Hallowing Eve


Lisa stood on the cabin’s small porch and shook the rain from her hair as she fished in her pocket for the key. Privacy be damned, she swore to herself. Next time, I’ll choose a place that is reachable by car. Moments later, a similarly soaked Eve joined her. They’d been almost half a mile away when the storm caught them by surprise. Trudging through high winds and torrential rain was not the best way to start their weekend escape.

“Just whose bright idea was it to walk?” Eve panted. “Hurry up, woman! I’m freezing.”

Lisa shot Eve a sardonic look as she pushed open the heavy door with her hip. “I seem to recall it being your idea. I wanted to wait for the ATV shuttle.”

“Your memory is…. Oh, wow! This place is gorgeous.” Eve kicked off her sneakers and peeled the sodden socks from her feet, her feigned annoyance forgotten. She rubbed and wiggled her toes a bit to warm them. “I’ll start a fire.”

Lisa grinned at her abrupt change in tone. The woman could shift gears without missing a beat. It was just one of the many things she loved about Eve. “Sounds terrific. I’ll find some towels and then make hot chocolate.”

The reservation desk had assured her they need not bring toiletries, towels, bed linens, or groceries; all would be provided. Looking about, Lisa could find no fault with the accommodations. She congratulated herself for calling right on the heels of a cancellation. During peak fall foliage season, the deluxe cabins were typically booked years in advance.

Barely two weeks ago, one of their company’s multi-million dollar accounts had announced a Halloween costume ball. Everyone in the office was invited, and the CEO ‘strongly encouraged’ attendance. Both Eve and Lisa hated the idea, but they needed a damned good reason to miss the party. A non-refundable reservation provided the perfect excuse, and Lisa could think of no destination more appealing than a secluded mountain cabin. Add Eve to the mix and it became her idea of paradise. The speed with which Eve accepted her invitation gave further weight to Lisa’s growing suspicion that the fantasy was mutual.

Lisa grinned when she discovered the long terrycloth robes hanging on pegs behind the bathroom door. The rain turned from liability to asset as a new plan formed in her mind. Silently thanking the weather gods, she removed her wet clothing and wrapped herself in the plush bathrobe. Seduction would be so much easier without a bunch of clothing in the way.

“Everything I brought is completely soaked,” Lisa announced upon her return to the living room. She tossed a fluffy towel on the hearth where Eve stood warming herself by the fire. “I threw it all in the dryer. Turn it on after you add your stuff, okay?”

Continuing toward the kitchen area, Lisa could feel Eve’s eyes on her back. Penny for your thoughts was on the tip of her tongue as she glanced over her shoulder. The expression on Eve’s face made the inquiry unnecessary, and Lisa felt the knot of desire between her legs pulse in response.

Eve blushed, but held her gaze. Lisa wasn’t about to back down in a game of erotic dare, so she turned and took a small step toward Eve. C’mon! her mind screamed, but Eve ducked into the bathroom to change out of her wet clothes. The spell broken—for the moment, anyway—Lisa busied herself with the hot chocolate.

She tried not to think about Eve or about the big box on the kitchen table, but that was nigh impossible. She’d placed the online order as soon as the reservation was confirmed, and then notified the park of the pending delivery and requested it be left in the cabin.

Eve’s voice jolted şişli bayan escort her from her reverie. “Wonder who Mrs. Smith is and why her package is here.”

“Oh, that? It’s mine.” Lisa handed Eve a steaming mug and carried her own to the overstuffed sofa before the fireplace. Seeing Eve’s puzzled expression, she explained, “The last time I used my home address to order toys, I ended up on a gazillion smut mailing lists. So, I figured I’d have my order shipped here.”

It took a moment for the meaning of the word toys to register, then Eve laughed. “Are you serious? Can I see what you bought?”

“I guess so,” Lisa shrugged, trying to appear nonchalant. “I kinda went overboard since it’s so hard to tell which’ll be duds. Certainly can’t tell by the price, that’s for sure.”

The box was crammed full of dildos and vibrators of all shapes and sizes. Batteries, when needed, were included and installed compliments of the vendor, which Lisa thought a really nice touch. She had extras in her backpack, though. Just in case.

