His Sweet Girl Ch. 07


“I’m coming over. P.” My cell phone buzzed with the text message and my head ached from where Mrs Charles’ hurled cell phone had hit me. I was nervous about what Mr Charles would be arriving to say, and in my anxiety, I had not noticed Mr Charles sign off his text with his initial for the first time – I expected his visit to last no more than ten minutes. He had taken care of me like he promised, but now was the end of this crazy affair with my boss: I was sure he would have mended his relationship with his wife by promising never to see me again. And this meant I had lost my job too: I really was just a silly twenty-year old. What had I been thinking? Even in my dejection and concern for the future though, I squirmed in pleasure whenever I felt more slippery cum leak out of my abused pussy. Although I had showered off the semen he had coated me in, I had left Mr Charles’ large butt plug in my anus as per his instructions, even though I knew he would probably go nowhere near it. My hair was damp and I was wearing an old t-shirt and a small cotton thong when I heard Mr Charles’ key in my front door: what was the point in dressing up to get dumped?

“My sweet girl! I’m glad you’re okay. I’ve been trying to get over here all day.” Mr Charles swept over to where I lingered by the kitchen counter and enveloped me in his strong arms. This was not the reception I was expecting, but I relaxed into his broad embrace and inhaled the sexy scent of the man I so desired. Leaning back but keeping me tight in his arms, Mr Charles tipped my chin up and kissed me gently on the mouth, softly at first but soon pushing his tongue past my lips. I melted into him and let him hitch my legs up round his waist, resting my ass on the edge of the countertop. I could feel his large penis growing inside his pants because it was pressing with increasing urgency against my thin panties. I leaned further into the kiss and opened my mouth wider, inviting my boss even further in and kissing him back passionately. After several minutes of arousing kissing, with Mr Charles’ hands roaming further around my nubile body and my heart rate increasing, I resolved to get some answers. Gasping for air, I pushed him back reluctantly and stared at his face.

“Why did you come? What did your wife say? Isn’t our arrangement over now?”

“Do you want it to be over, my sweet girl?” An expression of almanbahis genuine upset passed across Mr Charles’ face.

“N… No…” I stammered, confused and with my heart still thumping from our intense make-out session.

“Let me deal with Mrs Charles. I’ll work it out. I have absolutely no intention of ending our agreement. If you ask me, my sweet girl, we’re just getting started.” He crinkled his eyes and smiled at me, then kissed my forehead. I felt incredibly vulnerable with my legs spread round him, butt plug clinking against the kitchen worktop, but I knew this was exactly what I wanted. The dominant, sexually-demanding side of Mr Charles was familiar to me but this nurturing approach was new – though equally as arousing. I nodded enthusiastically and threw my arms around his neck. Shuffling to get closer in to me, he pulled his cell phone out of the pocket of his suit pants and placed it on the counter. Glancing over I saw the photo set as his screen saver. It was a picture of me from the night before, glistening with his creamy semen over my face and pert breasts, laughing up at him as more cum dripped out of his softening penis onto my face. I felt so happy and proud that Mr Charles had chosen this sluttish image of me, coated in ejaculate and utterly under his sexual thrall, to see every time he looked at his phone. And I knew that underneath the practicalities of our sexual arrangement, Mr Charles did hold true affection for me, his petite twenty-year old secretary.

“I never stopped following your instructions, Mr Charles…” I whispered into my boss’ ear. He drew back and looked at me quizzically, so I took his hand and guided it down to where the silver metal butt plug poked out of my taut anus. He raised his eyebrows and looked very pleased, then lifted me off the counter and walked us over to an armchair where he settled me down on his lap, and began to kiss me gently again. I responded instantly and felt myself getting aroused, and I stretched my neck back to kiss him more forcefully. His hands stroked gently over my waist and pushed up under my t-shirt, and he began to massage my small breasts and twist my nipple piercings teasingly. I tried to twist round and straddle him but stopped me and held me still, sitting sideways across his lap with his prominent erection jutting into my soft thighs.

“But, Mr Charles…” I pleaded almanbahis yeni giriş softly as I again tried to shift myself round towards him.

