Friendly Fun


The big day had arrived, after much flirting and some torrid chat sessions, we were going to meet to watch some “adult” videos together. I had never done anything like this before; sure I had watched videos with guys, but only as a prelude to sex. Greg and I didn’t intend to have sex, we were meeting to watch and be watched.

Our flirting relationship had started at work. As we got to know each other the casual off-color comments took on a more seductive quality, and soon we were talking about past experiences and fantasies. During our talks, I couldn’t help but notice the bulge that would grow in Greg’s pants, at first he seemed embarrassed by it, but I put him at ease telling him that I found it sexy that my fantasies could arouse him as much as they did me. I admit to teasing him to some extent, when we talked about things, I would let my gaze travel down to his groin and linger there until I was sure that he noticed. I enjoyed exercising this small bit of control, and judging by his reaction, I think he did too.

He wasn’t innocent in his wandering gaze either. Often I felt his eyes upon me, looking to see if my nipples were visible through my shirt, or if I was wearing a skirt, tracing the contours of my legs vying for a glimpse of my panties. If I were feeling playful, I would sometimes shift my position, showing more, but never quite enough to satisfy his curiosity.

As our conversations progressed, we talked at length about a myriad of topics, from threesomes to s&m to lessons learned from past relationships. Our friendship was such that we even talked about our masturbation habits, he knew about my toy, and I knew that I was a major part of his thoughts while he took care of himself. I found this to be exciting, my body performing for him, if only in his mind.

During one particularly steamy conversation, we were talking about bondage games, and how as a submissive you were able to release responsibility and perform actions you would normally be too inhibited to do. As the conversation progressed I saw the lump in his trousers enlarge and press against the zipper. It must have gotten uncomfortable for him because he excused himself, half turned away and reached into his pants to adjust his erection. I liked the fact that he was comfortable enough to do that in front of me, and while I kidded him about it, I felt a familiar twinge between my own legs. So, while we were sitting there, I squeezed my legs together to enhance the feeling a little. I’m sure he noticed my actions, because he kept looking at my crotch and squirming in his chair.

When it was time for him to go, I told him he had better wait a minute or two for his problem to subside some. He told me that it was going to take more then a minute for this problem to go away and that he may have to go to lunch early to take care of it. Laughing, I said that I would like to see that. When I said that his expression changed, took on a more serious aspect, and he asked me if I would really like to see.

Would I? When I said it, I was only joking, but now that he asked, I had to admit the thought was intriguing. Wanting some time to think about it, I told him that I might be interested, but I would have to think about it. He agreed that it wasn’t something one should rush into and that we could talk about it some other time if I wanted.

After he left I sat there thinking about watching him, I had never seen a man jack-off, and the idea of watching was quite a turn-on. Would I have the nerve to reciprocate? That thought was even more exciting, putting myself on display, and showing such an intimate act would take a lot of trust, but if there was one person I felt I could trust with that it was Greg. So, I decided I would take him up on his offer, but I would keep my intention to masturbate for him to myself and give him a nice little surprise.

And so here I am, preparing for Greg’s arrival. We had arranged that he come over at 8 o’clock and bring a movie to help get things started. I would provide the drinks, a place to hang his hat, and a towel.

Picking out my attire for the evening had been fun, it gave me an opportunity to go shopping, and pick out some sexy under-things. While I was browsing the racks at Vannessa’s Secret, I found that I was getting excited thinking about modeling the naughty bits of lingerie for Greg. I knew that I wanted to wear stockings with a garter and a matching set of panties, but I wasn’t sure what I would wear for a top, I like the idea of a silky camisole, but a lacy bra has it good points to.

A passing clerk stopped and asked if I needed help making a choice. I held up the bra and camisole that I had picked out and asked her which would look better with the rest of the outfit I had chosen. She looked the clothing over and then looked me up and down. “If I had your breasts I would wear the camisole,” she said, “Mine would sag, and the effect wouldn’t be as exciting. Why don’t you try them on, if you want you can show me and I’ll tell you what I think then?”

We walked back to the dressing rooms, isveçbahis “I’ll be sorting these items,” she said, indicating a pile of clothes “If you want to show me just poke your head out and ask.”

