Girls of Alpha Beta Delta Ch. 62


Jenny cried almost the whole way to the airport. Kristin had borrowed Miss White’s car to take her, and was now kind of regretting it. She felt that Jenny was being childish and melodramatic, and chided her, “Come on, Jen, it’s just a few weeks. Pull yourself together.”

Jenny tried, she really did, but she kept losing the struggle and bursting into tears all over again. Seeing that Jenny’s emotions were simply beyond her control, Kristin softened. She reached over with her right hand and squeezed Jenny’s shoulder. “It’s OK, honey,” she said gently. “Really. It’s all going to be fine.”

Smiling through her tears, Jenny wiped her tears and straightened up in her seat. As they approached the airport she did finally get a grip on herself and apologized to Kristin.

“Emotions are emotions,” Kristin reassured her. “Don’t worry about it.”

When they arrived at the airport they shared a long, lingering hug. Jenny felt a little shy, like people were staring at them, but she didn’t resist when Kristin planted a big kiss on her mouth. When they separated Kristin pulled out her phone and looked at the time. “You’d better get going,” Ankara escort she said.

Jenny nodded. “I’ll miss you.”

“I know,” said Kristin, with a wink. “Now scat.” As Jenny turned to go Kristin said, “Be good.” But as Jenny walked away she added, “Or not. Your choice.”

As soon as she was out of Kristin’s sight Jenny started crying again, and she bawled on and off all the way through the boarding process. But over the course of the flight she slowly started to pull herself together. Of course it would be good to see her family, good to spend time at home. She wondered if her parents would notice the difference in her; she was definitely more self-assured than she had been. They would never guess why, though — at least she hoped not. She shuddered at the thought of her parents learning what really went on at ABD.

The truth was, having a secret life gave Jenny an air of intrigue that she was not conscious of. During the flight most of the men around her, and several of the women, looked over at her repeatedly. The waitress was unusually attentive, even flirty. But Jenny was happily oblivious, reading and sleeping as the plane Ankara escort bayan made its way south and west.

* * *

By early afternoon on Saturday everyone was gone from ABD House except Miss White and Jodie. Miss White was sitting at her desk, tying up loose ends and clearing off her desk in preparation for the break, when Jodie came in and sat down across from her.

“I have to tell you something,” said Jodie.

Miss White shifted her attention to the younger woman. “OK,” she said.

“I slept with Miri this week. I went back to the dorm to grab some stuff, and she was there alone, and one thing led to another, and…” she trailed off.

Miss White shrugged. “That’s your business, Jodie. I don’t own you.”

Jodie looked Miss White straight in the eye for a moment before answering. “Yes you do.”

Miss White was distracted for a moment by a message popping up on her computer screen. When she looked back, Jodie’s gaze had wandered; following it, she saw that Jodie was staring at the paddle, which was still sitting on her desk. So that was what this was about. Miss White had not yet used the new toy Escort Ankara on Jodie, and she was feeling left out.

Picking up the paddle Miss White said, “Very well. Assume the position.”

Without delay Jodie stood up and bent over the desk. Her short skirt naturally rode up to reveal a smooth, soft rear end that had not been punished for a while. Miss White picked up the paddle and balanced it in her hand. She remembered, now, that if used correctly it would leave an impression on the victim’s skin shaped like the letters “?ß?”; it wasn’t long before Jodie’s glowing red rump bore just such a mark.

When she’d come into the room Jodie had had a picture in her mind of what was going to transpire, and everything went exactly as she imagined it. She knew that after the spanking, Miss White would disappear for a moment and return wearing a strap-on. She knew that Miss White would fuck her mouth and then her cunt; liberated by the knowledge that no one was around to hear, she cut loose with howls that echoed through the hallways.

She knew, too, that she would end the afternoon on her knees, eating Miss White’s pussy until the older woman was thoroughly satisfied. Afterward they went upstairs and climbed into bed for a nap. Jodie drifted off feeling completely blissful, certain that this was the best of all possible worlds, that everything was exactly as it should be.

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