Hannah G Marketing Back To Work (Part 3)


I was dreading going back to work after two days of playing with Hannah’s feet. Just the thought of seeing her dressed in office attire, with her gorgeous high heels and succulent toes got me engorged. I knew she wouldn’t have kept our weekend quiet and to herself, as hoped.Amy was Hannah’s best friend; they would tell each other everything. She was also Hannah’s right-hand person and would manage the office and sales teams if Hannah was away. Amy was a bit off a ditz but, oh my god, was she gorgeous. She had the sexiest blonde hair with white chocolate skin, and titillating long legs. She had a petite build but her breast and ass where evenly proportioned and equally arousing. She was a tall girl who loved wearing these short summer dresses, which would leave you mesmerized and make your jaw drop. The only bad thing about Amy was that she had a boy friend, and he worked for the company.I walked into the office, and was greeted by co-workers shouting, “You’re alive,” and “I’m surprised you’re still not drunk.” I just laughed it off. Before our usually morning meeting Hannah called me into her office. I had a great big grin on my face.“Looks almanbahis like your happy to be back,” she said in an alluring voice.I just nodded and stared at her beautiful feet, I knew she was trying to tease me, and boy was working. She was bare foot, rubbing her beautiful size five feet together with ruby red nail polish on. I started to get excited.“My eyes are up here mister and control yourself were in the office,” she said in the cutest voice with a smile on her face.“Huh?” it was as if I was in a trance.“This is what I wanted to talk to you about, come sit down and lock the door behind you.”I locked the door and sat down on the chair nearest to her feet. As I was doing this, she started to put her grey high heels on. I tried to ask her to stop, but she was not having any of it.“I think it’s best if I stay in the office today, it will give you time to get my feet out of your mind,” she said with a big grin on her face.She knew I wouldn’t like that idea, and she proposed a barter,“You make two sales today and I’ll let you do anything with my feet when you get back to the office.” She saw the smile on my face and said, “I’ll take almanbahis yeni giriş that as a yes, come on the meeting going to start in a little while.”The meeting started as usual, everybody shouting their heads off and going nuts. I just stood at the back next to Amy whilst Hannah went to give a speech.She whispered in my ear, with a wet seductive tone, whilst pointing to her feet with one of her red six-inch stiletto off, “I know your secret.”The way she said it was so arousing, she got me hard instantly. Her feet were almost as beautiful as Hannah’s. Her pail white toes, with black nail polish, just looked delicious.“Awww, you’re getting all excited, maybe Hannah was right,” she said in a seductive tone.Just as the meeting came to an end, she put her shoes back on and acted as if nothing had ever happened. Luckily nobody had noticed what had happened, especially her boyfriend. After the meeting, Hannah told Amy and I, that she was breaking up the team and sending us to different locations. Since I was still the new guy, she wanted Amy to go with me, and give me some tips that might help me make more sales. Then Hannah said almanbahis giriş to me, “Don’t forget about what I said this morning.” I just nodded.As we left the building, Amy said, “So all we need is two sales today and then we can mess about.”“How do you know that,” I said surprised.She just giggled and continued walking towards the train station. We took a couple of side roads to get train station. As we were walking Amy saw a bench, she told me to stop so she could change into pumps. The second she took off her stilettos my eyes were fixated on her bare pale white feet, which just made my mouth water.“Do they smell,” she said.“Huh?” I replied confused.She lifted her left shoe to my face and whispered in my ear in a seductive slutty voice, “Go on smell them, you know you want to smell my sweaty shoes.” I inhaled one deep breath; the smell of her shoes was intoxicating, I thought I was in heaven. The mixture of her strawberry lotion and her sweat from her feet was amazing.As I let out a moan she laughed and said, “You really are into feet, aren’t you?” I just nodded and tried to take another sniff, but she said in a demanding voice “put them in my bag”, I might let you have another sniff, if you’re a good boy.”After a long day or trying to make sales, I finally made my target and all I could think about on the train back to the office, was Hannah delicious and tasty toes.

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