Good God Almighty!


I was sitting on a squeaky bed in a cheap motel in a small town in Georgia. It was raining, and I had a black eye and a fat lip. Kneeling before me was my young woman who was sucking my dick.

Today was one of the weirdest days of my entire life. It’s hard to imagine that only 24 hours ago I was engaged to the woman of my dreams, Mary Campbell. Let me give you a little context here.

Mary and I had met through mutual friends three years ago and she and I just clicked. After three dates, I finally mustered up the courage to ask her to be my girlfriend. There was only one problem: she didn’t believe in sex outside of marriage.

Thanks to growing up in Southern Baptist household, we couldn’t do anything physical other than making out. It wouldn’t have been a problem if she wasn’t so beautiful. She had golden hair that seemed to have an angelic glow to it. Her slim body looked great in everything, with her small waist, perky backside, and wonderful, sculpted breasts. Just her smile could make you forget your own name.

Also, being in a relationship with her came with strings. I had to attend church with her twice a week. Not so bad.

I also had to attend her Friday night bible study group with a bunch of her friends. Again, not so bad because they were actually pretty cool.

Also, she left not-so-subtle hints that she was only going to marry a man that made six figures a year. Thanks to my Master’s degree and some hard work at my job, I was able to get promoted to management at my job. It was hell, costing me extra hours of work and less free time on the weekends, but I did it.

Thankfully, all of my hard work paid off. One beautiful night in June, I took Mary out for a nice candlelit dinner by the lake in the park and asked her to be my wife. The giggling, screaming, and jumping were all the answer that I needed.

I was expecting her to go nuts and immediately post about our engagement to social media like a typical female would. It wasn’t until the next day that she dropped another task on me: I had to get her father’s blessing.

I had only met Mary’s father once when he had come to visit a little over a year after Mary and I had started dating. He was a pastor of the only church in Mary’s hometown. In the week he had visited, we just went out to dinner a couple of times, went mini-golfing, and went to church. The only problem was that he spent most of our time together drilling me about my lifestyle and my knowledge of the Bible. From what Mary had told me after he went home, I had passed the test.

Mary’s plan was for us to fly down to Georgia, have me meet her family, and then I would ask for her dad’s blessing. Once he granted it, I would propose again in front of the whole family. As an added incentive, she promised to take me to Victoria’s Secret and pick out what she would wear on our first night together as man and wife, so naturally I was sold on the idea.

After a long flight and a 90-minute drive in a rental car, we arrived in the small town of Nabor, Georgia. We rolled up to a big, five-acre property with a long driveway and a beautiful two-story house. It looked like one of those nice houses that you see in a music video on CMT with the big porch and the porch swing.

We were greeted by her family in the driveway and after some hugs, kisses, and handshakes we were brought into the house. We were set up in separate bedrooms, of course, and served a lovely dinner. Mary and I were going to spend one week at the Campbell house, but it didn’t take long for me to get acquainted with her family.

Her mother Amelia was nice enough. In true Southern woman style, she was always asking me if wanted something to eat. I think her cooking was the best home cooking that I had eaten in my life. Still, I couldn’t help but notice that she was very quiet and docile towards her husband. I had told myself that I wouldn’t want Mary to be that way when she became my wife.

Then there was Mary’s younger brother Simon, who was married with three children and lived only a few doors down from his parents. Dude seemed to be a carbon copy of his dad, content to let his wife take care of the kids and chores, and a big lover of the Bible. He was also a big hunting fanatic and would always joke that he would mount me on his wall if I broke his sister’s heart.

One time, when Mary was giving a private tour, I saw some pictures on the wall and noticed a sullen-looking girl with dark hair. Mary explained that was her younger sister Rachel, who wasn’t really on good terms with the family. I was instructed not to talk about her at all if I hoped to be welcomed into the family.

What was even stranger is that I soon discovered that had a rival that I didn’t even know about: Jonah Peck.

Jonah was a schoolteacher at the local private school and was Mary’s childhood friend. It was on the third day of our visit, he stopped by unannounced to visit Mary. He was tall, muscled, bearded, and had long hair that made him look like a discount Jesus.

Mary’s kaçak iddaa family made no effort to conceal how much they loved Jonah. Simon would brag about all of the game that Jonah had killed in their shared hunting trips, as well as how great of a football player he was in the intramural church league. Mrs. Campbell showed me tons of pictures of he and Mary as kids. One time at dinner, Mr. Campbell said loud and proud about how he considered Jonah to be his own son. Apparently, I was going to have to step up my game; it was almost time for our trip to end.

