Subject: Garrett’s Summer with Grandpa 9 Can you imagine life without Nifty? Please show your support with contributions to keep the Archive online. You can find out how fty/donate.html This story is completely fictional. I hope you are enjoying this story. Please send any comments ail and I will reply as soon as I can. Bill GARRETT’S SUMMER WITH GRANDPA Chapter 9 Garrett was pleased to hear that Victor would be visiting Aunt Betty for the weekend. “I hope I can meet him,” he told his grandfather. “Just to talk to,” he added when he saw the quizzical look on the man’s face. “Hmm, okay. We’ll pop in to see Betty on our way to the supermarket,” said Matt. They learned that Victor would be arriving on Friday evening and Garrett suggested that they might go swimming on Saturday afternoon. “I think that will be fine. I’ll ask him to phone you,” smiled Betty. Victor phoned on Saturday morning and confirmed that he’d be happy to go swimming with Garrett in the afternoon. “Aunt Betty isn’t a swimmer and it’s not much fun swimming alone. I’ll come for you about two o’clock,” he told Garrett. Garrett was smiling when he told his grandfather, “I have a date with a gay man. I’m going swimming with Victor this afternoon.” Matt frowned. “It’s not a date. It’s just a man being friendly to a teenager who’s stuck in this small village for the summer. Don’t start flirting with him!” “Whatever…” said Garrett. “Garrett, I’m serious,” said Matt. “I don’t want you embarrassing Victor.” “It’s okay, Grandpa. I’d never do anything to embarrass you or any of your friends,” said Garrett. “Having a date was just my little fantasy. I’ll be a good boy.” “I hope so.” Matt turned away before Garrett could see him smiling. Garrett dressed in modest shorts and a t-shirt for his trip to the beach. He stood by the window watching for Victor and had the door open before Victor was half way up the path. “You must be Garrett.” The man smiled and held out his hand. Garrett smiled and said, “Yes. Nice to meet you, Victor.” He thought the man hadn’t changed much from when the photo he had seen at Betty’s house was taken. The main difference was the fact that he hadn’t shaven and was showing a lot of dark stubble. “I’d better say hello to your grandfather before I run off with you,” Victor joked. “You can run off with me any time,” Garrett thought as he told the man to come inside. He watched as Victor and Matt shook hands and made some small talk. He was looking at Victor’s strong, hairy legs when his grandfather reminded him to behave. Garrett said, “I will. I am always well-behaved when I’m with a teacher.” Victor laughed. “You are a very rare schoolboy then. I don’t think I’ve met many who are always well-behaved.” Garrett laughed too and picked up his towel. “Let’s go…sir!” They set off for the beach and Garrett said, “Thanks for coming swimming with me. It’s usually just me and Grandpa so this makes a nice change.” “It makes a nice change for me too,” said Victor. “I usually just have a quick dip when I come here in the summer months.” “Well, you can have a long swim with me today. Maybe we can have a race,” smiled Garrett. When they reached the beach, he quickly stripped down to his speedos and then discreetly checked Victor out. “Not bad,” he thought. “Nice pecs, a little hair across his chest, a little bit of a belly and a nice treasure trail leading down into his baggy swim-shorts. Terrible taste in swimwear though.” “Give me time to warm up before you start challenging me to a race,” Victor said as they walked towards the sea. “You’re reminding me that I’m not as fit as I used to be,” Victor said as he collapsed on the beach after their swim. “I suppose you are a little overweight,” smiled Garrett as he looked down at the man. “Ouch!” Victor smiled. “I still think you’re sexy though,” Garrett said as he sat down next to Victor. “What?” Victor looked surprised. Garrett grinned. “I think you’re sexy. I’m gay and you’re my type.” Victor shook his head. “You’re too young to know whether you’re gay or not.” “I’ve known that I’m gay for a long time,” retorted Garrett. “Pictures of naked women do nothing for me but even a semi-naked man is enough to make my cock rock-hard in seconds. I wank off to gay porn all the time in London.” “Maybe you’ll change your mind when you get your hands on a girl with a big pair of tits,” Victor suggested. “Don’t pretend that is what turns you on. I know that you’re gay too,” said Garrett. “Aunt Betty told me.” “What?” Victor was wide-eyed. “Well, okay, she didn’t say you were gay,” admitted Garrett. “She said you were never interested in girls and suspects şişli travesti you might be. You are, aren’t