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Chapter 55 Charlie was woken up by Rick the next morning. At first he panicked, thinking it was Justin stroking his head. He slapped Rick’s hand and shoved himself away before realizing who was in the room with him. Rick looked taken aback by Charlie’s reaction. “Hey, Little Man,” Rick said, uncertain if Charlie was in a dream-like state or not. “I didn’t mean to startle you.” “What do you want?” Charlie asked, looking around the room trying to get his bearings. Rick took a deep, settling breath. He never permitted the boys to talk to him so disrespectfully, so he had to remind himself that he was the one who frightened the little boy. “I wanted to let you know that I’m going to pick up your brother from the hospital.” “Billy’s in the hospital?” Charlie asked, still confused. He rubbed his eyes, trying to clear the fog of sleep from his brain. “No, Billy’s fine. I’m going to bring Ry home.” Rick looked at his son and asked, “Are you okay?” “I’m fine,” Charlie said, a little more forcefully than he intended. To cover his attitude he asked, “Where’s Billy and Joey?” “They went to school already,” Rick replied. “I thought you might want to take another day or two out of school after what happened yesterday.” Normally, Charlie would’ve been thrilled to have the extra time off; however, he didn’t like that he’d be spending that time with his betrayer father. Charlie nodded his acceptance. He asked Rick to leave the room, so he could get dressed. Rick thought it was an odd request, since Charlie had never been weird about being seen in his underwear before, but Rick honored the request. After Charlie showered and got dressed, he went downstairs and saw that he was alone. His dad had left him a note, stating that he thought Charlie might want some alone time and would be back in a couple of hours. Charlie had considered not texting Justin, but he used the toilet before taking his shower and there was blood again. Despite his better judgment, Charlie sent his message. Justin replied a minute later saying he was on his way. About 10 minutes later, Justin walked into the house. He was wearing a t-shirt, jacket, basketball shorts and flip-flops. Based on the bulge in his shorts, Charlie could tell that Justin wasn’t wearing underwear, and the young boy’s regrets were mounting. “So, you’re still bleeding, huh?” Justin asked. “Yeah,” Charlie said. “C’mon. Let’s go to your room.” Justin led the way up the stairs. He opened the door and closed it behind Charlie. “You’re sure we’re alone?” “Yes,” Charlie replied, annoyed at the implication. “And your family won’t be home for a while, right?” “Dad’s note said a couple hours.” “Great,” Justin said, as he took off his few stitches of clothing. “Well, what are you waiting for? Take your clothes off.” “I don’t want to have sex with you,” Charlie said, standing defiantly before the naked and aroused teen. Justin laughed and said, “I’m not here to have sex with you, either. I don’t istanbul travesti want to get blood on our clothes, since you seem to be bleeding to death. Now, get naked and stop being such a little bitch about it.” Charlie huffed his indignation but removed his clothes, nonetheless. “Now, get on the bed, on your hands and knees.” Charlie gave Justin some side-eye and got into position. Justin grabbed Charlie by the hips and swung him around till his feet were off the edge and he was looking at the wall. Justin looked at Charlie’s plump, chubby butt. His dick was dripping, wanting more of the no-longer, virgin hole. Justin knelt down and got a closer look. He could see bruising from the rough play they had, but he couldn’t see any tearing. He wanted to lick Charlie’s sweet booty and savor the taste. He reached over and pulled the bottle of lube from his jacket pocket. Justin got some on his finger and then coated the boy’s awaiting anus. “What are you doing?” Charlie called back over his shoulder. “I’m lubing you like yesterday.” “Why? I said I don’t want to have sex again!” “Calm the fuck down,” Justin snapped. “I don’t see where you’re bleeding so I need to find out where the blood is coming from.” “It’s coming from inside my butt, you jerk!” Charlie clapped back. “Do you want my help or not? Because I could just go home and leave you bleeding here.” “Fine,” the boy said. He’s lucky my cock likes him, Justin thought to himself, as he worked his finger inside Charlie. Charlie moaned, but not in pleasure, though Justin didn’t take it that way. He clenched as Justin pushed his way in. Every time Justin pressed deeper, Charlie would stiffen, which would then cause Justin to slap Charlie’s bare ass with his free hand. “Here,” Justin said, tossing the familiar, small, amber bottle to the boy. Charlie didn’t take the container. He didn’t like the way it made him feel and the memories of the day before were still too fresh. “Fine, have it your way, as always.” Justin managed