History 231 Ch. 03


I opened the glass door to the science center and paused in the entryway to look over my schedule. I needed to find room 437 to go to biology 243. I found the room sooner than I thought and sighed as I sat down in the hallway to wait for the class in there to let out.

I was glad to be back at school. The week between my interim class and today was a depressing one. When anyone asked me how the three week class period went, I would have no real answer. If I said it was incredible, they would ask me why. How could I say that I had had a wonderful sexual liaison with my professor?

I sighed again. I had to stop thinking about it. I looked at my watch. I still had to wait 10 minutes for the other class to let out. I became aware of a familiar voice floating from inside the room. I recognized the lecture too.

I was on my feet in a flash. My heart rate sped up as I realized who the professor was in this room. Adam Sanders was just beyond this wall. It was at that moment that I realized that I had to be with him and I was willing to do what was necessary to be with him again. I paced the hallway until the class was finally over. I darted into the room and stood before Adam. He stood staring at me until he finally broke into a smile and walked toward me.

“Stop!” I hissed. “We can’t be seen here. This is my last class for today.”

“I’ve only got one left for today as well.” He looked around him and, seeing that there was no one near, he continued, “My office is in Rogers hall. Room 218.” I nodded and found a seat. He packed his bag and left the room. We gave no indication of what our plans were.

That bio class was the longest I have ever had to endure. I don’t know if I ever saw the professor for watching the clock. As soon as the hour was up I was the first out the door to race over to Rogers hall. Once there, I composed myself and entered the building. I found room 218 easily and tried to look like a student with questions as I rapped on the door.

The door opened and I went inside üsküdar escort and Adam looked out and taped a sign to the door. He then closed it and locked it and turned to me. He stood facing me as I stood facing him in silence until he rushed over and gathered me into his arms.

“I missed you.” he whispered into my hair.

I broke into a smile. “Oh man Adam, you have no idea how much I missed you.”

He pulled me into a tender kiss. “I think I’ve got some idea.”

I reached up for a deeper kiss and reached my hand down to rub the front of his pants. He pulled out of the kiss and gently took my hand. “Diane.” He said soberly. “We can’t do it here. I’m sorry, you know I want to, but you do have a tendency to, well, scream.” I laughed.

“Well, you got me there.” I consented. “But what do you plan to do. I have to have you again. I can’t wait any more.”

“Neither can I baby.” he breathed. “Here’s what we’ll do. Take my keys and go down to the green Honda in the parking lot. Get in the back and wait a few minutes. I’ll be down shortly and I’ll take us somewhere safe.” I took the keys and followed his orders. He was soon in the car and we were driving away.

We soon pulled into a short driveway in front of a little house. “Here we are.” he turned to me and smiled. “This is my house.” It suddenly occurred to me that I didn’t even know if he was married or living with someone or anything.

“Anyone else call this home?” I asked nonchalantly. He grinned again as he shook his head. He got out of the car and walked to the door. He turned and motioned me to follow. I got out and walked into his house. It was cozy and only slightly cluttered.

“Sorry, I’m not really prepared for a guest.” He explained this with a bit of a sheepish grin on his face.

“That’s fine.” I assured him. “I like it better this way. It seems like a home. I feel more comfortable.” Unable to wait any longer, I turned to him and rushed into his arms. He lifted me off the ground and göztepe escort I wrapped my legs around his waist as we kissed passionately. My eyes were closed, but I was aware of our moving. I felt myself being tipped and laid onto my back on a bed. I felt his weight as he lay atop me tenderly exploring my body with his hands.

I smiled and whispered close to his ear, “Hey, this is the first time we’ve actually done it on a bed.” I slipped out my tongue and took his earlobe into my mouth and swirled that sexy ear ring around with my tongue before releasing it. He smiled as he brushed a hand over my cheek.

“I’m so sorry Diane.” he said looking into my eyes. “You deserve so much better.”

I took his head in my hands and said firmly “Don’t you ever apologize for anything. I have never felt so satisfied or content as when I’m with you.” I reinforced this statement with a thorough kiss.

“I may have no regrets about any of our time together, but I want to do this right this time.” he got up from the bed and walked over to the stereo where he started some soft music. He walked to the other end of the room where he opened a drawer and dug out a couple of candles. He lit them and put one on each of the side tables. He drew the curtains and turned out the lights.

I was sitting up at this point and he came to the bed and sat behind my back. Running his fingers through my hair, he began to massage my scalp and then down to my neck. I shivered for I was very sensitive to this kind of stimulation. He then brushed the hair over my shoulder in order to add his mouth to the cause for witch his hands were so deftly working. I surrendered myself to his strong hands and soft mouth.

I was aware of my shirt being lifted over my head to bear my back to him. He continued his massage until I totally lost myself in the wonderful sensations of it. He move up my back and over my shoulders to rub my arms and I leaned back to rest my back against his muscular chest. He took my hands istanbul pendik escort in his to wrap both of our arms around my body.

His face came over to the crook of my neck where he planted a series of soft kisses then rested his chin against my shoulder to press his cheek against mine. He pulled back and put his lips close to my ear where he whispered “What do you want?” his breath was soft and warm against my ear.

“Take me Adam.” I whispered in reply. “I want to feel your weight on my body. I want to feel your skin. I want you to make love to me.” Without a word he came around from behind me and laid me down on my back. He pulled his shirt over his head and positioned himself over me as he ran his hands behind my back and unclasped my bra releasing my breasts to his attentions. His hands trailed down to my waist as he began to undo my pants. They were slowly pulled down my legs and over my feet then he was over me again. By this time I was in an almost dream-like state and I sighed as I ran my hands over his back as he tasted my body once again.

I reveled in the feeling of his lips and hands exploring; rediscovering; enjoying. He kissed the hollow at the base of my throat and I gasped and gripped his hair. We writhed and swayed in the throws of a gentle passion. We needed no words. Though we had had each other many times before, this was like the first time again. As though we were rediscovering each other.

After an eternity his lips came to my ear and he whispered “Are you sure?” I was touched by his memory of our first time so I chuckled and nodded in answer as I buried my face in his chest. His knees gently parted my thighs and entered my waiting body. I moaned as I began to sway with his fluid strokes.

We lay for an eternity locked in each other’s embrace. The muscles of his back knotted and rippled under my roaming hands. I breathed in the musky aroma of his sweat and I could feel the familiar itch on the soles of my feet along with the warming deep in my belly. I flung my head back with the sweet ecstasy of release as his body bucked in his own climax. He collapsed in a warm and comforting weight over my body.

I closed my eyes and slipped into a satisfied sleep knowing that nothing could keep us apart after tonight. We both slept quietly still joined as one.

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