Friends for Life!


Friends for Life!Part 1 – Friends!My friend and I had grown up  together, were both athletes at our local Community College – Rick was a leading swimmer, medium height, broad shoulders, thin but very strong legs, and tapered waist . . . not that I noticed! I was a basketball player, 6’4, 200 lbs, not tall for college – but I came off the bench, aggressive defender, could shoot and contributed where I could (my avatar is real – put on about 30 lbs. since school).But this story is about what I didn’t know about Rick (and vice versa) on a Thursday afternoon in 1986. We both had busy schedules – but we always had time on Thursdays to get together at his house and catch up on things. I got there at the usual – door unlocked as usual, and headed upstairs, yes as usual.  Now, as normal –  I would always find him in his room studying,  Not this time!As I headed down the hallway, I could hear the definite moans and pounding of some serious fucking going on!Now Rick was shy and very private.  We never double dated and he really kaçak iddaa never told me about his girl friends.  Any time I asked how he was doing in the sex department, the only answer I got was a shrug of the shoulders and a devious grin.  I always figured he would open up someday when he found the right girl. Me, well – I was the opposite, lots of girls in high school and a few now, and when Rick asked about the fucking details, I spared no adjectives or adverbs in describing how I nutted and where I shared it!   What Rick didn’t know is that my fantasies in porn (all obtained on the net, I might add) had moved more to guys, crossdressers, and trannies – and the desire to suck cock and share cum with them!   I was bisexual (at least mentally) and loving it and the opportunities it would afford in the future!I moved closer to Rick’s bedroom door.  The door wasn’t fully closed, which was unusual from him – it was opened a crack or so. My dick was getting harder and expanding in my shorts, each step I took. I crept kaçak bahis closer to the door –  I thought, this is great – I couldn’t wait to finally see old Rick pound away at his friend and discuss the details once she left!  When I got closer – the voices got louder and easier to understand, but somewhat confusing!  One voice was that of a girl – she spoke softly, whimpered somewhat – probably taking Rick’s cock deep in her pussy!  The other voice . . . a guy, but this voice was definitely NOT Rick’s!I peaked through the door crack – the girl was brunette, on her knees and kept asking for the guy to fuck her harder!  I couldn’t see much more of her than that, as the the guy was huge – taller, wider and very thick.  Not fat, muscular, older!  His ass was pounding her hard – it was taut, covered with hair just like his sweating back!   He kept asking if she liked it and where she wanted him to cum . . . “you want it in your ass don’t you bitch”?  He asked.  My pants were straining to keep my dick inside of them!  illegal bahis So, I reached my hand down to stroke my bulge – partly to hope I could contain it, the other to feel how hard is was getting with every word and thrust of this guys body. But this guy wasn’t Rick!  Where the fuck was he?  The girl told him she wanted him to turn her over, spread her legs as far as they would go – “I want to see you fuck me.  More importantly, I want you load all over my face. Colby”!   The girl’s voice had changed.  Long brunette hair or no, it was Rick!  The b**st reached for his dick and slowly pulled 7 or 8 inches out Rick’s ass.  I one move, he turned him over while stroking his dick and showing me for the first time, his face and torso.  Colby turned toward me now – he reached for some lube and while he did, I was shown everything this man had!  He was in his late 40’s, very muscular, had huge pecs – his nipples were hard and glistening with his sweat from fucking my friend.   His abs were just as tight as the gluts of his ass that I salivated over from the crack in the door.  He had good sized balls, that I was hoping I would get an opportunity to explore someday soon . . . then I heard . . . “There HE IS”!To be continued . . .

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