“Call me Peter now, sweet girl. Or daddy,” he chuckled to himself. “After your long day I won’t demand anything. But I would love to fill that sweet asshole with cum. Would you like that? Will you let me fuck your ass?” I shivered with lust and pulled his head down for another intense kiss.

“Of course. Tell me what you want. Tell me what to do. My body is all for you.” I lifted my t-shirt over my head and let Peter quickly rip off the thin thong so I was naked. Agonisingly slowly, he repositioned my body so that I was kneeling over him, my shins outside his thighs, facing outwards from the armchair and with my young form stretched open opposite the front door. I leaned forward and after Peter had removed his huge erection from his pants, he kissed my ass cheeks gently and massaged my soft flesh. Soon I felt him gently twisting the large anal plug and my intense lust masked the discomfort as the sizeable metal object popped out past my recently defiled sphincter.

Peter immediately guided me down onto his stiff penis and sank himself into my convulsing anal chute, using his previous semen deposits as creamy lube. Around my stretched asshole remnants of semen leaked out and covered my ass and Peter’s groin in sticky cum. I let out a guttural moan as I sank backwards onto my boss’ large member, revelling in the sensation of my rectal passage being stretched and filled so satisfyingly. My inner muscles clenched and rippled along Peter’s shiny shaft as he gently penetrated me to the hilt. His hands reached up and caressed my heaving tits as I settled into a rhythm of slow and pleasurable ass-fucking. I was consumed with desire and relief that our arrangement – now bordering on a real relationship – was safe for now. I would continue to allow my boss constant access to my young body. His cock reached so deep inside me that an orgasm was stirring very quickly, but I kept the pace of anal insertion slow and steady to draw out the pleasurable sensations. Peter’s big hands roamed all over my tight twenty-year old body as his nine-inch cock ploughed my clenching asshole over and over. He especially enjoyed squeezing and manipulating the soft fleshy globes of my ass as his swollen sticky shaft eased in almanbahis giriş between them repeatedly.

“My sweet girl, you have such a fantastic ass. Thank you for letting me enter it. Thank you for giving me control of it. I love having control over your sweet tight body.” I moaned again as Peter’s whisper tickled my neck and I felt his hand slip round to massage my clitoris. With every upward and downward movement I made on his huge stiff cock, my boss’ hand stoked my orgasm further by careful stimulation of my slimy bald pussy. At the final climactic moment I squealed and sank down as far as I could, forcing Peter’s erect cock to penetrate my slippery young asshole deeper than ever as I clenched and shuddered in orgasm. I felt no pain but only extreme pleasure as my tiny anus, stretched white around Peter’s considerable girth, pulsed and quivered, and I panted and squeaked with intense sexual satisfaction.

Just then, my stomach lurched as I saw the front door pushed open. In his haste to greet me, Peter must have left it a tiny amount ajar. I could barely concentrate on the door as my creamy anal passage continued to ripple intensely and my tits quivered and tingled from Peter’s massage. My wide stance on the chair spread open my bald pink pussy and showed clearly where my boss’ hand was tickling my clitoris to orgasm, surrounding my dripping spunk from repeated use and abuse by Peter. I stared on helplessly as my college boyfriend took in the scene, standing at the front door in his raincoat with a bunch of flowers in his hand. I could not even speak to him but only gasp as I felt Peter’s climax begin and the warmth of his squirting cum deposit start to spread deliciously through my lower abdomen.

“I… I can’t stop now… Go away, you don’t need to see this!” I managed to enunciate a few words in my boyfriend’s direction as Peter’s creamy ejaculate spurted into me, and his strong fingers continued to waggle deliciously over my pink pussy. But my boyfriend stood there, transfixed, as my middle-aged boss violated my anus with my own eager permission. Gentle pressure on my thighs prompted me to lean forward gently and I screwed up my face in intense enjoyment as all of Peter’s stiff shaft slowly emerged from my rectum. Peter stroked my back as he nonchalantly reached across and retrieved the butt plug, then popped it past my sphincter using his most recent plentiful ejaculation as slippery natural lubricant. Some of my boss’ precious cream shone obviously on my soft inner thighs as my boyfriend looked on, but I knew plenty was also stored up inside my clenching ass canal for future erotic fun.

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