“Is she interested in me?” I thought as I pulled my clothes off, “I’m sure people ask her “what looks better?” all the time but the way she looked me over….” And the outfit she was wearing; the low cut sweater showed her abundant cleavage to great effect, and her skirt was short enough that I caught a glimpse of her stocking tops.

I put the panties and garter on and carefully pulled the stockings up my legs, I decided to try the bra on first. When I had things in order I looked at myself in the mirror. “Not bad,” I thought. “Should I ask her in to take a look?” I had to admit that showing my body off to another woman had a certain appeal to it, and since I wanted today’s experience to be unique I figured what the hell?

Pushing open the door, I said, “Excuse me, I think I would like your opinion on these items.” She quickly put down her work and came into my dressing room.

I struck a pose, and she looked at me again, this time I was sure I saw desire in her expression. “Turn around,” she said. I did and she stood behind me looking at my reflection in the mirror over my shoulder. She reached up and let my hair down and fluffed it. “That looks better,” she said, “I like the way you look in this outfit, but I still think the camisole would be better for you. Why don’t you try that now?”

“Did she mean to stay in the room while I changed?” for some reason the thought of her staying excited me and I reached back and unhooked the bra. When I had it off I went to reach for the camisole, but she had already picked it up. She held it gathered up and open toward me. I leaned my head toward her and she held it while I put my arms through the straps. I thought she would let it fall and drape itself down my torso, but she pulled it down, her hands grazing the sides of my breasts as they went. Each little contact of her hands sent thrills directly to my nipples, which were now startlingly hard. When she let go, she took me by my shoulders and spun me towards the mirror again. Smoothing the silky material down my sides she said, “See this looks ravishing, the way your nipples press against the cloth, the smooth curves where the silk lays against your skin”

And she was right, the bra looked good, but this was what I was looking for. “You are right, I will take this”

“Would you like me to wrap it for you?”

“No, I plan on wearing this in just a couple of hours” I said with a devilish grin.

She smiled and said, “Someone will be very happy with the choice you made, I know I would be”

While we were talking I went to pull the camisole off, but she reached out taking the bottom edge in her hands, and said, “Allow me.” I was a little shocked, but I didn’t want to stop her. She pulled the camisole over my head, and laid it on the bench, She knelt down and undid the clips on the back of the stockings, placing her hands on my hips she turned me towards her and undid the front clips. I could feel her breath on my thighs, as she rolled the stockings down my legs. Her nails gently raked my flesh when she reached up and pulled the garter belt down. The excitement was making me feel a little dizzy; here I was being undressed by a woman I didn’t even know. Each touch was like a little shock. I knew I was going to have to make a decision very quickly. She started pulling the panties down, my hips pushed forward toward her as the panties slid down exposing me to her gaze. Suddenly we heard someone call out, “Joanne!”

She bolted upright, looking around nervously, “Well, I guess my boss wants me back on the floor.” She gave me a quick peck on the cheek and walked out of the dressing room.

I was left standing there, the panties on my thighs, excited to have been touched by another woman. Shuddering, I finished removing the panties, and got dressed in my own clothes.

When I went up front to pay for the items, Joanne was behind the counter, she smiled at me and said, “Did you get everything you needed?”

“I couldn’t quite find one thing that I really wanted,” I said, but I don’t have time to look for it right now, maybe I’ll come back and see if I can get it.”

While she was ringing the lingerie up I noticed that she substituted an identical pair of panties for the ones I had tried on. Catching my eye, she winked and said, “Well, when you come back to look, be sure to ask for me, I think I can help you find what you are looking for.”

We finished our transaction and I hurried home to get ready for Greg to come over. After what had just happened I’d be lucky to hold out until he came over.

When I got home there was just over an hour to go before Greg’s arrival. This left me just enough time to take a shower and get dressed. I pulled my clothes off, and stepped into the shower. The water felt warmly seductive as it flowed down my body. The urge to make myself come was almost overwhelming, isveçbahis giriş and if it weren’t for the anticipation of Greg’s arrival I would have gladly given into my needs, but I knew that by denying myself now it would heighten every sensation over the next few hours. I dressed in my new things, reliving Joanne’s gentle touch as each piece covered me. I chose a fairly short skirt and matching blouse to complete the ensemble. Stepping in front of the mirror I saw that I had chosen well, I had left the top button undone on the blouse, and if I bent too far forward the view would be risqué to say the least. Of course if I bent too far forward, he may not get a chance to look down my shirt, as the hem of my skirt rode up nicely exposing the top of my stockings, just like the clerk at the store. I finished off with a matching set of heels and a pendant.

