Hayley the Tease


I didn’t really even like her all that much. We only knew each other through a few mutual friends, and it’s not that I disliked her, but something about Hayley bugged me. She was always nice enough to me whenever we talked. But she carried herself with a certain demeanor that was just a little too haughty for me. She always seemed to act as though she had a better pot to piss in, which was kind of ironic considering the crappy part of town she grew up and lived in. So when a few of my friends decided we were going to spend a humid summer evening around the pool at her house, I wasn’t all that interested. Then again, though she was kind of snobby, she was pretty hot. She had very long legs considering she was only a little over five feet tall. Her hips were wider they they çankaya escort probably should have been for her frame, which gave her a sweet ass that didn’t sag an inch. Her stomach was flat and held her perky tits perfectly. Her chestnut hair fell just past her shoulders, around a pretty face that probably wore too much make-up and made her look a little dirtier then she probably wanted to. At least girls this hot have hot friends, so at least the scenery would be good. Dead wrong. Apparently she was the best-looking of her friends by a pretty fair amount, so the view wasn’t nearly as good as I expected. Oh well, there was food and beer and a pool, so why not make the best of it? When we got there, she came right up and welcomed all rus escort of us. She kissed me on the cheek and gave me a quick bite on the ear, whch got my attention. Then she carried on with introductions and disappeared from view for a while. That was pretty much the way things went that night. She would come around, bend over to show me her ass in a bikini that was just a shade too small, then be gone again. She’d do a flirty body shot, then disappear. She’d come over, make small talk, rub her ass on my crotch and then, nothing. Finally having enough of being teased, I decided it was time to take my leave. It was dark and cooling off a bit, so the party had moved inside. Everyone was getting drunker by the minute, and I was irritated with Hayley eryaman escort playing these little games. Not to mention I was upset with myself for being turned on by a girl that I usually found so annoying. So I made my rounds to tell my friends I was leaving, thanked the (irritating) host for having me, and gathered my things to leave. It was at this time Hayley decided to talk me out of it. “Come on, don’t go yet,” she pouted with her arms around my neck. “We’re having a good time. Come back here and let me show you the rest of my house.” I rolled my eyes a little and let her lead me by the hand on a route that by-passed the rest of the house and took me to her room. She closed the door, and again put her arms around my neck giving me little kisses here and there. But as I would reach to kiss her, she’d move away. If I ran my hands down her back to cup her ass, she’d stop me. What are we, 14? Screw this. I’d had enough. “What’s the deal here?” I finally asked. “You’re doing all this shit, making moves, I try to kiss you and you move.

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