Even after five days into my Georgia trip, I was still having my doubts about the Campbell family. I was used to being asked nonstop questions about the Bible, listening to only Gospel and Country music, and keeping my mouth shut when Mary’s family went on their Republican rants, but it was becoming increasingly clear that Mr. Campbell was ducking me. Mary kept needling me to talk to him man-to-man about getting his approval for me to propose, but when he wasn’t at church or hanging out with his friends, he was too tired to talk to me.

Friday, all of us had gone to the church carnival. Since I was staying with the head pastor’s family, I, of course, was obligated to help with setting up. Mrs. Campbell had me drive her minivan, which was loaded with groceries from Costco, while she, Mary, and her husband drove in Mr. Campbell’s pickup truck. I spent hours being ordered around by a bunch of old church ladies and introduced to more of Mary’s family and friends.

Strangely enough, I barely saw Mary during the entire event. Her dad was too busy to tell me where she was, her mother didn’t know, and Simon felt like being a douchebag and joking about how I couldn’t keep track of my girlfriend. Thankfully, one of the old church ladies had told me that she had gone to her dad’s office to retrieve something.

Well, God must have been on my side, because on my way to Mr. Campbell’s office I saw Mary and her friend Jonah sneaking through the hallways of the empty church building. My heart dropped with fear; I knew that if I followed them then I would see something that would break me. I was not disappointed.

I followed them to Mr. Campbell’s office, where they hastily went inside and locked the door behind them. Thankfully, I had been too busy to give Mrs. Campbell back her keys, and on the chain was a key to her husband’s office. I slowly unlocked and opened the door, my smart phone ready and recording.

Sure enough, my fiancée was on her knees and not in prayer. Jonah Peck was standing before her, moaning softly as his childhood friend played his skin flute. Despite my fury, I had to admit that it was hot seeing Mary giving head. Once I had enough footage, I loudly cleared my throat. The two of them looked in my direction in shock and Mary yelped.


“You can keep the ring,” I said with marked disgust before I ended the recording.

“Wait, no!” Jonah said as he tried to sprint towards me but tripped over the pants around his ankles.

Mary scrambled to her feet and tried to run for the door, but I slammed it shut in her face.

I stormed out of the church, my face burning, and fists clenched as I fought to hold back tears. Mary caught up to me, pulling at me and begging me to just listen. I turned to look at her and her beautiful, tear-stained face.

“Tell me that I didn’t see you blowing your friend Jonah in your dad’s office,” I said through clenched teeth.

“Keep your voice down!” Mary hissed.

“Oh, you’re afraid someone’s going to find out? That’s rich!”

“It was a mistake! Please, I’m sorry!” She then reached for my belt buckle. “Let me make it up to you!”

“You’ve got to be out of your fucking mind!” I roared, uncaring on who heard me. “I spent the first few months begging you for at least a handjob, but you would always say, ‘No, Steven. I’m not supposed to, I’m a Christian.'”

She broke into tears. “Don’t do this, please! I love you!”

“I loved you, too. Feel free to marry Jonah, he seems pretty hung, and your dad obviously likes him more than me. I won’t post the video, but don’t go telling your friends that our breakup is MY fault, or I might change my mind.”

Mary fell to her knees and wept as I walked away. It was dusk when I left the church and began my long hike back to the Campbell house. The long walk did nothing to lower my rage but allowed me time to remember all of the hoops I had jumped through in order to please my former fiancée and her family.

At last, I reached the house and used Mrs. Campbell’s keys to enter. I hastily grabbed my belongings and put them in the rental car. As I left Mrs. Campbell’s keys on the kitchen table, I heard some vehicles approaching.

I walked outside to see two pickup trucks parking in the driveway. After they turned off their engines, out spilled Mary, her father, her brother, and her mother. Mary’s mother looked scared, her father looked nervous, and Simon looked pissed. Mary couldn’t even make eye contact kaçak bahis with me, unlike the other three.

“Come to see me off?” I asked them.

“Steven, sonny,” Mr. Campbell said, addressing me nicely for the first time since I had met him. “We need to talk.”

I scoffed. “Been trying to talk to you all week, Gary, but you never seem to have time for me.”

