Getting to know my neighbour


My names Anna, I am 16, 5’6, long dark hair, blue eyes, size C bra and a very athletic figure. I love to keep fit and will do just about anything to keep myself busy. Being only 16, I still live at home with my parents, we live in a quiet estate where the majority of our neighbors are all pensioners. The couple that live right next door to us are very sweet, and are the only people that my family really talk to. Mr and Mrs Perry, your typical elderly couple, still together but no longer in love. Mrs Perry spends every weekend away down south with her friends she met whilst on holiday years before, she told my mum she does this purely for some different conversation. How romantic. Whilst she is away, my mum will always pop over for a couple of hours on the saturday to keep Mr Perry company, however, this weekend she almanbahis was away on business and had asked me if I would take her place. “But mum he is sooo boring! Their house smells stale and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t even notice that you are there half the time! Please let me just go swimming instead, its not fair.” “Dont be so mean Anna! Mr Perry is a lovely man, I’m sure it would do you some good to spend some time with him, now that you have finished school you will need to find other things to fill your time with, I refuse to argue with you about this, you are going and that is final.” I sulked of to my room, already dreading the weekend.  Saturday soon came, my mum had already left and I made my way over to the Perry’s house. I knocked three times before he came to answer the door; “Hello there Anna, almanbahis yeni giriş thank you for popping over, do come in.” “Hey Mr P, thanks, its no problem.” I followed him into the living room, the stale smell hitting my nostrils as we walked through the house. The layout of the house was exactly the same as mine, the decor however was much different. Greeny/grey wallpaper lined the walls, and a thick yellow colored carpet covered the floor, impossible that this room could have ever looked nice. We sat for a while in an awkward silence, neither of us really knowing what to say. I started off by asking about him and his wife, he went on to tell me how she went away every weekend to see her friends, but I had tuned out as I was already fully aware of what it is she does. This was a drag. The conversation almanbahis giriş moved on to me, “So do you have a boyfriend these days Anna?” I was a bit surprised by this question, most old men have no interest in anything other than themselves.  “Not at the moment Mr P, can quite happily entertain myself!” I said laughing. “Im sure you can, wait until you get to my age and nothing is entertaining anymore!” “You are always so optimistic, at least you still have Mrs P to keep you busy during the week.”  “Well my dear, we barely talk to each other these days, let alone keep each other busy.” For some reason I went a slight shade of pink, I was positive he wasn’t saying any of that in a sexual way but it couldn’t help but cross my mind. The thought of him and his wife ever having sex, gross. First of all, he had a big beer belly, im pretty sure he was unable to even see his penis anymore, shaggy grey hair with a stubbly beard to match and an almost jolly father christmas type of face that you just couldn’t picture ever doing anything of that nature.

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