you?” Victor opened his mouth to deny it but then stopped. “She thinks I’m gay?” “Yeah, and she loves you because of who you are. She doesn’t care about your sexuality,” replied Garrett. Victor was silent for a few minutes before he said, “I am gay but I tried to deny – even to myself – for many years. I didn’t know that she had guessed.” “Times have changed but I guess it’s not easy to be openly gay when you’re a schoolteacher,” said Garrett. “No, it’s not.” Victor smiled. “I came out to Grandpa when I arrived here and I’m going to tell my mum when I go back to London,” said Garrett. “I’ll probably come out at school.” “Because you want to find a boyfriend,” said Victor. Garrett shook his head. “I’d like to find someone to have sex with but not someone at school. I prefer mature men, not boys.” “I see. Well, you’ll have to wait until you’re a few years older,” said Victor. “No sensible man will risk getting involved with an underage boy.” “Do you have a boyfriend?” Garrett asked. “No,” replied Victor. “I haven’t found the right person.” “Would you consider having me as your boyfriend…if I was a few years older, of course?” Victor smiled and shook his head. “You’re very cute but you’re not my type. I’m into muscular, hairy men.” “Oh, I see,” said Garrett. “That definitely rules me out.” “You’ll find someone. Don’t worry,” Victor said. “Cute twinks are very much in demand.” Garrett sighed and lay back. “I don’t want to have to wait years for sex when I return to London.” “You’re almost fourteen, right? It’s only a couple of years,” said Victor. “The legal age was 21, not 16, when I was young.” “I know that things have changed over the years,” said Garrett. “Grandpa told me that gay sex was illegal when he was young. Imagine going to jail for having sex just because you like guys rather than girls!” “Yes, things have improved a lot in recent years,” said Victor. “But I’m afraid you’re still too young. You wouldn’t be taken to court for having sex with a boy your own age but you’ll have to stay away from men until you’re over sixteen.” Garrett smiled and wondered what Victor would say if he knew he’d already had sex with a man – his own grandfather. “I guess I’ll have to make do with wanking over porn.” “Yes…although you shouldn’t be watching porn while you’re under eighteen,” said Victor. Garrett laughed. “That’s a silly law. You can have actual sex at sixteen but you can’t watch other people having sex until you’re eighteen.” Victor shrugged. “I can’t explain it. I assume you’re accessing porn through the internet. I couldn’t even buy gay magazines or videos when I was young. They might have been available in London but trips there were expensive.” “I suppose I am lucky in comparison,” responded Garrett. “However having to wait until I’m sixteen to have sex legally is maddening. It’s fourteen in some European countries and fifteen in others.” “You know it all, eh?” smiled Victor. Garrett laughed. “I’ve done some research.” “Well, it’s time we were heading home but you can keep in touch with me if you wish,” said Victor. “We can’t have sex but being able to chat with an older gay man might help when you feel down.” “Thanks. I’d like that,” said Garrett. “I’ll give you my mobile phone number and email address.” He smiled and added, “You will know that this village doesn’t have broadband or a decent mobile phone signal. It’s like stepping back in time.” Victor smiled. “That’s why I like it.” He started getting dressed and Garrett followed suit. “I enjoy spending time with Aunt Betty too.” “I like her. She bakes lovely cakes,” said Garrett. “My Grandpa used to be a chef and he cooks lovely meals. I thought I might get bored here but he keeps me entertained.” “He used to be a sailor, I believe. I’m sure he’s got lots of interesting stories about places he has been,” Victor responded. “Yes.” Garrett realised that he hadn’t really talked much with his grandfather about places he had visited. He had been more interested in learning about his sex life. He determined to put that right. They shook hands when they parted and promised to keep in touch. Garrett found his grandfather working in the kitchen. He hugged him from behind and said, “I’ve missed you.” Matt laughed. “I can’t believe that. Victor is good company so you must have had fun with him.” “I did,” smiled Garrett. “He confirmed that he’s gay but I’m not his type. He prefers hairy, macho men. What are you cooking?” “Fish pie. I hope that’s okay with you,” replied Matt. “Of course it is. I love beylikdüzü travesti how fresh and tasty the fish is here,” replied Garrett. “Charlie phoned while you were out,” Matt said, changing the