Knock-knock. I opened the door for Greg. His eyes nearly bugged out of his face when he saw how I was dressed. He had taken this opportunity to dress up as well. He was wearing khaki slacks, and a mauve silk shirt.

“Hi, you look beautiful tonight,” he said. “You look pretty nice too” I said and gave him a kiss on the cheek, “Come in.”

We went in to the living room and we sat on the couch. “Would you like a drink?” I asked.

“Sure, do you have any scotch?”

“I’ll be right back with it”

When I poured the drinks I decided I’d give him something to look at when I gave it to him. I took the drinks to the living room and with my back toward him, I bent over and set them on the coffee table. I turned around to sit down next to him and I could tell that he had been looking.

“Thank you,” he said as he reached for his drink, “That looks great.”

We sat holding our drinks and I asked, “Are you nervous?”

“Yes, ” he said, “I’ve never done this before, and I have some reservations about performing for an audience, but I think I can share this with you and enjoy it, as long as you want to.”

“Well, you know I haven’t done anything like this either, I have been thinking about it since it was first brought up. I can assure you that I very much want to see.”

I think my assurance helped put him at ease, he seemed to be a lot more relaxed then when he first arrived. My own level of nervousness was still pretty high, what we were planning to do was very personal, to some extent it was more intimate then actually having sex. But, the last week of anticipation and my little run in at the shop had bolstered my confidence, I was ready for this, I wanted to show myself to him, I wanted to see him.

A little while before Greg was due to arrive I had turned the heat up so that we would be comfortable. I was now beginning to feel it, So I reached up and unbuttoned one more on my blouse. This little action didn’t go unnoticed by Greg, he shifted around on the couch and said, “It is kind of warm in here isn’t it. Do you mind if I make myself more comfortable?”

“Please do,” I said.

He unbuttoned his shirt and slowly removed it, revealing to plain sight the broad shoulders and smooth chest that I had known were there.

He sat back, and said “Do you want to watch the movie?”

“I’m already watching what I want to see,” I said looking him up and down.

He looked me over and said, “Me too, look what you are doing to me”

I looked down and I could see the bulge in his pants move as his cock began to grow. “Is that painful,” I asked.

“Not painful,” he said, “but it does feel restrictive.” He reached down and pushed it so that it pointed up toward his stomach. “That feels better.”

“I bet it would feel even better if it weren’t confined at all.” As I was watching, my hand drifted to my chest, my fingertips lightly brushed my nipples, which were already erect. “Let me help,” I offered, and before he could respond, I put my hands on the waist of his pants and unbuttoned them. When I pulled down the zipper, the side of my hand slid down his length. It felt very warm and hard through his underwear. I finished unzipping him, and withdrew my hands. “Now, take them off. I want to watch you come all over yourself,” I said.

He pulled his pants off, and was sitting there in his shorts. The tip of his dick was pushing out from under the waistband. He reached down and rubbed the shaft through the cloth, and then pulled the underwear down and kicked it off. When he leaned back, I was able to see the full length of his cock. The first thing I noticed was that his balls were bare, I leaned a little closer for a better view, and he reached down and took them in his hand and gently kneaded the loose flesh. His cock looked rock hard, I could see it pulse in time with his heartbeat. Using his other hand he gripped himself and gave a squeeze, this produced a crystal clear drop of pre-cum, which he then smeared across the head.

Now, I really was feeling the heat, looking up at him, I let my hands come up and undo the next button on my shirt, “I think, I will make myself more comfortable too.” I slowly unbuttoned and pulled isveçbahis yeni giriş the shirt off; his eyes were riveted to the scene unfolding before him. I saw his right hand tighten around his shaft, slowly pulling at it. After removing my blouse, I took my right nipple between my fingers and pinched it. It was like a direct line to my clit, and I could feel the dampness growing between my legs. The thin material of the camisole did little to hide my breasts, and Greg seemed entranced by my tugging at my nipples.

