Friends with Benefits


She leaned in to kiss him and withdrew quickly when his lips moved to meet hers. They liked to play this invisible game of tug-o-war, teasing each other into the chase.

“You’re naughty.” He said pinning her arms to her sides, leaving her defenceless.

“And you love it!” she giggled, wiggling free of his grasp and taunting him to chase her.

“Come here you little minx,” grabbing for her hand and capturing it midflight, he dragged her too him. His mouth coming down hungrily on hers.

She loved these little games they played, the one-upmanship to see who could tease whom into submission fastest. This time she melted against his toned body, relaxing into his embrace, enjoying the heat building between them.

“Come with me.” He purred close to her ear so she could feel his breath. The sensation sent a delightful tingle down her spine.

“No.” She said not quite ready to give in to his whims.

“Yes.” He said scooping her into his arms.

“NO!” she said again squirming in the cradle of his arms. Knowing it was futile but loving the push and pull of these encounters.

“YES!” he said more firmly, like he was reprimanding a toddler for not picking up his toys. His head buried in the side of her neck, making a leisurely path between her earlobe and collarbone.

“Mmmm,” Her soft moans encouraged his further exploration, his chest and biceps straining slightly with her weight.

“Your room or mine?” his voice a mumbled whisper against her skin.

“Yours,” she responded enthusiastically. “I love your bed.”

They had been roommates for a few years, only recently turning that kaçak iddaa arrangement into friends with benefits. She was happy with the agreement, she had him when she wanted him, she had her advertising job and she had her freedom to have whatever social life she chose, no questions asked. He apparently felt the same way about their deal.

Depositing her in the center of his bed, she watched as he lit the candles across the headboard and strategically placed around the room. She loved his room with it’s subdues lighting and heavy mahogany wood furnishings. The thick comforter, silken cotton sheets and the pillows were heavenly. So many pillows, she often wondered what kind of a man wanted or needed that many pillows. Watching him move around the room, his movements so purposeful and enticing were intoxicating. The anticipation of those movements being turned on her was making her ache for his touch.

Returning to the bed and her laid out in the middle like a feast to be devoured. He clicked on the stereo, the room coming quietly alive with something calmingly seductive.

“Come here.” He said tugging her feet until her hips were even with the edge of the bed. Pulling her into a seated position, his strong fingers played the hem of her t-shirt, his rough fingers brushing her skin sending shockwaves through her. When he was demanding, she was putty in his hands. Peeling the tight t-shirt from her body, he admired her perky breasts for a minute before lowering his lips to a bare shoulder and biting gently. His hands tickling softly down her arms before starting their return voyage up her torso. His feather like touch shot arrows kaçak bahis of torture and pleasure along nerves she didn’t know existed, leaving her wet and shuddering.

He continued his feather touch down her back expertly releasing the hook on her bra, exposing her tiny globes to his searing gaze. He hadn’t even touched them, yet they were firm and ready, the blush pink nipples stretching toward him begging for his attention. Continuing the delicate assault on her skin he lowered his lips to hers, quelling the panting breaths that were now escaping her lungs.

“Please,” she whimpered

“Not yet my sweet.”

“PLEASE!!” She could feel the intense hunger growing in her core, feeling the delicious need for release. She watched a seductive smile place across his lips and dance in his clear blue eyes. His head dropped to worship her bare breasts and nipples. Licking his thumb, he rubbed the wetness over one hard nipple while swirling his tongue slowly around the other. She knew the gentle bites he made on her flesh would leave marks, but she was past caring. All she wanted was to feel him within her riding the waves of her desire with her.

His patient ministering to her body was annoyingly tantalizing. The time he was taking to pleasure every inch of her had her quivering and he hadn’t even moved south of the border yet. Pushing her back onto the mattress, he swiftly unbuttoning her jeans hooking his fingers in the waistband and sliding them off, leaving her pretty lace panties in place. Blowing softly on her skin, he traced his way to her underwear, his breath on her skin setting off the first light spasm between illegal bahis her thighs.

“OH!!” Even she sounded surprised when the second more intense spasm coursed through her.

His fingers breaching her panties to caress the swollen mound above her pleasure zone. She knew he could feel the wetness dripping from her. She wanted some part of him in her; she didn’t care if it was his fingers, his tongue or his cock. She just wanted to be filled by him. .

“PLEASE!!” she whimpered again, begging him to enter her, grinder her hips into his chest, feeling his coarse hair tickling her waxed skin. With her hips high against him, he plunged his stiff tongue into her dripping sweet spot. Pushing his tongue into her wet opening, he caressed her ass with his hands. He was licking her swollen lips hard and fast when the third more violent shudder raked her gleaming body.

“Ohhh! Ohhh! Ohhh! More!”

Replacing his tongue with his fingers of one hand, undoing and dropping his pants with the other, his strong erection broke free. Holding her hips firmly, he pulled her to the precipice of the bed driving his large manhood hard into her cum soaked pussy. Waves of small shudders reverberated through her body, sending her bucking wildly against him. Her moans and whimpers encouraging him to thrust harder and deeper.

“Are you ready, baby?” his voice hoarse


“Are you READY?” he rasped his tempo building for release.

“YYESSS!!” A final hard thrust sending her over the top, leaving her weak and breathless. “NOW!!” she hissed as his hot stream of juice filled her, jerking and throbbing within her. Collapsing on her chest, he nuzzled between her breasts, where her hands were free to stroke his damp hair.

“Feel better?” She asked playing with his hair and rubbing his ear.

“Oh, yes.” He panted.

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