Lisa watched out of the corner of her eye as Eve opened the box and carefully examined her purchases, laying them on the table one after another. When she reached the bottom of the box, she discovered the double dong that Lisa’d found so intriguing. Rather than a straight or bendable dong with a cock head on either end, it had a curved ‘V’ shape. At the base was a shared scrotum—very realistic looking—that housed the batteries. The angle could be changed, but it sprung back to its original position when released. Eve squeezed one shaft, and a wide grin appeared on her face when the other vibrated in response.

She turned it over in her hands, studying it. There were no wires and no visible controls. She quickly discovered that squeezing the soft sack toggled the power to either shaft, or both simultaneously. Once on, varying vibrations were triggered by different types of pressure to the opposite side. Eve tentatively licked the head of one side, sending a shiver through Lisa, and the other side hummed deeply in response. Moisture enabled the completion of another one of the circuits. Lisa watched Eve’s face as her imagination danced with the many possibilities, much like Lisa’s had upon discovering it.

“And just who were you thinking of when you selected this one?” she finally inquired with a teasing gleam in her eye.

The sight of Eve holding that dong—in a bathrobe, no less, and presumably nude beneath it—was more than Lisa could bear. Steeling herself for some potential weirdness, she looked squarely at Eve and said, “I think you know the answer to that.”

Eve’s eyes widened and her cheeks flushed. The proverbial moment of truth was upon them. Lisa rose and crossed the room as the dong, completely forgotten for the time being, dropped from Eve’s hand onto the table. The hand Lisa placed on the side of Eve’s face was more to slow their kiss than hasten it. Otherwise, with the steel curtain of propriety lifted, the magnetism would’ve brought them together with such force that all beauty—all subtlety—would have been obliterated by raw passion.

Their first kiss gently exploded; a nova in slow motion. Heady waves of pleasure radiated from the point of contact, traveling through their bodies and warming them from the inside out. When the kiss ended, they paused—storing the moment in their memories and absorbing as much of the magic as possible—both afraid to move, or even breathe, lest they be awakened from the delicious dream.

Lisa looked directly at Eve, cocking her brow in query; asking the unspoken question. More?

“Yes,” şişli escort came the whispered reply, accompanied by the susurrus of a robe falling to the floor.

Again kissing, Lisa slowly backed Eve into the heavy split-log chair alongside the table. Separating only long enough to shed her own robe, Lisa stood on the sturdy rungs and lowered herself until she was lightly straddling Eve.

Eve’s hands immediately sought Lisa’s breasts, and her mouth soon followed. Lisa hung on to the back of the chair for dear life as an agile tongue worked one nipple and then the other. Out of the corner of her eye, she caught a glimpse of the wide array of vibrators so casually strewn across the table. Letting go with one hand, Lisa reached blindly toward them. Her hand landed on the nearest one, and she grabbed it. It was a very heavy, long, and absurdly thick cock with a suction cup base. She turned it on, licked the suction cup to wet it, and mounted it to the chair’s smooth clear-coat finish between Eve’s legs. Its vibration was deep and pulsing.

With a low groan, Eve thrust into that towering vibrator while Lisa rocked against it from the opposite side. It didn’t take them long to find their rhythm. They moved as if they’d been together for decades; their hot wetness slipping against the shared phallus. Lisa peripherally felt the burn in her thighs as she thrust in sync with Eve, but her world revolved around the pressure building in her clit and the feeling of Eve’s tongue and teeth on her nipples.

Sliding against its length with her head thrown back, Lisa lost herself in the sensations. She was climbing, soaring, floating, falling—and starting all over again. Eve’s hands held her hips, setting the pace of their sensual dance, as they drove one another toward bliss.

One thought intruded on the hypnotic passion: I’m with Eve! With that realization, Lisa’s orgasm blossomed, growing in strength until her entire body shook with the power of it. Her legs refused to hold her any longer, and her feet slipped from the chair rungs as pulse after pulse rocked through her.

“F-fl-floor,” she gasped, knowing that balance would not be possible for several minutes and not wanting Eve to lose her edge.

They stretched out on the thick rug in front of the hearth, and Lisa wasted no time positioning herself between Eve’s legs. No amount of fantasy prepared her for the reality, and she marveled at the intensity of her feelings. Savoring her scent and the soft silk of her folds, she licked lightly along Eve’s labia and stroked the inner wall of her cunt with two long fingers.

“Please,” Eve whimpered.