Shifting my position, I spread my legs a little, Greg noticed my movement, and his eyes darted my crotch, I could feel the panties pushing into my slit, so I knew that the sight before him was extremely lewd, “Can he see how wet I am?” I wondered.

His hand continued to slide up and down the shaft, each tug pulling more wetness to the tip. I wanted to taste him, take him in my mouth and pleasure him. “Do you want to watch me too?” I asked.

“Oh yes,” he breathed, “You look so sexy sitting there, the flush on your face and neck, your nipples pushing against the silky fabric, the hem of your skirt framing your g-string.”

I stood, and moved in front of him, “Can you help me with the zipper?” I asked.

He got up, and put his hands on my waist, directing me forward a step. I felt him take the zipper in his hand and lower, putting his handposition on the couch. back on my waist he lowered my skirt, kneeling as he exposed more and more of my buttocks to his lustful gaze, his hair brushed against my sensitive skin. While I stepped out of the skirt, he again stood behind me. I pushed my bottom toward him, his preternaturally hot penis slid slickly against me, pushing against the soft skin of my ass. With a huge effort, I stepped away, and sat back down.

When he sat back down he again gripped his penis, this time with a grip that almost looked to be painful. The precum was practically dripping from him now, the head of his cock shiny with his juices.

I needed to touch myself, so I reached into my panties, and slid my fingers across my clit. I ached to just make myself come, but I wanted this to last, and I wanted to put myself on display for him, let him see each movement, hear each sound as I built up toward my goal.

I reached up and pulled my top off, cupping my breasts, holding them out for him. I caressed them, pinched at each nipple feeling them harden even more. Greg released his balls and tweaked his own nipples, teasing them, his other hand moving in slow long strokes.

I couldn’t wait any longer; I lifted my ass off the couch and all but ripped my panties off. Greg’s gaze fell upon my tawny curls, I hesitated for a moment to gather my courage, and then I slowly parted my legs. I could feel myself open for him, see the change in his look, as it went from acutely interested to ravenous. I felt totally exposed, it wasn’t the exposure that I had felt before when having sex, sure men had been within inches and undoubtedly been able to see “everything,” but this wasn’t an incidental part of sex, it was deliberate exhibitionism, it was the point of our being together. And I LIKED it, sure I felt self-conscious with my legs spread, knowing that my lips were parted, and that he could see the wetness shining in the light, but that only heightened the sensations.

I touched my clit, it sent shivers through me, urging me to let go and have the explosive orgasm that I craved. I pushed two fingers into me, they slid right in, and I could feel the displaced juices running my crack. I looked up at Greg, he had a strangle hold on his swollen cock, his balls were moving in unison with his stroking, and his eyes were darting across my body, from my breasts to my pussy, and then back. As I was watching him, I put my now wet fingers against my clit and began to rub it at a pace that was going to make me come, I could already feel it building,

I was really into watching him masturbate, I could see he was watching every move I made, adding my pleasure to his own. I could also tell it wouldn’t be long before he came. His balls had tightened up some, and his hand was like a blur as it sped up and down the length of his shaft.

My rubbing was having the desired affect; I was rapidly approaching my release as well. I took my other hand and began to finger myself as I rubbed my clit. I looked up into Greg’s face and we made eye contact. We held each others gaze, it felt so intense, I felt vulnerable, and yet I also felt powerful in a way, as he hung on each and every action that I performed, waiting to see what I would do next.

I knew what I was going to do next, I was going to come, and I could feel it welling up inside me, the tension forcing my muscles to contract. I wanted to maintain eye contact with Greg as we came, but I couldn’t help glancing at his pounding hand, I could see his hips moving in rhythm now, his face screwed up in a pre-orgasmic grimace. He made a small noise in the back of his throat, and started to come. The first shot actually went over his shoulder to land near his ear on the couch, I watched as the fluid pumped out of his straining cock, his stomach and hand were quickly bespeckled with cum. I could see the ecstasy on his face as the spurts lessened and his orgasm wound down.

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