Halloween Delight Ch. 03


3: A change of Costume.

There is a show on Television called “Lie to me” Its premise involves how a few people can literally read the micro-expressions(essentially your emotions before you can stop them from being displayed) on your face and tell when your lying. Anger, rage, jealousy, nervousness, are but a few. This is relevant, if only so you can understand what I mean when I say that in under a minute, her face went through every expression seen on the show, and about a dozen that haven’t been.

This is not to say I was capable of processing what I saw, and figuring out(more-a-less) how she felt. It is however important to say how widely and quickly her emotions ran the gauntlet before her emotional brawl had a clear and decisive winner. Adamant. There was no way in hell I was talking her out like this, it was far too revealing, we never even discussed it, and things of this nature. I refrained from rolling my eyes, but this too was (if not normal) a foreseen outcome, all things considered.

As she continued dressing me down, I took advantage of the fact that I was mobile and she was not. Stepping around behind her, I made for the toy chest and proceeded to rummage. Props can be important, their a core tool in showmanship, you see them all the time in movies and television shows for the simple, eloquent reason that they vastly help us suspend disbelief. Who would believe that a group of intrepid adventurers can visit alien planets when said alien plants have apple trees. Paint a pineapple neon blue however, and add some spinney protrusions, and suddenly the aliens fruit bowl does indeed seem alien.

But back to the matter at hand, When I arrived in front of her again, I had a ball gag in hand, and an expression that seemed rock like in both its solidity and un-malleability. “Knock. It. Off.” I enunciated each word with far more vigor than was needed, this was one of my traits when I grew fed up with something, and regardless of any desire, to or avoid-having-to, gag her, the presence of the instrument to do it made the difference.

Humans like choices, there is a key fact between every presentation ever given be it ‘Do X or die.’ or ‘Red pill? Blue pill?’ at times it seems the choice is almost immaterial, but provided we have one, we’re happier for it. Admit it ‘Do X and I won’t kill you.’ Doesn’t have the same ring to it, we like our choices. People want to choose even if its no choice at all. In those cases, most of the time, the logical option will be taken unless the choice maker has a specific vested interest in thwarting the person giving the choice.

The rebel leader may tell a tyrant where to shove his choice of ‘tell us about your friends, or die’. This is invariably a product of emotional involvement, and a desire to make things more difficult. In that particular example, its also the choice of an idiot. Far better would be to play along, and “betray” the rebel operatives inside the tyrant organization. This does not mean you have to tell the tyrant the truth, but it is better to have the momentary gratification of telling him off, or to arrange for him to torture and (likely) kill two or more of his loyal capable operatives?

It’s a losing game no doubt, but it can be much better to lose on your own terms than to think you are powerless and do something stupid because its all you think you can do. When I gave Fucktoy the choice “Hush, or I will hush you.” she glared with the intent to kill, and while her mouth remained silent, her eyes said all her mouth could, and far more besides. “Good girl.” I leaned in to kiss her, she had the good sense not to turn her head or try to stop me, but neither did she part her lips, and engage me either. I repressed a sigh and put the energy to better use.

Namely, walking around behind her, while I spoke. “You know I’m not dense enough to plan on any given plan simply working,” I rummaged more, she turned her head to the side, trying(with poor success) to see me, and keeping her ear turned my way to listen. “Fools, as they say, rush in. You had to ankara eve gelen escort realize I had an alternate plan or two,” I came up with the skirt I had carefully stashed down here earlier, and a roll of duct tape. “So why the fuss lover? What did you think you would possibly achieve by annoying me for the effort I put into this?” She said nothing, and I was already walking around her to hold up the skirt and tape. Her eyes widened a bit, but she remained silent. That was what it took for me to guess her game, she was still hushing, pointedly waiting for me to tell her she could speak.

It was petty, pointless, and somehow still adorable. It did not however, cause me to play her game, and I simply shrugged, “Right, that’s what I thought.” I knelt down and loosened the cord that ran through the tie down points to her ankle cuffs. I took a moment then to rise and show her her the skirt. You’ve seen the sort before, a pleated skirt, probably in a wretched plaid material, in the time honored “Catholic schoolgirl” fantasy.

How a man can see a plaid skirt and stay hard, and why Catholic’s are so fond of a wretched design, I may never know, but that’s a topic for a different time. The point of that example is to explain the style, not the color, but come to think, a better example might be a cheer leader. It was a white skirt, entirely when I selected it. Specifically on account of it being white, Like the a fore mentioned cheerleader skirts, the pleats weren’t visible unless the legs were spread, but you see.. this skirt is how I grew comfortable with painting latex on. The inner pleats had been left a white cotton, while the panels that were seen when the skirt wasn’t stretched, had been done up in black latex.

