Hairy University Ch. 04


My name is Steve, and big bushy beavers are my passion. The current style where women pluck, shave, trim, depilatory, or otherwise remove their pussy hair had almost led me to despair. That is, until a recent sequence of strange events had thrust me into the world of an underground, counter-culture society of women possessing pubic pelts so rich that they run the gambit of stretching across their lower bellies, running over to their thighs, and wrapping up and around through the cleavage of their butt cheeks.

This is my story, already in progress.

So there I was, buck-naked and being escorted on either side by members of the Black Hearth Guard with my half-engorged manhood swaying side-to-side in the open air. It felt bloody marvelous, I must say. The experience was enhanced exponentially by the fact I had a hand on an ass cheek of each of my companions. As we walked I managed to creep my hands along the cleavage of the ample behinds at my disposal, gently kneading and caressing the fleshy orbs of each. Fingertips teased around the outskirts of timid ass holes to end their journey at the cloistered furry taints of each woman. Rhythmic gushes of moisture flowed freely from their merrily masked minges and soon my hands were drenched in gash goo.

My advances seemed to be quite welcome with both ladies bucking their butts against my hands to offer me better and deeper access when the woman on my right spotted an imaginary piece of paper on the hallway floor in front of us. She scampered on ahead, and then bent over to retrieve the miniscule piece of litter.

“I do so hate mess,” she said as she turned her head to see the affect she had had. Bent over as she was, her astonishing broad white backside mooned us, her pubic hair fanning out lewdly to showcase the welcoming exotic fruit of her femininity firmly ensconced between her legs.

I knew an invitation when it was being wafted and waved directly in front of my face, so with my manhood held high I continued walking until my pego ‘accidentally’ entered her from the rear. With her love hole so well lubricated by earlier caresses, I was able to slip right in like a thief in the night speedily delivering my full length.

“Oh! Goodness me!” she gasped as she squirmed upon my shaft as if trying to get away while simultaneously grabbing hold of my cock with her inner cunt muscles and inexorably drawing me in even deeper.

“Most humbly begging your pardon, Milady,” I mumbled in mock contrition as I grabbed a hold of her conical breasts to rein her in and guide her to a nearby desk that had been handily set aside for storage in the hidden maze of basement hallways.

“I say! You are jostling me most rigorously, young man. Do not let go until I have regained my proper balance!” She commanded of me as she laid her torso across the desk and rose up onto her tip-toes to better my angle of insertion.

“Clara, we don’t have time for this!” The other woman hissed, slapping my ass quite hard and causing me to skewer her colleague most insistently.

“Oh, do shut up Abby. You’ve been gagging for him to shag you since the moment he came here,” Clara glared as she rotated her hips in a most delightful fashion. “I haven’t had any fresh meat filling my fannie in over a fort-night, what with all the secret meetings and preparations for the arena—.”

“Don’t talk of such things right in front of him, you addled twat!” Abby groaned as she reached around my torso to pull on Clara’s rubbery nipples.

“And I will be damned if I’m just going to let him tease us and leave us wanting,” Clara concluded as her cunt contracted. “I’ve spent far too much time these days feelin’ horny an’ hurtin’, as our Southern Sisters might say!”

“If you’re going to do a job of work, do it properly, boy.” Abby instructed as she crawled beneath us to catch the frothy mixture of our combined drippings as she lathed the underside of my cock and took swipes at Clara’s clit.

As I plowed Clara’s canopied furrow, I looked down to view my work and focus on the task at hand. Clara’s bush glistened with moisture, her engorged labia bisected by my cock rampantly pistoning into her smokin’ hot depths. Beneath our joining, Abby’s hungry maw worked insatiably.

Clara’s body went rigid and she grabbed her nipples and pinched them hard. “I spend, I swoon!” she announced as she came, inundating my dick and Abby’s gullet with her love oil as I rammed home a particularly inspired thrust. Clara’s body went limp as her arms and legs crumbled to her sides. I rallied a few quick pokes, but no response. It appeared as if she had indeed truly swooned like some Victorian lady who had cinched her corset a smidge too tightly. As her body shifted my shaft uncunted, slapping Abby’s gob and highlighting her hairdo with a splatter of goop as she rose to assess the rumpus.

“Abby dear, don’t just stand there with your labia agape, get your booty up here.” I commanded. “Your friend has fainted and I’ve yet to unleash my spermy stew.”

