Hard Times Ch. 03


Thanks to SexyKitty_B for editing.

“Want to go get a burger?” I asked as I continued playing with her clit.

“Sure,” she whispered, glancing down at my hand. I headed for the local burger restaurant and joined the queue for the drive-through. There were about five cars in front of us.

Realizing she had some time to kill, Karina took out my dick and started tugging it. It didn’t show any sign of getting hard however — at least not yet. When there was only one car in front of us anymore, she suddenly lowered her head into my lap and started sucking on my flaccid dick.

Due to this new configuration, I could no longer reach her twat and so I tried to fondle her left tit. Although there would be several layers of clothing — her jacket, her bra and my own shirt, which I had given her — in between my hand and her tit, she still didn’t let me cup a feel.

“”Hands off the goods,” she whispered, slapping my hand away, quite hard. She immediately went back to sucking, so she wasn’t really angry — just very determined not to let me touch her tits. Desperately wanting to touch her somewhere, I leaned in towards her and reached out to pull up her skirt a little bit. I then started teasing her butthole with my index finger.

Strangely enough, she didn’t have a problem with that and just let me tickle and play with her asshole. By the time we reached the ordering pole, my dick was almost fully erect again. I sat up and ordered a double bacon burger with fries, and managed to do so without grunting too obviously.

Then, Karina mumbled her order, deliberately not taking my dick out of her mouth.

“Cheewwse burger and a sssalad.”

Of course, I had to repeat what she said — as the attendant hadn’t understood her — much to her amusement. Afterwards, I joined the queue for the pickup window, while she continued sucking me off.

When the car in front of us drove off, I gently tapped Karina’s head, signaling that I was our turn. She promptly sat up and straightened her clothes, while I covered up my erection with my free hand. Realizing I could use some help, Karina leaned in and took the brown paper bags from the attendant, while I used my credit card to pay for our order.

I parked on the lot behind the restaurant, where we ate our burgers — and Karina her salad.

“So, where were we?” she asked, once we were finished, wrapping her soft hand around my flaccid dick and gently tugging it. She continued playing with it as I drove off and continued our ride home. It took her a few minutes to get me hard again, but that was OK. We were not in a hurry…

“Oh, look who it is,” Karina whispered as I pulled into our street, referring to our neighbor, Mrs. Miller, who was having coffee on her front porch. Before I could reply, she bent her head down in my lap and slid her mouth over my hard cock again.

“Karina,” I protested mildly, not wanting to push our luck.

“Oh, come on,” she whispered, looking up at me as she slowly pumped my cock, “Tell me you don’t want me to swallow your load, right here in front of her.”

“Aren’t you in enough trouble?” I asked as I carefully drove up our driveway, “Do you wanna get arrested for public lewdness too?”

“Relax, she’s not going to call the police,” Karina whispered, “She’s too much of a pervert for that.”

“You being an expert on psychological profiling, of course,” I mocked Karina while I raised my hand and greeted Mrs. Miller.

“Be quiet and just focus on cumming down my throat,” she whispered, just before sliding her mouth over my fat pole.

Now, Mrs. Miller couldn’t see my crotch, but from her slightly elevated position on her porch, she could definitely see Karina’s head bobbing up and down — especially because the little slut was deliberately amplifying her movements, raising her head higher than she needed to.

Mrs. Miller was baffled, of course, but rarely took her eyes off us. I guess Karina was right about her. About three or four minutes into this wonderfully wicked blowjob, the little vixen poked her head up for a moment, wiping her mouth ostentatiously — making it even more obvious what she’d been doing.

“Tilt your head back,” Karina whispered, taking off her jacket.


“Because I am going to show Mrs. Miller my tits,” she clarified as she took off the shirt I’d given her. With just her bra covering her tits, she turned towards our neighbor again and waved at her. Flabbergasted, Mrs. Miller hesitantly returned the hand gesture.

“No peeking, no touching,” she whispered, warning me. I tilted my head back, as requested while Karina unclasped her bra and took it off, throwing it shamelessly on the dashboard. She then got on her knees on her seat and placed her hands on my knees, curving her back as high as she could so that her tits would be visible from Mrs. Miller’s position, while she continued her blowjob.

