The hot water heater was not working and of course, Heather’s ‘sensitive’ boyfriend was useless in these situations. Ben was a nice guy and all…too nice at times, but when it came to working with his hands he was no good at all. To make matters worse, he had gone over to join some friends for a night of D&D and video games. Dumping more laundry on the pile and longing for a hot shower Heather got out her phone and called the man she knew would help her out, Ben’s step dad Jim, or as was now more accurate, Ex step dad as he had divorced Ben’s mom over a year ago.

“Hi Dad.” Heather said as he picked up. She had started calling him that after Heather and Ben had moved in together.

“Oh hey, good to hear your voice again, its been a while, is everything OK?” Jim replied, as he had not talked to her in almost two months.

“Yeah for the most part, I mean we’re both good, healthy and all that,” she tried to sound cheerful and sweet, she knew Jim liked her, maybe more than Ben, as they had hit it off from the start, “It’s just that the hot water heater is out and….”

Before she could even finish the sentence Jim jumped in, “And captain useless cant fix it? How long have you been without?”

“Couple of days now, laundry is piling up and I could really use a hot shower.”

Jim could tell immediately she was getting desperate, “Don’t you worry…I’ll grab my toolbox and head over, shouldn’t take me more than about forty minutes to get there. Do me one favor, make sure there’s a cold beer in the fridge for me would you?”

Heather smiled as her thoughts drifted to soap suds and the best shower ever, “See you soon.”

Hanging up Jim went out to the garage to grab his tools and headed over. Sure enough a half hour later his old truck was pulling into the drive.


Heather was 24 and tall at 5’9″ with long flowing auburn hair, beautiful dark brown eyes and full red lips. She had never been overweight but had been curvy since her early teens. The source of her low self esteem for years, became her greatest asset by the time she had reached adulthood. Her 36DD chest, wide hips and well rounded ass always drew appreciative looks from men.

It had been days since she was able to do laundry and was running out of clean clothes so she was wearing an old tee shirt with the neckline cut out, as she normally used it as a workout shirt and some cut off jeans, she hurried to the door and opened it.

Jim got out of his truck holding his toolbox as he walked to the door. He had on an old beer logo tee shirt that showed off impressive biceps and some cargo shorts. Jim had been an athlete back in college but that was 25 years ago, yet he still carried himself well. A tall man at 6’2″ and despite a little bit of middle aged spread he kept his weight around 200lbs, his once dark black hair had found some grey but his eyes were still a sparkling blue.

He gave her a big smile, “Hello Darlin’, let me see if I can help you out of this mess…where is he anyway?”

“Off at some friends playing video games and probably enjoying a hot shower.” She snapped back clearly annoyed.

“Don’t worry let me take a look at things.”

She led him back to the small laundry room where the tank and boiler had been mounted. He looked over at the large pile of laundry, her panties on top of the pile, she blushed as he smiled at her.

Setting the tool box down next to him he opened it up took out a small towel and a wrench, he set the towel down on the pile of clothes and started to work on the tank with the wrench. She hovered over him as he worked, when he looked up he could see under her loose fitting shirt. She had no bra on, as he looked at her underboob he began to grow in his shorts.

This lack of attention to what he was doing caused the wrench to slip and his knuckle hit hard against a tightened nut. Jim let out a stream of obscenities, “Oh sorry bout that.” He said remembering that Ben NEVER swore and considered it foul to do so.

“It’s OK, sometimes a MAN has to do those kind of things.” Heather replied.

A MAN? Jim thought to himself about the way she said that, he smiled and reached for the towel. As he picked it up he also happened to grab her dirty panties that were lying just under it. As he brought it to his face she tried to say something but couldn’t speak quickly enough, as her face flushed with embarrassment, Jim wiped his brow. A curious look on his face, this wasn’t the rough terry cloth of his towel it was smooth and silky, his nose caught a whiff as he realized what had happened, he couldn’t help himself and he inhaled deeply. As she watched him she felt a jolt of electricity run through her body and straight to her pussy, instantly starting to get wet, she blushed at the feeling. She blushed even more looking down at him, her panties on his face, she noticed the impressive bulge in his shorts as well.

“Oh shit I’m sorry,” Jim said, removing her panties away from his face. “I was reaching for my towel.”

“Well that just happened.” She said bringing her hands up to her face but managing a smile.

“Don’t be embarrassed…erm…would casino siteleri it help if I told you I liked it?” Jim started blushing.