Abby rolled her eyes but climbed atop the corpse-like form of her fallen friend. “You would seriously dare to fuck one Hearth Sister atop another?” She asked incredulously. “That almanbahis şikayet is cheek! Especially given your current status with the Council!” she sniffed.

“Madam, your voice offers protest, but the teeth biting your lower lip and the copious cunny cream creating cascading currents to your calves cries out for closure.” And I found, similar to her companion, my cock entered her mossy cavern without incident. Her gash was so overly gooshy in fact that I had some difficulty finding enough friction to maintain my manhood. I had to keep changing my angle of attack until I finally found one sufficient to provide pleasure to us both. For the second time in quick succession I found myself looking down to witness my cock thrusting through one of the biggest thickets of hair it had been my honor to experience. Her bush nearest her vulva was slickened straight with her juices, making her outlining hair appear even fluffier in contrast. Intoxicated by this visual display I re-doubled my efforts and was rewarded with a satisfied purr from Abby.

“Just between us, is Clara’s clam tighter than mine?” she asked, momentarily playing the coquette. “You can tell me the truth. My husband used to joke in front of his friends that I was his ‘loosy goosy’, which he found hilarious and I found extremely hurtful.”

“Each quim has its’ own unique charm,” I countered. “As I’m sure is part of your teaching here at the college, ‘Every woman has a part of Aphrodite within her,’ but it is incumbent on her and her alone to make a proper use of it. You must know better than I how men blame their own inadequacies on the women in their lives. It’s boorish and not worthy of our time. Now get those knees up past your ears sweet girl, and be quick about it!”

“Ever so gallant, you big-dicked boy,” she answered and raised her head to kiss me on the lips. After she did so, however, instead of raising her legs as I had hoped she too went as limp as her friend had done only moments before.

“Hold it right there, little mister!” A voice called out from the shadows. To my disbelieving eyes a group of four women emerged from all around me. They were dressed in the schoolgirl uniforms I had seen on other college students that worked in the building, with one slightly odd addition. Any area of bare skin, including their faces, was covered in the green, black, and brown mixture of camouflage greasepaint.

Also, they were all armed with blow-dart guns. With a quick downward glance, I belatedly noticed the feathered shafts of the darts that must have been used to render my companions unconscious.

I stood still and raised my hands in the universal ‘freeze’ gesture, my rampant manhood still firmly entrenched balls deep in the glistening gash beneath me.

“Are you Steve?” The girl I assumed to be the commander asked me.

“Of course I’m Steve,” I answered wearily. “How many other naked men do you have down here being escorted by two members of the Black Hearth?”

The commando commander gave me a look and I thought about what I had just said. “Sorry, sorry. From what little I know of this place already I’m sure you have about twenty or so naked guys being escorted around on magical mystery hedonism tours.”

“That’s a bit more like it.” The leader said as she nodded. “Courtesy costs nothing, especially to those risking their lives and positions to help you.”

“I don’t understand,” I sighed as I helped Abby’s limp form roll off of Clara and onto the ground, once again resulting in my cock being uncunted.

“These women were not leading you to the Council or to Belinda the Black. They were setting you up so that it would look like you were trying to escape before your proper judgment. The council would then have had no alternative but to execute you on the spot. Luckily, you were providing us with a good diversion that allowed us to get within range and sedate them with our darts.” The entire squad nodded in unison, their pony tails bobbing to and fro.

“Good diversion? Good diversion my eye! That was some gosh-darned good fucking you gals interfered with. And what, exactly, am I supposed to do with this now?” I asked as my enraged rod spat pre-cum reproachfully at my ‘rescuers.’ “Seriously! You couldn’t have waited five more seconds? Seriously!”

The commander shrugged. “You could always ram it back into one of the Black Hearth bitches and finish what you started.”

“Ma’am, I don’t care if this IS college, I am not fucking an unconscious woman no matter how hairy her pussy is!” I averred indignantly. “I know you may have some funny ideas about men and the consciences of stiff pricks, but there is a certain level of morality, of decorum, of standards and practices—”

“None of which will help you get your rocks of, and neither will we. We’re under strict orders to—”

“You mean none of you are even the slightest bit interested in finishing me off?” I whined uncharacteristically. Normally I would not have been so forward, but I had been so very close to release! “It won’t take but a minute for just one of ya’ll to help me out and finish cleaning my sausage. Pretty please?”