Once she was in the planned position I glanced down at her naked backside. Unlike our neighbor, who had a direct line of sight bahis şirketleri to them, I could only imagine how her dangling tits looked. A few minutes later, Karina suddenly reached back with one hand and flipped her skirt up, exposing her ass — and because she was no longer wearing panties, also her cunt.

The realization that Mrs. Miller could now see all of Karina’s special little places, including her wet pussy, sent me over the edge.

“Christ Karina,” I grunted, as I started shuddering in my seat.

“Yeah, give me your sludge,” she moaned loudly around my dick. I grunted loudly, slammed my fist against the ceiling and started bucking in my seat, emptying my balls into her willing mouth.

She kept sucking and jerking my dick until I had nothing left to give. When she was done, she reached back, lowered her skirt back to cover her bottom and whispered softly “Close your eyes.”

I complied, realizing she probably wanted to put her bra back on.

“Okay,” she said, about ten seconds later. I opened my eyes and noticed that I’d been right. She’d put her bra back on. I stuffed my flaccid dick back in my pants as Karina put her jacket back on. Then, we got out of the car and headed inside, both of us glancing awkwardly at Mrs. Miller — who was still gawking incredulously at us.

“She’s interesting huh… what do you think of Mrs. Miller?” I asked Karina once we’d made it inside.

Without blinking an eye, she replied, “I think she used to be quite the slut and that she misses it. I also think we need to play in front of her more often.”

“You do?” I asked, stunned, but not opposed to her suggestion.

“Yeah, but not right now,” she whispered as she grabbed her phone and quickly set a three-minute repeating timer, “Right now, I need my twat licked.”

And with that statement, she walked into the living room, put her left foot on the coffee table and tapped her twat with her right index finger.

I got the message, kneeled down in front of her and eagerly started licking her young, moist twat. When the timer on her phone expired, she walked over to the nearest chair, sat down and spread her legs wide. I crawled over to her and continued licking her.

From then on out, every three minutes — whenever her phone chimed — we switched positions. She got on her back on the kitchen counter, on her left side on the dining room table and on all fours on the kitchen floor. Next, we moved into the garage where she first hopped on the dryer and then assumed the wheel barrow position in the middle of the room.

Upstairs, she spread her legs sitting on the edge of the bath tub and then got on her back in the night hall, her feet touching both walls — that was a pretty nasty one! In all of those places and positions, I put my head in between her legs and stuck my tongue up her twat.

She didn’t cum, but that was never the aim of the exercise. The point was simply to act as lewd and as vulgar as possible. I tugged my dick off and on, but never got it fully hard again — as there were simply too many, frequent interruptions.

When I’d been sucking and licking her cunt for close to forty minutes, she’d suddenly had enough. She was standing on two chairs, one foot on each seat and I was standing underneath her, licking her wide-open twat. She just stepped down off the chairs and briefly rubbed my crotch, while she kissed me full on the mouth — no doubt tasting herself.

“That was wonderful,” she smiled, “Now, I am going to take a shower and then start my essay. Call me if you need me…”

And with that, she scampered out of the room. In desperate need of some rest, I slumped down on the couch and started watching some TV. As you might expect, I fell asleep in just a matter of minutes.

Several hours later, Karina woke me up by gently shaking my shoulder.

“Come on, hurry, Mrs. Miller is in her kitchen,” she whispered. As her room was right above our neighbor’s kitchen, I assumed that’s how she’d gotten her information. She grabbed my cock, which had regenerated quite nicely during my little nap and was already getting hard again.

She guided me through the kitchen, out the back door and through the bushes separating our garden from Mrs. Miller’s. Our neighbor was, as predicted, walking about in her kitchen. Karina quickly took off her cut-off jeans, along with her white panties. She didn’t touch her top, which concealed her tits of course and got down on her hands and knees.

“Fuck me,” she whispered as she glanced through the glass sliding doors at Mrs. Miller, who was unaware of our presence. Too horny to turn her down — and really in the mood to do something nasty again — I kneeled down behind Karina and stuffed my dick into her surprisingly wet hole.

I got about fifteen shoves in her before Mrs. Miller turned towards us and saw us sitting there. Startled, she gasped and just completely froze for a few seconds. But then, she seemed to snap out of it and took a couple of steps towards us, right up to the bahis firmaları window, glancing down at us.

