Hot Pregnancy Ch. 2


Formerly Know as “Lost Dog Leads to Hot Pregnancy”

Jennifer came home from the doctors office and had a huge smile on her face. Alex was upstairs playing with the babies when Jennifer walked in the room.

“What’s the smile all about” Alex said.

“Your never going to believe what the doctor just told me” she said.

“Your not” he said.

“I’m pregnant again” she said.

A huge smile came over Alex’s face and his cock got hard as a rock when he heard the news. They picked the babies up and put them in their crib for their afternoon nap. Jennifer walked over to Alex and whispered in his ear.

“Looks like someone is excited” she said.

Jennifer reached inside Alex’s sweat pants and into his boxers and took hold of his rock hard cock. They walked out of the nursery and went into their bedroom and stood just inside the doorway kissing and hugging each other. As they continued to kiss they walked over toward the bed and Alex laid Jennifer down on the bed and he climbed on top of her. Alex began fondling Jennifer’s breasts as they rolled around on the bed kissing. As he sucked on her breasts they began to leak her mother’s milk. Alex noticed that her breasts were leaking and got a wonderful idea. He lifted up her shirt and put his head under her shirt. He undid her bra and slid it off of her. Alex then began to suck and lick at her nipples. As soon as he did Jennifer’s tit really let the milk flow. As he sucked on her right breast he was fondling the other one so that the juices were flowing from both tit’s.

As Alex and Jennifer were rolling around on the bed there was a knock on the door.

“Come in” said Alex.

“Oh. I’m sorry. We didn’t mean to bother you” said Julie, Jennifer’s mom.

“That’s ok.” said Alex. We been wanting to talk to you today.”

Alex continued “Jennifer just got back from the doctors and has just found out that she is once again pregnant”

“Oh My!” she said. “That is so wonderful.”

“Well the reason that I have come in here is to ask for your support.” Julie said.

“Sure mom” Jennifer said.

“Your father and I have been talking and we think that we would like to have another baby” said Julie.

“Wow Mom. That is wonderful. We both support your decision.” said Jennifer.

Alex nodded in support of Julie.

“Thanks guys” said Julie.

And with that she walked out of the room.

“Now where were we” said Alex.

Just as Alex was about to lean over an kiss Jennifer on the lips the babies started to cry. Jennifer pushed Alex away and got up off of the bed and went into the nursery. She picked the babies up and held them both in her arms and then sat down in the rocking chair. Alex walked in to see what the problem was and Jennifer just looked up and smiled. Alex smiled back and then went into the nursery and gave Jennifer and the babies all a kiss on the head and then he walked out of the room and downstairs.

When he got downstairs he was surprised to see Julie sitting on the sofa totally naked with 2 fingers in her cunt. He stood there and watched her for a couple minutes while his dick started to rise. The site of his girlfriends mother on the sofa masturbating was exciting him. She is in her late 30’s and has a very gorgeous body. She exercises daily to keep her body in good shape. Alex walked over and sat down beside Julie.

“Can I help you with that” he said.

“OH! I didn’t know you were watching me” Julie said”

“You have a very gorgeous body” Alex said.

Alex took Julies hand and led it to his pants. She felt the huge bulge in his pants.

“How would you like that deep inside your cunt?” he said.

“Oh My” said Julie.

“Won’t Jennifer mind if we were to fuck” said Julie.

“We have talked many times about fucking other people. And as long as it’s someone that we both know and trust then neither of us has a problem with fucking someone else.” he said.

And with that Alex quickly removed his pants and shirt until he was totally naked. His cock was raging and needed some immediate attention. He got on top of Julie and slammed his raging cock into her awaiting wet pussy.

“UHHHH” said Julie.

Alex’s cock was much bigger then her husbands and she had never had anything that big inside of her before. Alex began pounding away at Julies loose wet cunt. He was enjoying the feeling of his cock sliding in and out of her pussy. As Alex continued to pound away at her cunt Julie felt his cock swelling up and knew what was about to happen. She leaned her head on the back of the sofa and closed her eyes in anticipation of what was about to happen. Just as her head hit the back of the sofa Alex’s teen cock unloaded a huge load of his fertile sperm into her wet pussy. As Alex spurt load after load of cum into her pussy Julie went off into a huge orgasm moaning and yelling with the most magnificent pleasure she had ever felt. Alex continued to pump his cock in and out of her pussy until izmit escort he knew his cock could take no more. He then pulled his cock out of Julies pussy and pulled his pants back on and then went back upstairs. Julie just sat on the couch thinking about what had just happened.