“While your submissive begging is amusing, almanbahis canlı casino we only have seven minutes and thirty seconds to escort you to the lair of Belinda the Black before you are officially considered escaped and missing. Right now you’re better off channeling that excess of sexual energy into literally running for your life. Do not attempt to draw us off mission again, or we will be forced to sedate you as well.”

“I’m sorry,” I sighed. “I am sorry. It’s just that…, Yeah, yeah. You’re the sexy rebel alliance. Just lead on.”

As the group prepared to job down a side hallway, the leader looked back to the two sleeping Black Hearth women and announced, “Hold everyone, I just had a thought.”

My interest brightened as I thought she might have changed her mind about finishing me off, especially when she grabbed my cock. I became utterly confused, however, when she proceeded to lead me by my cock to the sleeping faces of my most recent former paramours. With a few quick tugs she had spattered the unconscious women’s eyelids with my pre-ejaculate. She then utilized my cock as a paint brush to ensure full coverage. When she was satisfied she released me and motioned me to follow her down the side hall.

“And what on earth was that for?” I asked.

“When your man juice dries, it’ll gum their eyes shut, adding to the time it will take them to sound a proper alarm.” She said in a classic dead-pan tone. “Plus, it’s just kind of funny.”

And so I ran as fast as I could down the basement hallways, barely managing to keep up with my escort and trusting in them that they were leading me to where I needed to go. At one point we nearly crashed into a pair of Blonde Hearth members escorting a college-aged man as naked as I was.

Good Lord, I thought. There really are multiple men down here being led around the same as I was! Not for the first time I wondered at what the true nature of all of this was actually about.

The commando team felled all three with a flurry of blow-gun tranquilizer darts before I even had the chance to offer my services as another ‘distraction.’ Brief glimpses of tawny tufts of twat thatches ‘twixt tangled legs left me groaning over opportunities lost as we ran past.

About halfway through our journey, I found myself starting to feel woozy. This feeling was not from the physical activity of running, but seemed similar to how I felt after climaxing in Gladys the Grey’s gash or Sandra’s sweet snatch. I let my thoughts drift as we continued running. All that talk of me having funky tasting sperm, while believable, might also be an indication of susceptibility to a paralyzing agent. What if all these ladies had ‘poisoned their pussies’ with knock-out draughts? Have I been mickied by muff! That was no ordinary post-coital slumber I entered into. How is the dose delivered? Drinking it directly through cunnilingus or is it absorbed through the cock skin during coitus? As ridiculous a conspiracy theory as this was, it seemed to dovetail perfectly with their use of the blow-dart poison. It was definitely something to think on.

Eventually we arrived with little time to spare at an ornate door that I was told was the entrance to Belinda the Black’s inner sanctum. The commandos scattered back into the shadows. I knocked three times and entered.

And there she finally was.

Belinda the Black.

My supposed nemesis.

Status, ability and expertise all combining in pricelessly poised efficiency. Black hair pinned high under a flat white bow, high stiletto heels, satin uniform displaying her charms, cinched at the waist and black tights artfully torn to display and enhance. She had the palest alabaster skin I had ever seen, seemingly devoid of mark or wrinkle. Her breasts were large even by Hearth standards, with the extended rubbery nipples and burgundy darkened aureoles denoting her status of motherhood. Her vanity revealed itself in her corseted shelf half-bra that kept her breasts artificially high, but the design of the Hearth uniform drew my eyes as they always did to her magnificent muff-covered mound of jet-black pubic hair complete with treasure trail that led from her adorable innie belly-button to the ivy-covered gates to paradise-on-earth.

She examined me with slowly glazing eyes, stifling a yawn as her level gaze encompassed my proudly saluting penis. Middle-aged and personally secure, I thought. Well, we’ll soon see about that. Shattering her self-confidence was the key to winning her patronage, or so I had pinned my hopes on.

“Greetings, boy.” Her voice thundered with malice. “No doubt you know why you are here. Please me and your life will be spared, if not…,” she shrugged as if the matter was of no importance to her.

She pointed to a work table upon which rested a giant jar of lubricant and an equally imposing vibrator that was known as ‘the rabbit,’ a duplicate of the model I had once found in mothers’ pantry. What it was doing in her pantry…?,

“It will apply the lubricant to the device.” She ordered me, rendering me genderless in her eyes as an attempt to dehumanize me. “It will implant the device within its’ self. It almanbahis casino will turn the device on. It will lick the bottoms of my shoes as it pulls on its’ penis. But it will not come to a climax without my permission. The quickness with which these tasks are completed will be graded. These instructions will not be repeated. Refusal to do any of these tasks will result in it being punished.”