Now with an audience, I started fucking Karina a little harder and faster — while still pacing myself. I didn’t want to cum too soon and make a fool out of myself. Luckily, Karina was soaking wet by now, which not only helped me to postpone my own orgasm, but also aided me in making her cum, twice in a very short time.

After thumping her through two massive orgasms, I was still giving it to her, hard and pretty deep, when she suddenly glanced over her shoulder and stammered, somewhat out of breath, “I… I want it… in my face.”

“What?” I replied, shocked, not sure if I was hearing her right.

“I want you… to cum in my fucking face,” she whispered, clearly overwhelmed by blind lust.

“Now? Right here in front of Mrs. Miller?” I repeated, fucking her a little faster.

“It’ll be my first,” she stipulated, moaning.

“God, you’re such a dirty slut!” I blurted out, feeling my balls tense up.

“Do it,” she moaned, realizing I was close, “Give it to me.”

“Fuuuuck,” I groaned, pulling my cock out of her sodden twat.

“Face the window,” I grunted, wanting to put on a show for our spectator. Karina quickly sat up on her knees and shifted around so that she was now facing Mrs. Miller.

After a quick glance up at our spectator, she closed her eyes and tilted her head back. I quickly hovered my fat, throbbing cock over her face and jacked it furiously, milking yet another load out of my balls. First, there were three massive spurts, all clear across her pretty face, from her left cheek, over her nose to her right eye and right temple.

Then, two smaller spurts, one across her entire forehead and one across both eyes, which she promptly clenched shut, while she let out a small gasp. Then, there were dozens of drops, which I tried my best to dribble evenly across the unspoiled portions of her face.

As I squeezed out the last drop and wiped it on her corner of her mouth, I looked up at Mrs. Miller, who was profoundly shocked — or at least acted that way. She looked me in the eye for a brief moment, aroused and impressed — clearly thinking higher of me than she did just a minute ago.

“Need some help?” I asked, glancing down at Karina — realizing the poor thing could probably use a hand. I gently grabbed her hand and guided her back to her feet. With her eyes creamed shut, she was unable to maneuver on her own, so I escorted her back into our kitchen, glancing back at Mrs. Miller several times — amazed at how open-minded she’d been about the whole thing.

“How do I look?” Karina asked, after I’d guided her to the kitchen sink, “Be honest.”

“Like… a… routined cumslut,” I replied, hoping that that was what she wanted to hear.

“Really?” she whispered, a bit surprised but obviously pleased with my answer.

We didn’t speak for several seconds, as I just looked at her. When she lowered her head towards the sink and used her right hand to splash water in her face, washing my cum off, I asked, “So, you’re letting me cum in your face now? That’s a pretty big step.”

“There’s nothing I won’t let you do to me,” Karina replied, as she reached for the kitchen towel and dried her face.

“Except see your tits,” I chuckled, pretending I wasn’t thrilled by her statement.

“Well yeah, anything but that,” she grinned.

“Anything huh?” I whispered, setting her up for a dare.

She looked up at me, bit her lower lip and nodded her head, accepting my dare, “Anything.”

“Suck me clean,” I whispered, lovingly caressing her head. She looked down at my cock, hesitantly, realizing I had just been balls deep in her soaking twat, but still lowered her head nonetheless and opened her mouth.

She engulfed my flaccid shaft with her warm, wet mouth and started swirling her tongue around every fold and crevice of the skin of my dick.

“Oh, you little slut,” I groaned, “You like the taste?”

To my astonishment and pleasant surprise, she simply shrugged her shoulders and whispered, without really taking her mouth off my dick, “It’s just pussy.”

“If that’s how you feel,” I reacted as I squatted down — my small cock slipping out of her mouth — and wriggled my index finger into her twat, causing a small gasp from her. She reached for my flaccid dick and started tugging me, having a pretty good idea where this was heading.

After slipping my finger in all the way and moving it back and forth a few times, I pulled it back out and brought it up to her mouth, touching her lips with it.

“It’s just pussy, right?” I smiled, as we both felt my cock twitch.

Karina slowly opened her mouth and slid her mouth over my wet finger. My god, she really didn’t mind the taste. When she’d sucked it a couple of times, I brought my finger back down, pumped her pussy with it a few times, before going back up to her mouth.

I repeated this over and over again, making her suck and lick her own cunt kaçak bahis siteleri juices off my index finger, while she tugged and jerked my ever-growing cock. She looked so damn hot and sexy! We continued this little game until she tugged my half-hard cock to yet another — small — ejaculation.

