Subject: Getting Something He Didn’t Know That He Wanted This is a work of fiction. The characters and situation are fictional as well. I enjoy writing these stories and I hope you enjoy reading them as well. Nifty stays afloat by donations from its readers. If you have any bills laying around and can spare an amount I know it would be appreciated. BoiTrakR Getting Something He Didn’t Know That He Wanted Brian was 13 yrs old, Latino , 5 ft 2, brown hair, brown eyes, tan skin, and drop dead cute. His ass was small and round topped off by a nice little package up front, and he wore contact lenses to get rid of the thick glasses he wore for his near sidedness. His dad, nice guy, but had trouble communicating. Unless it had to do with engineering his dad was lost. His mom a sweetheart tried very hard to be both a mom and dad. However, boners and cum were out of her league. Poor Brian whenever anyone would see him in school his legs were shaking and his feet would tap on the floor, and his face would be red. One might guess he did not figure out how to choke his chicken so to speak to alleviate his sexual tension. Brian was smart, got good grades, and played basketball for his middle school team. Brian lacked a substitute father figure to take up the slack for his inept dad. Brian was starting to figure out he was different. He liked boys not girls and was always thinking about his friend Maxwell (Max). Max was a great name for him because he was short, had blond hair and the same build as Maxwell Jenkins who played Will Robinson of Netflix’s Lost in Space. Brian got aroused thinking of Max, but had no clue how to go further with his fantasies. Brian’s dad realized his son may be in puberty, but shut down every time he thought about speaking with Brian about it. He knew this was one part of fatherhood he was clueless about and he had no fallback plan or fallback person. To make it worse Brian went to a private school that left the Facts of Life up to the parents. Brian’s dad felt this part of life was totally unfair to both him and his tuzla escort son. One night Brian woke up after dreaming about Max with a funny feeling in his dick and a bubble near the top of his underwear. He thought he peed himself and got out of bed. When he took down his underwear he noticed that whatever was in his underwear was sticky and white. He thought he may have been injured in gym glass and broke something and did not know what he broke. It really scared the crap out of him. He went on the internet and did some searches. Wow! Was he surprised he just had a nocturnal emission aka wet dream. Damn, that was sperm that came out. Brian was actually excited. He heard the other kids talking about having wet dreams and thinking it was cool. Now, he was right up there with them. He wouldn’t tell them, but still he was. Everything stayed ok with Brian, his friendship with Max got better. Brian started touching his dick when he thought of Max. He liked to lay down and close his eyes and think about Max being there beside him naked. On Friday Spring Break began. Freedom for over one week. Max surprised Brian by inviting him to sleep over for the weekend. Brian’s knees buckled he was so excited. He said yes and that he had to clear it with his parents. Brian came home, found his mom and asked. She said I don’t see why not we have no trips planned and it might be nice for you to spend time at one of your friend’s homes. Brian went to bed on Friday night and could not wait for Saturday morning. Brian’s dad drove him to Max’s house and introduced himself to Max’s father. His name was Reid. Reid and his wife were divorced. He was really happy Brian came to spend the weekend as the divorce has been tough on Max. Reid having a friend to hang out with might be nice. While their fathers were talking Max and Brian were playing PS5 in the basement lounge. Brian had never seen a basement that was converted into a Game Center and was having a blast. Both boys were sitting so close to each other they could feel the heat coming off of each other’s bodies. tuzla escort bayan At around 8:30 , Reid hollered down the steps “Pizza”. Max , said “yes”, “Brian, my dad makes the best pizza”. When the boys got upstairs their plates and cups set out for them. Max poured all three of them Kool Aide and Reid dished out the pizza. Brian , gave him a very polite “thank you”, and began to eat. He discovered Max’s dad , Reid did make really good pizza. After they finished Max asked Brian to come upstairs where they could hangout and watch a Netflix movie in his room and start to kick back for the night. Max asked Brian if it was ok if he wore his jersey and underwear. Brian did not have a problem with it, as long as he could sleep in his underwear and jersey. As the night wore on the boy’s laid closer together. They talked about a bunch of things. Max, then asked ” Brian do you like me”? Brian, was caught a bit off guard, then he answered, ” of course, were friends and I’m here sleeping over”. Then, Max kissed Brian on the lips lightly. Brian moved towards Max and returned the favor. This went on for several minutes, then Max worked his way down Brian’s neck, then, helped Brian take off his jersey. There in full view were Brian’s smooth red nipples and his innie down below just waiting to be nuzzled. Max, kissed his breasts and worked his way down to Brian’s innie kissing him there as well. Brian started moaning and panting as his dick was waiting for Max’s lips to make the next part of the journey. Max’s cock devouring hormones swung into full gear as he put his hands on the sides of Brian’s elastic waistband and pulled his underwear all the way down and off. Max explored Brian’s virgin shaft with his fingers first starting with the head, opening his piss slit and working all the way down to Brian’s hairless balls. Max who could not contain himself anymore kissed the top of Brian’s dick head and began sliding his lips downward kissing the entire shaft. Then he licked and sucked on Brian’s balls. “Ooooppps, sorry guys I thought you were asleep”. escort tuzla Oh shit, the boys thought they were dead. Reid, Max’s dad had opened the door and caught them. “Hang on boys, you are in no trouble”. “I was checking to see if you were asleep so I could turn off the flat screen”. “Stuff like this happens between boys all the time”. “It even happens between boys and men”. With that Reid told the boys to relax and lay back down. He stripped down to his underwear and T-shirt, and went on the bed with them. He slid Brian’s underwear back off and played with his penis. Then he said, “We’ll do something me and my friends used to do”. “Max you go on the other side of Brian, we’ll lay down by his dick and lick the sides each of us are on. When we come to the top we each suck him a bit then work our way down again”. Max, at first was freaked out by his dad joining them. After awhile he enjoyed Reid being his partner in getting his boyfriend Brian off. When Brian was getting ready to blow his load Reid let his son take over. He wanted to see him enjoy swallowing Brian’s load. With all the licking and sucking Brian’s balls were ready to burst. Brian body was so charged up that he screamed “ooohhhh!!!!!” “Don’t Stop”!!!!” “It feels so good Max”!!!!! Max pumped Brian’s dick even more when he heard that and Brian grabbed Max’s head and pulled him down towards the bottom of his shaft. Brian was so ready to shoot he was bucking his hips, Max could feel Brian’s dickhead swell and his dick became as hard as a rock. When Brian shot his load, the first two shots hit the back of Max’s throat causing him to gag a bit. The rest filled up his mouth. Max had to swallow a little at a time so he would not gag again. Brian laid back down on the bed. He was spent, the way Max and his dad worked his dick over exhausted him. Reid looked at his son and said, “Are we cool”? Max, gave him a big toothy grin and said “Yes”. Reid, looked at Brian and said, “Are we cool”? Brian looked at him and said “Fuck Yes”! Max started laughing, because he never heard Brian swear before. Reid, headed towards the bedroom door and said “goodnight”. Both boys wished him a goodnight, thanked him, and asked if he would join them again if asked. Reid looked at them and said, “Fuck Yes”!

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