Getting to know the neighbors: Part 5


Was this whole situation my fault? Our neighbor was unusually confident and I thought I could handle him. My husband was happy, no, encouraged me to have sex with other men. Besides, I only planned to have an occasional bit of fun to spice things up. Jeremy had a bigger dick than Mick, but that was not a problem because Mick is a good lover and I am very attached to the non-sexual things between us.Jeremy could fuck around the clock and quickly learned how to push my buttons. I let him dominate me just for fun, but I was still in control. He made me feel things I never felt before, and not just physically. Since everything Jeremy did to me turned my husband on, I never needed to say no to Jeremy on Mick’s behalf. There were a few times I said no when it was just me and Jeremy, but in order to keep up the role I have never refused him anything in front of Mick. Of course, Jeremy takes advantage sometimes, but I know those things increase my husband’s desires for me. That is always a good thing, right?What I did not expect was the combined power of Jeremy and Shelley, his wife. Shelley is a computer genius. In just a few minutes she set up our computer so she could see everything my husband ever did on it. A few days later while I was giving her husband a blowjob she called us over.Mick was watching porn on our computer. I had no idea that he looked at such sordid things. They showed women gagging on cocks even bigger than Jeremy’s. My husband seemed to be aroused by a woman with her own saliva all over her face and having several dicks, one after the other, shoved violently down her throat. To top it all off, Shelley pulled up another window that showed my husband naked and staring at the screen while rubbing his dick. The only job I had been given was to make sure the web cam was in a suitable position for us to secretly observe him.Somehow they convinced me that I should try to emulate the girls that had him so turned on in those videos. I agreed to try it. The first time Jeremy rammed his dick down my throat I nearly threw up. A sensible response would have been to say I did not want to continue with that. Yet each time I came to visit Shelley persuaded me to give it another shot until I learned to cope with it. I forget how many times we tried it when I said I had enough and did not want to do it again.”Don’t worry about it,” Shelley put a comforting arm around my shoulder. “Just give him a normal blowjob instead.” There I was on my knees with her husband’s dick in my mouth when isvecbahis I met the other side of Shelley. My forehead met his abdomen, his penis punched my tonsils. The world started spinning, but my ears heard her clearly. “Your mouth belongs to us, bitch. We will use it how ever we want to use it.” The aggressive way she spoke to me actually distracted me from the physical abuse and my total loss of control over my own head. I had no idea which way was up, but I can still hear her telling me, “Choke on it, cunt,” calling me a cheap whore and saying my husband was a poor excuse for a man.Feeling degraded and used, I began to question whether they liked me at all. This drew my attention away from the physical act and I dealt with it much better since my anticipation of choking only made it worse. At the first opportunity, I had to say what was on my mind. “Don’t you like me? I thought we were friends.””You are our bitch and we do like you.” It was only mildly comforting to hear. That small comfort vanished as she continued, “I like all of my sex toys. The best part about real live toys like you is we don’t even have to wash you after use, just send you home.” She led me to the sofa and pushed my face into the cushion and held me down while Jeremy fucked me from behind. Breathing through the cushion was made even more difficult by the rough sex Shelley encouraged her husband to subject me to. I was released just in time to receive cum on my face as Jeremy’s way of saying thanks for the fuck.That was the first time I truly felt used by them. It was also one of my shortest visits to their home. Less than twenty minutes after arriving, they were done with me and sent me home. Sent is perhaps too kind a word for it. They had special bondage equipment which they put on my legs. Each leg had one strap around my upper thigh and another other around my ankle. Between them a tiny chain and padlock kept my knees completely folded. With both legs bound this way and no clothing apart from a pair of red heels, they told me to crawl home. It was not even dark.It took ages to get across two yards, particularly the cement patio surrounding the back doors at each house. My knees were killing me. Shelley walked along with me, slapping my ass when she said I was too slow. Finally, our door was within reach. Shelley slid it open and I crawled through, calling for Mick. My husband appeared quickly and caught the keys Shelley threw to him. “You can let her out when you want. Just send the gear back with her next isveçbahis giriş time.”I had enough by now. “What makes you think there will be a