She chuckled around my pussy scented fingers, sucking them clean for like the thirtieth time, as she felt my spunk dripping onto her thigh. After making sure my balls were completely empty, she got up, used some paper towels to wipe my cum off her leg and put her panties and cut-offs back on.

After raiding the fridge for dinner, we had a few drinks and watched some TV. Around 11pm, we decided to call it a night. It had been quite an eventful day — filled with lots of nasty sex — and we could both use some shut-eye.

The next day — day two of Karina’s suspension — it was well past ten when I woke up. I found her already hard at work in her room, tinkering with her essay. Not wanting to disturb her, I gave her a little peck on the forehead and headed down to the kitchen.

As she didn’t come down for lunch, I brought her a couple of sandwiches and a glass of iced tea. I ate in front of the TV, read a few chapters of my book and then did some light garden work, trying to make the most of my free time. When Karina finally came down around half past four, she found me in front of the TV again.

“Done?” I asked.

“Yeah, at least for today,” she replied, glancing at the screen for a moment. Before I could ask another question, she reached under her skirt and pulled her panties down, pushing them down to her feet. Then she pulled her skirt up, above her waist, showing me her twat.

I was instantly horny and my dick was equally quick to respond. I fished it out of my pants and started stroking it. Karina slowly backed up towards to the dining room, where she hopped onto the table and placed both her hands next to her ass, while she invitingly opened her legs.

I got up from the couch, furiously pumping my dick while I gawked at her naked bottom half.

“What do you wanna do?” she asked, biting her lip in lust and anticipation.

“I am going to cum in your face… again,” I replied, wagering that she was as horny as I was, and that she’d appreciate a bold — even slightly arrogant — move more than a hesitant, vanilla answer.

“That’s pretty forward,” she replied, playfully tracing her clit with her index finger, “Shouldn’t you ask me for permission first?”

Her good-humored objection gave me a wicked idea.

“Oh yeah, keep whining,” I whispered as I continued tugging my fat dick with my right hand.

“Oh, now I am whining?” Karina barked, feigning anger — as she submissively squatted down in front of me. She clearly was as horny as I was and therefore more than happy to play along.

“You’ve got some nerve,” she continued, crossing her arms in front of her tits, “I mean, it’s not because I’ve let you cum in my face once, that you can just do it again anytime you want!”

“My face is not your personal cumrag, you know,” she ranted, “You should…”

That was it. That was all the whining my fat, throbbing cock could take. As the first drops rained down on her face, Karina closed her eyes, but continued whining — as requested.

“… check with me before giving me another disgusting facial…”

A big glob hit her right between the eyes and on her forehead.

“… I mean it’s a sign of [pfffff] basic respect… that you first check [pfffff] with me before dumping… pffffing anothfffffff… er load [pffff] in my dumb face,” she concluded as I pressed my dick against her moving lips and shot out two smaller globs, putting her mouth out of commission.

Luckily, I was nearly done by now. Karina just sat there, her head tilted up towards me and her eyes closed as I was allowed to make a mess of her face, again. Although my load was considerably smaller than before, I did a lot of rubbing and smearing, spreading my cum all over her cheerful face.

“Are you quite done?” she giggled impatiently after about a minute, “Or would you like a paintbrush?”

I chuckled and stepped back, whispering, “No, that’ll be all for now, love.”

“Bastard,” she smiled, as she stood up and stumbled into the kitchen to splash some water in her face, “I hope you’re at least going to buy me some pizza.”

“Coming right up,” I smiled as I opened the appropriate app on my smartphone. While I confirmed our usual order for delivery, Karina walked out of the kitchen and dropped down on the couch, promptly changing the channel on the TV.

While she watched the screen, she opened her legs and absentmindedly started caressing her pussy with her right hand. After putting away my phone, I slowly walked over to her and squatted down, putting my face in between her legs, slowly licking her young, tight pussy.

She glanced down at me and lovingly caressed my head. She was horny, but also clearly not in any hurry. Neither was I, now that I had cum. After about seven or eight minutes, Karina suddenly glanced down at me.

“Do you have any fantasies you would like to try?” she inquired.

“Of course,” I replied, a little taken aback by her question, “Don’t you?”

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