to get his finger all the way inside of Charlie. He found the tear before he was all the way in, since Charlie cringed and clenched whenever Justin touched it, but Justin wasn’t done yet. He pulled, pushed and probed around. He found Charlie’s prostate, which made Charlie moan and drop his head to the bedding. Justin loved having that kind of control with the little boys he had been with. “I think I found it,” Justin said, extracting his finger. “Okay,” Charlie said, turning himself into a sitting position. “So, I’m not going to bleed anymore?” “Oh, you will bleed for a few days, but it should stop after that.” “You said you could make it stop!” Charlie said, scandalized. “You know what?” Justin said, snapping again. “I just did you a favor and this is the thanks I get. You needed my help, so I drove all the way over here to take care of you, because I love you, and all you’ve done is give me a fucking attitude. I didn’t even want to have sex yesterday.” “It was your idea!” Charlie snapped back. “No, it wasn’t.” It was Justin’s turn to sound scandalized. “You came to my house, started kissing and rubbing your dick all over me, while I was just trying to support you.” “That’s not how it happened!” Charlie demanded. “Really? Then why didn’t you say you didn’t want to have sex? You only cared if it hurt or not, and I did my best, despite not wanting to do it, to make sure you were happy and fine. You pretty much raped me, Charlie.” Charlie felt like he had inhaled from the small bottle. His head swam trying to remember what happened in Justin’s bedroom. The events were getting mixed around as he started to panic. Unable to remember every little detail, Charlie said, “I didn’t mean to.” “So you admit that you raped me, then?” “I–I guess,” Charlie said, not quite sure what was going on. “I thought so,” Justin said, as if his suspicions were true. “And now, you’re not wanting to have kadıköy travesti sex, even though I finally want to.” Charlie’s heart sank into his stomach. “You want to have sex?” “I think it’s pretty obvious, don’t you?” Justin spat, slapping his hard, dripping cock. “But, my butt hurts…” Charlie pleaded. “Well, my dick hurts, so what are we gonna do about it?” “But–” “How about I just call the police, and you can explain why you raped me, as they take you to jail?” Justin said, as he reached for his phone. “No!” Charlie said, jumping off the bed. He was crying again as he grabbed Justin’s wrist. “Fine, I’ll have sex with you.” “So, I have your consent?” “Yes! Just don’t call the cops, please!” Gotcha, Justin said to himself. “Okay, I won’t call the police. Now, get back on the bed the way you were, and hand me the bottle.” Trevor drove Billy to the cafe. It had dawned on them that they had never really had a proper date. Trevor saw that Billy was having a hard time with his broken nose and bruised face, so he wanted to do something special for his boyfriend. His cousin, Maria, had gotten a job there and “reserved” them a private table and had their order ready when they walked in. “This is the sweetest thing anyone has ever done,” Billy said, looking around at the decorations Maria added at the last second. “Really?” Trevor said, shocked and proud of himself. “Really,” Billy confirmed, choosing to ignore the last time Rick took him to the coast. “All Justin ever wanted to do was fuck or hangout with Charlie.” “That dude gives me the creeps,” Trevor said, adding sugar to his coffee. “Yeah, I’m not a fan of his either, but Charlie adores him.” “That’s funny,” Trevor said, “because your dad wanted to call Justin yesterday and Charlie definitely gave the impression that he didn’t want Justin there.” “What do you mean?” Trevor explained what he saw, and how Charlie’s body language and attitude changed. Billy knew that Trevor was very good at reading people and situations, so he found it hard to dismiss his boyfriend’s views; however, Justin didn’t seem like the type of guy who would hurt Charlie, and Charlie loved being around Justin. “That’s pretty weird,” was all Billy could say. “Yeah. I wanted to talk to him, but we don’t really know each other. Don’t get me wrong, I like your brothers, but I’m pretty new to Charlie’s life, and it felt like I would’ve crossed some boundaries.” “Yeah, I don’t think he was in the mood to talk, anyway. Hopefully, he’ll talk to Ry. They’re really close.” As the pair ate their lunch, Billy, who was struggling to chew because of the pain, thought about Charlie’ behavior. Ever since the accident, Charlie’s attitude had only gotten worse, and now, he was getting violent. He decided to talk to Rick about getting his baby brother back into therapy. “That was great,” Justin said, as he toweled Charlie off after their shower. “You were amazing.” “Thanks,” Charlie said, avoiding eye contact. He was even more sore, and he definitely knew that Justin didn’t care about him or his feelings. “See how much better it is whenever everyone