“Would it help if I liked your reaction?” She replied as her nipples hardened under the thin tee shirt.

The sexual tension in the room was palpable as they stared at each other.

“Uhmm, you ready for that beer?” She asked breaking the long lustful silence.

“Just about got this fixed if you want to grab it for me I should have this old heater working in just a minute.”

Heather had the beer on the bottom shelf and left it there to stay good and cold, she heard the old tank roar to life and Jim come walking into the kitchen, wiping his hands, this time on the towel.

“That should keep it going for a while, just needed to tighten the coupling, but it will take an hour or two until the water gets hot.” He explained to her.

“Let me get you that beer then,” she said opening the fridge. Bending at the waist to grab it off the bottom shelf knowing she was giving Jim a good view of her ass, “Why don’t you go sit on the couch, make yourself comfy?” she suggested.

Jim nodded politely and took the cold beer, downing half of it in one pull. He shrugged, “It gets hot working on those things.” He offered up and moved into the living room and sat on the couch. Jim was beginning to wonder to himself how far this was going to go, they had past the point of innocent flirtation and banter.

His thoughts were broken as Heather walked in behind him, she smiled a coy smile, “Once you cool down that with that beer dad I’ve got some bourbon hidden away”.

Hidden because Ben was against what he called ‘strong drink’. “I know what a bourbon man you are, so I made sure to get it thinking of the next time you came over.” She said, her chest heaving as she looked at this man on her couch, a strong and sturdy man, the type man that knew what he wanted and usually got it.

“That’s very sweet of you I’d love one.” He told her.

She quickly got out the bottle and made him a drink on the rocks and poured one for herself.

Handing it to him she smiled and sat down in the chair across from him, she could feel his eyes on her, and she liked the way it felt.

“So you bought this bottle thinking of me coming over, knowing Ben wouldn’t want this around, so you must have been thinking of me coming over when he wasn’t here?”

She blushed again, it was true, although she hadn’t even considered it at the time, “Yes Daddy.”

The sexual tension in the room was back, and Jim’s cock twitched. It was time to push his luck. “And these thoughts, perhaps late at night, in your bed……” his voice trailed off.

Her hand was quivering as she brought the drink to her lips, then swallowing hard she looked up, what she said next surprised herself as much as Jim.

Nodding at his question, “Late at night…in bed…after being disappointed again…I play with myself.”

Jim almost spit out his drink when she said that but remained calm and stoic, looking at her, he raised an eyebrow.

“Ben is a sweet man and it was him being so nice and sensitive that first drew me to him. But the whole ‘Is it alright if I kiss you here? May I touch you there?’ thing has worn thin. Sometimes a girl just wants…wants…wants be taken!” Her nipples visibly hard again, if she had panties on they would have been soaked.

“I understand, we all have needs, and I think most of us have needs that aren’t being met,” Jim admitted to himself and Heather, “It’s just another problem around here I’m sure Ben wont be fixing anytime soon, it’s a problem that needs some attention, you know from a certain type of guy.”

“Yes, someone who knows what he’s doing and, well, has the right tool for the job.” She replied looking down at his bulge.

“Maybe, just to be sure I understand the criteria, I should show you what’s in my tool belt…you know for comparison purposes.” He said trying to sound sincere.

“Errr YES, that’s a great idea, perhaps you could give me an estimate?” she said clearly playing along.

Jim stood up and undid his shorts, letting them fall, his boxers tented. The way he had been looking at her and all the sexual banter had him hard already. He pulled the waistband out and down. Standing there his eight VERY thick inches on full display.

“That’s a very capable looking tool you have there.” Heather stared at it, a little intimidated.

“It’s given me many years of faithful service,” Jim was obviously quite proud, “It’s fixed a lot of problems, customer satisfaction is very important to me.”

“Oh yes that would solve the problem nicely,” she purred, “I can think of a couple of places that need attention but one is in more immediate need.” Looking down at her lap.

“Why don’t you show me the, er, problem area?”

She leaned back into the big chair, her thumbs hooking the waistband of her shorts as she slipped them down over her ass exposing her pussy. She liked keeping it shaved but the three days without a shower was showing, even still it was obvious she was wet. Discarding güvenilir casino her cut offs Heather lifted her legs up on to the arms of the chair displaying herself to him.