When Alex got upstairs Jennifer had put the babies back to sleep and was now laying in their bedroom with her pants to her ankles masturbating herself as she was thinking about what was going on downstairs.

“What did you two do down there” she said smiling.

“I just fucked your mom and it was wonderful.” he said.

A huge smile came over Jennifer’s face. She got up and grabbed Alex by the arm and brought him closer to her. She took her pants off the rest of the way and undid Alex’s pants. His cock still had his cum on it from when he had fucked her mom. She took his cock into her mouth and licked up all of the cum. That brought Alex’s cock right back to life and he once again had a raging hard on which is just what Jennifer had wanted.

She pulled his pants down and got them off of him as fast as she could.

“Give it to me baby” she said.

And with that Alex jumped onto the bed and on top of Jennifer and slammed his raging hard on into Jennifer’s pregnant cunt. He once again began pumping his cock in and out of a wet loose pussy. He was loving this and the thought of having just fucked her mom and was now fucking his beautiful girlfriend sent him over the edge into another wild orgasm. Shot after shot of his hot white cum spurt into Jennifer’s awaiting pussy. That sent Jennifer over the edge too. She too began cuming all over Alex’s cock as he slid in and out of her pussy. He pulled his cock out and got off of Jennifer. They laid beside one another kissing and feeling loved as they cuddled and dozed off to sleep.

In the few short weeks to come Julie started to develop a mild illness. She took some medicine for the first few days but after the fourth day of waking up with the illness she decided that she should go in and see the doctor. She made an appointment to go and see the doctor and she found out that her illness was due to her new pregnancy.

She came back home with a wonderful smile upon her face. When she walked in the door Alex and Jennifer were in the kitchen cooking dinner. She walked up behind Alex and gave him a pat on the butt and kissed him on the back of the neck.

“Watch it mom” said Jennifer laughing.

“Thank You.” Julie said.

“For what.” said Alex.

“Well I went to the doctor today and he told me that I was pregnant.” she said.

“And I’m the….” said Alex.

“Yes” said Julie.

Jennifer’s dad, Tom, was sitting at the kitchen table and a huge smile came over his face. Alex looked at him.

“Your not mad or anything are you” he said.

“No. Not at all” he said.

“In fact we have to confess something to you both.” he said.

“See, every since I was involved in the car accident a long time ago I have not had fertile sperm. And when we decided that we wanted to have another baby we thought the only way would be for you to get Julie pregnant.” he said.

“Well I guess it worked” said Alex as a huge smile came upon his face.

“Indeed” said Tom.

Alex sat down at the table.

Still smiling he said “Wow. I can’t believe that I got 2 of the most beautiful women pregnant. This is great.”

They sat down to eat dinner and talked about how Jennifer and Julie would both get to enjoy the likes of being pregnant together. Alex confessed to Julie and Tom that he had a fetish for pregnant women and that he really enjoyed the thought of them both being pregnant. The girls were just 3 weeks apart and the thought of getting his girlfriends mother pregnant on the same day that his girlfriend told him she was pregnant was wonderful to Alex. Alex got a raging hard on at the table and was having a hard time concentrating. He was squirming around in his chair trying to loose his hard on but it just wasn’t happening.

“What’s wrong baby” said Jennifer.

“All of these thoughts about you two being pregnant. And the thought of me getting your mom pregnant on the same day that you told me that you were pregnant is getting me very excited.” he said.

