Getting Clean


It was a Saturday and you were still in bed. I wanted to get an early start on some errands so I got up and into the shower. I hoped the running water wouldn’t wake you. I was tempted to give you your customary “wake-up call” but we were up late the night before and I didn’t want you to be tired during the day. I was rinsing my hair for the third time when I felt a breeze through the curtain. Through the steamy condensation I could see that it was you stumbling in to use the toilet.

“Good morning, sweetheart. I hope I didn’t wake you with the water.” I lean out of the tub to kiss you.

“No, my bladder woke me up.”

“I’ll be out in a second.” The toilet flush drowns out my words.

“You don’t have to hurry. In fact, I think I’ll join you. You forgot to give me my wake-up call this morning, anyway” the hint of rebuke in your voice made me wish I’d been a little more selfish.

“Might as well, since you’re naked.” My matter-of-factness belies my arousal and growing excitement at the thought of showering with you. I part the curtain and take your hand as you climb in. The water is hot and you shiver as it hits your cool body. Goose bumps rise immediately and your nipples get hard, as well. You look at me with that smile that melts me and you kiss me, pulling me close Ankara escort to you. Your body begins to warm and your skin adjusts to the temperature. We kiss again, our lips open to each other’s sudden desire. I turn you so that the hot water can warm your back. The low-buzz thumping of water on your back and on my arms is reassuring somehow. Probably because you’re with me and this is one of the few times that we get to spend showering. Your kiss is overpowering, or is it the steamy heat of the shower? My hands slide from your waist to your cheeks and I squeeze and pinch them. I can imagine the red welts on there now, with the help of the hot water. My lips move from your face to your neck. I let my tongue slide over your shoulder, lapping the water as I go. My slippery tongue leads me to your breast. I kiss and suck you. You lean back and let the water splash into your hair. I hold your ass tighter and plant my feet so that we don’t fall. I suck your nipple and lick your cleavage on my way to sucking the other breast, nipple erect and waiting. My tongue slathers lazily around your breast, teasing your nipple with flicks and licks. The running water makes the job easier.

I pause to reach for the soap and a washcloth. I lather the cloth and gently wash your shoulders, neck and breasts. Ankara escort bayan The soap bubbles cling and glide down every curve of your delicious body. I wash your arms while you lather your hair. I get on my knees and pay close attention to your pussy. I wash your inner thighs and your lips and ass. I continue to soap and wash you: first one leg and then the other. You rinse yourself and I return to washing you, this time, without the washcloth. I lather my hands and I go immediately to your pussy. I move my hand in and out of your crotch and to your ass hole. I rub gently, deliberately. You close your eyes and rock slightly. I slip two fingers into your pussy and work them around, sliding in and out and side-to-side. You steady yourself with your hands on my shoulders. I slide my fingers faster in and out. I press my thumb against your clit. You moan and bend your knees slightly. I slow my pace and then replace my fingers with my thumb in your cunt. I slide my middle finger to your ass hole and I circle the outside, tickling you with the help of the shower. I rotate my thumb inside you and press my finger into your ass, just a little. Your shudder nearly knocks me off-balance. I work my finger in a little deeper and you buck your hips toward me.

“Oh, that’s it, baby. Escort Ankara I’m gonna fuck your ass.” My finger pushes farther in and the heat and tight fit are almost suffocating. It takes all of my hand strength to balance fucking your ass hard and being gentle to your cunt. I remove my thumb so that I can fuck you with greater force. I take your pussy into my mouth as compensation. You are fully pressed against my face and fucking my mouth. My finger tries to keep up with your rhythm. I suck your clit and lick your lips. The water lets me work faster without worrying about bruising you or causing abrasions. My finger and knuckles pound your ass and your bucking is getting harder and faster. My tongue dives into your pussy and you spread your legs wider to accommodate me. Your moans are now synchronized with the hot sensation in your ass. You start to sway and shudder. I return to sucking your lips and licking around your clit, and then on it. I hold it in my mouth and let my tongue do the work. It’s too dangerous to move my mouth away from you now. The water seems hotter now and my finger moves with ease in your ass hole. Your shaking becomes more intense and I can feel you coming in my mouth. You let out a prolonged groan and arch your back. My finger stays inside you and I wiggle it for the final time. I move my tongue to your hole and dart in and out to catch your sweet jelly on my lips. You jerk forward and I pop my finger out of its resting place. You lean your weight on me and your heavy breathing is all I hear anymore.

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