“It may be in need of a service but its in beautiful condition,” Jim thought aloud, “Obviously very well looked after, I’m going to have to take a closer look.”

Jim got down on his knees in front of her, moving his arms under Heather’s legs he lifted and pulled her pussy off the edge of the chair and licked her from asshole to clit in one steady stroke.

“Jesus Christ!” Heather yelped in surprise as her fingers gripped the arms of the chair. Ben would never be this daring. As more juice leaked from her hole Jim dutifully licked that up too before concentrating his efforts on her clit. Heather couldn’t remember the last time she was so turned on. Her hair started to stick to the sweat at the sides of her face. It wasn’t long before she went from moaning to writhing under his tongue. Jim felt the time was right and inserted two fingers for a better examination. It was less than a minute before he started to feel her muscles clamp down on his fingers but still he sawed them in and out of her dripping pussy. Heather was moaning constantly now when suddenly her back arched and her thighs clamped around Jim’s head.

“AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!! FUCK YES!!!!!!” Heather screamed her release as Jim fought to keep his fingers inside her, massaging her G-Spot through her climax.

It took a minute before Heather came back to reality and got her breathing under control and giggled, “I guess you have a better idea what you’re looking at now, huh?” she enquired.

He helped Heather to her feet, she lifted her arms in the air as Jim peeled the tee shirt off, freeing her fabulous tits, “I certainly do and after a preliminary check I’m confident we’ll be able to solve all your issues before I leave today.” He took off his own tee shirt and dropped it on the floor.

“That’s very reassuring, you don’t often find that kind of dedication nowadays.”

“Which reminds me, how much time do we have before I need to leave?” Jim asked, his eyes all over her body.

Instead of answering him directly she reached over and picked up her phone, dialled and waited, “Hey honey….yeah he’s here now….. stop that, the man’s sweet and not inappropriate at all,” she smiled at him as he pointed his large cock at her, “Yeah about an hour he said…uh huh…well then it’s two hours for the water to get hot and when it does I want a nice long UNINTERRUPTED hot shower…yes…I’ll start the laundry in the meantime, I’m out of panties you know, I had to wear my last pair for two days, can you imagine how they smelled?” She gave Jim a wink letting him know those were the ones he had picked up. “Yeah, I tell you what, I’ll call you when I’m out of the shower…no you’re not making me do ‘woman’s work’ its a household chore we both share,” dropping down to her knees she licked the end of Jim’s cock leaving a trail of pre-cum from his dick to her lower lip, “I know it’s a big load but I’m sure I can handle it…” She moved her hand and felt the weight of Jim’s balls and looked up at him with big doe eyes, “You’re right honey, two or three loads would be better…ok you can fold them when you get home, they should be out of the dryer by then…dunno maybe four hours?” Looking up the length of Jim’s cock she said, “Yea that’s perfect…you too babe.” Hanging up she looked at Jim, “We have 4 hours!” Grabbing him by the cock, “That should be more than enough time.”

“He does not deserve you.”

They walked silently back to the bedroom as Heather got to the door she felt his strong hand on her shoulder turning her to face him. The hallway wall to her back the bedroom to her left and this naked man in front of her.

“Are you sure?” he asked.

She was sure this would be the last time he asked anything of her, the rest would him taking what he wanted.

“Yes Daddy I want this, I NEED this.” She moaned as he began kissing her. Her back pressed against the wall she put her arms around his strong shoulders and kissed him back hard and passionate. His tongue pushed into her mouth and she gladly accepted it and swirled it with hers. She felt his hands on her breasts, squeezing her hard nipples. She moaned into their kiss. Breaking the kiss they hurried to the bed.

“Do you have a condom Daddy?”

“No, do I need to run to the store and get some?”

“No, it will be fine just pull out ok?”

He nodded his acceptance of the request as they climbed onto the bed. Heather felt him kissing and sucking at her breasts, then down across her midriff spending a moment to tongue her navel. She braced herself knowing what would be next, and quickly enough she felt it. This time his tongue spent more time on her asshole, she loved the way it made her feel, sexy and adored. As he moved up to her clit she pulled his head off her. “I need you inside me Daddy, I’m ready.”

