Girl, You Really Got Me Goin’


It’s not a good idea,that’s what they tell me, my friends,not a good idea,you know,dude,not a good idea. But so tempting. I mean,I know I’m an old fart,I know,they’re always telling me, dude,you’re too old man.too old,but so tempting. You know. I mean,I’m not dead,you know,I’m strong,I’m full of piss and vinegar,you isveçbahis know,not really old,I can hold my own,you know. And so fucking tempting. I mean,she likes me,you know,and she lets me know,you know,that I’m okay, I’m alright, I’m cool,you know,I’m cool,man,understand,I’m cool,not really old,you know. Sweet. isveçbahis giriş So fucking sweet,and I’m ready for this, you know,I can handle her,she likes me,you know,I’m cool,she thinks I’m cool. You know. Not asking much,I can give her what she needs,you know,what she needs is me,I know that,so sweet,old isveçbahis yeni giriş enough,you know,all grown up,going to college,you know. Been there,long ago,had fun there,and I want more fun,fuck it man,I deserve it,and she wants me,you know,she wants what I do. I tell them. I can give her what she needs,I do it,you know,I can do it,give her what she wants and needs, I keep her begging,when I can,you know,I keep her begging,and me,I beg her,for what I need,oh god,I need her,you know. So fucking sweet. I need her. Fuck off, man. I need her. You know?

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