Subject: Hero Worship part 12 This story is completely fictional any references to names, places, situations are made up. If you enjoy the stories posted here please support fty/donate.html ———————— Feel free to contact with comments and suggestions. I enjoy hearing what you all think. Email: ota Wickr: lucasdwyer1 Twitter: lucasstories ———————— I pick him up off the floor and carry him to the master bathroom. “Let’s take a warm shower” I tell him as I carry him into the bathroom. I turn the water on, letting it get hot and steamy before undressing then we step into the shower and begin washing off. My balls are aching as I stand there unconsciously stroking my hard cock, Henry kneels down in front of me but I tell him “not tonight baby, I want to save my load for this weekend.” He looks up at me then starts to cry so I ask him what’s wrong. “Did I make you mad?” I crouch down to eye level, stroke his wet hair, lean in to kiss him then say “no, no not at all” but I don’t know if he’ll understand what I want to tell him. “Listen Henry, what I did wasn’t punishment for something you did wrong” but realize as I say it that it probably sounds like it’s punishment for something. “I’m not sure how to explain it right but I’ll tell you this, you’re a handsome little boy and I love you very much. Tonight you looked so cute laying on the floor I couldn’t help myself.” I start thinking to myself I never should have done that, it was too much for him. I stroke his cheek, wiping his tears as I continue talking to him “sometimes I’m rough like I was tonight it’s because I have certain needs and you’re helping me fulfill those needs. I know it can hurt but…” I trail off as I try to figure out if he will understand or is ready to know that sometimes I get off on the pain, how do you explain that to a kid. “If you don’t want to do this anymore we don’t have to, I can always find another boy to fulfill my needs” as soon as say it I realize how fucked it must sound to him and sure enough before I can correct myself he starts sobbing begging me “please don’t get rid of me, I’ll do whatever you want.” I’m fucking this up royally, I’ve got to fix this! I lift his face to mine “Henry that’s not what I’m saying, if you want to be my son I love you enough that you can just be my son without the sex stuff, understand?” His sobbing slows, as he sniffles and nods his head; I believe he understands what I’m saying. I give him a kiss and say “I meant what I said this morning, no matter what I will always be here for you, always. Your happiness is greater than my needs.” I mean that too. He hugs me tight, I can feel myself about to cry as he says “I like the sex stuff dad, it just hurts sometimes” he stops for a second then says “but it won’t always hurt unless that’s what you need right?” Seems he’s smarter than I gave him credit for and he does have a grasp on what I was saying. “I will never do anything to you to cause you physical harm or injury but yes Henry, I do get satisfaction at times seeing a boy in distress.” I feel like a complete asshole as I hear myself say this, this boy should just run as far away as he can, he’s too sweet for someone like me. He’s looking at me and all I see in his eyes is love so I say “how about we make a deal” I begin, “if I ever do something that hurts you too much or you just don’t like then you tell me and I will stop or we will never do it again, how does that sound?” He smiles then hugs me again appreciatively saying “thank you dad!” I stand back up handing him the soap and taking some for myself as we both start washing our bodies. As I’m washing my hair I feel his soapy hand on my cock, I look down at him as he looks up at me with a sly grin. “Henry!” I say in a firm tone with a hint of a smile as he strokes me once then giggles letting go turning to rinse himself off. I rear my hand back slapping his right ass cheek leaving a large red handprint as he spins around yelling “That hurt!” I laugh at the look on his face, a mix of annoyance while trying not to laugh. At least he can tell I’m just playing with him. We both finish rinsing off then start to towel him dry which is becoming a ritual we have that we both enjoy. It’s getting late so I suggest ordering a pizza and maybe watching some television before we have to go to bed. He excitedly runs out of the room as I toss on some gun shorts and a t-shirt gathering up any dirty laundry on the floor and throwing it into a basket then walk into the laundry ankara escort room. I load up the washing machine getting it started I walk into the living room and freeze, I figured he’d get my iPad and look at the app for the pizza store but he’s got my laptop which doesn’t have a password because I’m an idiot. His face tells me all I need to know, he either clicked on a video saved on the desktop or opened my browser which of course I left a few of my favorite videos loaded in. He looks up at me, his mouth slightly agape then asks “do you want to do this to me?” I walk over to see what he’s looking at then let out a sigh. “Would you let me” I ask. He looks up at me with his innocent face unsure of what he’s actually looking at and asks “would it hurt?” “Yes it would Henry” I say honestly. He hasn’t even gotten to the part that, if he saw it he should say `hell fucking no you’re not doing that to me.’ “What are you doing to him” he asks wanting to understand what he’s seeing. I set the laptop on the coffee table then explain what he’s looking at. “That is a sling the boy is in, his head is completely covered so he can’t see or hear anything, he has a ball gag in his mouth to quiet his screaming and cries” I say as he looks at me. “Why can’t he see or hear?” He asks. This is getting deeper than I’d like but I try to explain “it’s supposed to enhance the sensations you feel when you can’t see or hear what is coming.” He seems to think about that as he watches me on the video unzip my jeans pulling out my hard cock and stuffing it in the boys tight cunt. The boys begins to cry, his screams muffled as I ram his little cunt. Henry watches me on the video fucking the boy ruthlessly, unable to move because he’s chained to the sling and unable to scream or beg me to stop because of the ball gag. “Is that all you do” he asks. I just shake my head then reach out to the mouse pad, skip ahead and play the video “this was a while ago Henry, even if you said yes I don’t think I could ever do this part to you” I say as the video starts to play, his eyes widen as he watches me in the video remove my belt and begin to whip the boy with it. As the video continues, Henry watches the boy in the video chained up to the sling, writhing in pain, hearing his muffled screams he looks to me “did he want you to do this” he asks innocently. “I wouldn’t say he wanted me to do this, he allowed me to because” I have to think about how to phrase it so he’ll understand “I guess because he wanted my love and attention and he thought allowing me to do this would get that.” I tell him frankly as I look down at him “as you can see he didn’t enjoy it.” Henry looks up to me then asks “did you love him?” I feel almost ashamed to answer the boy, I lower my head and say “I did not.” I close the laptop, grab the iPad and open the pizza stores app asking him to decide what he wants. I can see he’s unable to stop thinking about what he just saw as he looks through the topping options. “You can place the order” I tell him as I stand “my credit card is stored, I need to go to the bathroom.” I walk into the bathroom, closing and locking the door behind me. I sit on the toilet removing my phone from my pocket. I send Max a text asking if he can talk. He messages me back telling me he’s just relaxing in the stations lounge. I tell him about the video Henry saw, Max has already seen most of my videos and he’s not a fan of that side of me. “You’re not going to do that to him Dan” he replies and I know it is not a question. “I don’t think I could stomach it man, he’s too sweet a kid but I’m worried he’s out there wondering if he should let me” I tell him. “Did he see the whole video” Max inquires. “He saw the belting but he didn’t see the other stuff, I stopped it before we got there” I respond grateful Henry didn’t see an act I came close to performing on him that evening. “Thank you” he responds. “Am I a bad person” I ask him seeming unsure of myself. “No Dan, you’re actually a pretty amazing guy and while there are things about you I don’t understand, under that hard ass exterior you’re actually kind of lovable and I don’t think you even realize it.” I finally feel a smile cross my face, the dark shadow that was hanging over me begins to disappear as I thank Max for talking and let him know how much I appreciate him. When I open the door Henry is standing there with the most serious look on his face I’ve ever seen. He reaches out his hand to me which is when I realize he’s ankara genç escort holding one of my belts. I shake my head no, taking the belt from him and tossing it on the bed. “I have something far worse planned for you boy” I say with a gruff tone. His eyes widen unsure what is about to happen as I reach down placing my hands on the sides of his abdomen and begin to tickle the shit out of him. He falls to the floor squealing as I drop down continuing to attack him, watching as he writhes, giggles, and squeals but unable or unwilling to free himself as I continue tickling his sides. He gasps for air while trying to do the same to me but not finding the right spot where I would be affected. I finally stop the assault, watching him pant and giggle, trying to catch his breath. I scoop my arm under him pulling him to me and kiss him deeply, thrusting my tongue into his warm mouth. His eyes closed he lets out a soft moan as I feel his chest rising and falling against mine, his heart beating so fast I can feel it against my chest. I pull my lips from his looking him in his blue eyes and whisper “I love you very much and I promise never to hurt you like that.” He lifts his head kissing me on the lips, just as I’m about to shrug off my wanting to save my load and ravage the boy right here on the bedroom floor the doorbell rings. Henry wriggles his way from under me jumps up running out of the room screaming “PIZZA” as I yell “you’re not dressed!” He clearly ignores me as I hear him stomp down the stairs to the front door, At least I’m dressed but as I make my way to the door I try to contain my raging erection. As I make my way down the hall I hear the door open then a male voice say “oh my ummm I have your pizza little guy.” I walk just into view to see a young guy, maybe 17 or 18 handing Henry the pizza but what I notice is a look I’ve seen many times before. Thankfully Henry at least has underwear on but fucking hell he looks so cute standing there. Henry just runs up the stairs with the pizza, the kids eyes watch him until he hits the top of the stairs and sees me. “Uhhh hey sir, just umm delivering your pizza” he stammers. I grin as I walk down the stairs and say “he’s cute huh” the kid blushes as he nods and seems shocked as his eyes focus on the bulge in my shorts. I stand on the landing across from him, I reach my hand past him to grab my wallet off the table listening to his heavy breathing. I brush my hand against him as I pull it back opening my wallet then retrieving a ten before I hand it to him. I look him in the eyes, I can see the fear and lust as I lean in and say “don’t worry buddy, he gets a lot of looks” then give him a wink as he turns and hurries out the door. I watch him as he gets in his car then close the door walking upstairs only to see Henry destroying a piece of pizza. “Use a plate boy!” I yell as I see the top of the piece he’s holding start sliding off. He puts it down, walking towards me grinning with pizza sauce splattered around his lips. He comes back with two plates then we sit down on the sofa and enjoy a few slices while watching TV. I feel his little hand tapping my leg so I look down at him seeing his face serious again. “That