Fullfilled Fantasies, Part I


“Open your mouth,” she sternly directs me. I feel her straddling my back as I lay prone on my stomach. I look at the alarm clock. 6:33 a.m. I’m completely nude, somehow unaware that she has managed to tie my now spread legs and arms to the four posts of our king sized bed. I sleep naked so that part is not a surprise, but how she’s managed to strap me down without my waking, I shall never know. Either way, I am completely unable to move other than getting to my hands and needs in an ‘all fours’ position.“What are you doing? What’s going on?” I asked in a concerned tone.“Today is the day I make all your fantasies come true, now open your mouth,” she says with an authority I have never before heard from her. I do as she asks and she places a ball gag in my mouth, the straps pull tight against the back of my head.“Can you breathe okay?” she asks and I nodded affirmatively. She swings her leg over my nude body and gets off the bed. I look to my left where she now stands. She is wearing a short miniskirt with nude black thigh highs and a crisp white, professional style shirt that is just sheer enough to make out her bra and perfect 36D breasts. Her makeup and hair are perfect. Wearing six-inch red stiletto heels, she bends over seductively to buckle them tight and I can see that she isn’t wearing any panties. Her fit body flexes with each motion and her pure physical beauty is abundantly evident in the early morning light filtering into the room.“Do you like what you see?” she asks me with a slight grin. I most certainly do; it’s isvecbahis an outfit I have never seen her in. In fact, she rarely wears heels and skirts at all so to see her long, lean legs exposed makes my penis quickly fill and throb. She looks incredible and despite not knowing what was going on, I am completely turned on.“I’ll be back this afternoon,” she says as she stands her iPad up against the lamp and turns it on to a popular streaming video camera service. I can now see myself strapped to the bed, completely exposed and vulnerable to whatever plans she has for me.“Enjoy your day…I’m certainly going to enjoy mine.” As she turns to walk out of the room, I try to speak but with the gag in my mouth, I can only make unintelligible noises. I hear the front door unlock, open, and then close again. And with that, she is gone.***I look over at the alarm clock and it reads 7:06 a.m. The iPad screen projects my nude, bound body and I can see that there are currently 39 people currently viewing the stream. I pull at the ropes tying me down and they hold solid. She has done a great job securing them to the bed as well as my arms and legs. My once erect penis is now flaccid and I lay my head down to the bed. I feel nervous but not to the point of panic. I trust that my wife will not put me in any kind of real danger. As I lay there, I am both eager and anxious at what the day may yet hold for me. My eyes are heavy and I do feel a bit sleepy; perhaps I slept restlessly as she moved my body in the early morning hours to tie me down. My isveçbahis giriş eyes close and I drift off to sleep.I awake to the sound of the front door knob turning and the door slowly opening. The distinct squeak of the hinge startles me and I lurch in the bed forgetting that I am held tight. I try to speak out, also forgetting that I have a ball gag placed in my mouth. I look at the clock again and it now reads 8:32 a.m. I look over my shoulder anticipating someone – I’m hoping my wife – walking through the bedroom door. I don’t hear any footsteps or voices. I hold still for a few minutes wondering if anyone has even entered the house. The few minutes I wait feels like several hours. I hear the door pulled closed again and my body collapses onto the bed. My heart races and I can feel the sweat upon my forehead, neck, and shoulders. I think to myself, “What in the hell is this woman up to?!”I am now awake and fully alert with my adrenaline pumping from hearing someone enter my house. Suddenly I realize how vulnerable I am. I again pull on the ropes hoping that one has slipped loose and I can break free from the restraints. The anticipation of fulfilling my fantasies is overshadowed by the concern I have over what will take place. I glance at the iPad screen and can see that now 57 voyeuristic people have joined the room and are watching me. It’s now 8:51 and I can feel my heartbeat in my throat and ears. My blood pressure is certainly raised and I remind myself to stay calm.Several minutes pass and just as I feel my isveçbahis yeni giriş heartbeat return to a normal level, I hear the door open again. With what little slack I have, I get to my knees and hands. All my senses are on high alert. The door closes but this time I hear shoes moving across the hardwood floors. The hallway is long and it takes a minute for a figure to appear in my periphery approaching the bedroom door. A shot of sheer terror runs through me and for once I am more frightened than I am eager. The figure is slight and of a smaller frame. From my restricted viewing angle, I believe it is a woman. This helps me feel less concerned. As the figure moves closer, I can confirm that it is indeed a woman, probably around age 27. She is wearing a dark overcoat that reaches mid-thigh and black boots with a slight heel.“You must be today’s treat,” she says to me as she enters the room slowly. I grunt with the gag in my mouth.“Your wife has sent me over to fulfill some of your fantasies. My name is Alexa.”She moves closer to the head of the bed and I can now see her clearly. She slowly unties the belt of her coat and beneath she is wearing only lingerie. A beautiful set of matching green bra and panties, the sheer material reveals her nipples and bald pussy. She is fit with well-defined abs, strong legs and toned arms; her curly blonde hair falling to just past her shoulders. She is simply gorgeous. She pulls the coat off her shoulders and it falls to the floor. Standing with ultimate confidence, her pure sexiness on display for me.“Do you like what you see?” she asks and I nod yes.“Would you like to take a closer look?” as she unzips her boots, bends over seductively and steps out of them.I can smell her perfume and it is completely intoxicating.

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