Subject: Full Moon Kevin Full Moon Kevin Dear reader, I hope you enjoy this true account of a recent encounter. As always, please support fty with a generous donation. Feedback is always welcome at hoo I really love full moons…in all meangs of the phrase. Saturday afternoon I was being a bit of a couch potato after a busy week, and in the middle of a very busy Saturday, when Grindr went off with a message from a cute 25 yo. He wanted to suck. I wasn’t sure. I was on my way to a political rally for a candidate. I had to be there by 5:30. It’s the crazy season here in New Hampshire as Primary Day for US presidential hopefuls stump the entire tiny state for votes. It’s fun, exhausting, annoying, distracting and over tomorrow. About 4 I decided to head to the event and remembered his interest. I sent a message and he was still looking. And eager. And wanted me to stop over. Now. A few minutes later I arrived at Kevin’s parents’ house. He lives in Massachusetts but was up for the weekend and all alone while the rents were away for the day. Perfect. As I closed the front door he embraced me and pulled me into a deep, open-mouth kiss. Wow. Great kisser. Great mouth. Originally he said he only wanted ankara escort bayan to suck, but I asked if he’d be willing to get naked. He agreed and I slowly disrobed him as we kissed, my boner getting harder as his smooth body was revealed. When he dropped his sweat pants I was pleased to find a very large cock and full balls — a real handful or mouthful. He dropped to his knees and took my hard rod to my pubes, swirling his tongue and getting me harder. I completely disrobed and had him sit down on the towel-covered easy chair so I could suck him and lick his balls. His cock was a good 7.5 inches, thick, and very full hairy balls. He smelled so good as I licked his crotch, but he was ticklish so I merely held his balls, one at a time, in my mouth. He loved that. We traded blow jobs for a bit then I had him sit again as I knelt in front of him and slid his perfect bum to the edge of the chair. I began a sloppy assault on his sweet hole. Soon he was open enough to slide a finger inside while I sucked and slowly jerked his cock. I was hard and dripping precum on his leg.”Can we go somewhere to lie down?” I asked. He grabbed my hand and trotted upstairs to his room and an unmade double bed. etimesgut escort He flopped down and I dove for his cock, then twisted into a 69 position, where he preferred to lick and suck my balls while I sucked him. He was a bit twitchy and explained that I was sucking so well that it almost tickled. I swung around and knelt between his splayed legs and gently sucked and jerked his cock as he got harder and began a low moan. Pushing his legs up, I licked his taint and again rimmed his tight hole, applying lots of saliva as I swirled my tongue before adding a finger. I easily slid in and found his swollen prostate. Returng to his cock head, he was leaking precum and slightly lifting his hips in that wonderful primordial fucking motion. He pushed my hand away and began his own slow assault on his huge rod. “Do you want me to cum?” he asked breathlessly. I could tell from his rock-hard prostate that his burst was imminent. “Yeah, go for it,” I whispered. He groaned, thrust his hips up and fired a huge volley on his belly, followed by a few more shots and then a few more dribbles. I love feeling a prostate pulse and fire as cum throbs out of a hard cock. Then he collapsed kızılay escort on the mattress and became all coy and sensitive to touch. We got cleaned up and I dashed for my meeting. I was still hard as I drove away. After the rally, I was still horny. So I stopped at the local adult book store and dropped a few dollars in the booths. One guy was on Grindr only a few feet away, so I stepped into the next booth, dropped a five, and stuck my cock through. Nice mouth. I was hard but not inspired. I pulled back, knelt and beckoned him to slide his cock through. Instead, he pressed his ass to the hole. Hmmm. Nice hairy ass. I slid a finger in and found a ce clean hole. We traded a few times of sucking and fingering. I was surprisingly getting very turned on. I never fuck in the booths. But this was hot. The next time he pressed his ass to the hole he spread his cheeks and I could see this winking star. I spit on my finger, rubbed it around. Then spit on my cock and pushed in. I couldn’t go far but it was enough to trigger my orgasm. IA few quick pumps and I was done. I haven’t done that forever. It was late, I was exhausted. So I quickly dressed and left with the dreary video still playing. He was surprised but pleased as we messaged later. He wants to get together outside of the booths. He’s a good looker, 6’5″, proportionate weight from his photos, ce cock and ce ass. We’ll see if anything comes of it. Overall, a good week after a long dry spell.

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