Hot Beach


Hot BeachSometimes you get lucky. Like the year that the company sent Jessica and I to Jamaica for a conference. Of course it wasn’t just us, about six from our company got to go, and we had four days after the end of the conference before our return journey was to start.The conference itself was pretty boring and very uneventful. There were always people around, so trying to get Jessica’s attention was just falling flat. I watched the tight skirt stretched across her gorgeous bottom from afar for three days, contenting myself with a morning wank in the hotel shower before getting into the grind of the day.Then the conference was over, and we had time to relax.I decided, after breakfast, to go for a walk along the white beach. It wasn’t that busy, but there were people around, so I kept walking until I found a quite spot and sat myself down near the tree lined shore. The hot sun beat down, and the blue waters lapped the beach in gentle, relaxing waves.I checked around; no one about. Well, at least no one clos by. I slipped my hand into my shorts and started to stroke my cock. Images of Jessica’s dark hair, infectious smile and hot, round arse drifted into my mind. I remember the look in her blue-green eyes as she sucked my cock during her interview. The curve of her ample breasts. My cock was raging hard, and had to pop it out over the top of my swimming shorts to make it comfortable. The smooth, shiny helmet gleamed almost purple in the sunlight as I pulled my foreskin back and forth, eyes half closed.”Aherm.” Came a voice from very close by. A female voice.I tried to tuck my cock away, opening my eyes to see Jessica stood in front of me. She had pushed her sunglasses down her nose and was looking over the top, a straw sun hat tilted on her head. Her upper body was clad in nothing but a blue bikini top, showing her cleavage off nicely, and the British tan-lines across the top of her gorgeous boobs. Below she wore a diaphanous sarong tied at the waist, and through it I could see that her bikini bottoms were small and tight.”I was just, er, admiring the view.” I stammered, cock still visible over my shorts.Jessica giggled. “Me too.” She unstrung the sarong and let it drift to the floor, bahis siteleri and stood, hands on hips, feet spread so that one was either side of my own. The bikini bottoms were very tight. I could see the outline of her mound, and wisps of dark hair peeping over the top and out the sides. “So how much do you like what you see?” she asked.”Very much.” I said, almost in a whisper.Jessica smiled a naughty smile. “Don’t tell me.” she grinned. “Show me.” and with that she pulled her bikini bottoms to one side, affording me a very close view of her now exposed, glistening pussy wrapped up in it’s luxurious brown hair.I pushed my shorts down, exposing my fully erect cock and my full, heavy balls. I started to stroke the length, pulling the foreskin back and forth while cupping and massaging my balls. Jessica bit one lip thoughtfully as she watched me stroking my cock. One of her own hands dipped down between her legs, gently parting her labia so that I had a better view of what was going on.Not satisfied, Jessica moved forward, her moist pussy only centimetres from my face. I could smell its musky aroma, and clearly see the moisture leaking from the delicate folds of her inner lips. Closer still she moved, my nose touching her pubic hair. “Lick me.” she whispered hoarsely.I leaned forward, hands coming away from my cock to part her sex and delve in with my tongue. I felt the hard, button of her clit beneath my probing and flicked my tongue across it. My hands moved around to grab her buttocks, pulling her cunt even closer into my face. The bikini bottoms were getting in the way, so I pulled at the tie on the side and threw them to the sand.That’s when I noticed the others.I don’t know where they had come from, or how long they had been there, but there was a small group of men stood watching. Some locals, their dark skin gleaming sweatily in the hot morning sun, some pale tourists. Several were casting admiring looks at Jessica’s now bare bottom, one or two even had their shorts down so they could stroke their own erections.I shuffled back, standing. “Maybe we should head for the hotel.” I stammered.Jessica looked over first one shoulder, then the other, the dropped to her knees in the sand canlı bahis siteleri and grabbed my rigid cock. She leaned forward, licking the tip, swirling her tongue around before sucking the head into her mouth. One of her hands cupped my balls. I winced a little when she held too firmly, and she relaxed her grip.One of the locals came to stand beside me. He slipped his shorts down and waved an enormous, black cock toward Jessica’s busy face. She grasped it with her free hand and started to caress its impressive length. Others were stepping out of their shorts and moving closer. A white, thin cock dangled over one of Jessica’s shoulders, and, sorry to say, that the wanking and the sexiness of the scene was enough to cause my cock to erupt in her mouth.She coughed a little, swallowed some of my cum, spat some out, then turned to the big black cock beside me. She smiled up at its owner, the devoured it eagerly.I stepped back, my cock still hard, but not yet serviceable. On her knees, men surrounded Jessica, and she grabbed a cock in each hand while she continued to suck on that huge black shaft. Then she it fall from her mouth, and devoured another, smaller cock, then another. Bobbing her head back and forth from one cock to another as the men gasped and groaned around her.One of the pale tourists groaned, tensed and shot a heavy spurt of hot white cum onto Jessica’s bikini top. The cock in her mouth (one of the other locals with a thankfully normal sized member) shot a load of hot cum into her mouth, then backed off.Another pale tourist moved in behind, but this one wasn’t interested in a blow job. He pushed his hard cock between Jessica’s big round buttocks, and started to push back and forward, getting friction from her arse and pussy lips. Jessica dropped the cocks from her hands and mouth, and dropped to all fours, her legs apart. She looked over her shoulder and nodded. The man behind her wasted not time, sliding his rigid member into her slippery cunt. The squelching sounds made my cock twitch, as one of the others moved in front to complete the spit-roast by shoving his sizeable cock into Jessica’s mouth. She gagged a little, but went balls deep with her mouth. In only canlı bahis a few thrusts, the man in front pulled out, splashing a great gob of cum across Jessica’s face. He was soon followed by the man behind. He pulled out to splash his seed all over those beautiful buttocks.The local with the huge cock moved back in. He pulled Jessica to her feet, gesturing for her to moved onto her back, but I had another idea. I moved behind her, pulling her to the ground so that she was sat over me facing away. As we went down, I nudged my hard cock against her arsehole, sliding it inside. Jessica gasped, and the local moved forward. I felt his huge member stretching that dripping pussy, felt the length and girth of his shaft against my own as we moved together.Jessica’s was gasping for air, as another of the group pumped a load across her bikini clad tits. The big local had her legs up, rocking his massive cock in and out of her cunt so that I barely had to move to feel her anus sliding up and down my own rigid shaft.Another local moved in, waving his cock in Jessica’s face, sliding it into her mouth for her to suck and lick.The guy shafting her pussy tensed, his cock pulsing as he unloaded a stream of sperm deep in Jessica’s pussy. He pulled out, to be almost immediately replaced by one of the tourists. His cock was smaller, but just as hard, had he pounded hard and fast until he was ready to cum; which he did, but pulling out to spray his white juice all over Jessica’s round belly.I couldn’t hold out any longer, jetting my semen deep in her arse, then pulling out, the last dribbles falling to my thighs.With Jessica still laying on top of me, yet another one of the group crouched between her thighs, pushing his cock inside. He was slower than the other, pulling in and out in long hard strokes. Jessica’s butt was rubbing across my flagging penis, stopping it from going completely soft.Her breathing was coming harder, faster, and as the man mounted upon her pulled his cock out and sprayed yet another load of cum on her mound, I felt her fluids gush forth over my limp cock.Jessica flopped back on me, and we lay for a minute or two as the group of men wandered off, limp and satisfied.I wriggled out from under, looking at Jessica’s flushed, cum covered body. I was hoping that my cock would rally for one more go, but alas, it flopped between my thighs sated, and uncoaxable.Jessica opened her eyes, smiled and said “I need a drink.”

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