“That’s Mr. Campbell,” Simon said to me. “Show my father some respect.”

“You’re right,” I shrugged. “Thank you, Mr. Campbell for allowing me to stay in your lovely home. I’m going home now.”

“Now, Steven,” Mr. Campbell said. “Mary told me that you caught her in a…moment of weakness.” I smiled at his struggle to explain his daughter’s mistake. “Son, it’s nothing to ruin her life over. Please, think about Jonah, too.”

“Just give us your phone!” Simon spat.

“No,” I said.

Simon was about to take a run at me, but Mr. Campbell stopped him. “Now, Steven, it takes a real man to forgive when he’s been wronged. As my future son-in-law, I’m asking…begging…delete that video.”


Simon didn’t like hearing that answer twice in a row, so he pushed past his father and came at me. What Simon didn’t know was, that in addition to visiting a gym three times a week since I was 18, I had taken boxing lessons. Though he was able to land a few hits, he eventually ended up on the ground crumpled up in a heap.

Mary’s tears began anew as I stepped over Simon and got into my car. Her dad stood there dumbfounded, unsure if he should comfort his daughter, help his son, or try again to talk me into deleting the video on my phone. But the weirdest thing I saw before I left was Mrs. Campbell laughing.

She was standing in the driveway, doubled over and hooting wildly as if she had just finished watching Dave Chappelle doing stand-up. It was kind of disturbing, considering that for most of my stay she had been very quiet and submissive. I quickly turned over the engine and left the Campbell house.

So that’s it. That’s why I was staying a crappy hotel in Georgia on a rainy Saturday morning. As to why I was getting the blowjob, let me bring you up to speed.

It was early afternoon, and I had ordered a pizza for lunch. I was just going to nurse my broken heart with cable television, cheap beer, and possibly some porn on my smart phone. A knock came at the door, so I got off of the bed and headed to the door.

I opened the door, expecting to be face-to-face with a delivery driver. Instead, I found a beautiful woman on the other side of my door wearing a hooded raincoat. She had black hair, smoky eyes, and wore dark red lipstick. I wasn’t startled by her arrival, but rather intrigued, as she looked very familiar.

“I…I feel like I’ve seen you before,” I said, trying furiously to place her name.

“Well, you tried marrying my sister,” she said.

My eyes went wide with recognition. “Rachel!”

“Nice to meet you!”

My expression softened. “If you’re here about the video, then don’t waste your time.”

“Actually,” she said with a chuckle. “I just wanted to meet you. Can I come in?”

I heaved a sigh, stood aside, and allowed her to walk in. After closing the door, I watched as Rachel took off her raincoat and tossed it in a corner. Despite my suspicions of her reason for being here, I couldn’t help but check her out.

She had some tattoos on her arms. She wore black cargo pants, a white knit tank top, and some black and white skateboard shoes. Despite her baggy pants, I could still tell that she had a nice ass underneath. Whereas her older sister Mary had a small waist and cute butt, Rachel’s butt was much bigger and had more of a feminine swell.

“So, listen,” Rachel started. “Mary probably told you that I’m not liked that much in my family.”

“She did.”

“And you’ve seen why. They’re Bible-thumping, GOP loving, conservative freaks. Growing up, Mary was always the perfect daughter: always on the honor roll, sang in the church choir, and went to church almost every day. Simon is pretty much my dad’s clone. The two of them are my dad’s little puppets

“Me? As soon as I turned 18, I got the fuck up out of there. I don’t talk to any of them…except my mom.”


“Yeah,” Rachel continued. “Which is why I was quite surprised when she drove over to my house last night and told me how you laid out Simon like sack of manure.” She started chuckling. “I think that’s the happiest I’ve seen my mom in a long ass time. We broke out a bottle of Jack Daniels and let the good times roll. Ah, I didn’t realize just how much I missed her.”

“I actually liked your mother,” I said. “She was probably the nicest person in that house.”

“She’s had to put up with a lot,” Rachel said. “When she caught my dad in bed with one of the young Sunday School teachers, she kept her mouth shut. When Simon got drunk and pissed his pants in front of the family one Christmas, she kept her mouth shut.”

“I wish your sister had learned to keep her mouth shut,” illegal bahis I sighed.

“Yeah. Sorry about that. Hate to break it to you, but my older sister isn’t the chaste saint she appears to be. Jonah would be surprised to know just how many guys she’s blown.”