I was fairly sure I’d be doing the remaining cotton bits in black latex once Halloween was over, but well.. What’s not to like about a pleated latex skirt, save for the fact that it might get worn. Anyway.. I knelt, and lowered it back down to about mid shin, stretching the waist band out and holding it open before her, waiting for her to step into it. She declined and I counted to 10 silently waiting before I spoke. “Its this or nothing, so you’d better make up your damned mind as to which your prefer.” Her glare, somehow became more frosty, but after an additional moments hesitation she stepped into it. My mood was an apt match to her glare, and once her feet were in it.. I slipped it up, taking my time so as to deliberately and slowly feel her legs as the skirt slid.

I pulled the band out as far as it would go, and let it snap back against her skin. I played with the skirt, its as simple as that, I adjusted it up and down probably about a dozen times before nodding and lifting my eyes to meet her’s. We glared at each other for a moment or three before I knelt back down, looping fingers through the cord at her cuffs and jerked it back down just as savagely. I can’t say if she liked the feeling of the cord zipping over her second skin as I pulled it out from between her and the belt, but I will say that when I told her to spread her legs, she complied without me having to tie her open again. perhaps it was another of those cases of people liking choices.

The trick now, was to find out for myself if she liked this or not.. There was one sure fire way. I pushed the skirt up higher, and laid my palm against her. Cupping her with my hand, I stroked my fingers over her flesh, slowly, teasing, testing.. I wanted to see how long it took to make her squirm. She was still annoyed, it took almost ten heartbeats before she was moving to clench her thighs on my hand. The next task was even more fun..

I began pressing into her, slowly increasing the force. The task you see, was to ensure the latex didn’t impair her.. usability. I had painted inside her Labia Major a bit, just up to the crevice where it turned into the Labia Minor.. Somethings its best to double check however. I did more than Double check, I slipped a finger into her slowly, feeling both wetness, and ensuring gaziantep escort the paint didn’t get anywhere problematic. It was shortly joined by a second finger, “Double” checking and all. I took my time teasing her with the third finger, pushing just hard enough to make her start to open.. but drawing it back before it entered.

I could never get enough of tormenting her, it was simple as that. I played with her like this for an entire excruciating minute before I finally drew my first two fingers mostly out..And plunged all three deep inside her in a coordinated thrust. No matter what else could be said, she was certainly enjoying this. Standing then, I began putting my arm and back into the effort, the result was that when I thrust up, she was on her tippy toes now, she had to be. “Do you like the skirt dear?” I cooed into her ear, my hand still relentlessly working at her. By now I was teasing with a fourth finger, alternating it between rubbing gently, and hard against her clit. Every so often, I even slip it just the barest bit.. up into her as well.

She reacted as was expected considering the stimulation.. dripping even as she sneered at me. Her voice cold and cutting displaying her contempt, “Need to use your hand to get the job done do you?” My eyes narrowed, I placed my thumb over her clit and closed my hand grinding my thumb with increasing pressure, “That, was a mistake Fucktoy.” I withdrew my hand and gave her clit a hard swat with the back of my fingers. “Naught girls get punished, not rewarded.” I tossed the roll of duct tape over onto the bed.

I grinned as my mind wandering towards its use, and stroked my free hand up over her breast, pinching at the little bump of her nipple before making a soft, “Tsk,” sound at its state. “No, this won’t do at all, We’ll have to do something about this top now won’t we?” My grin promised trouble, and I do believe she could see that quite well. I unhanded her slit and and went to work stripping her chest bare. If she was going to insist on more to wear than just latex, I’d have to get creative with the latex to get my money’s worth out of it. I set to work on freeing her cuffs from the cord.

After a few moments she was free again, and I pointed to the bed on the back wall, “Atop, hands and knee’s.” A brief hesitation and she went. She knew what that position meant, and was looking forward to the party, now that I’d relented and let her wear something. By the same token she was still bare of breast, so she was in no condition to go out just this second either. Compliance won out, and she went over to the bed, taking deliberate care to sway her hips, and turn to watch me watching her.

