Friends with benefits 2

Alina Li

I went out to supper with an old friend of the family; she was my mom’s age and still looked about as good as a twenty year old. We went to a fancy Italian restaurant, and caught up on things that we had missed in the others life. As we were talking, I could not help staring at her breasts, which were DD, and nearly spilling out of her tight top she was wearing. I thought to myself how much I wanted to touch them, and have them in my mouth, squeezing them and playing with her nipples as they became erect and sensitive. I shook the thoughts from my head, and could not figure what had come over me. I was a girl of nineteen, talking to a woman I had known for my entire life; she was thought of as family. I looked away pretending to look at a fish tank that was in the center of the room, and watched as the children played around it tapped the glass then watched for the fish’s reaction. I looked back at my old friend and found she was watching me intently. She did not look embarrassed to be caught in the act of güvenilir bahis staring and I was starting to feel awkward with her just staring at me. My thoughts started drifted to her breasts and again, and then started travel down her body to what her body held between her legs. Once again, I shook the thoughts out of my head and we started talking again. Our food came, we ate in almost complete silence, and when we were finished, she paid the bill telling me it was her treat. I was invited back to her place for dessert, we both got into separate cars and I followed her to her house, which was not far from the restaurant. We went into the house, she offered me wine and we continued to talk. She told me at one point that she was getting uncomfortable if she slips into something more comfortable. I couldn’t think of anything wrong with it, thinking she was going to put on some shorts or pajama pants, to get out of that tight black skirt she had been in all evening. I watched her retreat into her bedroom, güvenilir bahis siteleri as her ass bounced slightly as she walked. I sat awkwardly in her living room, feeling a bit uncomfortable myself, as I was wearing a dress that hugged all of my curves to almost perfection. My breasts looked fuller in the dress, which was one of the things I really liked about it, pushing them and giving them a boost in the right direction. She came out of her bedroom about ten minutes later, and my jaw nearly hit the floor when I saw what she was wearing. She had on purple panties and a purple silk robe that did not leave much to the imagination. She asked If I minded her dressed this way, and all I could manage to say was no, no, that is fine. She sat beside me and talked as though nothing was different, and not that she was practically naked in front of me. I felt myself getting excited, and I could feel my panties becoming damp as I looked at this beautiful woman who was sitting so provocatively in front iddaa siteleri of me. I tried not to stare but could not help it and she caught me in the act. She asked if I saw something I liked, and I said in a rather shy and unsure voice, that I did. She sat closer to me and her hand came from her own lap to rest in mine, and her hand crept up my thigh higher and higher until I could not see it under my dress. I felt her at my panties; she stroked the outside, feeling my lips, and making me shiver. She moved aside my panties gently and when she put her finger inside my pussy, I let out a long moan that I could not suppress. She asked me if this was okay, and I told her fuck yeah, keep going and do not stop. She finger fucked me for a while, making me nice and wet. Then she removed her finger from my pussy and brought them up to my mouth, making me suck my own juices off her finger. I leaned in and kissed her, and both our tongues found the other. I had never been with a woman before so I did not really know what to do, but she said she had so she would tell me what to do. But first she was going to eat me out, and not really having much experience with that I looked on excitedly as she made me take my dress off, and then making me lay back on the couch.

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