man looked at me like you look at me” he says “do you think he liked me like you do?” I smile at him “I’m pretty sure he did little guy, a lot of men out there would.” He smiles at me then says “I wonder what his.. uhhh his thing looks like.” I can’t help but chuckle at his curiosity then say “why don’t you call it a penis, cock or dick, I think we’re past the point where you call it a thing.” He giggles then says “ok his cock, I wonder what it looks like.” “Do you want to find out” I ask a little more serious tone to my voice. He looks at me a bit uncertain “would you be mad if I said yes?” “Not in the least” I start “a boy your age is going to be curious and right now you’re learning a lot more than other boys your age so it’s understandable that you’d want to explore.” I think for a second then ask “what if he wanted to do something with you.” He seems to think for a second then asks “you wouldn’t be mad?” “No Henry, I would only be upset if you did something with another man and I wasn’t present” I say making sure he picks up the seriousness of what I’m saying. “Why” he asks but I don’t take it as a challenge just him wanting to understand so I tell him “because there are men out there who would find pleasure in causing you serious pain or worse antalya escort and I couldn’t live with myself if something bad happened to you.” “I understand” he says seriously then looks up me with a sly grin and asks “can we order another pizza?” All I can think is I’m creating a little cock hound. He’s going to be such a little stud when he grows up, I can’t wait to teach him the joys of fucking a boy. “Are you being serious” I ask, unsure. Still grinning he nods his head, I raise my eyebrows letting out a sigh and pick up the iPad. About twenty minutes pass, the doorbell rings and I stop Henry asking “are you sure” he smiles at me as he nods. I walk down to the door opening it to see this kid standing there looking like a bundle of nerves. I step aside asking him to come in he seems reluctant but steps in as I close the door behind him. He looks at me now slightly terrified as I take the pizza out of his hands lean in and say “my son has a question for you.” I walk up the stairs with the pizza as Henry comes down approaching the young man. As I’m walking into the kitchen I can hear the boy ask “can I see your cock?” I can’t help but softly laugh when the kid says “w-w-what?” Henry repeats himself “can I see your cock, my dad says it’s ok.” I walk to the top of the stairs seeing he’s standing there dumbfounded as the boy waits for an answer. “Hey kid, he asked you a question. Are you going to show him your cock or not?” “For real” he croaks out. I cross my arms over my chest to show I’m getting agitated then say in an impatient tone “yes this is happening so you need to make up your mind right now.” He reaches down to his zipper sliding it down, then fumbles around for his cock until finally freeing it. He’s half hard but probably pushing about six inches, maybe six and a half once fully hard. Henry stands there looking at it inquisitively, moving his head around to see from different angles all while the kid is looking up at me with disbelief at what is happening. “Can I taste it” Henry asks, causing me to crack a smile as the kid says “huh?” I let out a loud sigh “the boy wants to suck your cock, are you going to let him?” He just nods his head still trying to wrap his head around all of this as Henry leans in wrapping his lips around the kids cock head. “Oh my god” he says as the boy sinks down on his rod. He looks down at the boy watching him devour his cock then up at me, his mouth agape, his breathing increasing; I just give him a reassuring smile so he knows this is okay. Henry bobs up and down on the kids cock, slurping and sucking, he only gags once as he takes the cock as deep as it will go. “Uhhhh hey man I’m not gonna last long.. umm should I… Oh fuck… should I tell him when I’m gonna cum” he asks. “Just pull his head down onto your cock and unload, he can take it.” “Fuck dude, for real” he asks panting. “Yeah for real just feed him your load.” He places his hand on Henrys head as he readies to release, he leans his head back, closes his eyes then grips Henrys head tight pulling him down on his cock as he screams “fuck, fuck, fuck” as his cock pumps his cum into the boys mouth. I can hear Henry hurriedly swallowing making sure he doesn’t miss a drop. When the kid finishes he pulls Henry’s head back gently before releasing the boy who stands up and gives the kid a hug. As the kid finally recovers from blowing his load he looks down at Henry who is still hugging him, ruffles his hair and says “thanks kid that was amazing.” Henry releases him, looks up and smiles then bounces up the stairs to stand next to me. I look at the kid and ask “was that a good enough tip?” He looks up to me grinning, “yeah man that was good.” “Well next time we order pizza you should make sure you’re delivering it.” He smiles at me, nods his head then opens the door and leaves. I look down at Henry then ask “was that good for you.” He looks up and smiles at me “that was fun dad, thanks for not being mad.” I kneel down to look him in the eyes “I told you, if you want to mess around with other men I won’t be mad you just need to be safe.” He nods his head, a serious look on his face he says “I promise I will be dad, but I can play with Max without you around right?” God he’s so fucking adorable right now, I place my hands on his shoulders “of course you can play with Max whenever you want, he’s a good guy and he really likes you a lot.” He leans in then whispers in my ear “I like Max but I like you more” I lean in giving him a soft kiss on the lips then say “same kiddo, same.” I stand then look back down at him “now we have two pizza, guess what you’re taking to school for lunch, maybe some extra for Eric” I say with a wink. He giggles then says “I can’t wait for this weekend dad!” I smirk as I say “me either kiddo.”

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