Jennifer moved her chair closer to Alex and put her hands down onto his pants. She felt his raging hard on dieing for attention. She grabbed Alex by the hand and they both got up from the table. They went in and Jennifer laid down on the couch and Alex got on top of her and they began to kiss. Alex pulled down Jennifer’s pants just enough so he had a good view of her lovely cunt. It was smooth and shaved and that’s the way that Alex liked it. As he laid on his stomach he moved his way down her body until his tongue found her wet pussy. He slipped his tongue into her pussy and started swirling it around. In and out and up and down he moved his tongue. All of this excitement was to much for Jennifer. She pulled kadıköy escort Alex’s head off of her pussy and grabbed him and turned him around. They were now in a 69 position. Jennifer pulled Alex’s pants down to his ankles and took Alex’s rock hard cock into her mouth. As Jennifer was sucking on his cock Alex went back to eating at Jennifer’s wet horny pussy. Alex was pushing his hips in and out and face fucking Jennifer. Jennifer began to get into the swing and began moving her hips as well. They were both face fucking one another and then Jennifer felt Alex’s cock start to swell up. She knew what was coming and made a even tighter seal around her mouth so none of the cum would escape. Alex’s started eating at Jennifer’s pussy harder and faster as he felt the cum racing through his cock. Faster and faster he dove his tongue into her cunt. He drove it in as far as he could get it and with that his cock shot a huge load of his cum into Jennifer’s mouth. Jennifer closed her eyes and her head was bobbing back and forth as the cum shot into her mouth. The tight seal she made around his cock helped a lot as she didn’t let any of the cum slip away. As he came Alex was going harder and harder at Jennifer’s pussy and before long she too was into a wonderful orgasm. Alex began licking and sucking at her pussy licking up all of her womanly cum. He was making loud slurping sounds as he licked and sucked up all of her juices. When they were finished they hugged and kissed and smiled at one another. They got up and went back out into the kitchen to see that Jennifer’s parents were just finishing up from fucking one another.

That same sort of action went on daily as the girls worked their way throughout their pregnancy. Jennifer and her mom are both now 6 months pregnant and both have very huge stomachs just like Alex likes them. He loved the site of the girls and often told them both how beautiful they looked and how much he loved them both.

With the twins and being 6 months pregnant Jennifer was started to feel a bit tired all of the time so Alex decided that he need to take her out for a night on the town just the two of them. He made arrangements with Julie and Tom to watch the twins so they could have some time to themselves.

Alex took Jennifer to a very elegant restaurant and got them a table all alone at the back of the restaurant. They ordered their meals and just after they had ordered Alex said that he had to go to the restroom. He got up from the table and made his way toward the bathroom. When he was out of site from Jennifer he snuck off and into the kitchen. He found one of the chefs and told him their table number and gave him a little box. Alex then left the kitchen and went to the restroom and then made his way back to the table. Soon after he arrived back at the table their food arrived. The waiter sat Alex’s plate down in front of him and then sat Jennifer’s down in front of her. Jennifer looked down into her salad and noticed that there was something shiny in her food. She weeded through the greens of the salad and pulled out a ring from her plate. She then showed it to Alex. As she did Alex got up and took the ring from her and got down on one knee.

“Jennifer. You are so beautiful. I love you very much. You are the mother of my twins and the mother to be of our new baby. You mean the world to me and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?” he said.

Jennifer started to tear up as Alex made his speech.

“Oh baby. I love you so much. Yes, I will marry you” she said.

And with that Alex placed the ring on her finger and they met in a passionate wet kiss.

They finished their dinner and were now getting ready for the second part of their wonderful evening. They got back into their car and Alex started driving off into the darkness. He drove down this long dark path and when they came out they were at the top of this wonderful hill with a beautiful view of the city with only city lights lighting up the area.

