Guestbedroom Fun


Sheila couldn’t believe what she was doing. Her mouth was pressed firmly against a moist bare pussy and her tongue licking in and out with passionate need. She flattened her tongue and took long licks before flicking the clit several times and returned to long licking again.

Above her, Sissy sat astride her face and enjoyed this younger woman’s delightful tongue. She had always had an attraction for women but never engaged with anyone until this night.

It all had started innocently when her husband John, had dropped her off at the bar where she was meetings friends from work. During the lighthearted chatting, she got to talk more with Sheila, the younger assistant in her office. Certainly at least ten years younger, Sissy guessed that Sheila had had plenty of men in her life and when the conversation turned to sex, Sheila was not bashful about her exploits. Sissy on the other hand kept quiet for the most part. She listened and laughed but never gave up her secret fantasy of being with a women. It was only later she was to find out that it was possible.

The bartender shouted ‘Last orders’ and the şişli bayan escort place began to empty. The colleagues left the bar and headed home.

“You all right to drive?” asked Sissy, noticing that Sheila was leaning on her. Her warm body felt good against hers as they tried to walk a little way. Sissy could feel Sheila’s hard nipples under the thin dress too.

“I don’t know.”

“Then stay at my place. We have a guest bedroom you can use.”

Sheila smiled and kissed Sissy on the cheek. Sissy stopped and then Sheila looked at her again, watching her smile and kissed her on the lips. It felt like heaven to sissy as their lips joined for what it seemed was forever. Warm and soft.

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” replied Sissy not knowing what to make of it all.

Ten minutes later they arrived at Sissy’s home. While Sheila used the bathroom, Sissy looked at herself in the mirror and compared herself with Sheila. She was slim like Sheila but her breasts were heavier and betrayed her mid-forties age. Her long blonde hair was quite a contrast to Sheila’s dark brunette colour but şişli escort they both had pert bottoms. Sissy smiled that her effort to keep trim had paid off and felt comfortable in Sheila’s presence. No jealousy there.

“You look great” said a voice.

Sheila stood behind Sissy and put her arms around her. Before she could do anything else, Sissy was in Sheila’s arms and kissing her deeply. She had never kissed anyone like this before. Her tongue was deep inside Sheila’s mouth as they held each other close and felt their breasts touch. It was an electric moment which had to stop.

“John is here.” said Sissy. “We can’t.”

“Is he a deep sleeper?” smirked Sheila.

Sissy nodded and then found herself being led into the guest room where Sheila closed the door. It was an overpowering moment where Sissy just allowed Sheila to undress her. Clothes came off quickly and they soon found themselves naked on the bed.

“You know, I’ve never been with a woman.” said Sheila. ” But I want you now.”

Sissy smiled and started to kiss Sheila. She was finally living out her fantasy and enjoying it. mecidiyeköy escort Her mouth kissed the younger woman and then moved down to her firm breasts. Her mouth licked her nipples and sucked on them, making them hard.

Sheila moaned as Sissy used her tongue all over her body. She loved the feel of it as it moved to her thighs and then onto her pussy. It felt so good to feel a woman’s touch. Even though Sissy had never performed oral before, it wasn’t long before Sheila was arching her back. Those long licks and delightful playing with her clit spun her into a shuddering climax.

It wasn’t too long before Sheila was performing the same with Sissy. But this time Sheila seemed to get a little rougher with Sissy as she begged to be ‘fucked.’ They rolled around in the bed together and quite forgot that her husband was next door. All she could care about was Sheila and their love making.

“Make me cum, you naughty girl.” Sissy demanded as she sat astride the girl and rubbed her bare pussy back and forth.

“You going to give me everything.” she demanded.

“Yes, yes.” said the muffled voice of Sheila who then began licking Sissy with even more passion.

This was going to be a great night thought Sissy, and maybe a beautiful friendship. The thought of John’s hard cock and Sheila’s body just made Sissy shudder and rub harder.

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