consents!” “Yeah,” Charlie said, dismissively. “You need to leave before my dad and brother get home.” “Why?” Justin said, pulling the still naked boy into his arms. “Are you ashamed of me?” “No,” Charlie lied. “I’m not supposed to have anyone over.” “Ah,” Justin said. “Well, I don’t want to get you in trouble with your dad and brother.” Charlie noted that Justin left out the police in that list. “You’re still not going to call the cops, are you?” “Not at this moment,” Justin said. He looked Charlie in the eyes and said, “But I will if you tell anyone what we did. They’ll make sure you never come home; got it?” “Yes,” Charlie said, his lips trembling. “Good,” Justin said, “then you have nothing to worry about.” Justin kissed Charlie and shoved his tongue in the boy’s mouth. He wondered bakırköy travesti if he had enough time to shoot a load down the boy’s throat but decided it could wait till next time. “You still love me, right?” “Yeah,” Charlie lied, once again. “Then say it,” Justin demanded. “I love you, Justin.” “With all your heart?” “With all my heart.” Justin waited and then asked, “Do you have something you’d like to apologize for?” Charlie looked confused then figured out what Justin wanted him to say. “I’m sorry I raped you.” “Thank you, Charlie. That means a lot to me. I love you with all my heart, Charlie Barton. I don’t want to ever lose you, especially over something like that.” “Me either.” “Glad to hear it.” Justin picked up Charlie and carried him back to Charlie’s room, so they could get dressed. He kissed Charlie one last time before leaving. Charlie went back to his room. He grabbed everything that Justin had ever given him and took it to the garage. He pulled out the box with his clothes in it and put the new items inside. Charlie found some tape and secured the box. Frustrated, he yelled at Little Joey for barking. He saw that the pup had not only trashed his living space, but that he had pissed and shit everywhere in the enclosure. “What the fuck is wrong with you, you stupid fucking dog?!” Charlie shouted at the ignorant puppy, who cowed at Charlie uncharacteristic aggression. The anger he felt the day before was boiling to the top again. Charlie wanted to shove the puppy’s face in it’s own shit and beat it till it behaved. Images of him taking his pain, hatred and anger out on the smaller creature flashed red in his mind’s eye. Despite the constant training, Little Joey was no closer to being potty trained than Charlie was to erasing the memories of Justin fucking him. A deviant voice in his head told him that he’d feel better. The dog was too dumb to be upset with him forever. It’s not like he could kill the puppy. He’d be able to stop before that ever happened. And it’s not like anyone would ever find out. Charlie gasped and fell back onto the floor, frightened of what he was thinking. How could he possibly hurt Little Joey? He was still a puppy and didn’t know any better! Little Joey did nothing wrong…like Charlie had done nothing wrong, yet Justin still pressured him into having sex. Charlie knew he told Justin that he didn’t want to have sex the day before and earlier, yet Justin still twisted things, scared him and convinced Charlie that they needed to do it. His innocence was gone, but he wasn’t going to take it out on his dog. Charlie ran from the garage, up the stairs and into Ry’s room. He hid under the blankets, clutching Ry’s bear. Fear washed over his entire being, and the anxiety it caused was so overwhelming, Charlie passed out. “Morning,” Ry said, smiling at the little boy next to him. “You’re home,” Charlie said, groggily. “No, you’re in the hospital, too,” Ry said, looking confused. “What?!” Charlie said, sitting up and looking around. “Jerk!” He said as he saw that he was still in Ry’s bed. Ry laughed and asked, “Did you miss me?” “I did till now, you butt head” Charlie pouted but leaned over and gave his big brother a hug all the same. “I missed you, too,” Ry said, returning the hug the best he could. He was still on heavy pain killers and was on his side. “When did you get home?” Charlie asked, as he scooted himself against his brother. “I’m not sure. I was pretty high and Dad put me to bed right away.” “Are your drugs strong?” Charlie asked, giggling at the look on Ry’s face; he looked drunk. “Good enough to sleep through that chainsaw sleeping next to me.” “Jerk,” Charlie said, again. Instead of punching his brother, he leaned in and kissed Ry on the cheek. “I really did miss you.” “I missed you, too, Billy.” “Billy?” Charlie said, incredulously. Ry laughed again. “Just kidding, Joey.” “You’re such a jerk!” Charlie said, giggling and nuzzling up to his safe person. “I’m so happy you’re home,” Charlie said, unable to hold back his tears any longer. Too high to really do much, Ry held his baby brother until they both fell asleep once more. ***Coming Soon, Chapter 56***

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