subject. “We’re invited out on his boat on Monday, and then to stay overnight with them.” Garrett grinned. “That’s great news! Will Frank be coming on the boat this time?” “He will. Charlie convinced him the sea will be calm for the next few days,” replied Matt. “That’s good. You will be outvoted when I ask if I can swim naked.” Garrett stuck his tongue and then shrieked with laughter and ran when his grandfather turned with outstretched arms and started to chase him. *** “What was the furthest away place you visited when you worked on ships?” Garrett asked while he was having dinner with his grandfather. Matt thought for a moment and then said, “Probably Hong Kong.” “Wow! How exotic!” exclaimed Garrett. “Did you like it?” Matt nodded. “Fortunately some of the other crew members had been there a few times and knew how to get around. I’d never seen such a colourful, busy place before.” Matt smiled as he recalled his visits there and went on. “I remember travelling on the Star ferries and the old trams, visiting the night markets and the food. Oh, the food was wonderful.” “And sexy people?” Garrett asked. Matt laughed. “Most of the guys visited brothels and raved about the pretty girls there. That wasn’t for me of course.” “You must have found a young man or two,” suggested Garrett. “Some of those Chinese men were very cute,” Matt answered in a non-committal way. “I hope to travel when I’m older,” said Garrett. “I’m sure you will,” responded Matt. “With the low-cost airlines, it’s much easier and cheaper to travel abroad these days. You don’t even have to fly. You can take a train from London direct to Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam.” “Hmm, yeah.” Garrett grinned and said, “I must try to persuade Mum to get me a passport and take me on the Eurostar.” “You’ve spent very little of your pocket money since you have come here. You’ll soon be able to pay for your own passport,” said Matt. “And if you get one, perhaps I could come up to London on your next half-term school holiday and take you to Paris for a few days.” Garrett almost jumped out of his seat. “Would you really?” Matt nodded. “Yes, of course. It’s years since I’ve been to Paris and I’d love to go back.” Garrett smiled. “We must do more French kissing tonight. And then more sucking and fucking.” Matt shook his head. “Eat your dinner.” *** Garrett showered first at bedtime and then entered the bedroom where Matt was in the process of undressing. “Grandpa, I’ve been thinking,” he began. “Do you think I would look better with my pubic hair removed completely rather than just trimmed?” He ran his fingers over what remained of his blond pubes. Matt looked down at Garrett’s crotch. “I don’t know. I like your little patch of soft hair.” “But I would look younger and maybe sexier without it,” responded Garrett. “Maybe,” said Matt. “But won’t you get teased by the other boys at school if they see you have no pubes when you’re in the gym changing room?” “I don’t care what they say,” said Garrett. “I’ll probably come out as gay as soon as I return to school anyway. What is important to me is to make myself as sexually attractive to you as possible.” “I already think you’re the sexiest boy on earth,” smiled Matt. “You like my smooth body. Wouldn’t you like me smooth all over?” Garrett asked. Before Matt could answer, he added, “I can let it grow back if you decide you don’t like it.” “Hmm, I suppose it might be interesting to see you totally smooth down there,” said Matt. He remembered how turned on he had been watching a gay porn video Charlie had given him where the Russian porn star known as Mike18 had had his pubic hair removed. “As you say, it will grow back. “Great!” Garrett said with a smile. “I’ve never used a razor so you’ll need to do it and show me how to do it in future.” Matt felt his cock begin to stiffen inside his boxers as he followed Garrett into the bathroom. He wet a sponge with warm water and soaked the small amount of pubic hair. Then he applied some shaving foam. By this time, Garrett’s cock was fully erect. “I’ve got some disposable razors so I’ll use a new one of them,” said Matt. “It will be hygienically clean and sharp. You will need to keep that stiff cock out of the way. You don’t want it getting nicked by the razor.” “You only need one hand for the razor. Why don’t you move my cock out of the way as necessary with your other hand?” suggested Garrett. “I like your hands touching me.” istanbul travesti “I suppose I could do that. I like touching you,” smiled Matt. Garrett watched carefully as Matt wielded the razor, removing all traces from hair from around his cock. The feel of the hand on his cock resulted