I still remember the that February day, me in your robe, you said it looked better on me than it did you. Only wish you knew how much I liked you, but I watched your eyes, Why would you ever kiss me? A gorgeous ashy blonde with those beautiful eyes in those tight shorts.

Why would you ever kiss me? I’m not even half as pretty, For better or worse, I’ll always love my hot Heather. Sitting here your cute feet in my lap painting those beautiful toes. Wanting to suck them, savoir them, worshiping you. Heather if you only knew what I wanted to do.

Blowing on your nails, so close, to those cute feet. Getting wet, waiting for a sign, feeling the growing heat. Hoping you like what you see, please, please touch me. When your fingers found my face, I was ecstatic, like being shot in to outer space. Looking up into those beautiful eyes, seeing what I hope to find that hidden desire same as mine.

Kissing those lips sent shivers up my spine. Your hand on my breast, is this a dream or are you mine. Pushing it farther with hot Heather, touching my wetness, light as a feather. Fingers moving escort london inside me, thrusting in and out, moaning for more. Did you always know the score? Bucking my hips fucking your hand, kissing tongues dancing, this was always the plan.

I remember that February day we became lovers, you give me orgasms like no other, my hot Heather. Come with me now as we push those limits, to explore, for our mutual pleasure. Passion and pain as I scream your name, licking your ass, loving the taste, feeling no shame. Giving up control, following commands, I am your slut to tame. Panting those beautiful toes silently worshiping you…


“Uh, yes.”

“Did you hear anything I said?”

Blushing, “Well, um, day dreaming, sorry.”

Playfully kicking me, laughing, what a tender moment. Sensing opportunity, climbing up on top of her, tickling her, she wiggles under me laughing. Our faces so close, lips meeting, I kissing hot Heather, tongues dancing. In that second, taking that leap, laying arms around each other, no turning back now. I loved her for so long all dubai escorts that pent up desire pouring out.

My hand finding her wetness rubbing gently, slipping in my fingers, moans coming from her mouth. “Cheryle, what are you doing, ohhh, I’m not a lesbian.”

Nibbling her I whisper “Want me to stop.”

Starting to pull my hand away, had I went to far?


whispering “What do you want baby girl?”

“Fuck me, Cheryle, please fuck me.”

My fingers returning to work thrusting into with force now, she moved to meet my fingers, pushing them deep inside her. She was mine now, a prisoner of her desire, drooping down, lowering my mouth to suck her swollen clit.

“Yes, Cheryle, yes”

Her body tensed then shook and squirting pussy juices all over my face. I nearly came my self at that moment, I climbed back up kissing her, letting her taste her own pussy.

“Did you like it baby girl?”

“Yes, that felt wonderful.”

“Do you want to taste me?”

She whispered softly “Yes.”

I kiss her long and wet “Lay right here, I want to ride Your Escort Dubai face Baby girl,”

Crawling up to straddle her face, lowering my pussy softly on her mouth, I felt her tongue tentatively take it’s first licks. Grinding softly on her mouth, her tongue licking, probing my insides. My wetness spilling out over her face, I pressed harder against her mouth, rubbing my clit, riding her face. I felt her finger poking at my asshole, what a dirty baby girl, poking in, pushing deep in my ass.

My speed increased, my moans grew louder, I was out of control, riding her face with no mercy. Feeling the first stage of extasy, coming so hard riding that beautiful face, I collapsed forward, gaining my composer. I found my place in her arms again beautiful Heather, kissing her lips, tasting my self.

“Was that ok.”

“I loved it. Ride my face anytime.”

Hugging her warmly she whispered “Next time can I lick your ass?”

“Anything you want baby girl.”

We laid there in bliss, idling the morning away, Heather had crossed over, many pleasures laid ahead. We would explore our limits, push boundaries, find love, share tender moments.

Those cute feet in my lap started it all, my worship of her being realized, I will continue to share our stories. I hope you will enjoy them.

Love Heather & Cheryle

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