Garden fun


Garden funYou struggled playfully at the bonds that held you. As you lay naked in our back garden with your blindfold on. Your arms and legs spread apart bound to metal stakes buried in the grass. You had been left this way by me, as part of our sexy games. You loved bondage and Sub-fantasy and I loved being dominant, so we made a good couple in the bedroom and out of it. One of our little games was to have You bound and exposed outside in our back garden. Where you would be ‘forced’ to give me a blowjob before I left you there. You would remain bound for two or three hours while I pretended to go and take care of some task at work then return home, I would often pretend to be a delivery man or someone who just happened to discover you helpless and exposed as you were in the garden. I had often told you how hard I would get while being inside or out of sight thinking about you being tied up naked outside, vulnerable to anyone who might happen to pass by.You always enjoyed the thrill of the game just as much as I did, and it was obvious by how wet you got and how hard your nipples got too. Your breasts were big and full, and you received many compliments from our play friends. The rest of you was curvy and sexy as hell too and I loved seeing you naked, as did others. We both often fantasized about you being discovered while being bound outside for real, like you were now. But we both knew the risk was minimal in our garden, but not impossible. Our house is situated so that it boarded the woods on one side with a gate leading out to them and one house a little further away on the other side. They had a tall privacy fence and we always made sure you were positioned in a spot that was out of view of anyone passing through the neighbour’s garden. You often lay out naked to sunbathe, and we often played in our hot tub and on the grass naked fucking and teasing but that wasn’t as exciting as our times such as these when you thought you were alone and helpless. At least when you thought when I left you like this. I usually put an umbrella for shade to avoid the risk of sunburn. At times you could hear people walking in the woods on the other side of the fence and often wondered what their reaction would be if they happened to discover you.It was a Saturday afternoon and you froze when you heard laughter coming from the neighbour’s garden. I had been gone and silent for about half an hour so you were relaxed but convinced you were alone. I was in the back kitchen watching you as I stroked my hard cock. You recognized the sound of our neighbour’s voice laughing with someone. This excited her as he had never seen you like this before or played with you, but we both thought that he and his wife would be fun. You guessed at how long I had been gone. The thought that it could be no more than a half-hour, and I could be gone at least another hour and a half at least made you wet knowing how exposed you were. I could see you squirming as you hard nipples stood up and knew you pussy was getting wet. You listened güvenilir bahis to the voices next door. You could hear them joking about girls and sex, and then heard your name mentioned which made you listen more intently, you silently laughed at the thought of them being only a few feet away from you totally naked and ready to be used.I had spoken to Paul often about our fun and he loved the idea and often mentioned how he would love to walk in on you, he said his wife Jane would too as she loved girl fun from time to time. This had given me an idea, and I arranged this with them over a few wknds. You heard a thud on the ground close to you. You could not open your eyes due to the blindfold, but guessed that something had landed in the garden from next door. Just then panic set in as you heard a male voice saying, “Holy shit, look at that!” This was all a fantasy, and right now it was becoming very real. You were bound spread out blindfolded and helpless. Just how we both fantasised. Paul you assumed had climbed up far enough to look over and could see you lying there fully exposed. Moments later another voice said wow stunning and you got really nervous. It seemed that Paul had friends over too.You thought Paul’s friend sounded slightly younger than him but could not place the voice. You blushed under your blindfold as the boys stood before you, eyeing your ripe body. I could see bulges in the crotches of their jeans from my window view. You were blushing even more now, if such a thing were possible. You wished that at least one of them would talk but they did not say a word. As it was, they were now standing in such a way as to get a full view of your shaved pussy. I wished that I could see it too. All of a sudden, and without a word Paul knelt down beside you. This made you jump and left you slightly shocked when his hand slid over her right breast. Your nipples were already hard from embarrassment.”What the hell do you think you’re doing?” You almost cried out. But this was a fantasy and you wanted to see what would happen, as did I. A little whimper came from your mouth as his hand slid over your body. Before you knew it, the other guy was on his knees as well. Paul and the stranger were fondling your tits while the stranger began sliding his fingers along your wet slit. When he hit your clit you felt it begin to swell and your juices begin to flow even more. Then without warning you jerked as his face buried between your legs and the man started licking your smooth cunt. At the same time Paul was sucking and biting on your hard nipples making you moan loudly.”Stop it, please!” You begged. But the boys were so caught up with the idea of having a pretty naked girl to play with that they had begun losing control. Worse, you could feel your body responding to the stimulation. Your fantasy was being bought to life as you lay there. You had been horny since sucking my cock after being tied down. Now you were being manhandled by two strange men and wasn’t sure how or if you wanted to stop it. I was güvenilir bahis siteleri now stroking hard as I watched them use you like the helpless cum slut you