next time?””Oh, you will come over again. Admit it, you liked it.” Even her confidence was annoying. “Besides, what fun would it be if we broke character part way through the evening. You’re home now, you can have your safe, ordinary, commonplace sex with your husband. We will be ready to play again when you are.” She waved and started to walk away. “One more thing, Debbie. Put plenty of moisturizer on your knees. We want you looking your best when you come over.”Any control I once had was gone. They were right and I did not understand how. Three days later I handed the bondage gear to Shelley as I entered her home again. It was that evening we began to plan when and how Jeremy would give me a hard, unloving face fuck in front of my husband. We practiced every few days over the following weeks until I felt ready to perform for Mick. It was planned down to the minute. First thing in the morning, Jeremy was to come over and declare that he wanted to ‘fuck my face.’ I was going to let him.At the time it was the roughest blowjob I ever experienced. Jeremy fucked my mouth harder than our practice sessions and I thought I was going to pass out or throw up and had no idea which would be worse. After Jeremy made a mess of my face and made me swallow some of his cum, my vision was returning to normal. It was all worth it. As I got up to take a shower I could clearly see the erection in Mick’s pants.Mick is a gentle soul and I love that about him. He obviously cannot admit some of his darker desires to me, but since his dick cannot lie. I knew he was turned on by Jeremy dominating me in such a degrading manner. I had allowed myself to try it out and it paid off. He could never do that to me himself, so Jeremy had that pleasure in his place.Routine has always been a comfort to me. Spontaneity is good too, but I like to know there are things I can rely on. Shifting between Debbie, respectable married woman, and Bitch, who lets people do what they want to her, left me feeling lost and confused at times.Outside my local Walmart I walked past an irritated man who said, “Bitch.”I responded, “Yes?” without thinking. The man looked confused and I realized he was talking on his phone to someone else.Things were not normally so rough with the Brooks. I liked getting fucked by Jeremy and sucking his dick. Although swallowing or wearing cum was never high on isveçbahis yeni giriş my list, one or both happened on most of my visits and I was getting used to presenting my face to him with my mouth wide open. The image feels more wholesome when I compare myself to the tiny chicks in the nest outside our window who squawk with their beaks open until a parent gives them food.Holidays, are always a joy and I was looking forward to a week without rough sex when my sister came to visit. They understood family had to come first and would let me give the impression that our relationship was normal in the presence of my sister. When Shelley wanted to fuck me with a strap-on in front of Carol I was desperately trying to think of a way out. I was not sure how my sister would react and asked Shelley to drop it. She gave me an ultimatum on the spot: Do what I am told or never fuck Jeremy again. How did I reach the point where I could not give Jeremy up?Only after the fact did Shelley tell me why they had changed their minds. Mick asked for it. He wanted to surprise my sister with it. I was ready to kill him.Not being able to warn Carol beforehand was the toughest part. I felt so guilty when I saw the fear in her eyes, fear of things they would do to me. She had no idea I let them do these things to me on a regular basis. There was no need for Carol to try to help, but a loving sister would always sacrifice herself to help.The day after that rude introduction, Shelley and I spent the whole day explaining everything to Carol. As I told Carol that I did not have to be Jeremy’s bitch, but that I chose to do it for Mick’s benefit, I began to question whether that was still true. They treat me with respect in their home when my husband is not there. In front of Mick I become ‘the bitch’ and I do as I am told. Listening to my own words as I spoke to my sister, I realized many of them were not true. The Brooks are usually kind and polite for five or ten minutes, maybe half an hour at the most. My transformation kicks in and remains until they send me home oozing cum from at least one orifice.I made a promise to Carol that she could say no to anything she did not want to do, but asked her to help maintain the act for Mick’s sake. My hope, as I said this, was that her time with us would be too short for her to be sucked in, unable to leave, like I am now. One thing that helped convinced her was her recent sexual drought. Carol had been short of sex since her divorce and it could be guaranteed when Jeremy was involved. Still, I never thought he would make me give my own sister an orgasm. That is the sort of thing our family would never do. Only now we have.Shelley and I watched Jeremy fuck my sister almost like normal people.

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