From Russia with Love


Katerina was hard to like when I first met her. Bossy and controlling, she brooked no argument about how our meetings were to be conducted. Organisation is a good thing but this woman had every second of the meeting planned. You spoke when it was your turn, everything was timed, the agenda must be followed.

Her clothing was elegant and in its own way so was her English. It was crisp and precise. There were the standard cases of unusual grammar and her Russian accent was thick and pronounced. I made my usual jokes to the others about her authoritarian tendencies being a Cold War hangover, and we laughed about her inflexible approach to business.

In those early days, she held no appeal whatever. In time, I would come to crave her body. Her accent would have me tingling. Her bossiness would make me hard. All I wanted to do was fuck her tight little body over and over.

Unfortunately, she was married.

The first meeting of our discussion group was held on a Sunday afternoon. It was a voluntary business training session, a kind of mastermind group. We met in a coffee lounge. Later, I told everyone that I couldn’t face another. I thought Katerina was faintly ridiculous and out of her depth.

I missed the second meeting and the third. The fourth was cancelled at the last minute. So by the time the fifth meeting came around, I hadn’t seen Katerina for nearly two months and I had convinced myself that this meeting would be my last.

But Katerina and I were the only ones there. I was sitting by the door waiting when she arrived. In the distance I saw her swinging down the street. She was wearing black leggings and a tight top that highlighted a pair of firm breasts. She wiggled as much as she walked. Sunglasses masked her eyes and she suddenly didn’t seem so stern and austere. This was not like our first meeting!

We moved to a table outside and as she sat I caught a tantalizing glimpse down her top, a white shirt with buttons. The top button was undone and there was the hint of a firm, rounded breast, the suggestion of cleavage, the inviting allure of a black bra strap.

As we talked, I found my eyes drawn to the roundness of her breasts. I took in a pair of tits which were simultaneously pert and slightly large for her body. As her chest moved in gentle synchronicity with her breathing, I was reassessing my attitude to this Russian control freak.

And then I realised I was turned on by her accent. Suddenly, it was sensuous, sexy and suggestive. Alone with her, she was somehow different. With each other’s undivided attention, she was infinitely more alluring, more human. She even smiled. As her lips parted a cute little dimple formed on her chin.

Then there were her fingers. Slim. Slender. Painted dark. So sleek and feminine. I watched as she wrote notes of our discussion. I watch female fingers all the time. I imagine them holding my face and stroking my cock. I imagine them wrapped around my balls. Now I was imagining Katerina holding my balls. Would she break them?

I was flattered when she told me she wanted my advice. When she stood and moved to one side to take a phone call, I noted the concave curve of her back which accentuated the roundness of her ass. She looked slightly cheeky, a touch provocative, a bit naughty. By the time she sat down again, I was conscious of a stirring in my groin. She spoke again and the accent suddenly seemed so damned sexy. I imagined her whispering dirty thoughts in my ear. My god, was this young woman giving me an erection? In a coffee lounge?

The rest of the meeting is a blur. I didn’t want it to end. I had started mentally undressing her. My eyes were drawn to those firm, pert tits and that black bra. The thin strap snaked up over her shoulder and I could see myself pulling it down as I kissed her neck.

I began looking at her lips. A small mouth, but delectably red lips. I saw myself kissing her, our tongues wrestling, her breasts crushed against my chest, my hands clasping her firm, tight ass.

I looked into her eyes, too often and too long, I suspect. I was transfixed güvenilir bahis by the greyness of her eyes, the immaculate eyelashes, the curvaceous black eyebrows.

My head was swirling now. I had not expected this. Here I was with someone I had derided, a woman I had ridiculed, a woman I had thought was a bitch. Yet I was excited by her now, aroused by her accent, enticed by her body. Alone, I was making her laugh and seeing a side of her personality that I had missed before.

The coffee lounge was closing for the day but we hadn’t finished. She lived nearby and we needed a computer so she suggested we go to her place. Surely it could not be this easy?

I watched her hips swinging in front of me as she walked up to her front door and inserted the key. The black leggings were perched sexily around her waist, visible to me through her white shirt, courtesy of the afternoon sun. My eyes dropped to her legs and noted the end of the leggings several inches above her ankles. Her skin sparkled. Gliding back up, I imagined the shape of her ass. With her arm raised to the keyhole, I glimpsed her ass and saw her tits in profile with just the hint of a nipple. My dick twitched and the head began to gently throb. I was willing it not to get hard, not yet.

“What’s your husband’s name?” I asked her.

“Valery,” she replied. “He’s interstate until Tuesday.”

My heart jumped at that last statement and my eyes darted around the room. A grey leather sofa caught my attention.

