Hot Girlfiend


Pamela was my first really hot girlfriend.  We’d have been in our mid-twenties when we met through work although we didn’t work together.  She wasn’t much of a looker, to be honest, but always very pleasant and easy to talk to but there was certainly no indication of her appetite for sex. We went for a meal on our first date and it was past midnight when I stopped the car at her parents’ house where she was living.There’d been no hint about her high sex drive all night so I wasn’t kaçak iddaa expecting much when I leaned across for a goodnight kiss. As soon as our lips touched her mouth opened and her tongue slid into my mouth.  Wow, could she kiss!  In no time I had a hand inside her blouse feeling her tits and nipples through her bra.  The kissing got even more intense and when I put a hand on her knee under her skirt she willingly parted her legs and I got a hand on the front of her knickers.I kaçak bahis was expecting her to call a halt at any second but she was well up for it and I rubbed her hairy pussy through her panties before pulling them aside. I remember her moaning when I touched her vagina and I remember her thrusting on my hand until I had a couple of fingers up her cunt. I couldn’t believe my luck.It all ended suddenly when a bedroom light came on in her house. Pam muttered something about illegal bahis her dad hearing the car and wondering when she was coming in. She quickly made herself decent and slipped out of the car after agreeing to another date the following weekend.Very quickly a routine was established.  On Saturday evening I’d pick her up and we’d go for a drink or a meal before driving out to the country to have sex. Often she’d be pulling her knickers off before I brought the car to a stop. She’d usually suck me off first. She was a wonderful cock sucker. While I recovered, I’d finger fuck her and go down on her. If it was warm we’d fuck in the open air, otherwise, it was on the back seat.

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