I laughed, and Rachel joined in with me. Hearing all of this made me feel better. She seemed to have noticed the beer in my hand, because she walked over to my mini fridge, grabbed a can, cracked it open and started drinking.

“So, you going home to Philly tomorrow?” she asked.

“Yeah. I guess the bright side is that I won’t have to shell out money for a stupid wedding.”

“Believe me, you lucked out. If you would have married my sister, you would have been her pet, not her husband.”

“I guess I can quit going to church, now that we’re not together anymore. When I get home, I’m probably going to go on a huge porn bender.”

“What, she didn’t give you any while you were together?”

“Pssh. Dating her was like dating a nun. I felt like I was almost to the finish line and I would finally get some from her.”

“Well, that’s kind of why I’m here,” Rachel said, putting down her beer and walking towards me. “I feel like I owe you, since you beat the shit out of my stupid brother, humiliated my sister and dad, AND made my mom happy.”

She then walked up to me, wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me. My eyes went huge as I felt her tongue slide into my mouth. I wrapped my arms around her waist and met her tongue with my own.

Rachel gently brought me over to the bed, made me sit down on the side, and got on her knees. Rachel pulled down my pants and boxers, put her face in my lap, and took my soft cock into her mouth. I quickly swigged down the rest of my beer and threw the empty can across the room.

Rachel let out a low moan as she looked up at me with those beautiful dark eyes of hers. The sight of her beautiful mouth full of my penis was definitely getting the blood pumping. My mind tried to think back to the last time that I could remember getting head: New Year’s Eve at Charlie Bomer’s party when Selena Taylor dragged me into the laundry room and blew me after the ball dropped.

Speaking of balls, Rachel’s hands found mine. She cupped them gently in her fingers and began to massage them. I let out a moan and started stroking Rachel’s ebony hair, and she smiled up at me. Suddenly, she let go of my nuts, opened her mouth wider and moved her head forward to take the entirety of my genitals into her gaping maw.

She looked me dead in the eye as she let out a low, gurgling sound like an animal being choked. I grasped her head and shut my eyes, praying to God that I didn’t blow too soon. Rachel gently moved my hands away and pulled her head back, letting my full six inches fall out of her mouth. My loins were sopping wet with her saliva.

“You gonna be okay, bud?” Rachel asked with a cocky smile as she grabbed my cock.

“I think so,” I panted. “That was fucking incredible. I should warn you, thanks to your sister, I haven’t been laid in a while, so I might not last long.”

Her smile faded. “Who the fuck said you were getting laid?”

My heart sank. “I-I-I…I’m sorry I just thought that…”

“Kidding!” Rachel said. “Sorry, I get kind of mean when I’m horny.”

She sat back on her rump and took off her shoes and socks. She then unclasped her pants and pulled them down with her panties before tossing them away. I eyed her bare crotch with the utmost hunger. Even from a few feet away I could smell her arousal. I leapt from the bed, hastily crawled over to her, and buried my face in her groin.

Rachel had a well-kept patch of dark hair that rimmed her mound. I used two fingers to part her lips and put my tongue inside of her. She giggled at first, and then let out a low moan. My body shivered with lust as I felt some female fingers snake their way into my hair and massage my scalp. I eagerly licked at Rachel’s honeypot, encouraged by the sounds of pleasure that she was making.

“Oh, yeah. Aww, that’s a good tongue. You really were starved for pussy, weren’t you?”


“Well eat up…OH! Oh, that feels great. Lick me more, lick my cunt.”

My ears burned at the sound of Rachel’s moans. I honestly felt that my pussy-eating skills were woefully inadequate, but Rachel didn’t seem to care in the slightest. I looked up to see her grinning and biting her lip while her eyes were shut. She grabbed her right breast and massaged it while I continued to eat her.

I decided to give some attention to Miss Clit. I used the tip of my tongue to gently make circles upon it. At first, I didn’t notice a change in Rachel’s responses, but once I started licking from the bottom of her slit to the top of her clit, her moans and gasps got higher. I kept licking and licking until her body got suddenly rigid and then relaxed. I kissed the inside of her thigh and looked up at her.

“I really hoped that you liked that,” I told her.

“Whew! I loved it,” she said before sitting up and pulling her shirt over her head. After throwing it aside, she reached behind and undid her purple bra. The lingerie slipped from her shoulders and she tossed it away.

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