We sat at her desk, side by side. My right knee bumped her left. Her left arm brushed my right. I could smell her perfume: understated, sweet, intoxicating. I was conscious of her black hair cascading around her face. Her fingers looked so sexy as they manipulated the keyboard and brought the screen to life.

I turned to look at her up-close. Her delicate neck beckoned. Her lips shone. Her hair glistened. My heart thumped.

It happened when our hands collided on the keyboard. I picked up her hand and placed it to one side, conscious that as I leaned towards her my arm rubbed along the curve of her breast. Without thinking, I enveloped her hand with mine and squeezed it as I placed in on the desk. The silence was heavy with expectation. Had I overstepped the mark with this married woman?

The answer was swift and unambiguous. In one rapid movement, she turned, moved her hands to my face and kissed me full on the lips.

Our tongues grappled. I ran mine along her upper teeth, then the lower. I licked her tongue and then snapped playfully at her lips.

And then she said something in Russian. I don’t know what it was but it suggested sexual ecstasy. I looked into her eyes, silently asking the question.

“Fuck me,” she commanded and we were both on our feet, groping for each other. I rubbed her tits through her shirt and ran my hands around the base of her neck. She was ripping at my pants, reaching for my dick. She was almost violent, pulling at my belt and muttering to herself in Russian. The urgency took hold of me too and I ripped at her shirt, sending buttons flying. “Katerina, Katerina,” I whispered at her.

She was wearing an expensive bra with a delicate, sexy frill around the cups. No matter, I thought, using both hands to rip it apart from the middle. She gasped as her tits spilled out into my hands. I hungrily mauled at them as she found her way into my pants and I felt her soft warms hands surround my stiffening dick. What a beautiful, greedy little slut you are, I thought to myself.

Our lips were locked together as my hands groped her tits and her hands slid up and down my cock, alternately grabbing my balls and rolling them together. Those wonderful, slender, feminine fingers were working their magic on my balls. It was exquisite.

Then she ripped my shirt as I had done to hers and her fingers were running around my chest, playing with my nipples, pulling at the tufts of hair that surround them. Christ, she was good at this.

“I have to fuck you,” I told her, somewhat redundantly.

“On the sofa,” she responded, güvenilir bahis siteleri pulling me by the hand to the grey leather. “I want you to fuck me.” And then she brought her face close to mine and hissed at me: “Hard.” My cock throbbed.

Katerina pushed me back onto the sofa and began scrambling at my shoes and pulling on my pants. I found myself with only my underwear still on, looking up at this glorious Russian woman. Her breasts jutted handsomely and firmly from her chest, the torn shirt hanging off her shoulders, the ripped bra dangling at her sides. She removed the shirt and bra and I feasted on her topless form now only wearing those leggings. What a sight. I gasped in awe of her beauty, marvelling at how I had not noticed all those weeks ago.

She stood back and sexily wiggled out of the leggings. Oh, how do women do that? How do they convey so much raw sexuality in a single wiggle? I was rock-hard now as I leered at her trim waist. Her belly button winked at me and I resolved to visit it as soon as possible.

My attention was now fully on Katerina as she began to remove the leggings. It was the most sensual striptease I have ever seen and I gasped as I caught sight of the black panties that clung to her pussy. The v-shape gave way to two taut strings that ran around her waist. As she turned, I saw the fabric of her panties crunched up the crack of her ass, revealing two fleshy cheeks that looked so firm, so tight.

“You are fucking gorgeous,” I told her, realising that I was stroking my cock as I did so.

“You like?” she said, mocking her own accent.

“Oh, yes,” I moaned.

She was motionless for a second and I was suddenly aware that we were both nearly naked, she in those sexy black panties, me in my black briefs, my cock lewdly stretching the material as it strained to be free.

And then she began to remove the panties, her breasts swaying gently as she did so. She wiggled again, her two index fingers slid under the strings at the sides and the panties dropped to the floor.

And there she was in her full naked glory. A black triangle of hair sat atop a shaved pussy. Her hips melted into her legs. Her legs slid down to the floor where I caught sight of two beautiful feet. Her toenails were painted the same dark colour as her fingernails.

I was on my feet now, holding her shoulders, those lovely firm, almost square shoulders. She lifted her arms onto my shoulders and I ran my hands into her armpits, noting their smooth, soft, inviting feel. I drew her close, felt her breasts on my chest, and kissed her mouth.

It was a long, lingering, passionate kiss with a touch of sexual urgency about it. I held her face in my hands, felt the soft smoothness of her cheeks and looked into her eyes.

“We can kiss later,” she said firmly and her hands descended to my briefs, forcing them to the floor. My cock bobbed in front of me, erect, throbbing with anticipation. My balls ached slightly.