Alex got out of the car and went around and opened Jennifer’s door. Alex grabbed her hand and helped her get out of the car. As they continued holding hands they went around to the front of the car. Alex got on the hood of the car and patted the seat right next to him. He helped Jennifer up and onto the hood. Alex put his arm around Jennifer and they met in a wonderful passionate kiss. Their tongue’s were exploring one another’s mouth’s. All of this was to much for Alex and his cock started to spring to life. He motioned to Jennifer and she got up and onto her knees and then got on top of Alex facing him. She sat with her feet straight out as Alex held her tight. They went back to their passionate kiss. It was a bit hard for them because Jennifer was so huge she couldn’t get that close to Alex. Alex lifted up his knees so that Jennifer was balancing on his legs. He lifted up her shirt and took it off and threw it onto the ground. He undid her bra and too kahramanmaraş escort threw it on the ground. His hands started to explore her breasts and his mouth found her right nipple. He took it into his mouth and started to suck and lick her nipple. Jennifer loved that feeling. He then took her other nipple into his mouth and that sent Jennifer over the edge and into an orgasm. Alex could feel the wetness soaking through her jeans. Jennifer got up and off of the car and stood in front of Alex and took off the rest of her clothes. She was now totally naked with all of her clothes laying on the ground. She took Alex by the hand and started to strip him out of his clothes. Now they were both naked. They got back onto the car with Jennifer once again on top of Alex. His cock was raging out of control and need some immediate attention. Jennifer stood up a bit and took hold of his cock and slid it up and inside of her horny pregnant wet pussy. Alex laid back on the car and Jennifer grabbed hold of his sides and began riding his cock like a wild stallion. She was yelling really loud and having a great time. She through her head back and let her hips ride up and down on Alex’s raging hard on. In no time at all she had Alex’s rock hard cock spurting squirt after juicy squirt of cum deep inside her pregnant cunt. That sent Jennifer over the edge as well and she too started wildly cum and cum and cum some more. They were both screaming very loud when they hit their orgasms. Alex pulled his cock out of Jennifer’s pussy and they laid on the hood of the car and kissed and hugged some more. After about an hour and a half of being up on the hill they got dressed and Alex told Jennifer that it was time for the final installment of their wonderful night. They got back into the car and Alex once again drove off into the darkness heading back toward the city. After about 20 minutes he pulled into the most beautiful hotel the city had to offer. He pulled up and the valet greeted him by his last name.

“Mr. Monroe” he said.

Alex opened Jennifer’s door and helped her out of the car and he gave the valet the keys to the car and the valet drove off. They walked into the huge hotel and when they arrived in the lobby the man at the front desk greeted them too with Alex’s last name.

“Mr. Monroe. It’s wonderful to see you again.” the man said.

The man then handed Alex a key card and showed them to the elevator. As they got onto the elevator Alex and Jennifer where once again kissing. They kissed the whole way up the elevator. When they stopped they were on the 22nd floor of the hotel. When the door opened they where in the middle of this beautiful huge room and there was a man standing with a tray of fruit. They each took a piece of fruit and Alex gave the man some money and told him that that would be all for now. The man then left the room. Alex took Jennifer by the hand and led her over to the sofa. Jennifer sat down on the sofa and said.

“How did all of those people know your name”

“Well I came here the other day and planned out this whole day for us and they all got to know me pretty well” he said.

They got up and walked around the room and enjoyed the view of the city once again.

As Jennifer stood in front of the huge picture window she started to undress. She got totally naked and started to feel her body.

“You know baby” she said.

“What we did up there on the hill was very exciting for me and it really turned me on” she said.

“I have always been a bit of a exhibitionist and I really love to be naked.”

“My parents have always been naked around me and that is the way that I grew up” she continued.

A huge smile came over Alex’s face.

“Well I love your naked body and I would love to see you naked more often.” he said.

Jennifer smiled and came close to Alex and they met in a wet passionate kiss. They went to the bed and fucked three more times before the night was out. They ended their wonderful evening by fucking in the room one last time and then checking out and heading home the next morning.

When they arrived home they went in and told Julie and Tom that they had just got engaged and told them all about there wonderful evening. Julie and Tom both were very happy for them and gave them their support. Alex also told Julie and Tom that Jennifer had told him about their naked side and that they should feel free to be nude any time that they wanted.

In the weeks to come they are started to walk around free and nude when they were at home and they had really become comfortable with being nude around one another. All of the time that they were home they were all nude all of the time. This was really great for them because it didn’t take them long when they got horny and wanted to have sex.

Two months after Jennifer and Alex had got engaged they got a surprise visit from Alex’s parents. They knocked on the door and Alex walked over and looked out the window to see who was there. He saw that it was his mom and dad and he answered the door totally nude.

“Well” said his mom. “It’s nice to see that you got dressed up” she said laughing.

Alex laughed and invited them both in. Jennifer came down the stairs totally naked with her beautiful 8 month pregnant stomach leading the way.

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