Harley Dude

Eva Lovia

It must be strange for parents to have two sons, both of whom are gay. Chilled as our folks were about our sexual orientation, I am sure our dad in particular, must have found this mindboggling at times. Neither Rolf nor I (Dale), were sissy boys and both enjoyed sport and all the other things that boys were meant to do, but for some or other reason, girls never did it for us. Rolf was two years older than me and in his second year at college when I was in my last year at high school. Naturally, being brothers, we never fooled around with one another because that would just have been weird. In Rolf’s final year at high school, however, I was intrigued by the relationship he had with his best friend, Gavin.When Gavin and Rolf arrived home from school in the afternoons they would lock themselves in Rolf’s room to do homework. The noises from Rolf’s bedroom didn’t sound like homework to me, and already becoming aware of my own homosexuality, those sounds fascinated me. Rolf never discussed their ‘homework’ with me, or any matters relating to sex. It was during Rolf’s first visit home from college when he outed himself to our parents. During that holiday I also confided in Rolf that I was gay. We decided to delay my outing to a later date, feeling that our folks had already had enough for the time being. My news was only broadcast nine months later.During the first holiday of my final year at school and Rolf’s second year at college, I observed Rolf speaking to our neighbour, Jeth. Jeth had moved in next door to us two months earlier and was your typical biker dude. Jeth was bulky, hairy, tattooed, bald, and had an abundance of facial hair. The chopper he owned was monstrous and when he removed his helmet he always sported a red bandana on his head. My parents were a little worried about the new neighbour initially, but that turned out to be a silly misconception. They introduced themselves to him shortly after he moved in, with the traditional plate of cookies. Apparently, he seemed like a ‘nice enough fellow,’ as they put it.As I watched the two of them through the isvecbahis window, Jeth placed his hands on my brother’s sides and pulled him over the fence as if Rolf was as light as a feather. Rolf and I took after our father, who was five foot eight tall and very slim. I did not see Rolf for the next two hours and when he finally appeared, he had the smile on his face that I remembered from the ‘Gavin’ days. I did not make any inquiries, and no explanation was offered. The only information forthcoming; was that Jeth owned a Harley dealership and was a very nice guy. Rolf’s next door visits became a regular occurrence during the holiday, and after Rolf received a text he would hurriedly make his way next door.A couple of days before Rolf returned to college I was in the bathroom one morning when Rolf entered. We had always shared a bathroom and never locked the door. After having I piss I was about to brush my teeth, when Rolf dropped his shorts before entering the shower. I got a shock as I observed the welts on Rolf’s backside.“What the fuck happened to you?” I asked.With a smile Rolf said, “Jeth likes it rough.”“Fuck Rolf, did you let him do this deliberately?” I inquired in disbelief.“Sure,” he answered nonchalantly. “Jeth’s an amazing lover.” Rolf then went on to tell me about Jeth’s sexual modus operandi. Jeth thrived on domination and verbal abuse and spanking were like an aphrodisiac to him. The more one wailed and pleaded, the more turned-on Jeth became. The previous day Rolf had been introduced to ‘the punisher,’ a short strap with a wooden handle, and said that he found the experience, ‘awesome.’ I couldn’t believe my ears! This revelation, however, haunted me for the next while as I pondered the pleasure and pain aspect of his encounters.The one point that Rolf made about their encounters, was that it was totally consensual, and that they agreed on an ‘out’ word. Another thing Rolf mentioned to me concerned Jeth’s thick uncut cock. Apparently when flaccid, it stood out straight in front of him as if erect. Rolf said it was fairly stiff in this state, isveçbahis giriş but when fully erect it was as solid as a wooden truncheon. Rolf also went on to say that although Jeth’s knob wasn’t the longest one he had ever seen, it was definitely the fattest.Once Rolf returned to college I became obsessed about Jeth. One afternoon, as I stood in the garden Jeth rode into his driveway and stopped near to me. After we had officially introduced ourselves I made the mistake of complimenting him on his bike, and was summoned over for a lecture. After the lecture I was invited into his house for a beer. Invited is perhaps the wrong word, because as I would come to learn with Jeth, he instructed rather than asked. Given his size, however, very few people would not obey. I followed him into the house and soon we were sitting in the lounge drinking our beers. Shortly, he began rubbing the bulge in front of his well-worn jeans.“So, your brother tells me you are also a pussy-boy,” he said salaciously. I simply shrugged a noncommittal reply.Jeth then ordered me to close the front door. I did as commanded and was directed to stand in front of him. After pulling my t-shirt off me he dragged my shorts and underpants down simultaneously. Jeth then pulled me over his lap, and with both my hands restrained by his left hand commenced hitting my butt with his right hand. Slaps and verbal abuse rained down on me for a few minutes.As I continued wailing excitedly I was frog marched to his room, with his huge hand around the back of my neck. Sitting on his bed I watched him undressed. When he pulled his underpants down my heart skipped a beat. His cock was fucking thick. He now turned me around onto my stomach and with one of his enormous feet on my back, slapped my arse brutally a few more times.“Now, I’m going to show you how I fuck your brother’s arse,” he said, before spitting on my butt-hole. I was totally turned-on as I ‘begged’ for mercy. Holding my wrists in the air on either side of my body after he moved behind me, Jeth pulled me onto his cock and commenced fucking isveçbahis yeni giriş me in this position for several minutes. Then, after pushing my body flat on the bed he lowered his huge body onto me. I was afraid that I would suffocate from his weight as he pummeled my arse.Placing his mouth to my ear he scolded, “You’re a dirty little slut who’s getting exactly what you deserve”. Cumming inside me later he grunted like a wounded animal. After we finished he growled, “Get dressed and fuck-off”. With a happy, but sore butt, I left as commanded. I could not believe how exciting and exhilarating I had found the experience.I received texts regularly over the following couple of months. Occasionally, I would take a slightly longer time to arrive and always enjoyed the extra punishment. At my request we never upgraded to ‘the punisher,’ because I instinctively knew that I had a much lower pain threshold than Rolf.Three months later when Rolf again visited, only Rolf received texts for the first few days. I wasn’t jealous, and given the state of Rolf’s backside during our bathroom rituals in the morning, I was rather relieved. Then, on the second Wednesday morning of our holiday, as Rolf and I were milling around outside Jeth approached and asked if we wanted to join him for an outing. He was about to get takeaways and head off to see some buddies in his pickup. Rolf and I agreed and soon were on our way. We stopped at a KFC and Jeth bought a shitload of chicken.En route, Jeth told us about his twenty-eight year old friend named Justin, who had recently bought a house that he was going to renovate over the following year. Because Justin worked on rigs money was not a problem. Twenty minutes later, we arrived at a remote small-holding with a house that looked rather run down. After we got out the pickup Justin met us at the front door. Both Rolf and I were gob-smacked by this good looking man. He was shirtless and was wearing shorts that reached to below his knees. He had a full head of chestnut brown hair, which was tied in a ponytail and extended halfway down his back. He had no facial hair other than two sideburns that extended down to below his ears. He had slightly prominent top incisor teeth, which gave him the sexiest smile.Justin’s skin looked like it belonged to a baby, it was that flawless.

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