in him leaking pre-cum. It didn’t take long for Matt to complete the job. He wet the sponge with more warm water, wiped away all traces of the shaving foam and then towelled Garrett dry. He sat back and smiled at his handiwork before looking up at Garrett. “What do you think?” Garrett ran his fingertips over the newly shaved area. “Feels smooth. Do you think it looks sexy?” “Definitely!” Matt smiled and then ran his big, rough fingers all over the pubic area. “Get up onto the bed. I want to kiss and lick it.” Garrett jumped onto the bed and spread his legs wide. “I’m all yours, Grandpa.” Matt caressed the pubic area again and then bent down to kiss it and Garrett’s very stiff cock. He licked the hairless balls and then licked and sucked the cock. Garrett moaned with pleasure and arched his back. “You make me feel so good,” he said. “Please let me suck yours at the same time.” Matt moved so that they were in a sixty-nine position and the pair were soon sucking each other’s cocks and enjoying the taste of pre-cum. Minutes later, Matt started fingering the teen’s arse crack. Garrett pulled off his grandfather’s cock and said, “Yes, yes. I want you to fuck me, Grandpa.” He took the big cock back into his mouth and moaned around it when he felt a tongue licking at the entrance to his hole. Garrett spread his legs wider, hoping that would give his grandfather easier access. The tongue pushed into his hole and Garrett sighed. A short time later, tongue-fucking changed to finger-fucking and Garrett enjoyed that too. Eventually that didn’t satisfy him. “Give me your cock now–please! I need something bigger in me.” Matt was happy to oblige. “Okay, on your back with your legs in the air,” he said as he reached for more KY jelly. He greased up his throbbing pole and then added more of the gel to Garrett’s hole. Garrett leaked more pre-cum as he looked up at the big man towering over him. “I love you, Grandpa, and I love your big cock.” “Maybe you only love my cock,” Matt suggested as he moved his cockhead up and down his grandson’s arse crack. “Of course not,” smiled Garrett. “I love cuddling your big, strong body. I love kissing you and I love talking to you. Ooooh!” Matt had penetrated him before he’d finished speaking. He winced a little as the cock pushed deeper but then, when it was fully inside him, he smiled and added, “I do love your cock though. No matter how many other men fuck me in the future, I will always remember yours as being the first and the best.” Matt smiled. “You will probably be the last person I have sex with but I can honestly say you have the hottest and tightest boy-cunt I’ve ever known.” “Oh, cunt is a naughty word!” Garrett said with wide eyes. Then he grinned. “I like it. Fuck my cunt, Grandpa. Stick your cock up my tight boy-cunt and fuck me senseless.” Matt was turned on hearing Garrett talk dirty and was soon fucking him hard and fast. “You like being fucked, don’t you? You want old men to stick their big cocks up your boy-cunt, don’t you?” he said as he pounded Garrett’s arse. “Yeah, I love it,” replied Garrett. “I want all your gay friends to fuck my boy-cunt with their big cocks and fill me with spunk. Fat men, thin men, black or white. As long as they are around your age or older, they can fuck me.” “You want to suck their cocks too?” Matt asked. “Oh yes–before and after they fuck my boy-cunt,” smiled Garrett. “I want to give them maximum pleasure. Oh, Grandpa–I think I’m going to cum–yeah–oh–oh–aargh!” Without having touched his cock, Garrett started shooting off. Bursts of white boy-cum flew from his cock and splattered over his chest and stomach. The sight of Garrett spunking off together with the anal contractions gripping his cock took Matt over the edge. “I’m cumming too!” he cried. He whimpered as he sent jet after jet of man-cum deep inside his grandson’s arse. Garrett smiled up at Matt and opened his arms wide. “Thanks, Grandpa. Kiss me.” Matt lowered himself carefully on top of Garrett and kissed him. Garrett hugged his grandfather, not wanting to lose the cock filling him up. They lay quietly as Matt recovered from his exertions. Then Matt’s now flaccid cock slid from the well-fucked hole with a plop and he moved to lie next to Garrett. He was about to kiss Garrett again but the boy quietly moved to take the cock into his mouth and suck it clean. “I want every single drop of your cum inside me,” he explained when he returned to lie beside Matt. “You’re a sex-crazed little devil but I love you,” said Matt. He kissed Garrett and the pair cuddled together before drifting off to sleep. To be continued

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