“Bye sweetheart. We’ll miss you. Call us if you need anything and don’t forget to make dinner reservations for Parents Weekend. You can bring friends if you’d like. It’s in a little over a month. I put the date on the calendar we hung in your room. Ok honey?”



You realize your mom is calling your name. Maybe she’s finally done talking and ready to get the fuck out of here. This is college, at last. You’ve been waiting for this ever since your friend Bobby’s older brother told you that college girls like to slut around. Only they don’t call it slutting around. They call it ‘experimenting with life.’ Honestly, you couldn’t care less what they called it as long as it means that some fucking will done on your part. High school girls just don’t quite cut it. Your girlfriend was (well is, since you technically didn’t break up yet) such a prude – she refused to have sex because she “wasn’t ready.” If it weren’t for the fact that she was gorgeous and gave great head (and the fact that you were boning one of her field hockey teammates) you would have dumped her ass a long time ago. But what the hell, she’ll never know what you’re up to and you’ll still have someone to give you blow jobs when you go home for breaks.


“Oh, sorry mom. I was just thinking how weird it’s going to be living away from home. I won’t forget the reservations and I’ll call a lot.”

Now your mom gets tears in her eyes. Why won’t she just leave! You want to explore. You saw that really cute girl moving into your building. With any luck she’ll live on your floor.

“Okay Arnold, we’ll see you in a month then.” Your mom hugs you good-bye. She doesn’t want to let go, but your dad pulls her away and helps her into the car.

“Good luck son.” He reaches out to shake your hand. “These are going to be the best years of your life.” He smiles and winks at you like he knows exactly what you have on your mind.

“Right. Bye dad. Drive safe.”

Your parents finally drive off. You’re so excited you could scream. But, you’re not a dork, so you just smile and head up the walkway.

The last time you saw the campus was your senior year on a college tour with your parents. It was raining isveçbahis and you weren’t really paying attention anyway. Besides, you’re pretty sure there is a hell of a lot more to college life than some 100 year old building. You head up the path, but fork off to the right away from your dorm. Everyone seems to be so busy. There are lots of parents and their kids moving stuff into their own rooms. They’re all freshman though. You all had to come early for orientation. The rest of the school won’t arrive for three more days. As you pass one building you note the name — Chandler Hall. You smile and hope you’ll spend many evenings in there. While your dorm is co-ed, this one is all girls.

What the hell, maybe someone might need a little help moving boxes or furniture. And since your such a big strong man maybe someone will repay you somehow.

You wander around the floors and unfortunately you have not seen one girl who could do anything for you. No wonder they are living in an all girls dorm, they are so ugly they couldn’t give their pussy away.

You decide that maybe you should just leave, there is no action in this building until you hear a little grunting from the room nearby.

The door is open a crack and you decide to peek in. Standing in front of the window you see a girl dressed in a tank top and cut offs so a small part of her ass hangs out.

Are you man enough to go talk to her? You think for a minute and walk right into the room. You notice it’s twice the size of your room and their is a king size bed off to the side.

The girl is a little startled by your footsteps, but smiles at you and asks “May I help you? Are you lost?”

You give her the once over and stutter “Isn’t this room 708?” She laughs and her size 38C breasts shake and you realize she isn’t wearing a bra. She has shoulder length brown hair, dark brown eyes, must be at least 5’6. And well she’s black. You never thought about being with a black girl before but it’s college… time for new experiences right?

She licks her lucious lips and says “I think you have the wrong building. This is room 504 and this building only goes to the fifth floor.”

Pretty smooth moron.

She introduces herself “Hi. I’m Angel.” isveçbahis giriş I’m the resident advisor of this floor. Are you a freshman?” you nod and she mumbles something to herself.

“What was that?” you ask. She smiles again as says, “I said you are pretty cute. It’s just too bad you’re a freshman.”

“Hey,” you say to her, growing more confident. “I may be a freshman, but I’m pretty god damned mature.”

She smiles at you and giggles, “Are you now?”

“Yes,” you reply, walking towards her. “And you did say I was cute.”

Suddenly, she looks behind you and makes for the door. You swear under your breath, you’ve scared her off. You hear the door close and you turn around, ready to leave. But you were wrong. She closed the door.

“I thought I heard people coming,” she says. “I didn’t want them coming in.”

“Aren’t you supposed to help the freshmen?” you reply jokingly.

She looks at you coyly and walks right up to you. She’s not much shorter than you and you put your arms around her, kissing her passionately and crushing her large breasts against yours. Wow. This is the first black person you’ve ever kissed and she’s bloody good at it. New things are good you think as she drives her tongue even deeper into your mouth. She starts walking, pushing you, and you obey, walking backwards in the direction she takes you. She pushes you onto the bed, and stands at the foot of it. You stare at her, then at her massive breasts. She reached down to her tank top and slowly pulls it off. She throws it behind her and reaches down, putting her hand inside her cut offs, moving it up and down. She begins to moan, and you realize that she must be wearing no panties. While she’s pre-occupied with fingering herself, you remove your jeans and T-shirt, pulling off your boxers. Your proud member stands to attention, all 8 inches of it. Then, she catches sight of you, and gasps.

“God Arnold! Your cock must be 8 inches!”

She pulls down her cut offs, and climbs down onto the bed next to you, her perfectly shaven pussy beginning to grow moist. You see that she’s desperate for you and know that when a girl’s this desperate she’ll do anything. Time for a bit of fun…

“Oh, Arnold, I want isveçbahis yeni giriş that monster inside me!” she cries at you, re-positioning herself into a crouch. You push yourself up the bed, so your head is resting on the pillow of the massive bed. She crawls up to meet you and straddles you, sitting on your chest. You reach up and grab one of those massive breasts, biting and sucking the nipple, while groping the other. She moans in pleasure and you drive harder, wanting more of her ecstasy. She swings her head from side to side as you suck, and you can’t help but begin to thrust your hips in mid-air, really wanting them in her pussy.

“So, you want my pussy?” she asks coyly.

“Yeah,” you groan. You let go of her tits and grab her ass, pulling it up. You lower her waiting pussy onto your cock as she gasps and screams in pleasure.

“My god! It feels soooooo good!”

You grunt in acknowledgement as she begins to bounce up and down on your member. You move your hips in rhythm to her bounces and you can feel your cum rising. You reach up and grab her breasts again, kneading them in between your fingers. She moans and screams in pleasure, and you know you will cum soon.

Suddenly, letting go of her tits, you spin her around, so you are resting on top. You thrust into her pussy, and grab her tits, sucking the nipple as your pumping picks up speed. She moans in pleasure as you pump harder and harder, moving at an unbelievable pace. She screams and squirms and her black skin glistens in the sweat, from this incredibly hot exercise. This is the first time you have ever taken this long to cum, so you know it’s going to be a flood when it finally arrives.

“Ohhhhhh, god!” she cries as a flood of cunt juice pours from her snatch. In that second, you cum too. She clasps your cock with her muscles and you shoot your load into her for at least a minute. Afterwards you collapse onto her. She rolls out from underneath you and begins to dress again. You follow her example, dressing and she looks at you. Picking up a piece of paper she writes something on it.

“Here, take this. It’s my phone number. Call me,”she replies.

“Definitely,” you answer.

Before you turn to leave, you plant a deep kiss on her lips, crushing her breasts to yours, before finally breaking the kiss, groping her right breast for a second and leaving. She waves to you as you leave and walk out of the girls dorm with a big smile on your face.

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