Hello Mrs Thompson – Part 4


Linda Ralph felt both nervous and excited on Wednesday morning with the reason for both feelings being the fact that she was going to be fucked by an eighteen-year-old. Linda had arrived in this situation by suspecting and then having confirmed that her friend, Marie Thompson, was having an affair.Forty-four-year-old Marie had confessed to Linda, who was aged forty-nine, that she was getting shagged by her former pupil, Kieron Siddall. Linda had expressed her jealousy as she was not getting any sex with her husband so it was arranged for Kieron to give Linda what she had been lacking. Whether it would be as a one-off or whether it could lead to more fucking had not been discussed.Kieron was slightly nervous because Marie had given a glowing reference about his lovemaking prowess and he had advised Linda that he would try to give her the fucking of her life. He was confident that he could live up to both things but he hoped that Linda would be suitably impressed once the fucking had finished.Marie was disappointed that some time that she would have had with Kieron was to be taken up by her friend but she saw it as added insurance against Linda telling anyone about Marie’s affair although she had no reason to doubt Linda’s promise that she would tell no one.The idea was that Marie and Linda would arrive at Kieron’s flat together and then Marie would leave the other two to get on with their fucking. Linda already knew Kieron as an ex-pupil of the high school at which both she and Marie taught but she did not know him well. She was going to know him well quite soon though.The two women travelled separately but both parked a short distance from Kieron’s flat. Marie was waiting when Linda pulled up and Marie noticed that Linda was wearing more make-up than usual. Marie thought to herself that she almost fancied her then mentally admonished herself. She did however compliment Linda on how she looked. “He is going to love fucking you,” said Marie as Linda looked around to make sure nobody else was within earshot.”Thank you: I doubt if he will love it as much as he loves fucking you though,” replied Linda, confident that nobody else could hear.”I hope you don’t take him away from me,” said Marie, partly seriously.Linda had not considered what might happen beyond this day. “It is Mrs Thompson that he really wants,” said Linda, bowing to Marie’s place in the pecking order.They walked the short distance to the flat and Linda found herself hanging back a fraction and looking at Marie’s bottom, something that she had never done before. She put it down to bahis şirketleri the highly erotic situation that had developed but she did think that her friend had rather a shapely looking arse.They were both a bit giggly, nervous giggle in Linda’s case when they rang the bell at street level and Kieron remotely let them into the building. Linda’s eyes were again on Marie’s backside as she followed her up the stairs, Kieron was waiting at the door to his flat. “Good morning, ladies,” Kieron said in greeting.”Hi baby,” said Marie. “Hello,” was all that Linda could manage, but she did think how hot the youth was.Once inside, Marie and Kieron had a long snog, ignoring Linda until Kieron grinned at the other woman. “Good to see you, Mrs Ralph,” he said and he and Linda looked at each other for a moment, apparently both wondering what they should do next.”Good to see you too, Kieron,” Linda said and then Kieron moved to her and kissed her. The kiss started as a peck but eventually got way more passionate and Kieron’s cock hardened as Linda’s knickers dampened.”Mmm, that was nice,” said Linda, glancing at Marie whose face was a mixture of laughter and jealousy.”Um, I think I had better leave you two to do what you are going to do,” said Marie.”Are you coming back later?” asked Kieron.”Um, probably not: I will phone you both,” said Marie.”Oh do come back later, Marie,” Linda almost begged, although she did not know why she was so anxious for Marie to return.”Well, I wouldn’t want to interrupt anything,” said Marie, imagining ringing the bell downstairs when they were in mid-fuck.”Take a key, you can let yourself in downstairs and also into here,” said Kieron.”Yeah, but I might still be interrupting,” said Marie.”Maybe you can join in,” laughed Linda, who then felt ashamed of her suggestion.Marie did not answer but neither her look nor Kieron’s seemed to rule that possibility out.Kieron gave Marie the keys and she gave Kieron another long kiss. “Bye you two, have fun,” said Marie.”Oh, I am sure we will,” said Linda who had now lost all her inhibitions and was massaging Kieron’s massive bulge in his jeans.Marie left and Kieron took a packet of condoms from a draw, he had re-stocked the previous evening. Linda looked at the packet and then looked at Kieron. “I can’t believe that I am about to do this,” said Linda.”You don’t have to if you don’t want to,” said Kieron.”Oh I want to: you would not believe how much I fucking want to and need to,” replied Linda, moving towards Kieron and initiating a long tongue swapping kiss. Linda loved feeling Kieron’s bahis firmaları jeans confined penis pressing against her as Kieron pawed her arse, through