6ft2, well built and Gloria secretly always had a thing for him, but never mixed pleasure into the partnership. Now that the business was sold, well that changed things.

Gloria and her friends went to a bar called Brassaii on King West, they decided to walk and of course get some attention. She let Ryan know that was where she was headed.

The ladies arrived at Brassaii and entered, of course some good looking gentlemen invited them to their table where they had table service, and the ladies proceeded to have a drink and flirt. Gloria of course gets a lot of attention, 5ft3, 120 pounds, 36DD-23-33 – and as we can see she was wearing a very sexy and kaçak iddaa busty outfit.

As the evening went on, Ryan arrived, and Gloria introduced him to her friends, and of course Ryan was holding Gloria by the small of her back and both Gloria and her friend Jazz were touching Ryan, whispering in his ear.

As the time approached midnight, some of the friends wanted to head back to the room and party, Jazz and Gloria let them know to go ahead and they would see them in an hour or so, both knew that was a lie. Gloria grabbed Ryan by his ass, and proceeded to kiss him and whispered to him that he was going to go on an adventure with her and Jazz.

The three of them jumped into an Uber, and while in the back, Gloria started to French kiss Ryan and Jazz at the same time, the Uber driver had trouble driving. Gloria rubbed Ryan’s cock through his pants and Ryan grabbed Gloria’s tits. Jazz then took of her top exposing her its which are also big 34D. Then they arrived at Oasis Aqualounge. Gloria and I have an account there, both Ryan and Jazz had not been, so they check in at Oasis and Gloria proceeded to show them around, to the pool area, the hot tub, upstairs to the dungeon room then all the way upstairs to the play rooms. It was about 12:#0pm, on a hot Saturday night, so everywhere they looked people were fucking and having threesomes, foursomes, orgies. All three of them were getting kaçak bahis really horny.

Ryan, Gloria and Jazz went to the locker room, and the ladies stripped down to their very sexy bras and thongs, and Ryan got down to his tight boxers. Gloria mentioned that his cock was bulging through the boxers, it was huge. They all grabbed a couple towels and made their way to the pool area, where there were a lot of people in the pool talking and making out a few were fucking. IT was still a hot night, easily high 80s. Ryan started to kiss Jazz, while Gloria reached down to Ryan’s cock and pulled it out, she said it was hard as a rock, and easily 9 inches long and thick. she put her lips around his cock, looked up and said to Ryan that she had fantasized for years about sucking his cock. He then asked what else she fantasized about, she got up and started to kiss him, while Jazz took over the blow job. She told him that he wanted him to lick her pussy and then fuck her hard.

Ryan then lay down on the bench, a few folks started to watch. Jazz continued to suck his cock, while Gloria straddled Ryan’s face and Ryan proceeded to lick her out, she was so wet, he started to finger her and lick her. She told him to keep going and that she was going to cum on his face. She then let out a scream and squirted pussy juice on his face, he was soaked.

She then stood up and Ryan started to lick Gloria’s illegal bahis nipples. Jazz had decided to grab a condom and straddled Ryan’s cock. She then rode him hard and fast. Gloria started to lick Jazz’s nipples. Jazz was always known to cum fast and she did, shaking and screaming. She popped of his hard cock and his cock was dripping.

Ryan then said, I want to fuck you Gloria, this time he slid his cock into her, and she screamed, his cock was huge, thick, hard, throbbing. He placed her legs on one of his shoulders and started to fuck her, grabbed at her tits while absolutely fucking her harder than ever, she was shaking and screaming. Some of our club friends saw this and were watching Ryan go. Gloria’s head was going side to side and her tits were shaking. Ryan who did not put on a condom said he was going to cum, and Jazz told him to cum on her tits and face, he pulled out, and right away a huge rope of cum jetted out of his cock and hit Gloria in the face, a second one came out and hit her on the face and tits again, she said it never ended, he just kept shooting covering her in his jism. After he has unloaded, Jazz started to lick his cum off Gloria’s tits and face and started to kiss her, Ryan also joined in as he tasted his own load. Everyone in the audience was amazed and left to go fuck themselves.

They all found their way back to the locker room, Ryan kissed Gloria goodbye at the entrance to the club and Jazz and Gloria took an uber to their hotel. The next morning the other friends asked what hey did, and they said that they danced the night away, well that was a great dance.

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