Girl Code 5 – Unexpected

Aidra Fox

Bathed in sunlight, Nicole stood naked in front of her chest of drawers and studied her panty choice. Any other day she let her mood decide, but today was Monday. She hovered over cute hot-pink briefs speckled with tiny white dots. Nothing she’d done made her feel obliged to slip them on today.Sweeping her straight, shoulder-length blonde hair behind her ear, she paused over her bright pink panties a second time and thought about her swift retort on Twitter yesterday. She wasn’t exactly proud of it, but it didn’t deserve a paddling. Decision made, she pulled plain white cotton bikini panties from her drawer and wondered what Alexa would choose today.Their Monday discipline sessions had begun two months ago after she’d found Alexa crying over her takeaway coffee in the park at lunchtime. They both worked for Freedom Mutual Insurance. College-educated, the Personal Assistant to the Sales Vice President had quickly become a good friend.Marching across her bedroom in her white panties, Nicole took her custom-made navy skirt suit from the wardrobe and added a white blouse. The perfectly cut skirt and jacket had thrilled her when they’d arrived from Switzerland. Custom-made sounded expensive but had actually cost less than buying off the rack, and looked a whole lot better. Her one-bedroom apartment had been a hugely valuable gift from her parents, but building a plan for her future, she spent her money wisely.Personal Assistant to the CEO, she’d been wearing this exact same suit, six months ago, for her life-changing discussion with her boss. The conversation about her arrogance with other employees had been uncomfortable. She was proud of her position, but had been unaware of how she was coming across. Her friendship with Alexa was proof of her mistake. It could have begun bahis siteleri much sooner had she been less arrogant. John had given her two choices: a harsh telling-off or the paddle, and the weekend to decide.Shame had engulfed her that weekend as she’d re-played her conversations with various staff in a fresh light. When Monday had come, she’d bent in shame to show John the depth of her remorse. Bent over his desk, her white briefs exposed, the thick oak paddle had blasted agonizing ache deep into her bottom. The lesson had never needed repeating, indeed he’d regularly complimented her on her attitude ever since. Fresh from the shower in her studio apartment, Alexa toweled her brunette tresses as she debated her panties. She loved the cleansing feel of Mondays. After her friend’s revelation in the park months ago, she’d eliminated the list of pressures which had overwhelmed her to tears. The next evening, she’d accompanied Nicole to the CEO’s office.Her new friend’s impassioned sales pitch in the park for the benefits of being justly punished had won her over. Her failure to complete simple tasks had undermined her confidence. Bent over John’s desk, her panties on display, her confidence had soared along with her courage. As the hard oak paddle had burned through her thin white cotton, her laziness, silliness, and guilt had been replaced with a pain she respected and deserved. Over the following week, she’d paid her overdue bills, dealt with the fine for putting her trash in the wrong bag, and picked up the phone to call her mum.Pumped full of self-respect, two weeks later she’d suggested their girl code. Every Monday evening they met with John, but first, they revealed their panties to each other.She lifted up a pile of panties to see the colors beneath. Guilt always canlı bahis siteleri built, it was only a question of the degree. If she’d been a good girl, plain white would indicate her pristine behavior. Should Nicole choose the same they’d both feel the stinging rubber sole of John’s gym shoe as a healthy reminder to stay on good behavior. Should she choose darker panties than her friend, she’d be paddled and Nicole would escape punishment for the week.She pondered her behavior. She hadn’t got round to calling her mum, but that was all. She took white cotton bikini panties from her drawer and slipped them on. Proud of herself, she chose her sharp Ted Baker navy pinstripe pantsuit. The pants showcased her bum perfectly. She might come home with stinging cheeks but a reminder to be good wouldn’t do her any harm. On the twentieth floor, Alexa’s cubicle allowed her to watch the comings and goings around her, but afforded little privacy. She hadn’t seen Nicole all day. Even if she had, their girl code forbid them from revealing what panties they were wearing. The anticipation of being spanked, paddled, or let off kept them respectful and obedient.At precisely 6:15 pm, Nicole appeared. “I’ve checked. Everyone’s gone.”Alexa smiled and stood. She’d been clock watching for the last fifteen minutes, her mind and body attuned to their regular Monday appointment.Nicole looked her friend in the eye. “Right, babe. Truth time. Pants down.”Alexa’s fingers went straight to her belt. Loosening the thin navy leather, she undid the button on her pinstripe suit pants and pushed them to her thighs.Nicole breathed, slipped down the zip on the side of her skirt, and lowered it to her hips, revealing her white cotton bikini panties to her friend.They both smiled.Alexa pulled up canlı bahis her pants and redid her belt, watching her friend reposition her smart skirt. “I haven’t called my mum this week, so a stinging bottom will be fair company while I sit and chat with her tonight.”“I’m not exactly proud of the Twitter response I sent yesterday,” Nicole admitted.“Yeah, I saw that.”“I might send an apology after John’s punished us.”“Leave it. You’ll only make a bigger deal of it. And anyway, it’s not worth it. The girl you were responding to isn’t as well-disciplined as you.” Nicole knocked on her boss’s door and they entered. Soft ceiling lights reflected off the expansive gray marble floor. Getting up from behind his light-oak desk, John filled out his shirt well, his biceps more than capable of delivering a firm paddling.Alexa closed the door and turned to watch Nicole’s boss. His command of the room always settled her. She needed discipline, and his kindness had proven thoroughly effective.He reached into the top cupboard set among the backlit shelves behind his desk. “Which is it, ladies?”“The gym shoe, please,” Nicole said.He smiled and lifted down the punishing footwear. They were required to be in agreement by the time they reached his office or he would paddle them both bare. It had never happened. Common sense prevailed. Their choice indicated they both needed a good reminder. He always made sure it hurt.Nicole loved the sight of the gym shoe in his hand. Clean, white, and with the laces removed, the crisp new shoe had been bought especially to punish them. When their girl code had been established, she’d broached the subject with him. He’d respected their request and agreed to discipline them regularly.“Nicole, come here.”Alexa stepped back beside the conference table and watched as Nicole shrugged off her suit jacket, hooked it over the back of one of the black leather armchairs, and stepped towards the desk. She unzipped her smart skirt and pushed it down over her hips, letting it pool at her feet.

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