where, knowing I would not last long. Paul stood up and began unfastening his pants. I saw his 8-inch hard cock spring into view and smiled knowing you would feel every inch of it. I wasn’t sure what he had in mind, but I knew it was beyond the line no matter what it was, and couldn’t wait for him to do it and by the way your body reacted neither could you.”I’ve wanted to fuck you for years.” He said. “Oh, please use me.” you said. ” Paul stroked his hard cock. He dropped to his knees and presented his prick to you. I watched you turn your head to the side and open your mouth as his hand reached around the back of your head, allowing him to slide his cock between your lips. He moaned as you began sucking his cock while the stranger continued licking and fingering your pussy. I could tell that he was enjoying it as much as you were with the way you were responding. You worked Paul’s thick cock. It didn’t take long before you felt the first droplets of his precum landing on your tongue. Another minute later he was blasting his load into your mouth. I watched as he forced you to swallow every drop as he pumped his thick cock deep in to your mouth.I watched as you pulled your mouth free from Paul’s cock and felt another cock waiting on your other side nudging your cheek. His dick was smaller and thinner, but just as hard, and I watched as you took it into your mouth and had only been sucking for a few seconds before feeling his cum filling your mouth. I could see you gulping down his cum and imagined he was filling your hot mouth with jet after jet of hot cum. Just as he finished Cumming, it dawned on you that someone else was still licking and fingering your wet pussy, and this sent you over the edge knowing that there were three not two people using you. I watched and saw your body react to this information and saw you convulse as your body begin to climax. You raised your hips to meet the strangers face and began moaning as they brought you to orgasm. Once your climax had subsided they got up, and leaving your wet slit exposed moved away. Paul soon slid in and started ramming his fat cock in to your wet pussy, the sight made me shoot my load all over the kitchen floor. I could hear you moaning from here and knew that even though you didn’t know who was fucking you, that you loved every inch of it.I knew it would not take long for him to come again as he fucked your tight pussy and I watched as you sucked the other cock clean at the same time. Just then the third person moved in and pushed the stranger out of the way, It was Pauls wife and she wanted in on the fun after sucking your clit. He stood up, looking down at the you getting fucked, a bound housewife. As he did Pauls wife lowered her naked pussy on to your mouth and shouted suck me bitch. This must have been a shock as I was sure you didn’t know about her until then. I iddaa siteleri watched as she rode your face and at the same time grabbed the stranger’s cock and sucked it hard, this made me hard again and I saw it did him too. Paul loved it and fucked you harder as she ground her wet pussy in to your mouth. I knew you would be licking away hungrily at her as she sucked and soon, I could see you climaxing on Pauls cock once more.Just then I watched as he tensed and knew he was firing hot cum in to your hot pussy, as if on que his wife started to climax too on your mouth as she felt the guy cum in her mouth. This was to much and I came again. Paul pulled out and began fingering your wet cum filled pussy. I watched as you tried in vain to break free, cursing me for doing such a good job in tying you down. You pleaded with Paul to stop, but he just went faster and faster watching the cum leaking from you as his wife swallowed the stranger’s cum down.Paul got off of you and You felt the stranger climbing on next. You had thought that Paul would be the only one to fuck you but had been wrong again, now you knew that another hard cock was going to abuse your pussy and fill you with cum. As you had recovered from the previous fuck you were very wet and full of hot cum, so when he slid in deep and hard you enjoyed it immensely. So despite his quick actions you found yourself enjoying the fuck anyway. He didn’t last as long as Paul, and soon he too was filling your cunt with cum.You lay on the ground panting, feeling cum trickle out of your pussy. You thought that was it as there was silence, but just then you felt a hot mouth on your pussy and knew it was a girl. She licked and sucked every drop from you while fingering deeply. It wasn’t long before you came again. This time making you cry out “You better get out of here before my husband gets home.” you said, trying to act worried. They all left quietly as I came in to the garden, “Well, what do we have here?” I asked. You jumped as you lay tied down then said “How long were you there?” you asked. “Oh, I saw the whole thing.I said as I removed her blindfold. I saw Paul come home with his friends and wondered if they would find you. I know you’ve always wanted to have someone other than me discover you like that. Once I saw them coming over the fence, I decided to grant you your wish.” “And you don’t mind?” She asked. Mind, I came twice watching it and definitely “Not as long as it makes you happy. Now, I think I’ll take my turn at that used pussy.”I got undressed and climbed between your legs, taking my turn in your cum filled pussy. You were vey tender and climaxed almost immediately as I began fucking you. You had never felt so fulfilled in your life. And neither had I, you looked over to the fence and saw Paul peeping over the top. You could see his left hand holding him still and didn’t have to guess as to what he might be doing with his right. We both winked at him and felt ourselves growing closer to yet another orgasm as I continued fucking your hot pussy. We climaxed together, We guessed that the same must have been true for Paul as he dropped behind the fence after rolling his eyes.We knew things around here were definitely changing for the better, and couldn’t wait for our next adventure.

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