Jim smiled, he loved that moment when they begged for it. Slowly he positioned himself at her entrance and pushed the head in, he knew immediately canlı casino she would be tight. He pushed all the way in with one long slow stroke. Heather moaned as he filled her up and enjoyed the time he gave her to accommodate to his size. He began to slowly pull back all the way, just the tip, then thrusting in deep, over and over he kept long stroking her. Heather was in heaven as she gently pulled on her sensitive nipples. Then suddenly he pulled out of her, grabbing her hips turning her over and lifting her torso to her knees. Face down ass up, as he drove his meaty cock into her hard from behind.

‘Oh fuck yes,’ Heather thought to herself, this is what she had needed, to be taken, used, FUCKED! Her face pushed into the pillows as Jim thrust into her from behind and she was squirting all over his cock. She was in another world now. Her whole body felt like it was on fire. It was one long continuous orgasm, she didn’t know where it started or when it would end.

Jim gave her ass a hard slap as he pounded into her pussy, “You like that, this is what you want isn’t it?” He said fucking her hard not expecting an answer other than another needy moan.

Jim could feel it start to build in his balls and knew his own orgasm was approaching. Again he pulled out and put Heather on her back, on top of her pushing her into the mattress with hard thrusts.

“I’m getting close.” He whispered to her as he was ready to pull out and cover her with what he was sure would be a massive load. To his surprise she wrapped her legs tightly around him locking her ankles.

“No Daddy, I want it…make this pussy yours! Claim it Daddy!”

Hearing that put Jim over the top, he couldn’t have stopped now if he wanted to. Pushing in deep one final time and giving a loud grunt he began to cum. Shooting thick ropes of cum deep into her waiting pussy.

‘Oh fuck yes, THAT was what I needed,’ she thought to herself as Jim rolled off of her panting to catch his breath. She reached down between her legs to feel herself. Delightfully wet and leaking his cum, she moaned softly as she began to get out of bed. “Thank you Daddy.” She said as she smiled and started to get up, when she felt his strong arm on her waist pulling her back into the bed.

“Where do you think you’re going? You don’t think I’m finished with you yet do you?”

She had grown so used to Ben’s ‘one and done’ sex she had thought so, but looking down at Jims still hard cock she smiled.

“Well I guess you’re not! And I certainly cant leave Daddy without making sure his cock is nice and clean.”

She quickly moved and took his large cock into her mouth. She could taste her juices, she could taste his cum, it made her feel delightfully slutty. Bobbing up and down until finally coming up for air.

“What position do you want me in now Daddy?”

“Lay up here on the bed with me on your side facing away.” He told her. She did as she was told, she could feel his body behind her, his hard cock against her. He reached down lifting up her top leg and slid his cock in from behind. They both moaned, quickly finding a nice rhythm, his cock sliding back and forth and her hips moving to meet him. Having already cum once Jim was able to keep this up for a while before he felt that feeling in his balls that he knew was getting close. He pulled his cock out of her, she gave a little whine at the empty feeling, and got off the bed standing along side it now. Pulling her ankles and turning her sideways across the bed on her back, her torso on the bed her legs hanging off the side, Jim lifted them over his shoulders and pushed back into her waiting pussy. His thrusts were fast and hard and she knew he was going to make her cum one last time. Her tits shaking and jiggling as he pounded into her. She felt it building in her pussy first but it wasn’t long before it radiated out in all directions. When she came with a howl Jim pulled his cock out. As she squirted over his chest Jim shot thick ropes of cum over her tits and stomach claiming her as his own.

Regaining her senses she was again surprised by how much he could cum, even for a second load it was more than Ben ever gave her.

Jim smiled at her and marvelled at her beauty, she was glowing, “That should take of the problem for now, but I have a feeling it’s going to be a reoccurring issue.” He smiled, restarting the game.

“You’ll need to draw up a preventive maintenance plan for me Daddy. When can I see you again?”

“I’m sure you will FIND a reason to come see me soon,” he smiled at her, “Let me know if that heater gives you any more problems.” With that he walked off to find his clothes.

Heather heard the door close as he left, she scooped some of the cum off her right breast and tasted it. Then dragged herself out of bed and turned the shower on, she smiled as she felt the water get hot. Climbing in washing her body she felt sad as she washed the last if his cum out of her pussy. Drying off she took a deep breath and made her way to the laundry room, the first thing she noticed was that the pair of panties that had started this affair were gone, she smiled liking the way Jim kept the souvenir. As she loaded the clothes into the machine she felt something heavy and heard a metallic clink…it was two of his wrenches he had left behind. Her smile broadened, well it looks like I DID find a reason to go see him!

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