Fresh Dorm Angel: Lickity Slits


I awoke to Vee’s soft hand stroking my hair gently. Her fingers felt so good gliding through my soft brown mane. Her body was still wrapped in my arms and pulled close to me. I slowly opened my eyes and her blue ones were staring back at me.Vee smiled and said, “Good Morning,” with a light pitch that was all her own.Was it morning already? There could not have been any way that we could have slept that long together. It was just morning when she knocked on my dorm room door. Was our time together that energy consuming?I looked at my clock and the date had indeed changed. It was morning. Damn!”Wow, we slept that long?””Uh huh. And it felt wonderful being wrapped in your arms all day and night.”As I began to stir slightly, I could still feel the dampness of my sheet under us. It was a reminder of exactly what caused our tiredness. And it brought up the thought of not having run my finger through Vee’s bahis şirketleri delicate perforation like I had wanted.Could I do it now? I wondered. We were both still naked. Vee was as close to me as ever, and I could still feel the heat of her body drift into mine. I took my chance.My hand drifted slowly down between her legs. Vee did not stop me when my finger contacted her blonde sexual strands. The curls were just as soft as before. When my finger found the top of her personal divide, it was still hot to the touch. With a swift move, I ran my finger down through her pink partition then back up again. Vee shuddered as my finger swiped through her tender notch. What I felt there surprised me.”Oh Vee, you are still wet!” I exclaimed softly as her inner fissure slathered my finger with her hot moist center.”Yes. Yes, I am. Thanks to you.””It’s so warm also. It’s like running my finger through bahis firmaları a warm sun-baked tomato.””Oh, it’s nice to know that my pussy reminds you of a vegetable.” Vee said with a laugh. “I guess that makes it good enough to eat!””Well, if you insist,” I said and before I knew what I was doing, my tongue came out of my mouth and I was on Vee’s sweet cleft sucking in her juices.It was the first time I had ever tasted another girl, other than myself. The tangy tartness of Vee landed on my tongue and as I removed my mouth for a deep breath, a long thread of her personal evasion formed the distance from her slit to my mouth. It broke and folded onto my chin, forming an erotic teardrop. With my finger, I swiped it from my chin and stuck it in my mouth.I moaned as I licked Vee’s naturalness off my finger and watched her watching me do so. I could see Vee begin to fill with desire. She was so beautiful kaçak bahis siteleri when she became aroused. Her body just seemed to glow a hue shade brighter than her paleness. It was so nice knowing I could arouse sexual feelings in another girl. It made me fill with delight.I ran my finger through her hot natural divide again and felt nothing but silky dampness. The slickness of it on my finger left me wanting more. I wanted to be able to touch her the way Vee first touched me. I wanted to feel what she felt when her finger slid inside my pussy. Most of all, I wanted to know I could make Vee cum again. Vee spread her legs wide as I massaged the contours of her happy spot. The view of her slit now widening with stimulation was inviting. Her labia began to plump with desire and her hot entrance began to open with prominence. It spread open evenly, allowing me the most pleasurable view of the deep pink color that was nice and damp and ready for plucking.Slowly, as Vee had done with me, I slid my fingertip inside to feel what she hid there. The feeling was similar to mine, but was more erotic to be putting it inside another girl.

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