her trousers, for the first time.”So you reckon that you are going to give me the fucking of my life,” said a wild-eyed Linda as she started to undo Kieron’s jeans.”Actually I said that I am going to try to,” replied Kieron, undoing Linda’s blouse.”Fuck Kieron, you have got a lovely cock,” announced Linda having lowered Kieron’s jeans and boxers and got his erection in her hand.”Look how hard I am for you, Mrs Ralph,” answered Kieron.”I think you can call me Linda as you are going to fuck me, or slut or bitch or anything else you want,” said a highly aroused Linda.”Linda, I am so going to enjoy fucking you,” said Kieron, as he started to drag Linda’s trousers down.The pair of them soon got completely naked and they kissed and cuddled on the bed, Kieron’s hands getting acquainted with Linda’s large bare arse. Linda shifted and took Kieron’s rock-hard penis in her mouth but she really wanted it between her legs and soon.A combination of the anticipation and Kieron’s fingers had got Linda’s cunt very wet but Kieron then thought that he would like a taste of it. Linda writhed on the bed as Kieron tongued her pussy. “Gonna cum, gonna cum,” panted Linda, and Kieron got his face soaked with Mrs Ralph’s cum.As Linda squirmed through the end of her orgasm, Kieron put a rubber on his erection. Linda’s eyes went to the young man’s weapon and she invited him to enter her. “Yeah honey, give me that fucking,” said Linda as she spread her legs.Kieron got in position and eased himself into Linda’s vagina, a vagina that had not taken a cock for a while and had certainly never taken one belonging to a male over thirty years younger. “Mmmm, yeah, oh yeah,” said Linda as Kieron’s penis went deeper. Linda Ralph was about to get well fucked.Kieron was determined to drive this woman wild and he varied his pace and positions as Linda writhed in pleasure. They soon had the bed creaking as Kieron and Marie had done and Linda was getting vocal. “Fuck, oh fuck, amazing, shit, oh fuck,” she almost shouted as Kieron shafted her to orgasm.Kieron was now fucking hard and fast and the bed sounded like it was about to break. Music started playing in a nearby flat, just as it had when Kieron and Marie had fucked. “Shit, oh hell, shit, shit, shit,” shrieked Linda, and the nearby music got louder.On and on Kieron went, safe in the knowledge that he was achieving his aim of giving this woman maximum pleasure. Linda seemed kaçak bahis siteleri to be in perpetual orgasm when Kieron could not hold back anymore and he spurted spunk into his condom.They were both wet with sweat and they giggled and kissed as they came down from their climax. “Fucking hell, no wonder Marie looked so happy the other day,” laughed Linda.Marie Thompson had been going through a lot of emotions since she left the two of them to their fucking. She did not doubt that Kieron would be giving Linda the fucking that she needed and Marie was pleased for both of them, she was also a bit jealous. She had returned home and found herself strangely aroused in the knowledge that almost certainly Linda was being driven to multiple orgasms by the youth that Marie knew so well sexually.Marie wondered what Linda’s ‘just fucked’ face looked like and wondered if she would see that face when she returned to Kieron’s flat. She wanted to give them plenty of time together but also found the thought of seeing some of their performance to be highly erotic. She decided that she would go back to the flat soon.As Marie was thinking about returning to the flat, Linda and Kieron were relaxing after their fuck although the music was still playing loudly so the neighbour did not know that they were having a break. Linda was on her front and Kieron was tracing the shape of her buttocks with a finger. Her husband never paid too much attention to her arse but Linda was thinking that she quite liked it being played with, certainly by an eighteen-year-old youth that had just fucked her.Kieron was thinking that Linda had a wonderful bottom, as did Marie, and he would not be able to choose which of the two mature backsides he liked the best. He was now kissing Linda’s arse cheeks and Linda was wondering if she would get another fucking. She also found herself thinking of Marie Thompson and assuming that she got her bare arse kissed by Kieron too.A bit of time had passed and Kieron was ready to go again, helped by both Linda’s mouth and hand. Marie was thinking that it was time to head back to the flat and feeling excited about the possibility of seeing Kieron and Linda having sex.Linda was on all fours facing the foot of the bed, Kieron was sending her crazy by running a finger up and down her arse crack. “For fucks sake, Kieron, put your cock in me,” pleaded Linda, having a sex session better than any she could remember.As Kieron slid his condom covered prick into Linda from behind, Marie left her home to return to the flat. Kieron soon built up a rhythm with his fucking and Linda was panting and groaning as Marie parked her car. She parked close to where she had parked earlier and she was pleased to see that Linda’s car was still there indicating that she and Kieron might still be at it.

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