I was doing more than just watching, I was following, the evil scheme already in my head. I stopped her, and held her a moment at the foot of the bed. The roll of tape from earlier had been reclaimed and I quickly tore off one piece, about a 3 inch by 3 inch square, and slapped it firmly atop her nipple. The same procedure was followed with her other nipple and I grinned at her. “That may help keep it from being too revealing lover..” I pinched her nipples under the tape gently, “After all, you belong to me. No sense inviting others too touch as well as look.” She adopted a mild pout, and I grinned all the more, sitting on the bed.

Spreading my legs, I patted the inside of my thighs, suggesting, “Why don’t you put that head right here, I’ll make it all better.” She never could resist an offer like that, and she began sinking gracefully towards her knee’s immediately. I stopped her, “No no no, I want to see you bend over at the waist while you do.” Her grin at this was almost as wicked as my own, she ruined the effect of a cruel grin by licking her lips. I did not mind.

I’ve mentioned her mouth before, It’s cosmic. It’s like the big bang. No one(least of all me) can explain it, No one can prove it works, but the results of both are undeniably present as they are mind blowing. This, being par for the course with Fucktoy.. meant I had to pull her off(Yes, ankara gerçek resimli escort I’m very lucky in that I have a harder time getting her off of my cock, than I do getting her onto it) of my self, after only about 15 seconds. Paint before pleasure.

Pushing her off my shaft, I gathered up the paint, and pulled her back into position. I wanted her bent at the waist for a specific reason.. As I painted over her breasts a second time, it became clear to her. I was not painting between them. The brush dipped perhaps an inch into the seam that was created at her breasts pressing against each other, and no more than that. When the latex dried, It would form to the shape her body was in at the time, this meant, it was going to lift, squeeze, and thrust her breasts all at once.

I made another slight change this time as well. I didn’t paint them completely. I left a centered heart shaped cut out high on her chest, so that said seam was quite.. noticeable.. I made it longer than it was wide(Obvious reasons), and quickly got back onto the bed, spreading my legs. As much as I loved the feel of her breasts against them.. I wanted her tits to dry like that, and having them stuck to me, while pleasant, would severely hamper our fun tonight.

The devil as they say, was in the details. It seemed like every fifteen seconds, I was having to keep her from kneeling, or pull her hands away from herself. When left untended, her hands grew ever so restless. The latex took it sweet time drying, and I will confess, that the feeling of her mouth around my thick, engorged shaft, did a terrible number on my will power. I don’t know how long I was able to hold out.. It felt like half an hour, it was probably only mere minutes. Regardless, I did keep her bent over, and encouraged her to remain that way by once again employing my clever fingers.

It was a simple matter really, The better still she stayed, the faster, and deeper I went. As the minutes ticked by, I added fingers(I started her off with two) to encourage her that it was worth remaining still. She only worked against herself twice. The first time, she started trying to goad me, and as a result, I withdrew one finger. She did not like that one bit, and subsided when I asked if she’d prefer I not slip inside her. The second time was less intentional, she began sinking towards her knee’s as she grew close to release. I halved the speed of my thrusts, and she bit her lip and managed to stay standing while she soaked my hand in her juices. That deserved an apt reward also.

The result was by the time I was sure her chest was Dry, I had my arm inside her halfway to the elbow. She was not complaining. Once the latex was dry, I pulled her back up to inspect it. The result was almost enough to delay us further. Her breasts pulled apart some when she stood up, but not much, and while they also sank lower on her chest, the latex was doing a delicious job of keeping them in the place I painted them into. I love it when a plan comes together! I mentioned the heart shaped keyhole in the front. There were two reasons for this, the more minor one was because I wanted it that way.

The major one, on the other hand, had to do with her lactation.. You see, I had fed during dinner, but not since. It was almost eight by now, and dinner was around 5:30. On the weekends, I’d kept her on a strict pumping schedule. Hour on, Hour off, simple, easy to remember, and intense. Weekday’s are a bit more lenient, in a fashion.. She’s to pump when she wants throughout the day, and at night when we cuddle up.. Lights off, pump on. Yes, she’s pumped the entire night through. As you might guess, she has quite sensitive nipples now, but I digress. As you might guess, the net result of all this pumping is a rather.. active.. process of lactation.

Two hours had passed and she hadn’t pumped. And I’d just taped up, and painted over her nipples. Yes, she was going to look increasingly endowed as the evening wore on, and I left that keyhole bare, so that she had some room to expand, and so that her charms came readily to eye so that one might appreciate them. Besides, it was just plain fun to know her breasts got more and more sensitive, and watching the resulting swell.

Now, it was time for the hellish part.. To don the chicken suit, and be seen in public like that. This, would not be nearly as pleasant…

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