Your wish… Lisa thought as she dove into Eve’s pussy, sucking her clit and fucking her with her fingers. With her other hand, she gathered some of her own juices and used them to slipperily rim Eve’s ass. Having her face bathed in Eve’s arousal was the most erotic sensation she could imagine and one which had dominated her thoughts for many months. The fantasy paled in comparison. Eve ground her hips into Lisa’s face until only her feet and shoulders remained in contact with the floor, and Lisa met her thrusts with ravenous enthusiasm.

Eve shuddered as her climax overtook her, pushing Lisa roughly away. Nowhere near ready to stop, Lisa reached onto the table and grabbed the double dong. She made sure one side was turned on and slid it into Eve with one smooth push, carefully avoiding her overly sensitive clit.

“Lisa, I…”

“Shhh!” she replied. “Trust me.”

Lowering her mouth to the exposed shaft, Lisa took it into her mouth, the moisture activating one circuit: a low mecidiyeköy escort hum along the entire length of the other cock.

Eve moaned softly and closed her eyes. “Very nice, but I…”

Lisa squeezed with her lips, which activated another vibration; a throbbing at the head, deep inside.

“Mmm. Lisa, it won’t…”

Lisa knew what she was going to say. A bunch of the women in the office had talked about it one afternoon. Eve believed that she couldn’t come again so soon; that because she couldn’t stand for her clit to be touched, the initial orgasm was it. Lisa understood, for she’d once felt the same. Rather than talk with her mouth full, she raised a hand and delivered a stinging slap to Eve’s flank. Just one.

Once the surprise wore off, Eve chuckled. “Okay, bitch. Give it your best shot.”

Oh, I intend to, Lisa smiled to herself as she rolled the cock in small circles, maintaining the pressure and the vibration but staying well away from Eve’s clit. She knew it might take a bit longer, but there was no rush and no place she’d rather be. The tension gradually left Eve’s body, and she relaxed into the motion—just enjoying the pleasant sensations without the frenetic urgency.

When Eve’s hips started to move, Lisa replaced her mouth with her hand in order to deepen the pressure. She pulled the cock harder against the front wall of Eve’s cunt, knowing that she was beginning to feel the burn inside.

Eve mumbled something, but Lisa couldn’t make it out. She was off somewhere, inside herself. Lisa reached up and ran a finger lightly across Eve’s lips. A tongue darted to meet it, and Lisa felt the instant rekindling of her own desire.

“Yes, lover,” she purred. “I want that tongue between my legs.”

Eve grabbed Lisa’s free hand and pulled it back to her mouth, sucking her fingers. The fire between her legs was growing from the inside out. It was much different than the surface build, which condensed all sensation into her clit and discharged it like a bolt of lightning. Instead, the blaze spread outward, growing heavier and hotter until it encompassed her whole sex.

Lisa could tell Eve had crossed a threshold. The crescendo now inevitable, she gave the vibe’s sack another squeeze and straddled her friend, lowering herself onto the shaft and activating the moisture-sensitive circuit on both sides. Eve’s head rolled from side to side, and her hands worked her own nipples as Lisa ground against her mons.

“How is it, Eve?” Lisa taunted. “How’s my cunt feel against yours? Still think you won’t come again?”

Lisa’s voice drove Eve further into the throbbing fire. She groaned a ragged, “Fuck…me…harder!”

That happened to be precisely what Lisa had in mind, and once again, they fell into a rhythm born of pure compatibility. The burning coursed through Eve, and Lisa could feel the added vibration brought on by Eve’s pulsing sex.

“Yes, Li-Lisa. Now… Yes… N-now… I…” The rest was unintelligible. Eve’s legs shook and her mouth opened in an ‘O’ of surprise as an orgasm of an entirely different nature tore through her. It sped across nerve endings and exited her body with uncontrollable spasms upon reaching her extremities. Everywhere it touched was instantly consumed, and her head swam with the power of it. Instead of damping down, though, as Eve was accustomed, the waves continued to rock her body unabated. A dreamy expression settled over her features, and she moaned in ecstasy.

Her mission accomplished, Lisa leaned forward to capture Eve’s mouth and allow her own orgasm to bloom. She collapsed alongside Eve and they rested together, lazily kissing and stroking.

“I’m still coming,” Eve marveled. “It’s not nearly as intense, but it’s definitely still there. I feel like… like I could…”

“We’ve got all weekend. Trick or treat?”

# # #

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