I walked to the table, examined the items, and sighed.

“Unfortunately for you, I have been recently instructed on the rules and regulations of your matriarchal system, Hearth member.” By failing to address her by her full title I offered her the gravest insult I dared at this juncture.

She hissed. I had hit my mark.

“While my ignorance of your laws, which you were counting far too heavily on, would have provided no defense of them, I come armed with the knowledge that during our interview you have no right to actually force me to do anything against my will.” I smiled. “So I think we’ll skip the self-cornholing bit, but thank you so very much for your gracious invitation to share in your toys.”

“How dare you speak to me in such a way.” She thundered. “I am the Black Hearth Matron and you will address me as such!”

“So, no ‘plan B’ I take it.”

“Why you…,” she shrieked in impotent rage.

“Oh, my,” I sighed. “Don’t you have any shame? You do know that all of this is being recorded and scrutinized and no doubt masturbated over by your sisters-in-arms, do you not? Even a D-list scream Queen could produce a better performance than this. Oh, but that’s part of your plan also, isn’t it? This is the point where I’m supposed to say something like, ‘ Kitten, I have been lied to, misdirected, and sexually manipulated from the moment I entered this place.’ And then what? Are you hoping that in my anger I will physically attack you, thus proving what brutish beasts all men are and providing you with an actual justifiable reason to actually take my life?”

I leaned against the table and crossed my arms. “I’m sorry, but I’m not going to do any of that.”

“But you still have yet to win my vote,” she countered. “You still have to try and please me.”

“Why, though,” I asked. “Isn’t any attempt by me to conquer your cunt like Conan, ‘trial by coitus’, simply a repetition of patriarchal archetypes that your group was supposedly formed to fight against? For the most part, all I’ve seen the women of this place do is act and treat each other the same ways that men would; only you’re all so very much worse at it somehow.”

“So says the pencil-dicked coward,” she responded.

“Seriously?” I laughed. “Name-calling now? You’ve been reduced to that this quickly?”

She grunted as if she was going to say more, and then seemingly thought better of it.

“Mind if I have a go?” I asked. “I mean, if we’ve sunk to this level it’s only fair if I get a chance also.”

Her silence was deafening as her pouting continued.

“You’re nothing more than a walking, breathing unhappy stereotype and a rather poor one at that—”

“You can’t talk to me like—”. She began.

I rose angrily from the table and crossed to her until we were nose-to-nose and cock-to-cunt. “I wasn’t finished.” I whispered in a slow steady tone that made her shoulders quiver and her eyes look away.

“You’re in perfect control at work in your daily life, and because of the accumulated stress of that and your other duties your strongest desire, your heart’s one true wish, is to relinquish that total control at play.”

I spun her around. “You are an incredibly beautiful and sexy woman, Belinda,” I said sincerely. “One that I have already admired from the front. Please allow me to gaze upon your equally as wondrous backside. Grab your ankles and let the full glory of your labia unfurl.”

To my surprise, she did exactly that, gifting me with the sight of her buoyant alabaster buttocks perched high atop her ripened peach with the full length of her pussy hair trailing down like a beard.

I leaned forward and gripped her hips with my hands, trailing my cock up and down from her anus to her vagina and back again. When I was once again at her anus I told myself that it was now or never, that everything I had said since entering this room had been to get to this point, I gave a little push and she instantly tried to shove me away.

“Wrong hole!” she screeched. “Wrong hole!”

“What can I say, Hearth member,” I growled as I held her in place, “it’s the right hole for me!”

She continued to struggle as I laid out my argument. “All this time you’ve spent obsessing over anal sex, punishing unknowing young men for some insult I’m guessing was done to you despite your having enjoyed it or that you have long wished to have done to you. Tirelessly beating the asses of others when it was your own broad backside that longed for a pounding. And the irony is your belief that if you simply ask for what you want and admit to yourself the nature of your desire, that that would then render it spoiled. Because ‘we all know’ it’s simply no good to ask directly what you want, no, someone needs to magically read you mind in order for the experience to be fulfilling. Good gravy, woman! If anyone in my experience has needed a diamond-hard shaft to split their ass hunks asunder, it is you. Now take your medicine like a good girl, and not to worry. I’ll coat it with a spoon-full of sugar for you first.”

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