Katerina put her right hand around the base of my cock and squeezed it tight. Fuck, where did she learn that little trick?

Then she rubbed the head of my prick with her left hand as her right hand lowered itself to cup my balls. This woman knew her way around a hard dick.

“Fuck me now, yes?” she said with a grin. She knew what her voice did to me.

And with that I pushed her down onto the sofa. There is nothing so delightful as the site of a naked woman on her back on a sofa, her legs apart, wanting to be fucked. My cock throbbed again as I contemplated burying it up to my balls inside Katerina’s beautiful Russian cunt.

I lowered myself onto her and she ran her hands across my back and down my sides until they found my cock which she then proceeded to guide into her hole. How good is that, I silently asked myself.

She was wet and my cock slid into her cunt without difficulty. She felt so warm, so lovely, so sexy. It felt so good I wanted to cry with joy. Instead our lips met and as my cock descended into the depths of her cunt we kissed and gasped and yelped at each other.

I iddaa siteleri realised her hands were still on my cock and she was stroking me as it slid in and out of her pussy.

“You fucking horny bitch,” I hissed at her as we continued to kiss.

“Screw me, you bastard,” she responded, grinning at me. Her accent made my dick get even harder. I felt her fingers caress my hard-on as I began pumping in and out of her at a faster and faster pace.

We were both in a frenzy now. She raised her arms behind her, the stretching motion moving her breasts up and down. I lowered my head to suck on a nipple. It was already hard and erect, a half inch long. I took it in my teeth and pulled whilst lapping at the tip with my tongue. She groaned under me and I pumped in and out of her cunt, savouring the warm wetness of her hole.

Then she wrapped her legs around my waist, willing me to pound her cunt. Her arms were wrapped around my neck. Our teeth crashed into each other as we fucked hard, me thrusting into her, she pushing up to meet me. It was as if she hadn’t been properly fucked in ages.

And then I felt the orgasm building. I was at the point of no return. I could feel the orgasm building in my cock. My balls were hard. I had to cum. I grunted and felt that warm sensation of sperm rushing out into the wet, welcoming cunt. I yelled and moaned again and Katerina clutched me to her, urgently whispering into my ear: “fuck me, fuck me, fuck me.”

We lay still for a minute, my cock still inside her, wilting now. She was so sexy, gently gyrating her hips under me, milking me, showering my face in kisses. I have to get this woman for myself, I thought.

She looked at me, smiled and said: “You are good at fucking.”

Well, I wasn’t about to argue with her. Take the compliments when you can. But her flattery did the trick. I carefully disentangled myself from her and moved my way down the sofa.

Looking up, she was still lying there, her legs slightly apart, her pussy glistening and wet in front of me. Christ, she was so damned lovely. I moved in between her legs. The flesh on those magnificent legs simply begged for my caress and I planted little kisses on both thighs as I made my way to her cunt. When I reached it, she jumped as I dived straight in and wrapped my mouth around her cunt. I licked and sucked on her lips, pulling them, kissing them, swirling them around in my mouth. She began to whimper.

I ran my tongue along her clit, nice long strokes up and down, slow then fast. I gently bit and sucked on her clit, then did the same to her cunt lips. Then my tongue pushed into her hole and I tongue-fucked Katerina like my life depended on it. I wanted this gorgeous creature to cum in my mouth, to shudder and shake as I licked and sucked her pussy. I wanted so desperately to please her now that I was groaning into her wet cunt. I put one, then two, then three fingers into her cunt and finger-fucked her hard whilst my tongue returned to her clit. I could taste my own cum in her but this only spurred me on. Hard again, I was pulling on my cock as I tongued her delicious pussy.

When she came it was simply beautiful. She moaned slightly, her body clenched and she shook ever so slightly. Her hand touched my head, telling me to stop licking and sucking. I stopped but stayed attached to her pussy, wrapping my mouth around her lips. She rested her hand on my head, stroked my hair and seemed content with that. I waited several more seconds for her sensations to subside and then I kissed her pussy lips as I would her mouth: wet, affectionate, happy kisses.

And then we lay together on the grey sofa. We were naked. Spent. I kissed her eyelids and the tip of her nose. She nibbled on my ear. I caressed her breast. She traced circles on my chest. I pushed her hair back from her face and examined her cheeks. She playfully licked all over my chin until it tickled. We laughed and hugged. I marvelled at her beauty and luxuriated in the radiance of her “just fucked” look. She fondled my limp cock and dried it with a tissue. I got hard again and she laughed at me.

We looked at each other and I wondered if this was both the beginning and the end. I knew I wanted more. Would she?


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